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Dean Becomes a Cuckold

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I know that this genre may not be suited to all readers, please feel free to skip the story and find another, thanks.


He waited; kneeling, blindfolded, hands locked behind his back, collar on, otherwise nude. Several times he shifted his stance as he waited. He was told to be in position by 6 pm and they only arrived home around seven. This did give his hearing a chance to become more aware of his surroundings. The fan in the window making a gentle metallic noise whenever the wind blew against it. The water that was flowing through the sump pump in the basement. The way the portrait on the wall gently tapped the wall when a large truck went by. And the total of seven police cars that went screaming by. But it was the sound of feet on the steps and the door to the kitchen that he heard most clearly. There was more than one person coming into the house. He finally heard her voice and knew she was home. With him.

Dean knew this was coming and he had an idea that it would happen soon, as she had been hinting at it. Dean knew that she had met him once for coffee, which had turned quickly to gin and tonic on a deck bar and then a snack with another gin and tonic. And now it seemed that her orders to be waiting for her was the way he’d finally get to meet him.

The bedroom door opened. He knelt up and presented himself as best he could, his knees already tired and fatigued but now at least he knew the waiting was over.

Her hand touched his head “Good boy. Obedient. Well done.” she walked past him. He sensed someone else in the room. He heard the blinds come down on the windows. The fan changed speed. Her hand returned to his head. “Pup, kiss my ass.” Dean leaned forward, his lips finding her clothed ass. He kissed her there repeatedly. She wiggled her ass slowly back and forth and his kisses spread around her cheeks. “Good boy!” she said as she walked away. “Kiss again.” He leaned forward again, but did not find a clothed ass, and did not find her naked ass before him, but it was the ass of a man. He kissed it similarly to the previous ass presented to him. Hair that was far more noticeable than a woman’s covered the ass he was kissing and he inhaled the scent of a man as he caressed the ass with kisses. A hand attached a leash to his collar as he kissed.

The leash was now yanked and his face pulled into the ass of the man before him. “Get in there, boy!” barked a masculine voice. His face, mashed into the ass before him simply rested against the ass until someones hand pulled the cheeks apart.

“Pup, what you do for me every night? Do it now to him. Be a good boy.” bahis siteleri Dean stuck out his tongue and worked in between the cheeks to find the man’s hole and he lapped at it. Used to licking his Mistress, he knew how she liked it and proceeded as if it was hers.

“Deeper, boy” barked the gruff man. “Deeper”

Dean tried to get in deeper, the man helped by leaning forward slightly, opening himself to Dean’s tongue. Dean heard the man moan.

“Good boy” both the man and the Mistress said. The laughed at their combined words praising the naked man on the floor in front of them. The leash slacked, the ass moved away from him.

He felt his Mistress breathing next to his face. “Now pup. Get him hard. Get him nice and hard so he can fuck me.” She paused. “Pup, get him as hard as you are right now.” He could hear her smiling. She didn’t touch his cock, but wanted to. “Open your mouth. Just like when I fuck you with my hand.” Dean opened his mouth, her finger slid along his lower lip. She walked away. The leash pulled taut, the collar pulled him. His mouth landed on the cock in front of him. The cock wasn’t completely soft, but it certainly wasn’t hard yet. He took it all into his mouth, the pubic hair touching his lips and chin, withdrew then took it back again. He worked the cock with his mouth, making it grow. A hand in his hair pulled his mouth off the cock.

“LICK!” said the masculine voice. He licked the shaft and the balls, slathering it with his saliva. He licked up and down, feeling the cock pulse on his tongue, he knew it was growing. “Open!” and the cock filled his mouth again as the leash pulled him back into the man’s crotch. The leash went slack but hands grabbed his head, pulling him toward and away from his crotch, now fucking his mouth. The cock swelled. Dean felt it hit the back of his throat for the first time. He knew it was getting larger and his mouth was full. The man now fucked his face almost violently as he hit the back of Dean’s throat. Dean gagged.

Dean heard his Mistress saying something, but it was unintelligible to him as he was getting his face fucked and his head being grabbed by large hands. He gagged and sputtered again, the hands let go, he bent over to cough more. Spit dripped out of his mouth. The leash pulled him up again and his face smacked into the hard cock that was just gagging him. “Kiss.” Dean kissed it. “Ask me to fuck your Mistress.” Dean hesitated.

“Say it!” The leash wrapped around his neck quickly and then yanked tight, choking him. “Say it now while you’re still conscious!”

Dean tried to slump, but the leash only choked canlı bahis siteleri him more, he said it as clearly as he could while still being partly choked. “please… fuck her.” The leash pulled. “Please fuck my Mistress” The tension did not relax on his throat, but he was pulled across the floor. He could tell it was toward the bed.

“I’m hard, but she’s not wet. Fix that!” Dean leaned forward, but was off center and found her thigh first. Laying back on the bed with her legs spread, she was wide open and ready, but the man seemed to want to add more humiliation to the evening. Dean worked his way down to his Mistress’ pussy and licked her, making her very wet. He didn’t have to work long, as his mouth was still full of spit from his fits of gagging. “Good dog! Now it’s time for you to fuck off.” The leash was yanked the other way now, he turned to follow it. He was led across the room where he was told to kneel and wait. “Close your eyes!” the man barked. The blindfold was removed. “Keep your eyes closed until you hear me slide into your Mistress. You’ll know when. Then watch me fuck her like you’re unable to do.”

Dean kept his eyes closed, mores the better, for if he looked right now he might just start crying. He had talked with his Mistress, his lover, his partner, about this for a long time. She was never sure. He thought he was sure. And he knew he’d come to this point, where it was about to happen and he’d feel remorse. He’d feel inadequate. He’d feel jealousy. And, if all he read was true, he’d probably feel anger too. That’s one of the reasons she demanded he lock his hands behind his back – so there wouldn’t be any kind of lashing out. And now Dean just hung his head, eyes closed, wanting to weep, but also wanting to be strong but torn between the two.

As the first tear slid from his eyelids he opened them because he heard him entering her. She moaned out loud as he quickly filled her. Unlike other cuckold scenes he had heard about where they talked about the boy in the corner, they simply fucked, ignoring him. He could see his ass facing him, her legs around his body. He stood at the side of the bed while she lay on her back. Little of what she said made sense but there were lots of “Oh fuck” and “Oh God” shouted out by her. He also grunted frequently. Dean knew that the man’s cock was comparable to his, perhaps even bigger. But that didn’t matter while she was on her back and taking the cock. Dean’s hard cock had since shriveled, while drops of pre-cum fell on the carpet between his legs.

He fucked her hard, never turning his face toward Dean. Even when he directed her canlı bahis to turn over after some 15 minutes of hard fucking and then climbed up on the bed to mount her from behind, his face never showed. The man’s identity was a mystery to him. On her hands and knees now, Dean could tell she was playing with her clit, the one sure way to make herself cum. Soon she was doing just that and crying out as he kept fucking. She told him to stop, but he wouldn’t, he kept fucking her. He grabbed her hips roughly and continued to pound into her, all the way through her orgasm. Soon she found herself having another orgasm, then another, a chain of them flowing one to the next. Dean didn’t realize it yet, but she was squirting while he fucked her.

“Beg me for it!” he grunted.

“Give it to me… ”

“Beg so he can hear it!”

“GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM. FILL ME UP!” Dean closed his eyes again and hung his head. He listened to the man grunt, he heard him slamming into her pussy. The man slowed his pace as he came, filling her pussy with each thrust. Soon he finished, withdrew his cock and dismounted the bed. By the time Dean dared to open his eyes, the man was right in front of him and had his hands in Dean’s hair. The wet cock dripped with cum and was soon in Dean’s mouth.

“Clean me off boy, my cum and hers” He shoved his cock roughly into Dean’s mouth, forcing himself in, making him slurp, suck and clean him. “Does she get that wet with you? Probably not, you can’t last a minute, can you?” The man pulled his cock out now and shoved Dean forward. Pushing him on his knees across the floor, he pushed him to the bed. Dean knelt there at the edge of the bed. “Here’s your dog… ” he said.

“Dean?” she breathed, still recovering from her own orgasms. “Pup… ” Dean looked at her. “Pup, you know what you’re supposed to do. Do it now.” Dean leaned forward, placed his face into her pussy and began licking. He didn’t care that his tears mixed with their cum, but he did get his faced pushed into her pussy while he cleaned. The man pushed him into her and her legs fell onto his back, pulling him close.

He didn’t realize the man had walked away while he continued to clean, but then he felt the blindfold being placed back on his face. His handcuffs were also being manipulated and soon they were off of his wrists.

“Come up into the bed, boy.” she told him. The man helped him into the bed where she took him in her arms. “Make some room, pup” she said, pushing him to the edge of the bed but still holding him. As the man climbed up onto the bed to join them he pointed out how hard Dean’s cock had become. She smiled. “Too bad it won’t see my pussy for another week. Are you still going to keep the key until you get back from Chicago?” Dean sobbed into his Mistress’ breasts as she held him, his cock leaked onto her thighs.

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