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Emily’s Public Adventures Ch. 05 – Emily and Friends…

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Walking up to the doors of the Condo building Anna made a last minute decision to stop in to the coffee shot. She wanted to play with this harness out in public. She ordered herself an icecap and made her way to her back table.

Reaching into her bag she pulled the remote out turning it on. The sensation was instant and amazing. The way that the vibrator felt was totally different than the egg. She could tell that she was going to enjoy this. Pulling her phone out Anna texted Emily.

Anna: I stopped at the coffee shop to try out your vibrator. This thing is fucking amazing!

Looking at her phone so noticed that her text remained unread. She realized that Emily must have been driving. Anna moved over to Reddit. She watched several videos of women playing outdoors. Some girls just flashed their boobs for a couple of seconds. In another video she watched a green haired slim tattooed woman run around in a parking garage. She was nearly caught by a car driving by. Anna wondered if she and Emily could ever be so brave?

Emily: Sorry, I just got home and saw your message. Are you still in the coffee shop?

Anna: Y

Emily: Enjoying the harness?

Anna: YESSSS!!!!

Emily: Close?

Anna: I have it on the lowest setting but if I turned it up I bet I would cum right away. I have an idea on how we can show you off a bit.


Anna: Do you have one of those oversized tank tops?

Emily: I have a white one of those.

Anna: You could have food delivered while wearing only that.

Visualizing Emily answering the door wearing just a loose fitting tank top put Anna over the edge. She started to cum and nearly knocked her icecap over. She tried to stay as still as possible and felt her orgasm hit again and again. Reaching into her bag she understood why Emily always had her turn the vibrator off so she could stop cumming. Panting Anna looked down at her phone and saw she missed a text from Emily.

Emily: Oh, I like that idea. I will go and see if I can find it.

Anna: I just came!

Emily: Intense, isn’t it?

Anna: Thumbs up emoji

Anna: I am going to head up to my Condo.

As Anna made her way upstairs Emily searched through her closet for that tank top. She knew it was in here somewhere. Emily found it near the end of the rack of clothing. Holding it up she could see the light shine through it. If she had the courage to do this who ever showed up would get an eyeful.

Emily removed her dress and moved her hands down her body. With all the orgasms she had over the last two days she tingled wherever she touched herself. It was like her fingers were electrically charged. She ran her hand down her mound finding she her wetness had made its way out again. She slid her finger through the moisture and stuck her fingers in her mouth. A quiver ran through her. A text from Anna brought her back the present.

Anna: I am home

Emily: Okay, if and I do mean if I do this, do I keep the egg inside?

Anna: Absolutely!

Emily pulled the tank top over her head; she had to be careful because the holes for the arms were bigger than the one for her head. There wouldn’t just be side boob if she moved the right way her entire breast would be visible.

Emily moved over to her full-length mirror. Looking back at her reflection she remembered the tank top being longer. She thought it would at least cover her pussy but it stopped just above the slit. Emily could see the outline of her areolas through the shirt. She grabbed her phone and took a picture.

Emily sent the picture to Anna: Too short?

Anna: No! It’s perfect. The delivery guy is going to nut in his pants!

Emily: Okay, I am going to place an order. I will send you a video chat when I get confirmation that the delivery guy is two minutes away.

Anna: This is so exciting. I am thinking of placing an order too.

Emily: You should do it but wait until I get mine. I would hate for you to miss the show.

Anna: Deal! I will pick out my outfit.

Emily: Send me a picture when you are dressed.

Anna: Okay

Emily walked around her house trying to shrug off her nervous energy. Every time she calmed down she would think about a stranger seeing her she would get nervous again. She went over to her front entrance and figured out where she would place her phone so that Anna could get a good look at what was going on.

There was a shelf containing trinkets from some of her travels that was at shoulder height. She started the camera recording and placed it on the shelf walking over to the door. She walked back to her camera and checked the video. This would be perfect. She got a notification that Ryan would be here in two minutes.

Emily started the video chat to Anna.

Anna showed up topless on the screen and asked, “Excited?”

“More nervous I think.”

Anna said, “You will do great!”

Emily moved over to the shelf and set the phone down. She walked towards the door lifting the tank top to show off her ass. She heard “Go girl!” coming from the phone.

“You hush now!”

The güvenilir bahis doorbell rang Emily walked over to the door. As she opened the door the movement caused the tank top to shift and her left breast was completely uncovered. Emily was surprised to see that Ryan was a short blonde woman with a short pixie cut hairstyle that suited her very well. There was a huge smile across Ryan’s face.

“I love your tank top!” exclaimed Ryan

Emily reached out for the brown paper bag and said, “Thank you. Hold on and I will get you some cash.”

Emily turned around putting the bag on the ground reached for her purse. Ryan leaned back so that she could get a better view of Emily’s pussy. Emily looked behind her, all nervousness gone, and saw the smile on Ryan’s face. Rather than pick up her purse she rooted around with it on the floor finding the cash she needed.

Standing up Emily said, “Here you go.”

“Thank you. Oh and I like your panties too.” Ryan giggled.

“Me too. They are so comfortable it’s like I am wearing no panties at all.”

Ryan leaned into the doorway and said, “I couldn’t help but notice when you bent over that you have a toy inserted. What are you hiding?”

Emily responded, “It is a vibrating egg but in my excitement I forgot to turn it on!”

“If you want you could do that now.”

Emily spun on the balls of her feet and bounced over to the coffee table. Ryan watched Emily hop away paying careful attention to Emily’s cute buns peaking out from her tank top. Emily picked up the remote turning around and was captivated by Ryan’s beautiful smile. Emily walked back to the door holding the remote in front of her. Emily stood still and pushed the power button, moaning, she could feel the egg spring to life.

“Looks like you had this all planned out.” said Ryan.

Emily smiled and started pointing to her phone on the shelf, “A friend of mine suggested I do this. She’s watching us right now.”

Ryan looked at the phone and waved, “Hello friend!”

Anna shouted, “Hello!”

“Unfortunately I have to make a few more deliveries but I would love to get to know you and your friend a bit better. The delivery app gives me your number, do you mind if I text you?” asked Ryan.

Emily was delighted at the prospect of making another friend, “Anytime!”

As Ryan turned to leave, she yelled out, “Okay, byeeee!”

Emily watched as Ryan skipped down her driveway. Ryan waved from her car as Emily closed the door.

Emily walked over picking up the phone and said, “Wow! That couldn’t have gone better!”

“No doubt!”

“I hope she texts me soon.” Emily said as she walked over to the couch. Sitting down on the couch she became aware that the egg was still vibrating.

“How are you feeling?” asked Anna.

“Now that my nervousness has subsided I am feeling great. Actually I can feel myself getting wetter. I better grab a towel.” Emily got up carrying her phone with her and walked to the bathroom pulling a towel off of the shelf. Using one hand she spread the towel on the couch. Looking at the screen on her phone she could see that Anna had set her phone down on something and noticed that that Anna had nothing on but the harness that Brian had helped her into. Anna had her hands on her breasts rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Emily leaned her phone against a pillow on the coffee table sitting back on the couch. Her left breast was still out of the tank top. Emily spread her legs to give Anna a nice view of her swollen pussy. So much action over the last couple of days and it looked like her pussy looked swollen.

“What app did you use to get your food delivered?”

Emily picked up her phone and texted the details of the app and where she ordered from to Anna.

Anna said, “I wonder what the chances of my getting Ryan to come to my place if I order from there?”

“All you can do it try.” responded Emily.

Anna picked up her phone. Emily saw Anna’s breasts come closer to the screen as Anna installed the new app and placed an order. Anna put her phone back on her table and leaned back on the couch.

“In approximately 30 minutes I will know if Ryan will come to my door.”

“Exciting! Are you wanting to cum now or wait until after the delivery?” asked Emily.

“Watching you got me pretty worked up. If I turn the vibrator up I bet I will cum pretty quickly.”

Emily said, “I am getting pretty close as well.”

Emily watched Anna adjust the speed on the vibrator and moved a hand down to her clit. She started slowly tracing around her clitoris. She would occasionally make contact with her clit as she moved her finger beside it sending shock waves through her. She could see that Anna was paying attention to what she was doing.

“Can you spread your lips for me?” asked Anna as her breathing started to get deeper.

Emily used spread her pussy lips wishing she could Anna’s hot breath and tongue on her clit. Keeping her pussy spread she moved back over her clit. She shuddered at her own touches. She could feel herself start to cum. She cried güvenilir bahis siteleri out as Anna watched Emily’s pussy contracting with pleasure.

“Holy shit! I could see your pussy contract as you came! It was so hot.” As Anna’s orgasm took hold of her. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her pussy. She came so hard she was seeing stars. Anna managed to find the remote turned the vibrator off.

Anna saw a notification on her phone, “Oh my god! Ryan is going to be here in minute!”

There was a knock at her door. Strange, usually the doorman called up to clear visitors.

Anna walked over to the door with her phone in hand opening the door wearing nothing but the harness.

Ryan smiled taking in Anna’s beauty. She looked at the phone that Anna had turned towards her. Ryan could see Emily with her legs spread lying on her couch.

“I take it you were the friend that was watching when I was at Emily’s?”


Ryan passed the brown bag to Anna who put it on the table behind her and picked up some cash off the table and gave it to Ryan. Ryan put the cash in her pocket.

“I can’t believe how lucky I have been tonight!” exclaimed Ryan.

Ryan looked at Anna and then at phone where Emily was showing off her pussy and back to Ryan. Ryan shrugged and lifted her top up and showed off her petite breasts. Anna moved the phone closer to Ryan so that Emily could see.

“If I had time I would have rubbed one out in the car but I had a couple of orders come in and had to keep going. Am I ever glad I decided to delay my gratification.”

“Do you have time to come in?” asked Anna.

Ryan pulling her shirt down said, “Unfortunately I have more orders but I will text you ladies when I am free.”

Anna leaned forward and gave Ryan a quick kiss and watched her walk away towards the elevators. Anna stood mostly naked in her doorway as the elevator opened and Ryan stepped in. Ryan turned to look at Anna as the doors to the elevator closed. Anna closed her door walking back to her couch.

“She seems like she might be fun.” declared Anna.

“I hope she texts soon.” said Emily.

They wished each other a good night and hung up the video call. Anna slowly removed the harness feeling the vibrator slide out of her. It sent a shiver up her back. This was an amazing toy! Meanwhile, Emily was removing the egg from her drenched pussy. She was glad she put a towel down. Unaware of what they other person was doing both women licked their cum off of their toys.

Several days had passed but neither Emily nor Anna had received a text from Ryan yet. They had texted pictures back and forth in various states of undress often followed by videos of orgasms that rocked them to the core.

Anna: It’s a shame that Ryan hasn’t texted yet.

Emily: Right?

Anna: Did you want to place another food order?

Emily: Sure

Anna: This time you should be totally naked.

Emily: shocked emoji

Anna: I mean, only if you want to.

Emily: I’ll do it!

Anna: Put me on the ledge again?

Emily: Yup

Emily ordered the same thing from the same place hoping that she would see the same driver. Emily had gone to the bedroom and removed her work clothes. You could see the outline of where her bra and panties had been. Oh well she was sure that Ryan wouldn’t mind.

Emily got a notification on her phone and it said that Ryan would be there in 2 minutes! She couldn’t believe it worked. She was getting the same driver again.

Emily started up the video chat and placed Anna on the ledge for her to watch. Walking toward the door Emily said, “We did it, Ryan is the delivery person! She should be here any second.”

Emily was standing behind the door when she heard the knock. She quickly opened the door and was shocked to see a tall guy standing there! Emily tried her best to hide her shock that this was a different Ryan. She handed the money to possibly the happiest guy she had ever seen.

“No one is going to believe me when I tell them what happened. Any chance I can take your picture?”

“Not a chance in hell.” Emily responded closing the door.

Running for her phone she faced the screen she said, “Oh. My. God! Can you believe they have two people named Ryan delivering?”

“I can’t believe that happened!”

Emily and Anna laughed and chatted a bit. A short while later Emily noticed that her phone lit up. She looked at it and didn’t recognize the number. She unlocked her phone and noticed that it was a three-way text between Anna, herself and the mystery number.

Unknown: Hi

Anna: Hello

Emily: Hey

Emily watched as a picture appeared in the chat. It was Ryan and she was standing fully naked with her phone held at her belly. Emily double tapped on Ryan’s face to zoom in some. She started to move the image lower Emily noticed that Ryan was very pale. Her small perky breasts had eraser like nipples with areolas that were barely visible. As Emily moved down to Ryan’s pussy she zoomed in as much as the image would let her. She appeared to be either iddaa siteleri shaved or waxed. She didn’t have an innie but she didn’t have an outie either, she was somewhere in between. Her inner lips barely peaked out of her outer lips. She had a lovely pussy.

Ryan: Since I had seen both of you I thought it only fair to send a picture.

Anna: heart eyes emoji

Emily: You are stunning!

Ryan: TY

Ryan: Are you guys free Friday evening?

Anna: I am

Emily: Me too

Emily: Do you guys want to come over to my place?

Ryan: Sure

Anna: Love to

A picture interrupted the chat. Anna had taken a picture of her holding open her pussy. Two hearts quickly appeared on the corner of the image.

Emily still being naked walked to her full length mirror putting her hand at the very top of her pussy pulled up a bit so that her clit was visible, snapped a picture and sent it in the chat. Two hearts pinged in.

Ryan: I can see that you two are going to be a lot of fun

Anna: Do you like to play in public?

Ryan: I haven’t done much of that but I am open to the idea

Emily: I have just recently gone into public masturbation

Ryan: Ever been caught?

Anna: I caught her! That’s how we met.

Emily: We will give you the play by play when we get together

Ryan: Can’t wait!

A video started loading in the chat. Ryan was sitting down on the ground with her feet on her mirror. She was watching herself finger her pussy and then moved up and played with her clit for a few seconds.

Anna: You look delicious!

Ryan: ☺

Emily: I am going to bed to rub one off before I go to sleep, night!

Ryan: Kisses all over

Anna: What she said.

Emily had a slow building orgasm that left her fully satisfied and wondered what Friday night would entail.

Anna pulled out her Sybian and slowly lowered herself onto the dildo attached to the machine she could feel her clit on the ridge that ran out the middle and turned it on. The machine started vibrating, two long pulses followed by two shorter ones. Putting her hands on the front of the machine allowed her to control how much pressure was being applied to her clit. She leaned into the machine a bit harder her clit objecting to the pressure. Anna backed off a bit and found the sweet spot knowing she never lasts long on the Sybian. Anna relaxes and lets the orgasm build. The dual sensations bring her orgasm to a head quickly. Anna nearly bucks herself off of the Sybian riding her orgasm.

Ryan stayed with her feet on the mirror and watched herself play with her clit. She moved her finger over her clit in tight circles venturing down to get additional cum from her pussy to keep her clit lubricated. She watched her clit grow as she got closer to cumming. Her cum shot out of her and splashed against the mirror. She quickly took a picture of the mirror as her orgasm ran through her. She might send that picture to the girls later.

During the rest of the week they sent each other teasing pictures and videos. Emily and Anna both loved the picture of the soaked mirror. Ryan offered to pick Anna up. Anna said that would be better than taking an Uber. After work on Friday Emily quickly cleaned up around the house putting fresh sheets on the bed. She had a quick shower to freshen up after towelling off she put on a very short silk robe. She didn’t see the need to put clothes back on. Emily had picked up a nice cheese and cracker tray to put out and had wine chilling in the fridge.

Hearing the doorbell brought a smile to Emily’s lips. She had never thought of herself as a lesbian and still didn’t. She just liked people. Call it Bi or whatever label you wanted as long as she got to cum she didn’t care.

Emily opened the door to see Anna and Ryan looking sexy as hell. Anna was wearing a skin-tight red dress that hugged her in all the right places while Ryan was wearing a dress that had a deep plunging neckline. Her dress was a cream colour and appeared to be tied together at the waist. She would be fun to unwrap.

“Please, come in.”

Anna and Ryan walked into Emily’s house and looked around. She had lovely design tastes. Everything looked functional but also beautiful.

Pointing to the couch, “Make yourselves comfortable.”

Emily went to the fridge pulling out a bottle of white wine, holding it up said, “Anyone want to join me for some wine?”

“Sure” they said in unison.

Emily poured the wine handing out glasses as she did. She pulled the cheese and crackers tray out of the fridge and set that on the table.

“I pictured eating something else here.” Anna said with a chuckle.

“I just wasn’t sure if you guys would be hungry or not.”

Ryan started to undo the knot on her dress looking at Emily, “You did say to make myself comfortable.”

Ryan stood up as her dress started to unfold in front of her. She shrugged out of the dress and tossed it on a chair off the side. She was not wearing anything under the dress. Anna put her hand on Ryan’s hip and traced her hipbone. Anna moved her hand further across Ryan’s tight tummy feeling the muscles underneath. Her hand was below Ryan’s bellybutton. Anna extended her thumb and could just feel the top of Ryan’s slit. Anna pulled her hand back and gave Ryan a light slap on the ass.

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