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Diana Enjoys a Dirty Martini

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She sat on the stool looking all the world like a Princess. Her long blonde hair fell in curls framing her features in perfect harmony. The glass in front of her was covered in condensation and small rivulets of moisture ran down the stem glistening from the overhead lights that encircled the bar.

“Can I get you a refill ma’am?”

The bartender tried to keep his eyes fixated on hers but they strayed to take in the way her mouth moved seductively as she spoke.

“Thank you but I am doing just fine right now.”

Her accent oozed southern charm and had the intense sexual quality that only comes from both class and good breeding. The bartender thought carefully whether to play his hand and had almost decided to chance a roll when a voice stopped his opening flirtation from leaving his lips.

“Diana, that has to be you.”

The newcomer was almost six foot, slim and tanned to the color of a walnut. He wore a casual shirt and pants but the cut told of very expensive tailoring.

“Hello Jordan, how very good to make your acquaintance at last.”

Diana offered her hand and Jordan pulled it to his mouth and kissed the knuckles. In other men the gesture might have seemed forced or over elaborate but he had the natural charm that comes from years of living life to the full without fear or favor and Diana found herself utterly charmed.

They chatted abstractly for several minutes, Jordan sipping at the micro brew he had ordered and Diana stroking her glass sensually between sips of her very dirty martini. Diana was the first to bring up the reason for their meeting.

“I really do love your emails so much; they never cease to fill me with the most intense feelings.”

“Thank you Diana, those are kind words and your responses are always just the encouragement I need.”

Their eyes met and both smiled knowingly. Now it was Jordans turn to lead.

“Shall we go upstairs to your room?”

“Well my dear I thought you would never ask.”

The sunlight streamed through the large picture window. Diana stood looking out, a little pensive but filled with a certainty that the next few hours would be breathtakingly memorable. The white summer dress she wore showed the outline of her shapely legs thighs and ass perfectly. Jordan could make out the merest shadow of a wisp of lace covering her buttocks and found himself struggling to swallow.

“You look so beautiful standing there.”

“Do I Jordan, do you still want me now you have seen me in the flesh?”

He stood behind her and gently kissed the join of her neck and shoulder. His lips traced along the outline of her clavicle from nape to the thin strap that kept the dresses bodice top in place. His hands snaked around her waist then upwards to cup her breasts gently and she fell back against him, melting into his body.

“Yes, ohhh yes.”

Jordan felt her nipples harden under his embrace. He had seen the pictures of them she had sent and could imagine the large aureola darkening with excitement as the twin tips of pleasure became engorged and swollen in preparation for his mouth.

He moved his hands down from her perfect breasts and slowly slid them across her abdomen, tracing the contours of her curve of her belly until they came to rest pressed against the hardness of her pubic bone. Diana leaned into his body and arched a little, her feet automatically parting a touch to allow his fingers access to their target. She murmured just a little as the tips of his fingers curled to echo the line of her already swollen sex lips and reached her hands backwards to rest them on his hips. He spun her quickly to face him and their mouths sought each other ravenously.

The Börü 2039 izle first kiss was hard, lips open, tongues searching eagerly for each other. Jordan’s hands found the twin mounds of her cheeks and drew her abdomen hard into his. Her buttocks parted as she pressed against him feeling the outline of his already erect penis hard against her stomach. Slowly she walked him backwards till his knees came in contact with the bed and then placing her hands on his chest slowly pushed him downwards to lay in front of her.

She stood in front of him legs parted and hands slowly, seductively traveling over her body.

“You want me baby?”

Jordan tried to answer but his mouth was dry and the right words difficult to find.

“Watch me baby, your going to get all of me.”

She reached down to her right to turn on the clock radio on the bedside table. The station was playing Seal, ‘Like a Kiss from a Rose’. Closing her eyes, a half smile settling across the parted moist lips each hand cupped a breast. Hips swaying in a mesmerizing rhythm slowly she began to unbutton the dresses bodice top. Each released button made him gasp. The delicate white brassiere exposed below was only a half cup and so thin he could clearly see her aureola and bullet hard nipples. She pushed the shoulder straps down her arms and let the top fall slowly as her elbows squeezed together to emphasize her abundant cleavage. The dress finally fell, sliding across her hips, down her thighs to rest around her stiletto clad feet.

Her hands moved down to her stomach, index fingers tracing the line that the wisp of a thong made round her hips then moving down further to rest on the perfect outline of her swollen hood and sex. Stepping out of the confines of the dress she turned and bending at the waist presented Jordan with the sight of her barely concealed anal bud and pussy. Spreading thighs even further her fingertips pushed the thong to one side and commenced teasing the exposed moist interior. He needed to touch her now, and raising himself to a seated position reached forward hesitantly to explore. She stood up quickly and turned to face him.

“Not yet Jordan, not quite yet baby.”

As she spoke she gently pushed him back down again and her hands gripped his thighs.

“I want to taste you first baby.”

The words dribbled from her mouth like golden honey and Jordan shivered. Her hands moved to the waistband of his pants. The first two buttons that held the waist tab she popped quickly then looked into his eyes.

“I have been waiting for this for so long, I am going to savor every moment.”

She reached up and unfastened the shirt buttons and spread the linen wide to expose his chest then leaning forward bit each nipple gently but firmly. Jordan groaned and with a smile she started to kiss and nibble down the center of his breast bone. Her lips reached the tufts of light hair that sprouted around his belly button and her hands moved to resume work on the button fly of his pants. Each fastening was popped tortuously slowly and her lips and tongue caressed each new portion of exposed skin. Jordan felt his member twitching in anticipation and as if an answer to a prayer her right hand snaked under the cotton material to grasp him firmly and expose his shaft to her gaze.

His penis was big. Not huge like the almost unreal monsters in some of the pornography she had watched but larger than any she had ever seen up close. The shaft was ridged with veins and the mushroom head swollen and looked the texture of velvet. Pulling the foreskin down to completely expose the tip she flicked out her tongue to take one long lick.

“Oh baby he is just boys in blue izle so beautiful.”

She kissed the tip, inhaled the scent of him and then slid the entire head into her mouth. She held him there, rolling her tongue around and around, savoring every centimeter. Releasing the head from her mouth she dipped to suck his testicles into her hot hungry depths lathering them with her saliva. Her hand gently gripped the shaft and moved his foreskin up and down over the gland, thrilling at each jerk and jump in her fingers.

Taking the tip back in her mouth she started to slide her lips up and down the shaft while reaching back to unclasp and remove her brassiere. Releasing him she dribbled some saliva into her cleavage and wrapping his shaft between her breasts began to tit fuck him. Jordan reached forward and rolled her rock hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. She gasped, shook the hair back from whence it had fallen over her face and stared intently into his eyes. Diana was hungry, famished for pleasure, wanting undiluted control over this statuesquely proportioned body. Pants and shorts were easily slid from his feet and having casually tossed them aside she raised his legs, folded then back onto his chest to expose the tight sphincter of his as yet virgin asshole. She slowly dribbled a drip or two of spittle onto the crinkled target and watched excitedly as his orifice reacted by winking in confused pleasure.

Diana slid her right hand under the bed and easily found the rubber straps she had placed there earlier. The thigh bands came first, snugly fitting around his folded legs. The wrist straps came next and although he was already totally compliant they ensured that once attached to the thigh straps he was unable to resist. She stood and allowed him to again view her sensual curves, even pulling aside her thong to spread her labia wide, passing a fingertip through the moistness and licking the juices with an educated tongue. Jordans cock applauded savagely, twitching upwards then slapping down hard against his belly, the tip almost reaching up to his navel. A glistening drip of precum escaped from his meatus and reaching forward Diana collected the precious fluid with her lips before swallowing it down with a gourmets delight.

Reaching beneath the bed she found the black leather cock and scrotum strap before walking around the bed to stand directly behind his head. Removing the thong, her last vestige of clothing apart from the wonderfully elegant stilettos, she climbed forward to pause thighs parted over his face allowing him to feast his eyes on her perfectly hirsute and juice soaked cunt and ass. Slowly, teasingly she sat down till his mouth, nose and eyes were totally covered by her hot suffocating wetness. Again his cock twitched and clapped admiringly.

Nimbly Diana’s fingers affixed the cock and ball strap on his considerable member. The strap was tight, closed only by use of the last fastener and immediately his cock veins became engorged and highlighted in a wondrously frightening display of male arousal. Diana slapped the reddening member hard and was delighted to feel Jordans tongue slide fully into her waiting vulva. She started to grind on his face, spreading her voluminous ejaculate thickly over his features. No doubt Jordan’s eyes would be stinging and tightly shut against such a perfect outpouring of moisture.

Dribbling just sufficient saliva onto the now red and angry looking erection Diana began to stroke its length just fast enough to accelerate the dancing tongue in her cunt but slow enough to ensure there was no chance of Jordan getting any satisfaction beyond total absorption. She allowed herself break point izle to build gently but consistently till in the fullness of time was happy to allow a stream of cum filled urine to squirt into Jordans receptive mouth. For his part he manfully swallowed as much as possible before starting to choke on the gratefully received precious golden beverage. Diana generously halted her squirming and raising her hips slightly allowed Jordan a few happy inhalations before presenting her ass for his diligent lathing. Happily recovered fully Jordan set to his new task with joyous concentration, first rimming them penetrating the delicious sphincter with abandon. For her part Diana took great pleasure in raking Jordan’s ball sac with her very long and sharp fingernails much to his squirmed delight.

Diana eased slowly off Jordans face, letting his tongue probe her now gaping anal canal one more time and returned to her secret stash of equipment beneath the bed. The strap on dildo harness she retrieved was fairly standard with two large exceptions, the pre-fitted anal pug and vaginal probe. Diana checked both her orifices and found them running with moisture and quickly concluded lube was of no necessity. The harness fitted her perfectly, the plug was large but once the right angle was found slipped past her sphincter with a pleasant snap. The vaginal probe was smaller but fitted with a remote vibrating mechanism that ensured good stimulation to both her g-spot and urethra.

The harness in place Diana retrieved the apparatuses dildo, a flexible dong perhaps ten inches long and two and a half inches thick. She fitted the base into the harness then proudly waved the weapon for Jordan to enjoy. Diana was a little disappointed that Jordan looked a little concerned so decided that the best solution would be to fit the ball gag that she had fortuitously remembered. Jordan was a little hesitant but a slight squeeze of his balls in the palm of her hand opened his mouth nicely.

Kneeling between Jordans spread legs Diana passed her tongue across his still tight hole. The crinkled orifice seemed to react a little but certainly not as much as she hoped. Taking his cock very firmly in her hand she pulled the swollen red lever towards her and licked again. This time a noticeable anal wink was her reward. The lube she had chosen was in a cylindrical bottle with a top that formed a very nice probe. Once inserted into the hole a good squeeze filled the inner canal delightfully. Diana slid her middle finder knuckle deep and was pleased with the wonderfully glassy feel. Jordan was obviously enjoying this preamble, his cock was twitching and slapping hard and fast.

Easing Jordan a little further onto the bed Diana knelt between his knees and presented the tip of the silicon dong to his ass. Jordan’s nerves seemed to momentarily get the better of him as the sphincter snapped shut but a few steady strokes on his rampant staff relaxed the door sufficiently to get the head firmly in place for entry. Diana gripped the silicon cock tight in her fist, making sure that the pressure she was about to impart went forwards rather than sideways. Sure enough after a little resistance the head lodged firmly in Jordan’s man pussy entrance. Experience had taught Diana that this was a moment to savor, fully enjoy the moment of cherry popping before a piston like thrust impaled her new bitch utterly.

Diana waited for what seemed an eternity, letting Jordan fully envisage the penetration he was about to enjoy. Finally his eyes found hers and keeping them fixed in her sight she thrust deep and fast. Jordans cock danced wildly, a little cum seemed to shoot from his meatus to hit hot and hard against Diana’s stomach. She waited again, waited till his breathing eased and his eyeballs retracted a little back into their sockets.

“Yes baby, now Diana is going to fuck you long and hard till you give me every drop you have in that tight little sac and then I am going to fuck you all over again.”

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