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Dressing Room

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Harold walked into the department store shortly after it opened. He immediately wandered over by the women’s shoe department, browsing at several pairs of shoes before selecting a black, medium heeled pair. Rather than head immediately to the checkout counter, he meandered into women’s clothing, following a circuitous route through lingerie on his way to the women’s dressing room.

While in lingerie, he picked up a satin feeling pair of panties, slipped them in his coat pocket and then continued walking to the dressing room. While his browsing seemed random, it was a route he had taken many times before, a carefully planned path that avoided the security camera globes that dotted the ceilings throughout the store.

With the panties hidden in his coat pocket, he carried the shoes in plain view, acting as if he was waiting to give them to his wife, who was trying on clothes in the dressing room. Glancing at his watch to feign impatience, he glanced around, making sure the salesperson was busy with a customer. Once he was sure no one was watching him, he slipped into the dressing room, opening the door to one of the booths and sat down on a bench, closing the door behind him.

He carefully placed the shoes he had carried to look as if they were hurriedly removed by a woman trying on clothes. Once they were arranged, he removed the panties from his jacket and waited for someone to come in to try on clothes. From the bench, he could reach the door to his booth, so he opened it slightly to watch who came in.

After a short wait he noticed an attractive woman, perhaps in her mid forties heading to the dressing room with a blouse in her hand. Focusing on her, he noticed how her dark black hair flopped loosely down on her shoulders. Her blouse was buttoned well up her neckline, with only the top button left open.

He did enjoy the way her small breasts poked through her blouse like two tiny, but colorful peaks. Letting his bahis siteleri eyes wander downward, he imagined running his hand down her side and onto her hips.

Quickly pulling his door shut before she spotted him, he listened as she entered a booth several doors down from his. Disappointed she didn’t slip into the booth next to him, he quietly picked up the shoes and slipped out of his booth. Listening to the slight rustle coming from inside the occupied booth, he opened a door next to the changing woman.

The woman had stopped changing, apparently a bit nervous about who might be in the booth next to her. Harold took the shoes and gently tossed them, one by one onto the floor near the dividing partition between him and the woman. He took off his jacket and unzipped his pants, letting the woman hear the sounds of, presumably, another woman trying on clothes.

Settling onto the bench, he took the panties out of his jacket pocket and then worked his cock out of his pants. Carefully easing his head near the partition, he let his ear press against the laminated surface. The woman now continued trying on the blouse and Harold listened to the sounds of her as she partially undressed and then dressed again, all the while, quietly stroking his cock with the panties.

Letting the faint sounds of her clothes Harold imagined her skin, the soft surface suddenly exposed. He imagined her reaching for the new blouse wearing only a bra. He pictured her breast bulging out of the top of her bra, and wondered how the fabric of the blouse felt on her skin. Picturing his face pressing against her bare skin, he could almost feel the tiny hairs tickling his lips.

All too quickly he heard the woman grab the hanger for the blouse and then open the door, heading back out onto the sales floor. He stopped stroking his cock through the panties and simply sat waiting patiently.

Sitting patiently just like he did as a small boy on a bench canlı bahis siteleri outside the dressing room. Once a week his mother brought him to the department store and after selecting some clothing, had him sit on the bench while she went inside to try them on. He remembered the sales clerk, a tall man with light hair and a brand new suit following her into the dressing room to help.

Harold would sit quietly, hearing the sounds coming from the dressing room, his mother giggling, the man growling like a puppy dog, and then both making strange noises that his mother said just her putting on some too tight pants. After that, the sales clerk would rush out, fixing his suit and tucking in his pants.

Mother would finish trying on clothes for a little longer and then come out. Her hair would be a bit messy and her face was red, but she was smiling and happy and always took Harold out for ice cream afterwards. His mom made this their “special time,” a time she said to keep secret from everyone, that way it was just their time.

Harold loved the special time with his mom and he kept their secret even after she died just a few days after his seventh birthday. He missed her then, especially when daddy went away and even though his grandmother took him when she went shopping, it never was the same.

Another woman was coming in to try on some clothes. Peeking though his door, Harold noticed she had several blouses and pairs of pants. Once again, the woman went into a booth several doors away, so Harold slipped his cock back into his pants, and relocated.

After carefully placing the shoes on the floor, he hung up his jacket, slid onto his booth and unzipped his pants. He heard a considerable amount of rustling next door and picture wonderful images of a woman in only her bra and panties slipping her clothes on and off. Listening hard, he could even hear her breathing as she tried on the clothes.

He imagined the canlı bahis feel the blouse against her skin as he slid the panties up and down on his hard cock. Glancing down, he looked at the tight hole his thumb and index finger made and how it expanded slightly as his panties hooded cock penetrated it. Holding it tight, he could see the outline of the head with an indent as his tiny hole. A small wet spot appeared as his pre-cum was absorbed into the fabric.

The rustling sounds stopped and he could hear the woman mumbling to herself, “…too tight…” “…no, maybe the blue…”

He paused, picturing her face glowing red as she smiled as he waited for her to begin undressing again. When the rustling sound started again, he continued stroking his cock, now savoring the soft feel of the panties on his skin as it moved over him. Feeling the pleasure run down his shaft to his balls, he looked down just as his head slipped through his thumb and index finger and he held it tight.

A wet spot suddenly appeared on the white fabric and quickly expanded. Some of the white fluid oozed through the fabric and ran down onto his hand. He quickly reached into coat pocket and found the, nearly empty, spray bottle of women’s perfume and sprayed it twice into the air, hopefully masking the smell of his cum from the woman trying on the clothes.

Dabbing up all of his cum in the panties, he zipped up his pants, grabbed the shoes and his jacket and moved into a different booth. When the woman left, he carefully peeked around and when sure the coast was clear, he stepped out of the booth and quietly emerged from the dressing room.

Avoiding the security cameras, he wandered by one of the checkout stands and dropped the cum saturated panties into a trash can and then rearranged some of the trash to conceal them. He then wandered back to the shoe department, where he handed the shoes to the clerk and mumbled, “She didn’t like the color.”

Harold then nonchalantly wandered back out of the store into the mall. Once in the mall he headed to the food court where he ordered an ice cream. Sitting down at one of the tables he ate the ice cream, remembering his mother.

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