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Doing My Brother Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

“Do it!” I snarled through clenched teeth and pushed the ebony beauty’s head deeper into my pussy. “Eat me out, you fuckable little slut and don’t stop until you’ve made me cum!” I instructed my petite young lover.

I probably shouldn’t have been so rough on Raylin and I felt a momentary pang of guilt. I got over that in a hurry. Raylin was a cocky little bitch who adored me. She would do anything for me, so Julie was going to take advantage of that. I had a lot of sexual frustration to vent and Raylin could not have arrived at a more apropos time.

I may be a sex-crazed, kinky slut, but that is only with those who know me well. I am letting my brother Keith discover that persona little by little. To the world, I project the image of style, class and confidence. Only to my intimate inner circle am I the sexual beast that inflames my male and female lovers alike.

Raylin isn’t my typical “type” of lover when I am in the mood to fuck a female. I do have several different types – sensual and elegant, young and adorable, slinky and exotic – I’ve bedded so many different women that I’ve lost count. Raylin isn’t like any other woman I have ever known and I think that may be why I find her appealing as a lover. She isn’t like any other woman or girl I have ever been with.

Let me bring you up to speed, readers.

Those of you who read the previous chapter know that I have asked my dear friend (and lover) Jamie to aid in the training of my brother. When she turns him over to me, I am going to bring us together, body and soul. I love incestuous sex, it makes me hot. I’ve been with a great many lovers who have been related by blood. It always makes my blood boil when I discover that I am fucking two (or more) people that are members of the same family. I’ve been with daddies and daughters, sisters, mommies and daughters, cousins – name it. Of course, I’m such a wild and crazy bitch behind closed doors; I’ve been with all sorts of combinations. I never felt any regrets or misgivings once I decided Keith was to be my lover. I did have to take my time and allow Jamie to train him properly. All of my urges to fuck Keith had to be submerged. I know that when I finally do screw him, it will be magnificent for the both of us. Part of the reason involves delayed gratification.

Raylin was a young woman that I helped to train. An intimate client of mine asked if I had any “jobs” for servers at my naughty soirees. She had a daughter that seemed to be going through a rebellious stage and she thought perhaps a job would teach her responsibility. Openings in my staffing are somewhat rare because my people – enjoy – their work. However, despite that my intent is that my intent that guests and servers alike have a wonderful time, there is some attrition. Some of my staff can’t handle the incredible sexual demands that my functions entail. Some have partners that object once they find out what went down, or some of those partners get jealous. I usually have a few spots open at each new party and because I pay well, those spots happen to fill up fast. Luckily for my friend, I did happen to need a new girl.

Raylin showed up on time and my first reaction was I was looking at a train wreck. She was unkempt, wild looking and tattooed. Not the type of girl I would ever have imagined hiring for one of my soirees. However, I have learned that appearances are not everything. While I look intimidating due to my looks and height, I am a (I believe) good and kind person. I appear to be a businesswoman, yet I have a wild side. I decided that it would only be fair to extend this young woman the same courtesy.

I interviewed her and was surprised at how exquisite her manners were. I realized quickly that Raylin was the kind of girl that if you gave her respect and courtesy, she returned it. Her mother had obviously taught her manners and she was smart as a whip. Like most young people, she was merely finding her way. The tough-chick look was merely for effect and I noticed one other thing. In fact, it was something that I could not ignore.

Raylin was gorgeous. She was dark-skinned and exotic, with a slender, petite figure and dark eyes that drew you in. I was going to hire her because I had an ulterior motive – before any of my guests got a taste of her, I was going to bed this sexy little vixen and make her one of my regular lovers. I was almost salivating over the prospect of tasting her sweet young box.

I decided that Raylin deserved to be treated with respect and total honesty. “You know what happens at my functions, don’t you?” I asked her candidly.

“Yes,” Raylin said with a tiny smile. “My mother told me all about them a while back. She and I don’t keep a lot of secrets.”

I wondered if she meant what I thought she meant by that, however, it was none of my business at the time. “You’d be okay with participating in something like that, would you?” I questioned. “Would you be able to remain discreet?”

“Oh, yes!” Raylin replied quickly and she was gebze escort quite obviously excited. “I’d be thrilled to be a part of that and believe me, I’m very good at keeping secrets!”

I gave her a warm smile as I continued to assess her. I had already decided to give her the job; I just wanted to learn more about this unique and exotic young beauty.

“You know that you’d be expected to have sex with my guests,” I asked her and she nodded that yes, she knew. “Men and women alike?”

“I’ve had sex with girls before,” Raylin grinned. “Far more girls than with men. I identify as bi-sexual.”

“Good, good,” I nodded, hoping it would not prove difficult to entice this young lovely into my bedroom. “I don’t force my servers to participate, but I find things run – smoother – if they do. So, you’re willing to have fun?”

“Oh goodness, you know I am!” Raylin smiled as bright as the sun.

“Okay, that’s good to know. Are you prepared for the final stage of the interview process?” I asked her. I sure hoped that she was because I was chomping at the bit.

“Uh-huh, whatever you want, Miss Julie!” The lovely girl said in a soft gentle voice that almost seemed out of place with her rebellious look.

I took Raylin by the hand and I think she got the message as we went into my bedroom. I was dressed professionally, but like any true slut-bitch, underneath was a totally different scene. This wasn’t about me though, not yet. I gave the ebony honey a nod and a wave and she got the hint and started to strip. She actually put on a nice little strip show, moving around my bedroom and getting out of her heels and snug, tight clothing. Like “Miss Julie”, underneath her clothes, the dark little pixie was all sexy slut-bitch.

Her underwear was very fetish-like, with straps of leather and chains crisscrossing her petite, delectable tits. Her tiny thong matched and it had a zipper. Playfully, the little scamp came over to me on her spiky high heels and practically dared me to unzip it. Of course, you can all imagine what I did. I then stretched out and arched my back so that my short skirt would reveal my thong-covered pussy. If she was as smart a girl as I thought she was, Raylin would understand what I wanted her to do next.

She picked up my not-so subtle immediately. She dragged my thong down my long legs and kissed my thighs while doing so. She had a kiss as soft as the wings of a butterfly. I thought that if she kissed my cunt with that same tenderness, I might well go through the roof.

My new little friend was all that I had hoped for and more. I don’t know how much experience she had with other girls or women, it didn’t matter. She was all that I could have wanted in a lover as her mouth settled down on my splayed pussy lips and she began to lick me. I almost fell off the bed because she had me thrashing about in a few short minutes. Raylin quite obviously knew her way around a pussy and seemed to like doing this with me. After about ten minutes, I pushed her head away. She looked at me as if she had done something wrong and asked if she had.

“No, God no, darling little slut,” I grinned as I kissed her sweet, pussy-flavored lips and then, I bestowed one on the top of her head. “It’s just that – I’m only a little undressed and I’m thrashing about so much, I might stain or ruin my clothing. If we’re going to do this right, I need to get almost all of my clothing off.”

“Almost?” She responded with a naughty grin and a twinkle in her dark eyes.

“A pretty package should always be wrapped nicely,” I grinned, exposing my lingerie-clad and high-heeled body to her admiring gaze. I wanted to wrap my statuesque body around hers and grind together until we couldn’t stand it anymore. Apparently, little Raylin was thinking along the same lines and almost jumped into the bed with me. I towered about her but that just made it hotter and kinkier, like I was her mommy. I sucked her dark nipples and felt the sexy leather and chain material against my own body. Her face contorted with bliss as the two of us kissed and fondled. I loved watching her dark head submerge between my thighs and she wasn’t afraid to be a little less than gentle as she girl-fucked me. Not only did she have the job, I was already contemplating a raise. It was well past 10 PM when I sent her home in a taxi. I called her mother and told her that Raylin had the job. She laughed and asked if I had given her a thorough audition. I was almost certain Raylin and her mommy had an incestuous relationship, but I didn’t want to say anything over the telephone.

Raylin acquitted herself very well at my gatherings. A lot of the attendees who wanted to take a “walk on the wild side” would corral her and she was a more-than willing participant. The women always walked away with huge smiles and the men, well, some of them were bow-legged when she completed her tasks.

I found myself smitten with Raylin, unusual, to say the least, for göztepe escort me. I usually like my girlfriends to be closer to my own age and have a bit more decorum. Yet it wasn’t long before my spunky little ebony rebel became a “friend with benefits”. At each function, she proved to be invaluable. She listened to what the buzz was and provided me with lots of information. Almost always, she scored a new conquest and almost always, she shared her treats with her lover. I came to enjoy her company and she was one of the few young party goers who were able to show up at my door unannounced.

I came to rely on Raylin for company and she had an uncanny knack for showing up just at the right time. Nor did she ever once use the word “no” in my presence.

Trying to define Raylin would be like trying to define the weather. She was made up of various personalities. For example, she was always deferential at the functions and I remained “Miss Julie”, even when we were entertaining a special guest or two – or three. Yet, when we were alone, she could be impudent, sassy and still somehow, sweet and charming. If I was the type who fell in love, I would have believed that I might be falling for the younger girl. Still, I am not cold or callous enough to deny having feelings for my young charge. I was very solicitous of Raylin and I know she benefitted from my tutelage.

Raylin showed up a few hours with a small gift of expensive wine for me and her to imbibe. She was looking delicious. She was in a sexy black trench coat, top hat, stockings and thigh-high black boots that were very expensive. I know, because I paid for them. This isn’t the first time by young companion has done this – shown up as if sensing I needed companionship. Jamie was with my brother and they were really going at it. I had contemplated calling one of my male FWBs, but decided against it. I wanted someone who “got me” and one of those others was with my brother. Raylin’s timing was impeccable, she was a life saver. I gave her a really good kiss, one to show my appreciation and my passion simultaneously.

“Somebody missed me, huh, Miss Julie?” She smiled and gave me a big hug. Even on her six-inch heels, she had to stand up a bit to do so.

“Someone needed you,” I corrected her. “It’s been a – rough day,” I concluded without revealing too many of the details.

“To-may-to, to-mah-to,” she sassed me back. This time, I let her get away with it. “I’m here and you know that it’s for whatever you need.”

I had come to rely on her in times of stress because I knew whatever I needed, the delightful ebony beauty would provide. She was already on the way to the bedroom and while I am sure she heard the screams and grunts and squeaks of the bedsprings, she never uttered a word about them. Raylin knew what Miss Julie’s private life was like and as she had said at the beginning, she was always discreet. Today, she was dressed differently, a bit more elegant in a turquoise corset she wore under the trench coat and I saw the stockings were real silk and very expensive – those, I had not paid for. “I just had a feeling that Miss Julie needed my company,” she smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“You know that you can simply call me Julie when we’re alone like this,” I said to her. “There is no need to stand on formality, here; we are friends, lovers, equals.”

“Friends and lovers, yes, equals, never!” Raylin answered. “You’re my love and my mentor, you saved me from going down a bad road. I can never repay you for that, so I will call you Miss Julie as a token of my respect and love. Now come over here and let me help you,” she insisted.

I wasn’t quite sure what my dear friend had in mind, but I sat on the edge of my bed. Instantly, I got my answer and it wasn’t quite what I had expected. It was nothing sexual, she began to massage my neck and shoulders with such skill that I almost began to fall asleep. I was the least tense I had been in weeks. I had no idea that Raylin possessed such skills. She had never told me and I had experienced the talents of her hands in other, more erotic, directions.

“How …?” I asked.

Raylin did nuzzle my neck and kiss behind my ears. “Mom’s idea. She suggested that I put the money I’ve earned here into something that would benefit me in the long term. I’ve been taking classes to become an RMT. I think you would agree, I’m very good at it.”

I nodded in agreement. “Am I your first practice person?”

She shook her head and grinned with an impudent little smile and lick of her lips. “My second. I’ll tell you all about it – some day.”

My friend made no overt sexual moves, aside from slowly removing my business attire and then, my lingerie. Raylin heated some oils and gave me a rubdown that was relaxing and only slightly erotic. If she had come here to play, she gave no indication of that. It was more like she had sensed a friend needed here and she was putting my needs ahead halkalı escort of her own. I found myself very touched by her actions, so she got a warm kiss on the lips and a big hug. I love my family, but we were never huggers, aside from Keith and me. If I hug you, I care about you or you’ve done something that meant a great deal to me. In this case, it was both.

“We’re going to have sex.” I said to her.

Raylin shook her head. “Oh no, Miss Julie, I didn’t come over here for that. I wasn’t planning to seduce you, I just wanted to make you feel better. I could hear the tension in your voice when we talked the other day.”

I squeezed her hand and laughed, almost a giggle. I never giggle like a girl. “No darling, you misunderstand. We’re going to have sex. I want it. Don’t you want to roll around in the sheets with me? Don’t you want this shiny, oiled-up body of mine?”

Raylin’s expression immediately brightened. “I had no ulterior motive, Miss Julie, but since you put it that way,” she laughed and began to remove some of her clothing. I put a stop to that. I found her new corset very sexy and shiny.

“Keep the outfit on, my fucky darling,” I instructed her. “I love that turquoise outfit, is it made out of latex?”

“Yes, there’s a corset, bra, panties and even patterned latex stockings,” she smiled at me and brushed her exquisite, gentle fingers across my cheek. “I didn’t wear those, I thought they might attract unwanted attention on the taxi ride here.”

“Wear the entire outfit to the next party,” I almost panted. “I’ll give you a $100 – no, make that $200 – dollar bonus if you do! God, you look hot!”

“Thank you,” Raylin smiled, looking down at her feet. Oddly, for such a bold little girl, she could affect shyness from time to time. “What do you need, Miss Julie? You know that I will do anything you ask of me.”

“Everything, pretty girl,” I said as I reached for some of our favorite toys, lotions and lubes. “I want for us to fuck each other senseless and to make love. I want you to remind me why you’re one of my favorite little pets. Let’s get going and don’t spare the horses!”

There are those that get it and those that don’t. Fortunately for me, Raylin is the former. She understood that I didn’t want her to start slow and work her way to faster, a fucking pace. She got that I wanted her to mix it up and to surprise me. That’s what I got. She went from slow massage to Mach-1 fucking in about five minutes. It was so intense that I can scarcely remember her putting on the strap-on I gave her and her fucking me from behind. All I can recall is my slamming my body back against hers and the guttural noises I was making. Even while being roundly, soundly fucked by my ebony baby, I still wondered how much of this was my brother hearing and did it excite him?

I made sure that I gave as good as I got. I had my adorable little scamp screaming, begging for me to fuck her like the hot, bi, slut whore she was. Her entire body was soon packed with the fake rubber cock and yet, she still acted like she wanted more. If we hadn’t been by ourselves, I might well have had someone do her ass while I fucked her snug little pussy. Sooner or later, Raylin was going to experience a DP and I wanted to be one of the two people fucking her tight little holes.

Raylin took a shower when we finished. I had invited her to stay for the evening when Jamie emerged from the other bedroom. “You are a very naughty girl,” she said as she put her arms around me. “I take it that sexy, exotic, chocolate pixie is visiting you again?”

“She is,” I said, giving my friend a big hug. Despite all the sex she was getting courtesy of my brother, I had not forgotten Jamie was doing all of this for my benefit. “She arrived at just the right time, I needed someone to help me take the edge off.”

“That Raylin, she’s a little pistol,” Jamie commented. “Once I get Keith properly trained, I want her and I to be in a threesome with him.”

“Only after you and I, then her and I,” I smiled as Jamie nodded. “She is a great piece of ass, I agree. I wonder if Keith will be able to handle someone like her?”

“You know lover, there is a way we could find out,” Jamie grinned. I knew how her mind worked because I had just had the same thought. Raylin hadn’t left and was in the shower. All I would have to do was to ask …

Jamie put her arms around me and we kissed the way we knew so well. I knew I was going to allow this. “You and I can bunk up tonight,” Jamie suggested to me. “Keith’s out for a bit, so if she sneaks in, she can start to work on him before he knows what hit him. It’s after that we can get an idea what he’s made of.”

“How will we know?”

“Oh, she’ll tell us or we’ll play voyeur,” Jamie smiled at me. “Don’t worry too much about him, this is just a test run. Believe you me, that girl is in for a treat. Your brother has a great cock and even from the first time, he was pretty good. I’ve had a chance to instruct him on some of the subtleties. I think you’re going to be pleasantly pleased to see what a stud we’re turning out!”

I have to admit that I loved hearing that, but I did wonder – was it sisterly pride in my younger brother – or my own perverted desires? In the end, I decided why not some from Column A and some from Column B?

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