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Emily and the Neighbour Pt. 01

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I never thought this stuff would happen to me but I have now had the pleasure of my hot, sexy girlfriend fucking another guy.

I met Emily about two and a half years ago at a party. I was invited by work colleagues and it was a “friend of friends” kind of thing. It wasn’t long before I saw Emily and to me she was just beautiful. I saw her killer body and great smile and I was determined to find a way to talk to her that night.

It took me most of the night but eventually she was alone for a moment and I could talk to her. I was keen on Emily from the start but I knew better than to rush things. So I managed to get her to agree to meet me for lunch on another day. I was happy and even more so as things progressed quickly from there.

Em was so gorgeous that I more or less assumed that she was seeing other guys. It worked out OK since neither of us were sure we wanted to make any sort of commitment. I was content that a woman so hot and so in demand was happy to spend time with me. And I had a couple of other casual relationships as well. But Emily is a sexy woman and whenever we were together I wasn’t sure which part of her I wanted to look at first. Her legs are long and shapely and she has a great arse. She has big, juicy tits and sexy hips with a small waist. Emily is a great kisser, too, but I figure its her long blonde hair and her bouncy tits that get most of the looks from other men.

In fact, I am sure its her tits. They are firm and they jut out perfectly. And they bounce as she walks so I’m usually turned-on whenever we’re out together. Her nipples are thick and long and often are on show because Em likes to go without a bra.

I was trying to play things cool but I took the first chance to get her into bed. She was amazing and she would cum loud and hard. Em was more adventurous than a lot of women and I discovered she has a huge sex drive and she can have sex for hours on end. And the more time we shared the more I got keen on Emily.

After about nine months we were getting more serious and spending most of spare our time together. In fact, neither of us had time for other people and so we decided to move in together.

We’ve been in love ever since and the sex has just got better and better. We have tried lots of different stuff and its always fun and exciting. And I know Emily sometimes still thinks about other guys and their cocks. Sometimes I suggest a threesome and we talk about it while we’re fucking. It really gets Emily heated up but we’ve never done anything to make those ideas real.


We will get to the juicy details soon. But let me say that I don’t remember things the way Chris does.

I can hardly recall that party. And I am certain that it wasn’t too hard for him to talk to me. I know he somehow got my email address from a friend. He wanted to take me to lunch the next week. From the start he seemed like a nice guy. I remember thinking he was sweet. There was no harm in one date.

Chris is right that we hit it off immediately. At the start I wasn’t interested in settling down. My sex life was great and I enjoyed that I could choose different guys. I love sex and I admit I’m a slut at heart. Chris was right that I was sleeping with other guys when we first started seeing each other. And, like Chris says, men were easy to find. I have always loved attention from guys. To answer something from Chris, my breasts are C-cup. They are a tear-drop shape. So they look bigger and heavier to the guys.

Sex with Chris was really good, even from the first time. It might sound shallow but I need a man who is good in bed. He has to have a good body and a great cock. Chris has a good body – not too big but he is strong and sexy. I approved of his cock instantly. Also his technique in bed is fantastic. So I felt really lucky at that time. I was still fucking other guys when I wanted. But then Chris asked me to move in with him.

I thought about it and said “yes” really quickly. Right then it was what I wanted to do. I knew it meant giving up my other guys. But I felt it was a good time for me to be more of an adult. It wasn’t so bad to at least try settling down. And it meant I had Chris full-time so I was getting my needs met. Well, not exactly full-time. Chris has to travel with work about twice a month. Its usually only for a few days. We always make up for the missed time on the weekend.


We found an apartment in the city. It is high up in a large tower – the kind with shopping and restaurants on the first couple of levels. It also has some serviced apartments that the businesses in the area use for their execs.

I really enjoy living with Emily. Not just for the sex although we get plenty of that. Like I said, she has a high sex drive and since we are living together we never miss an opportunity. Emily has gotten more adventurous and plenty of times we’ve even fucked out on our little balcony.

“The neighbours are watching you,” I tell her. “Someone in that other building is watching you holy family izle through a telescope.”

Its fine to get her all heated up like that since we’re outside and no-one can really hear the noise from her orgasms.

“The man watching has a huge cock,” I’ll say. “He wants to come over and fuck your arse.”

Then one day, about four months ago, Emily told me that she’d seen this new guy in the lift. He was some sort of businessman and he was clearly staying in one of the serviced apartments in our building. It was obvious that he’d caught her eye and it got me thinking that it was a long time since Emily had fucked someone other than me. So I made Emily tell me all about this new man and I was struck by the impression he’d made on her. I know what Em likes and it was obvious she thought the guy was hot. I started teasing her and telling her that maybe it was time to take a new lover. But at that time it never went anywhere and Em just laughed it off.

As the next month went by she saw him plenty more times. That was perfect because I was enjoying working him into our sex chat. I knew Emily was getting interested in him since she noticed lots of details like his muscles or his beard. So I would mention him at the right moments.

“That guy in the business suit is downstairs,” I’d whisper to her. “He wants to slam his cock into you.”

She’d moan loudly and I would get excited to see her so aroused by that thought.

“He wants your wet cunt and your big juicy cunt lips.”

I even told Emily that I thought she should have a fling with this guy. I surprised myself but I was actually pretty keen on the idea. I wanted Em to be happy and I am away with work a few times each month. And I know how Em really gets turned-on by sex with different men. I didn’t feel threatened by this business exec. After all, I guessed he’d only be in town for a few weeks more. And I got excited at the thought of showing him what a hot, sexy woman I have. Deep down I didn’t expect anything to happen but it was fun to tease her about it.


The new guy in the serviced apartment was totally hot. He was like eye candy. His shoulders are huge. I could see his muscles under his shirt. It was obvious he has a six-pack. And he has really short-cropped hair and nice eyes. I noticed the way he walks and the way he looked at me. Whenever he looked at me I felt like somehow he knew me. That couldn’t be possible. But that’s how it felt. It had been a long time since I’d been with a man other than Chris. So I definitely was interested in this new guy. My body was happy anytime I saw him.

To be honest, the way he moved made him look cocky. That’s not my type of guy. Well, it never was in the past. And then a few times he spoke to me. The things he said would usually be a turn-off.

“You look really great today. Very sexy,” he said one day as he got out of the lift.

“Your husband will be happy to see you,” he told me another time.

That time I was wearing my gym gear. I almost felt naked as I stood next to him in the lift. That felt good. He was so relaxed and confident when he said those things. Somehow that made him seem even hotter. I was sure he was looking at me in the lift but I didn’t catch him. I recall my nipples were hard under my shirt. My neighbour must have noticed. I loved the idea that I was getting his attention. I was a little horny when I got upstairs. Chris was away that night so I took care of myself.

But I enjoyed Chris talking about him when we were fucking. It made our sex life a little more naughty. And I really did think about the suit guy a few times. He turned me on which was strange. I get plenty of looks from other men but this was different. I didn’t know how except the way he looked at me. I told myself I’d never let anything happen. It was fun to think about it. I felt good that Chris was so relaxed about me looking at another hot guy.


About six weeks must have gone by and I was still having fun reminding Emily about her new boyfriend downstairs. Once I even saw him when Emily and I came back from visiting her parents. It was unusual because I figured he wouldn’t be in the apartment on a weekend. He didn’t say anything but I was sure he stole a glance at Em. When we got into our apartment I was teasing her and it did the trick. In bed I told Emily what I was thinking about.

“He wants you on your knees in the lift,” I whispered to her as she sucked me. “He wants to feel your mouth around his cock.”

We had fantastic sex that afternoon. I pulled out and blasted my cum all over her beautiful face. Emily smiled as I finished and then she sucked me clean before we kissed and lay together.

I figured we’d taken the fantasy with the suit guy as far as we could. So I went back to my old standby – a threesome. Sometimes we talk about fucking with another woman. Emily has never had an experience with a woman but she is not opposed to the idea. The trick is always deciding on the kind of hotel portofino izle woman she’d be attracted to.

Two weeks later I was away with work. When I got home late on the Thursday the apartment was empty. I was surprised but I assumed Em was buying the groceries early so we’d have more time in bed that weekend. I had a shower and was lying on the couch watching TV for about an hour before she finally came in.

I took one look at Em and I knew what had happened. I knew that she’d been fucking someone and I was certain it was the suit guy. I was sure it had to be him. My cock was rock hard – even harder than normal when I am anticipating a night of fucking Emily. I wanted to hear all the details straight away but Em was looking shocked and as guilty as hell. She almost ran to the bathroom and I heard the shower running as I went to bed to wait for her.


Again I am going to correct some details from Chris. He was away that week but and not due home till Friday. Not that it made an excuse for what happened. But I wasn’t expecting him that night. The whole thing was unexpected. My guard was down. And afterwards I thought I’d have more time to process what happened. Chris had talked so many times about me screwing this guy. I didn’t plan any of it but I am sure that the suit guy did.

As I said, it was a long time since I’d had a man apart from Chris. I guess I was getting extra horny. And Chris talked a lot about me fucking other guys. He talked a lot about the things suit guy would do. That made me feel sexy. It also made me horny more of the time. So I was thinking a lot about suit guy. I told myself nothing would happen. But then I saw him in the lift foyer that night. He was looking as sexy as ever. He hadn’t shaved but his hair was cut really short. His shoulders and his chest looked big and strong and I knew he had those sexy muscles. Again he gave me “that” look. Like he knew me. Like he was extra confident and cocky. I could feel it and it made me react as always. I was enjoying his attention. My body was responding.

“Husband home tonight?”

He seemed so focused on me. I admit that felt good. I couldn’t help letting him flirt with me. I told him that Chris was away with work that night. It was a mistake. Because suddenly I had no defence. Once again I felt almost naked as he looked at me.

“Come to mine for a drink,” he said in a strong voice.

It wasn’t a question. But I wanted to say yes. Deep down, I knew he was trouble. I had told myself I wouldn’t let anything happen with him. But I felt my body tingle. The truth was I wanted him. After all the talk from Chris I couldn’t help myself. Maybe we’d keep it simple and sweet – a kiss? But I thought about those shoulders. I really wanted something to happen. And he was making it so easy. His cocky attitude was working on me. He was taking charge. So I agreed to do what he said.

In the lift he finally told me his name – Luis. Spanish. That explained his nicely tanned skin. I was next to this guy I hardly knew and he was really hot. I knew what he was after. It was the same thing Chris had been teasing me about. I remembered what Chris had said about being in the lift with Luis. I almost wanted that. A little voice told me it was wrong. But my body was definitely interested.

I just followed him to his apartment. I watched his body as he walked. I felt my heart racing. Again I told myself nothing would happen. He took me to the kitchen. We were really close together. I tried to control my feelings. Luis was making small talk but I knew his plan. And it was exciting. Chris and his teasing was in my head. So I didn’t leave when I should have.

“Will your husband mind if I kiss you?”

He was so cocky. But I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t say anything. So he leaned in and kissed me on my cheek. He was close to me and I felt his strength. The kiss felt good and he knew I enjoyed it.

“Kiss me back,” he said. Again – not a question.

This time he put his lips on mine. A kiss from a stranger. The first for a long time. And it was a good kiss. I kissed him back. I really wanted to. Maybe I shouldn’t blame Chris. Because Luis wanted me and I was enjoying that. I didn’t mind him being cocky. It felt amazing to have a sexy guy lusting for me. I wondered how many women he’s kissed like that. But this guy was turning me on. He was really taking charge. I’d never really let anyone do that before – not a man I hardly know. I kissed him back and it was easy.

Then he shoved me against the wall, still kissing me. It felt good. It wasn’t rough. He was just using his strength. It was exciting. When he stuck his tongue in my mouth I opened up to let him in. I trembled a little. I even surprised myself by moaning into his mouth. My one thought was Chris wanted me to do it.

Luis was still forcing me hard against the wall. In fact, it got harder. There was no doubt how hot he was for me. I wasn’t scared. I was excited to feel the power of his body. house of hammer izle One of his hands grabbed for my breasts. He was breathing into my mouth as he kissed me harder. It almost hurt. His tongue went deep. He tried to slide his hand into my shirt and grabbed hard at my boobs. Somehow Luis knew he could take me. I was really moaning because I was hoping for that.

“Lets go to the bedroom,” he said.

I didn’t argue. Luis was telling me what he wanted. He was making the decisions. His voice was soft but he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. What was even better was I knew I would not resist. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I still don’t understand why. But he was so confident and it felt so easy. He took my hand and I followed.

In the bedroom I let Luis undress me. Chris had teased me about this and it made me so wet. He almost tore my clothes off. It was exciting when he exposed my breasts. Straight away started to suck on them and squeeze them. All men like my breasts but Luis was different. He really was keen on them. My nipples were hard and thick. It turned me on so badly when he sucked them into his mouth! And I was touching him as well. I ran my hands over his strong shoulders and his delicious six-pack. His body felt so good against mine. It made me crazy to touch him like that.

He murmured to me, “I’ve wanted your tits since the first time I saw you.”

I was wondering why he’d waited so long. He pushed me onto his bed and got undressed himself. I knew what was going to happen next. I looked at his sexy body. His shoulders were impressive. I saw his really beautiful cock. It’s a very healthy size and a little thick. I just hoped he knew how to use it. Then he was on top of me and sucking my breasts again. It was a thrill to have a strong body pinning me down.

His mouth felt great. At the same time his hand was stroking my pussy. I was so turned-on I started losing control. Luis wasn’t really fingering my pussy. He was just stroking along the outside of my labia. And he was driving me crazy. It was the closest I’ve ever been to an orgasm just having my tits sucked. But he doesn’t know my body as well as Chris. So I was on the edge and couldn’t get there.

“Want me to make you cum?”

Well, I was starting to feel desperate. I had forgotten all about Chris and what he wanted me to do.

“Oh god, yes. I can’t wait.”

“Legs apart,” he told me. “Spread your cunt.”

He was so casual about it. Like I was a slut. But he was obviously used to being in charge. Luis is cocky because he gets away with it. I did what he said. I felt really self-conscious. I was glad I’d shaved that morning because he was already moving in close.

As soon as his mouth was on my pussy I was cumming. He sucked on my labia and my clit. His tongue flicked over the tip of my little button. He shoved his tongue deep into my hole. He nipped his teeth on my clit while he was licking me. I was shouting out things.

“Oh, Jesus… fuck… my god…”

I guess I forgot about everything. It was wrong to let a man do that. How could I orgasm so hard with a stranger? Without Chris? It was just so easy to do what he wanted. Chris had been teasing me. Now this guy’s mouth felt fantastic. I even let go of my pussy and grabbed his head. I pulled his mouth harder against me. I was cumming and cumming and it was incredible. I loved the way he ate me. So different from Chris – not better but different. I didn’t want him to stop.

But Luis wanted to fuck. He moved in to position. His strong muscles held him in position over my body. With one hand he put the tip of his thick cock against my opening. Luis didn’t say anything about condoms. Or safe sex. He was about to penetrate me. And I remember seeing my pussy juice on his stubble. It was so erotic.

“I’m going to fuck you now. Don’t stop me.”

I had forgotten about Chris. I was too far gone. I really wanted his cock in me.

“Oh, god. Do it, Luis.”

In a second he was pressing into me. It was big! But I was so wet that he went in easily. I think maybe it was only three thrusts and he was completely inside me. His cock felt amazing. He was filling me up so nicely. I could feel his balls against my bottom. I groaned out aloud. I didn’t care if I acted like a slut for him.

Then he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs. He bent me in half. That was Luis being in charge. He was taking what he wanted. I just let him. My ankles were near my shoulders. I was just open and available for him. It was amazing. I couldn’t wait. His big cock felt so good. He started ramming into me and I was cumming instantly.

“Oh, shit… fuck …yes, Luis …oh, fuck me…”

He didn’t need me to encourage him. Luis is a man who gets what he wants from women. And he really does know how to use his wonderful cock. His pumping was filling me and touching me in all the places I needed. I was blown away to feel a different man fucking my pussy.

And he was really hammering me. He has plenty of meat. He forced it all inside my pussy. It wasn’t rough or painful. It was just his strength and his power. His sexy, muscly body was pinning me down and I had no way to resist. I didn’t want to resist. My pussy loved him plunging into me. Luis never let me stop cumming till he was ready to pull out. It was a fantastic fuck.

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