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Educating Emma Ch. 02

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“Kiki,” I called down the corridor of the empty house, “Kiki.”

Kiki is my gentille alouette. She is normally such a sweet little lark: it is a delight to teach her little form, to educate her and to have her yield to my specific instructions. Her father has told her that she must be most attentive to my every instruction and who is she to disagree with him.

He is, after all, a bear of a man; and both Kiki and her mother are quite in awe of him. Perhaps Kiki is no longer quite so much in awe of him as she once was: but things usually change in a household that lets Miss Muriel Grey in to play with the precious family treasures.

And now the wretched girl is late again. I sent her to fetch the post for me not fifteen minutes ago, with the firmest instructions to return immediately with the post undisturbed. I am so anxious to receive news from England and the latest goings on in the Macy household.

Kiki is delightful, elfin and beautifully mannered, but she had absolutely no sense of time keeping whatsoever. Her perpetual lateness was a source of considerable frustration to both me and her parents.

In fact it was one of the reasons that I had been called in to this rather fine villa on the French Riviera just outside the boundaries of the exclusive resort town of St Tropez, between Nice and Cannes.

I will always remember the first interview with her father, his strongly accented English, his large frame and above all the sombre room into which he ushered me: his study – his holy of holies apparently.

The sun was kept at bay by heavy shutters, which were obviously rarely opened, perhaps to keep the thick vellum volumes safe; perhaps to allow the room to emulate his heavy lidded eyes that never seemed to look at one directly.

“Mademoiselle Grey,” he said slowly as he stared down at my resume. “You left your last employer fairly suddenly?”

“The senora decided to shut up house and take the family abroad: to Tenerife I believe. I had no wish to leave the European mainland.”

“There was a scandal. Is this not so?”

“I do not read the scandal sheets, sir.”

“There was an issue with your charge?”

“There was absolutely no issue with my charge, sir. Ramona was very much in control of things despite certain gross exaggerations with respect to her mother and step-sister. One might say she rose to the challenge under my guidance.”

“And the senora herself: how is she?”

“She was unwell for a while, but she reached a fine settlement with her husband. Although the older girl, Ramona’s step-sister was quite distressed when I left, but it is all sunshine and smiles now; I do believe that Ramona had taken them both in hand.”

“Was the younger girl, Ramona, your only charge then, Mademoiselle Grey?”

“She was. The older girl, Victoria, was at college and the family had no need of my service with regard to her. And, please, do not ‘Frenchify’ my title.”

“I find it hard to believe that one with your reputation did not influence the whole family?” He added as he continued to delve, despite my protestations, leaning back in his chair magisterially, as if sitting in judgement of me.

“And yet I come to you with excellent references, which specifically clear my name of any involvement in either the illness or the alleged scandal.”

“You do Mademoiselle Grey.”

“I prefer Miss Grey.”

“You do then, Miss Grey. You do. You will be more than aware that I would not be seeing you, if this were not the case,” he nodded his head slowly and then looked up at me sharply: “you have I believe a reputation for harsh discipline, Miss Muriel Grey?”

“I do not spare the rod, sir and I prefer Miss Grey, as I have advised you once before.”

“Forgive me, Miss Grey. I do not mean to take liberties. Tell me: do you spare the child?”

“I develop the child, sir. And seek to moderate the excesses of the inner child.”

“Will you spare Cordele: our little Kiki? She is, after all, barely nineteen.”

“I will treat your little Kiki as she needs to be treated.”

“And what are her needs?”

“You are her father sir; not I.”

“Miss Grey. Let us not beat about the bush. Cordele’s mother, my dear second wife, is of sensitive disposition and would have me employ an appropriate tutor for her lovely young daughter. Kiki is a delightful girl, but has her mind on so many things that make her tarry, when she should be engaged in far more serious activities. She needs more discipline in her life.”

“I believe that I can provide what she needs.”

“Do you spank your charges, Miss Grey?”

“I do.”

“Senorita Ramona de Sagunto enjoyed the attentions of your tawse?”

“She did. I see you have researched my Scottish background, sir.”

“I am sure your tawse researched the lovely, young lady’s derriere.”

“I do my duties thoroughly, sir. Ramona was quite feckless and needed every instrument that I applied to her bottom and breasts.”

“You tawsed her breasts, Miss Grey?”

“I certainly slapped them. It pleased me to do that.”

“I should like you to do that for my Cordele.”

“I see that you appreciate istanbul escort her breasts, Monsieur Le Grand.”

“Why should an idle girl not be reformed through mild physical punishment, Miss Grey?”

“Should the father be punished too, since he appears to relish the girl’s idleness?”

“How on earth do you reach such a conclusion, Miss Grey?”

“That picture of her sunbathing bare breasted on the patio outside your study: the one on your desk. It gives me a clue, sir.”

“Ah. You have seen my photo of her. Is she not a pretty thing?”

“She is very pretty, but is such a photograph an appropriate desk ornament for her step father’s study? Is it not rather distracting?”

“It is very artistic.”

“It is artistic. Not quite as artistic as the picture of her skinny dipping on the isles, standing so proudly on your drinks cabinet, sir.”

“You are very observant, Miss Grey.”

“It pays to observe the wickedness in our world sir. We can only learn from it.”

“And what do you learn from this alleged wickedness, Miss Grey?”

“I learn that there is probably a photograph album somewhere in this room filled with similarly ‘innocent’ moments in your daughter’s life.”

“You do?”

“I do and I would imagine that the page on the young lady at her toilette is taken as if through a pin-hole camera? Perhaps there is also a page dedicated to her choice in underwear taken in Avignon when the winds were blowing their strongest?” I continued.

“That may be true.”

“And perhaps a lovely section dedicated to the young lady finishing her schooling at that private school. The one where they had such rigorous dress codes, that I am sure your nubile offspring broke flagrantly, whenever she had the opportunity to appear like the teenaged slut her father dreams might lie in his arms one day?”

“Are you quite finished, Miss Grey?”

“I could continue, if you like.”

“There is no need. I am a keen photographer, Miss Grey.”

“And, like the professionals you have an animated interest in his subject matter?”

“Of course I do.”

“And you would like me to animate that interest further,” I smiled disingenuously and toyed with one of the buttons on my blouse.

“Most certainly,” he smiled, practically licking his lips in anticipation.

“We might revisit all the places you have photographed Cordele in and take pictures of me and her together?” I played along and duly unbuttoned to reveal just a little cleavage and let my fingers hover over the next button down.

“That is a delicious thought, Miss Grey; please proceed.”

“Would you like us to take off each other’s clothing for you: to strip away her girlish garb in such a way that you can see all her secret charms, monsieur?”

“You would do this for me?”

“Would this be appropriate?”

“It seems like a good idea to me, my dear Miss Grey.”

“Would you like to photograph her punishments?”

“I believe I would.”

“A new page for your scrapbook: here is Kiki over Miss Grey’s lap. Here is Miss Grey drawing down Cordele’s little panties. Here is Cordele kissing the paddle brush. Here is the paddle brush descending on Kiki’s firm little behind. Here is the mark of the brush.”

“I feel a growing empathy with your methods, Miss Grey.”

“I thought you would.”

“Did you use the cane on Ramona too?”

“I did.”

“Just on her bottom?”

“And on the back of her thighs: I felt it appropriate for her to be shamed to have to display the marks that her bathing costume could not always conceal.”

“You seem to be a most admirable employee, Miss Grey. Tell me: is there a flogger in your armoury too?”

“There is.”

“And do you use this assiduously.”

“Sometimes a girl’s flower needs to be stung, sir.”

“You whip their pussies? Mon dieu!”

“I apply myself to every aspect of their learning, sir.”

“I would love for you to flog Cordele’s pussy.”

“I am quite sure you would, sir.”

“Whip it until it is as red as her hair. Will you do this for me?”

“I will do all that is necessary and appropriate. You have my resume and me before you, sir.”

“I do.”

“Is it appropriate? Am I appropriate?”

“It is very appropriate and you are very appropriate too. In any case my friend Carlos de Sagunto did write to me to advise me of your treatment of his daughter.”

“Senor de Sagunto was witness to my treatment of his daughter. I believe that he thoroughly approved of all my impositions upon Ramona. That his wife chose to emulate them with such unfortunate results was an avoidable tragedy.”

“She beat her own daughter?”

“No. I believe that she was beaten with her step-daughter on several occasions.”

“Beaten on their naked behinds?”

“I believe that both women had been instructed to divest themselves of their clothing prior to the beating in question; but they were beaten on the breasts and the buttocks.”

“And they were beaten very hard?”

“They were whipped very soundly indeed sir: hence the scandal.”

“And why did she do this?”

“I believe her need was due to lust; şirinevler escort lust that is not sated is a dangerous thing, sir.”

“I know this, Miss Grey. And of course, you were not there because you were looking to your charge.”

“I was looking after dear Ramona’s needs. She was barely twenty at the time.”

“You were elsewhere in the house?”

“I was, as I said, looking after Ramona’s needs, sir. Senora De Sagunto is quite old enough to look after her own needs and her step-daughter is in her mid-twenties.”

“And what were these needs, Miss Grey?”

“Whose needs are you referring to, sir?”

“Those of Ramona.”

“You do seem to be overly enthusiastic in your questioning. Have you not seen the scandal sheets?”

“I have indeed.”

“And you have read the divorce court proceedings too, no doubt?”

“Most assuredly, Miss Grey; in fact I attended them.”

“Then you will know all the disgusting detail. Your questioning seems rather redundant given that the photographs were quite explicit; the video even more so.”

“It is fortunate for one of the young ladies who was party to the act to have been so well masked and hidden by flora when she was mounted upon the Senora’s back and using that riding whip with such vigour.”

“Isn’t it just, sir,” I smiled.

“And the other dominant chit had her face hidden in the step daughter’s nether regions throughout the video.”

“You are very observant, sir.”

“I can’t understand how a senora as respected as Carmela could have placed herself in such a precarious position.”

“I would venture to suggest that you may have more than an idea of this than you would have me believe, Monsieur le Grand.”

“You may well be right, Miss Grey. Do you still have those lovely thigh boots and that gorgeous black silk underwear?”

“Are you suggesting that it might have been me in those pictures sir?”

“There is always that possibility.”

“There is always the possibility that there are fewer paparazzi at liberty with their lenses since my dear lawyer issued writs for defamation sir.”

“Is she a lady lawyer?”

“She is, but what has gender to do with it?”

“Forgive me, but I was imagining you both in thigh boots with lashes and riding crops and whips and the senora and her beautiful step-daughter tied together on the floor of that apartment in Barcelona.”

“You are letting your imagination carry you away sir. I certainly never engage in such activities with my lawyer. You have a very vivid imagination, sir.”

“Were the senora and her step-daughter not found in flagrante tied head to toe that fateful afternoon?

“They were, I believe.”

“Tell me more of your charge.”

“Ramona was a keen student. Having been beaten thoroughly, she wished to explore exactly how it felt to discipline others.”

“Oh, how delightful, Miss Grey: you managed to turn her into a dominate.”

“I influenced her in that direction, yes. She was her father’s girl and the sense of command was in her genes.”

“So she was the perpetrator of the scandal?”

“She did get a little carried away that day.”

“And you did not restrain her? You let her whip her mother and her step-sister?”

“I was merely following the senora’s instructions.”

“How thoroughly perverse you are, Miss Grey.”

“Is it perverse to obey sir?”

“No, it was very loyal of you.”

“Then please do not dishonour my good name with such inappropriate epithets.”

“Does it matter, dear lady?”

“Of course it matters. You have power, influence and riches. I only have my name. Do not abuse it or besmirch it.”

“Tell me more about letting young Ramona off the leash, Miss Grey.”

“While you masturbate behind your big desk, Monsieur?”

“I will do as I please, Miss Grey. Do not toy with me. Tell me about those whips and riding crops and lashes that were found scattered around the senora and her step-daughter.”

“Whips and Riding Crops and Lashes – Oh my!”

“Do not be frivolous Miss Grey.”

“Your questions are more than impertinent and they deserve to be treated with frivolity, Monsieur Le Grand.”

“I only wish what is best for my daughter.”

“As would I, were you to charge me with that service.”

“I would charge you to ensure that this succès de scandale is not repeated in my household.”

“It is not for me to govern your class or your household, sir. I serve.”

“Were you instrumental in ensuring that the senora did not contest the divorce?”

“I confess to telling her that if she chose to sate her lust, then she would pay the price. That is the danger of such situations.”

“You became quite intimate with Carmela then?”

“That is not your business, sir,” I sighed and decided that I had had enough. “Would it be bold of me to suggest, Monsieur Le Grand, you are sating some of your own prurient lust in this absurd line of questioning.”

“I would not wish to be dangerous, Miss Grey.”


“My danger also lies in an excess on unspent lust.”

“May I be of assistance taksim escort in calming you, sir?”

“You are a very sympathetic woman, Miss Grey.”

“I know my place, sir.”

“Do you know what I would like to see?”

“I believe that the implements that I used upon Ramona and will, with your permission, use upon Cordele might be of interest to you, sir?”

“Would you like to see my instrument too, Miss Grey?”

“Sir, I am a governess and a tutor. I am not a sex worker.”

“By no means my dear Miss Grey; I do not wish to impugn your reputation in any way.”

“You may, if you wish, toy with your instrument as I show you mine.”

“That is very kind of you Miss Grey.”

“I am pleased to be of service sir,” I smiled and lifted my little instrument bag on to the baize green leatherette of the desk between us.

It was slightly disconcerting to note the unzipping sound as I undid the bag. I know several young ladies who have been most disconcerted, even tearful, at the sight of my bag being unbuckled, but the sturdy buckles had never hitherto made an unzipping sound. I stared at Monsieur Le Grand. He stared back at me and then dropped his head almost sheepishly.

“Monsieur Le Grand?”

“Please call me Pierre.”

“Which instrument would you like to see first, Pierre?”

“May I see your whippiest cane, Miss Grey?”

“Pierre wishes to see my whippiest cane, while he plays with his petit pine?”

“Please, Miss Grey, do not tease me. I need to see it.”

“And what are your needs to me, Pierre?”

“I will go mad if you do not do as I desire.”

“Then Pierre au petit pine will become Pierrot Le Fou,” I grinned evilly.

“Please, Miss Muriel,”

“Miss Grey,” I said very firmly and then tugged my instrument from my bag, bringing it down with a crash on the desk.

He snapped to attention at that and watched me with fascinated eyes as I walked round the desk, swishing the cane with each step I took. “So, Pierrot wishes to know how I use my instrument on young ladies’ bottoms; does he?”

“He does, miss.”

“Pierrot is a disgusting little maggot, is he not?”

“He is, miss.”

“Pull out your chair, Monsieur Le Maggot. Let me see this magnificent, little penis that seems to occupy so much of your consciousness, while I tell you how I intend to cane little Kiki’s derriere very hard indeed.”

“She has never been punished before, miss.”

“Then I will relish hearing her squeal very loudly indeed as I bring this swishy little instrument down upon her spoilt little sit-upon for the very first time.”

“She is not spoilt, miss.”

“Shut up you worm. If I say she is spoilt, then she is spoilt. What is she?”

“She is spoilt, miss.”

“And what should I do to your spoilt daughter, Pierrot?”

“You should cane her, miss.”

“I am not so sure that little Cordele will appreciate her father being so liberal with her favours; and what will Madame le Grand be doing while I am caning her daughter?”

“What do you suggest, Miss Grey?”

“I suggest you take her into the next room and put your little zizi to work to distract Madame from the sufferings of her beloved daughter.”

By this time I was practically standing over him. I laughed to myself to see that he was masturbating his member furiously as I spoke. His eyes were closed and he seemed in total bliss, thinking of stroking his wife to her climax while I applied my own ecstatic delivery to their innocent nineteen year old child.

“Just what do you think you are doing you naughty, little boy,” I shouted in his face and brought my cane down upon the desk right in front of him.

“N-nothing miss!”

“Does Kiki know her father has such a little zizi?”

“No miss.”

“I wonder how Madame restrains her giggles when she sees it,” I smiled and lifted the softening tube of flesh up on my cane. “Do you think your step-daughter would respect you if she knew you were such an under endowed man, Pierrot?”

“No miss.”

“Then might I suggest that you keep your hands out of her knickers.”

“I will, miss.”

“Do you promise me this, Pierrot?”

“I promise Miss.”

“You promise on your most sacred oath, Pierre Le Grand?”

“I do.”

“And I promise you that she will find herself filled with all the delight in learning that Miss Muriel Grey can bestow upon her.”

“I thought you didn’t like being called Muriel, miss?”

“If you were good enough Pierrot, my little maggot; then you would have been allowed to use my first name; but as you are an incest obsessed, little worm, who hoped to use me as well as his own daughter, Miss Grey will be what you will call me. Tu comprends?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“You will give me full charge of your daughter, little man.”

“I will miss.”

“Good boy. Now if you would be so good as to sign my contract here, here and here…”

…And here you find me, Miss Muriel Grey, waiting impatiently for Cordele Le Grand to show up. Perhaps she has gone to fetch the post. I do hope there is a letter for me from my good friend Jacky Macy. I so love the photographs she sends of her lovely daughter Emma.

I wonder if Kiki has been trying to hide the post again. She can be such a naughty girl when she knows her mistress…ermmm…her tutor…gets so overwhelmed with the marvellous letters that she receives from England.

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