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Department Store Dreams

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“I’ll be back first thing in the morning, perhaps then I’ll be able to find more suitable shoes…”

Aimee repeated those words over and over in her head as she slowly slid into a warm bubble bath. All she could see in her mind were those gorgeous red painted toenails, delicate feet leading to long slender legs that disappeared beneath a black skirt. Since she laid eyes on the woman, she wondered what secrets she hid beneath her almost too-short skirt. If only Aimee knew the woman’s name. ‘Tomorrow,’ she thought, ‘tomorrow I’ll find out.’

As her mind began to wander to the secrets hidden beneath the little black skirt, her fingers began to wander between her own legs, slipping easily between warm moist folds, and slowly into her quickly melting center. She moaned as her thumb brushed her most sensitive spot and sent shivers through her whole body, all the while, imagining her tongue taking that same route between the woman’s delicious thighs. She began hearing the woman’s moans in her head, and her own filled the bathroom as her body shook and bucked in pure orgasmic bliss.

Morning didn’t come soon enough for Aimee. She tossed and turned all night with anticipation of seeing the woman again…of learning her name…touching those beautiful feet once more.

As soon as Amanda walked through the revolving door she quickly made her way to the shoe department. She knew today would be a long day…she shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to find shoes for best friend’s anniversary party. ‘Well,’ she said to herself, ‘I’ve got one more week to break them in.’ Just as she rounded the corner, completely lost in thought, she ran straight into one of the store employees, causing her to drop four boxes of shoes.

“I’m so sorry!” Amanda quickly knelt down to help pick up the shoes and return them to their respectable boxes. “I didn’t see you…I really should pay better attention when I’m walking.”

Without looking up at the woman’s face Aimee replied angrily, “You really ought to look where you’re going, especially in a big dep-” For a moment she glanced up to meet the woman’s eyes. It’s her. Her tone changed immediately. “I’m sorry…I wasn’t looking where I was going either…” She blushed slightly and looked away.

Laughing, Amanda said, “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Are you sure you’re alright?” She stood and helped the girl to her feet.

Barely able to speak, Aimee said, “Oh, yes…I’m fine. I’m terribly sorry.” Noticing that the woman was looking at the pair of shoes in her hands, she asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I think I’ll just look around for now, but thank you.” Amanda smiled and handed Aimee the last box that she’d dropped.

Disappointed, Aimee said, “My name is Aimee, if there is anything I can do, just let me know.” She turned to walk away, her face still glowing red. She kaçak iddaa stopped just around the corner to look back at the woman, letting her eyes follow the curve of her hip and the close fitting dress she was wearing that stopped just about mid-thigh. She glanced down at the woman’s feet, seeing that her toes were exposed again…and still painted red.

Amanda slowly looked over the selection of shoes and seeing a pair she liked, picked them up. ‘These might work,’ she thought. They were black 3 inch heels with red accents on the straps. Where was that sales girl? She looked around the store, finally spotting her knelt beside a stack of men’s shoes.

“Excuse me…Aimee?” Amanda looked down at the girl who seemed to be off in her own little world. A few seconds passed and she tapped the girl on the shoulder. “Aimee?”

Aimee jumped and quickly looked up to see a face haloed with blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes. She stuttered for a moment before finally saying “Yes, how can I help you?” Just like before, a rosy blush came to her cheeks. She began remembering her fantasies from the night before and the blush deepened.

“Yes, my name’s Amanda…I’m the woman who plowed you over earlier,” she said, chuckling. “Do you have this in a 6?”

Aimee took the shoe, studied it for a second, then stood up. “I’ll go check the back, you can have a seat here and I’ll be right back.” Aimee motioned to a chair and walked quickly to get the shoes.

When Aimee got back, Amanda already had one shoe off and was rubbing the arch of it. “Bad morning?” Aimee asked, kneeling down and opening the box of shoes.

“Yeah…I’ve got an anniversary party to go to next week…I think I’ve procrastinated too long about shoes. I’ve still got to break them in after I buy them.” Amanda stopped rubbing her foot and looked down at Aimee. “Do you think those shoes would be alright with this?” She pulled a little red dress with a black sequined design on the front from another shopping bag and held it up.

Aimee swallowed hard then said, “I’m sure they’d look amazing…” She gently slipped one shoe onto Amanda’s right foot, letting her hand lightly brush against her skin. Her hand lingered for just a moment before moving to put the other shoe on. This time she caressed Amanda’s foot as she slid it into the shoe. She couldn’t resist shifting her gaze to the hem of Amanda’s skirt that was steadily creeping up her thigh from the way she was sitting. Amanda shifted in the chair and Aimee caught a glimpse of blue panties and tanned inner thighs. She slowly licked her lips as her head filled with images of Amanda wearing nothing but those heels. She snapped back to reality just as Amanda stood up.

“What do you think, Aimee?” Amanda held the dress against her and stepped back so Aimee could get a better look.

Aimee stood, looking down at the shoes then back at the kaçak bahis dress. She had an idea… “I think if you put the dress on, I could make a better judgment. There’s a fitting room right around the corner.” She immediately regretted taking that leap and dreaded the answer that might be coming.

Amanda looked at Aimee and nodded in agreement. “Yes, I think that will be better. Could you help me? The zipper always likes to stick.”

Aimee couldn’t believe she’d agreed…and then asked for help. She couldn’t do anything but follow behind Amanda like she was attached to a leash. They reached the fitting room and Amanda went in and locked the door. Aimee thought she’d go crazy from all the waiting, what had only been a few minutes felt like hours. Amanda finally peeked through the door.

“Could you…zip me up?” She took one step out of the dressing room and turned around.

Aimee couldn’t move. The whole world had disappeared around them and all that was left was that fitting room. She took the zipper and slowly slid it up until it closed. Boldly she slid her hand down to smooth a wrinkle on Amanda’s hip. “Turn around. Let me see now.”

Amanda turned around, studying Aimee’s face for signs of dislike or disgust. She thought she looked hideous in the dress, but her sister picked it out. “Well? Do the shoes work?”

“Mmmmm” was all Aimee could say. The dress hugged Amanda’s hips perfectly and flared out slightly at the bottom. The straps went around her neck like a halter top and was cut low in the front as well as the back. The dress showed off her tanned, shapely legs and the shoes made the outfit altogether. “You look great…”

Amanda blushed and said “Thank you…I thought it looked awful on me, but my sister picked it out. She’s looking to find me a man…says its been too long since my divorce.” She turned to look herself in the mirror, twirling slightly and smiling at what she saw. “Not bad…not bad at all,” she thought.

Aimee stepped closer to Amanda, looking over her shoulder and into the mirror. She could smell the light fruit scent of the body wash Amanda must have used that morning. ‘Peaches,’ she thought. She turned her head slightly, her lips only a few millimeters away from Amanda’s neck. She placed a tentative kiss just below her ear to judge Amanda’s reaction. Surprisingly, Amanda closed her eyes and a soft sigh escaped her lips. Aimee softly licked just behind Amanda’s ear then met Amanda’s eyes in the mirror.

“Don’t stop…please.” Amanda whispered into Aimee’s ear. She took Aimee’s hand that had come to rest on her hip and moved it around to her stomach, softly caressing herself with Aimee’s hand through the thin material of the dress.

Without a word, for fear of Amanda changing her mind, Aimee nibbled her ear and slowly begun making her way down Amanda’s body, starting first at her neck, down to illegal bahis her shoulders and over her back…trailing kisses and licks behind the zipper of the dress as it came undone. Aimee carefully slid the dress down Amanda’s body and to the floor. She trailed soft kisses from the small of Amanda’s back and around to her stomach, traveling slowly downward and between her luscious thighs. Instinctively Amanda tangled her fingers in Aimee’s long brown hair, trying to keep her head there as Aimee worked to pull her panties down with her teeth. Much to Amanda’s disappointment, Aimee continued her way down toward her feet, nibbling and licking down her calves, softly kissing her ankles. Amanda turned and leaned against the wall as Aimee gently picked up her right foot and kissed each toe while massaging the arch of it.

Amanda moaned as Aimee slowly licked up the sole of her foot and kissed over the top of it. Aimee couldn’t believe what was happening, she kissed and licked every inch of Amanda’s foot, as if she were memorizing it. Every kiss sent shivers through Amanda’s body, causing the ache between her thighs to grow until she was squirming and whimpering, begging Aimee to give her the release she needed.

Aimee moved to the other foot, massaging and kissing it, looking up into Amanda’s eyes, each moan like music to her ears. “Ohh, Aimee, please…” Amanda moaned, her own hand now moving between her legs, her fingers expertly working, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Quickly Aimee moved upward between Amanda’s thighs, nibbling and teasing the outer lips and slowly parting them with her tongue. Amanda’s body began to shake and she tangled her fingers in Aimee’s hair once more, this time determined to keep her there. With one touch of Aimee’s tongue ring to her clit, Amanda gasped and waves of orgasmic pleasure overtook her body. Amanda tightened her grip on Aimee’s hair, eliciting a deep growl from her, causing her to bite down on her clit.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkk!!!” Amanda screamed from both pleasure and pain, her body spasming and shaking. Aimee then flicked her tongue over Amanda’s clit and sucked it into her mouth. Each time her tongue ring moved, Amanda jerked and tugged her hair.

With one final tug on Aimee’s hair, Amanda collapsed against the wall, panting, and completely spent. She gently ran her fingers through Aimee’s hair and pulled her to her feet. “Mmmmm, thank you,” She said and kissed Aimee hard on the lips, softly nibbling, savoring her own taste.

“Mmmm, no, thank you,” Aimee whispered and opened her eyes.

Amanda looked down at the girl and tapped her foot impatiently, wondering what in the world was going though her head. She’d been standing there for what seemed like 10 minutes. “Hello? Aimee?” She tapped the girl on the shoulder. “Do you have this in a 6?”

Aimee jumped and looked up at the woman, her face immediately turning bright red. “Oh…yes ma’am. I’ll be right back.” Aimee ran to the back room to get the shoes, her face still glowing red. “Had all that been merely a dream?” she thought. “It seemed so real…”

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