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Dumb Jocks Ch. 07

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Finally, it was the day of the test. When I woke up I had a message from Hunter wanting to have one final load of cum before the test. Having unloaded two loads into Demarcus and Callum the night before, I had to say no despite my better judgement.

Instead, we met up and went over the test one last time. I tried to get my dick to cooperate but it was cummed out and there was no way I could give him cum in the half-hour before he had to leave for the exam hall.

It was late in the evening when I got a drunken phone call from Hunter. Struggling to hear him over the noise in the background, I just about understood that all three of them had passed. He was celebrating at the university nightclub, in the footballer’s corner and he wanted me to join him.

While I was happy they had passed, I did wonder why Hunter wanted to meet up. He didn’t need my cum anymore, not that he needed it in the first place, but now, if he wanted me to fuck him he had no excuse save for the fact that he loved it.

Even if I had been popular, I would have rarely gone into the nightclub, it just wasn’t for me. Loud EDM music, expensive drinks and then having to queue to get in, to get a drink and even to go for a piss wasn’t my idea of fun. So apart from testing it out when I had first started college, this was only the second time I had been.

Getting inside, I made my way down the sticky stairs and found myself on the main dancefloor. In the corner sat most of the football team with their girlfriends and cheerleaders. I could see the giant figures of Rocky and Hunter talking to each other. Trying to avoid bumping into anyone, I made my way across to them.

“Hey, nerd!” Rocky boomed and grabbed me in a headlock to ruffle my hair.

I noticed that the two of them were wearing identical outfits. Buttoned down shirts with chinos that hugged their bulging legs and the now popular, no sock and boater shoe combination.

I didn’t know what to say but I could see Rocky’s eye up Hunter’s ass when he bear-hugged me.

“He wanted to celebrate passing his test and buy you a drink, so you sit here and look after our jackets while we go get you one,” Rocky said.

He shoved me into a large circular booth where a table took up much of the room, much like diner seating. Edging around the table, I sat on the cushioned bench surrounded by jackets, coats and hoodies.

Ignored by everyone else, I waited for the two muscular men to come back. They took so long that by the time they returned, more clothing had been dumped on me so that I was barely visible. Obviously, bursa escort the popular people thought I was some sort of cloakroom attendant.

“Fucking hell nerd! You collecting coats or something?!” laughed Rocky.

He dumped a glass full of liquid in front of me. Eyeing it up, I initially thought it was coke but there were no bubbles. Pulling it towards my nose, I sniffed and gagged. It definitely wasn’t coke.

“It’s a man maker!” Hunter said happily. Both he and Rocky had the same drink in their hands.

“It’s every spirit they have mixed with coke. If you down it and don’t hurl, then you’re a man!” Rocky grinned.

The two huge men looked at each other then clinked glasses before downing their drinks in one. Deciding to risk it, I took a hesitant sip and instantly choked making both guys laugh at me.

Leaning towards me, Hunter grabbed the glass and winked. Splitting half of it with Rocky, they saluted each other before finishing the drinks off. I sat there amazed that these two behemoths could drink something so vile without a second thought but then again, they had both eaten my asshole out plenty of times, I mused.

While I was reminiscing, the two players began to talk to each other about the game they had tomorrow. They were both so caught up in tactics that I wondered if they wanted me there anymore. I was about to leave when I heard Rocky say loudly, “it’s on the floor.”

Without replying, Hunter quickly scanned the area before dropping to all fours. The next thing I know, I had his hands on my pants, pulling them down.

“Fuck!” I yelped before slapping a hand over my mouth.

Luckily, the music was so loud that no one heard me except for Rocky, who just smirked. Sighing loudly, when I felt Hunter’s mouth surround my cock, I sunk back into the coats. It felt so good to be back in Hunter’s mouth. Usually, I had cum three times by this point today yet with all of the players at the test and Rocky supporting them, my balls were stuffed full.

With the coats covering my slim body, I doubt anyone could see me but I still tried to keep quiet and hidden. Yet Hunter had other ideas, it was almost as if he knew I was trying to be silent because he became even more energetic.

Alternating between sucking my cock, licking my groin and bathing my balls, he had me squirming in my seat. His tongue was everywhere, swirling around my shaft before trying to push it between my ass cheeks. This slut was incredibly well trained, I grinned to myself.

Looking up I could see the dance floor. Hundreds of students were bursa escort bayan dancing together, some were grinding, while others were twerking, there were even some passionately kissing, but I doubt anyone else in the club was getting blown.

“What the?!” I gasped in disappointment.

The warmth of Hunter’s mouth was replaced with a sudden coolness. Looking down, I saw the big defensive tackle grinning at me while he massaged freezing cold lube around my shaft.

Clumsily, he got to his feet beside me. There was no room between his thick thighs and the table but he managed to manoeuvre himself so that he was in front of me, blocking my sight and stopping anyone from seeing me.

I watched as he tugged his chinos down past his ass. The big muscular cheeks called to me and instinctively, I reached out and grabbed them.

Dropping his hand, he grabbed my shaft and aimed it at his ass. Slowly, he lowered himself until my cock was pressing against his tight, already slick, entrance.

With Rocky watching us intensely, Hunter smeared my lube coated prick around. I could feel his hole open slightly and knowing that he had invited me here to fuck him, I thrust up.

“Shit!” gasped Hunter.

Using his body weight, he forced me back down while taking more of my shaft inside him. The music was blaring in my ears yet all my senses were focused on the tight tunnel I was invading.

Unable to dictate the pace, Hunter was doing all the work. With his big hands gripping the table, he began to bounce on my cock. Each time he lifted, he clenched his muscles around my cock, only relaxing them when he dropped down.

I was in heaven and then the song stopped. A couple of his teammates came back to the table. I tried to make myself smaller but Hunter didn’t stop moving.

“You alright Hunter?” Someone asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine,” replied Rocky laughing, “he’s just drunk tons tonight celebrating not being dumb!”

“It looks like he’s in a trance! Moving around like he’s high!”

“Has he been smoking weed?!”

“He’s definitely been puffing on something,” Rocky snorted.

“Shit, how did he get it in the club?”

“Probably smuggled it up his ass! Doubt he’ll be walking straight for a while!” replied Rocky while struggling to keep a straight face.

Letting out my own chuckle, an evil thought crossed my mind and as Hunter buried my cock deep inside his ass, I made it twitch causing him to groan.

“That must be some good weed! Looks like he’s having a great time… you know where I can get some Rocky?”

“Yeah, escort bursa it’s the fucking best. It feels so good and I can’t get enough of it. Me and Hunter are going to be sharing it for a long time!” Rocky replied dreamily.

*Okay… sounds like you’re tripping balls mate!” The other person laughed.

Hearing Rocky pretty much say he was gay brought me close to the edge and then Hunter began to grind on my lap. For such a heavy man, he was surprisingly light as he moved on top of me.

Gripping, then relaxing his muscles, it felt like he was massaging my cock. It had only taken a week and I had created a lap dancing slut.

“Fuckkk… cumming!” I grunted.

Holding his muscled ass in my hands, I felt my cock flex before shooting thick jets of spunk deep into Hunter’s ass. After no sex all day, I just kept on unloading inside him and from the way Hunter growled in pleasure, he was enjoying his ass getting violated.

Finally, after the last trickle of cum exploded out, my whole body went slack and I could only whimper when Hunter lifted up freeing my spent cock from his warm tunnel.

The next twenty minutes were a post cum blur.

I vaguely remember Rocky shouting, “this is my song!” And then moments later, I was hauled away from the table and out of the club.

Twice, I heard Hunter telling people I was just drunk and he was making sure that I got home before I was bundled into a taxi and taken back to my room.

“So we’ve talked.”

I looked up from the glass of water I had been sipping. My throat still burned from the alcohol and my ears were ringing from the pounding music but all of that faded into insignificance when I saw what Hunter and Rocky were wearing.

They were both standing in the doorway dressed in nothing but jockstraps.

Their muscles glistened and as I continued to stare, I noticed that they had rubbed oil all over one another. Instantly, my cock came back to life.

“We don’t know what we are or what we like, except that we are addicted to cock.” Rocky said making his chiselled face blush.

“We have been together every night since Tuesday and you’re right. I really do feel more comfortable with someone that I can talk to after getting fucked!” Rocky grinned bashfully before looking at Hunter and kissing him.

“I love his body, gripping it, kissing it… fucking it!” Hunter said, each word broken with a kiss.

“And we have decided to thank you for bringing us together!” Rocky finished.

“I’m glad that you have found each other but I hope that you don’t leave me out of all the fun!” I said, grinning ear to ear.

“Don’t you worry! We plan on having a lot of fun with our nerd!” smirked Rocky.

“Thank fuck!” I replied before whipping out my cock, “now who wants some protein?!”

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