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Dead Roses Bloom Blue Ch. 03

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Chapter 3


The day after our anniversary saw us land at Bianca’s mums house.

Her name is Sandra, and she has lives there by herself.

Sandra and her husband divorced approximately four years ago, and her eldest daughter,Taliesha, moved up to The Gold Coast, in Queensland, two years ago.

Bianca was very close to her mum, so when we both moved out together, almost one year ago, Sandra was, all of a sudden, by herself.

Bianca and I made sure that we spend some time with her each week, and we have succeeded.

Our visit today, was a surprise visit, as Bianca and I thought it would be nice to take her out to lunch.

Sandra was over the moon to see the two of us, and we filled her in on our perfect evening.

Sandra went upstairs to change into a new outfit for our lunch date, and Bianca was right behind her, talking away.

I waited down stairs for them to return.

Thirty minutes had passed when I heard the two ladies coming down stairs, giggling away.

I was sitting on a stool at Sandra’s breakfast bar in her kitchen, messaging my good mate Jonesy, to see if all was okay, and if he and his wife Tamara needed any shopping.

They had the most adorable baby girl together three months ago.

Her name is Mia, and Bianca and I visit whenever we can.

The girls came downstairs, looking as stunning as always.

Bianca was wearing what she was originally going to wear last night, except with white flat sandals, whilst Sandra had a gorgeous satin black above the knees strap dress, with white polka dots all over.

She also had sandals on, although hers were black.

Bianca came up behind me, and draped her arms around me, hugging, “Did you miss me Beautiful?” she happily asked, kissing my cheek.

“No, not really. “

“I wrote a novel, while I was waiting for you two to get ready.” I said,

giggling sarcastically.

Bianca slapped me on the shoulder in retaliation.

“I was explaining to mum, how much of a stud you were last night.” Bianca said, with her famous google eye expression that she does.

I stood up off the stool and Bianca’s mum walked past.

“Every woman deserves a piece of you Daniel,” Sandra said, winking her eye

“Bianca has told me one thousand times how good you are in bed.” Sandra added, whilst slapping my ass.

“Bianca, really, all you could come up with is good?” I asked her, shaking my head.

Bianca came over and stood in front of me, and placed her left palm on my cheek.

“No words can describe how you make me feel when we fuck,” Bianca whispered.

She kissed me with those soft, heavenly lips.

Bianca, playfully bit and stretched my lower lip, as she pulled her lips away from mine.

“You are the only lover, who has ever made me wet, by just looking at me. Fuck I’m wet and aching now babe.” Bianca whispered under her breath, as her lips again, found mine.

“Get a room you two.” Sandras mum said, rolling her eyes.

“How about your room mum?” Bianca asked, as she blew Sandra a kiss.

“Only if I can watch honey.” Sandra replied, in a cheeky voice.

“Hang on one minute ladies. Here you are making all these sordid sexual scenarios, which involve me mind you, and not one of you asked if I wanted to be involved in them,” I protested sarcastically.

“I have feelings to you know.” I said in a sad little boy voice.

“Babe, we will make a point of hurting your feelings, isn’t that true mum?” Bianca giggled.

“Damn straight love, we’ll make those feelings hurt so good Danny boy, among other things.” Said Sandra, winking to Bianca.

Bianca and her mum both slapped my ass on the way out of the front door, then high fived each other.

Fuck me, what a pair, haha.

“Get in the car bitches, we’re off to the beach, for lunch and coffee!!” I said excitedly.

The ladies approved and off we went.

The beach lunch was fantastic, we all talked amongst each other, discussing a few issues, having a few laughs, and just generally enjoying each others company.

I asked Sandra about that possessive witch voice Bianca scowled out in bed last night.

Sandra couldn’t say she has ever heard of such a voice before and Bianca really couldn’t recall the moment either, and she was a little surprised when I threw her on to the bed. We just left it there, as one of those things.

We dropped Sandra back home after lunch.

The dynamic between the three of us is just brilliant.

The dynamic between Bianca and I, are top notch, and her mum blends straight in, seamlessly.

We feed of each other in conversations, and she loves to laugh, and she has a sexy and saucy sense of humour.

She has a lot of time for me, and I her, and I’m just as at ease talking to her with, or without Bianca present.

We asked her too come along to Jonesy’s place to see the new bub, but she had a date that evening, with woman she met at a cafe.

Well, Bianca and I went into overdrive with our gossip radars at full attention.

Bianca and I decided that dinner arcane izle at Sandra’s tomorrow was a definite YES! to catch up on all the date night gossip.

Bianca and I left, leaving Sandra to get ready for her evening’s date.

We hugged and kissed goodbye, and the obligatory slap on my ass, had us bidding her goodnight.

Until later in the evening when we made a mental note, to call her Hahaha.

Bianca and I headed off to do some basic grocery shopping for Jonesy and Tamara.

We arrived at Tamara & Jonesy’s house at four thirty in the afternoon, pretty pumped to see their little bubs, Mia.

We rang the bell and Peter(Jonesy) answered.

“Bro!” he exclaimed, as we both high fived.

“Maaaaate!” I replied

“Ahhhh, and the beautiful Lady Bro!” He said excitedly to Bianca ,while hugging her.

We walked in through the door, with Jonesy leading the way.

“Pete honey, is Mia asleep?” whispered Bianca.

“Tam only just finished feeding her, she’s upstairs Bee(Bianca).” Jonesy informed Bianca.

“She’s been looking forward too you guys coming Bee, especially you love.” Jonesy added.

Bianca headed up the stairs to the nursery, while Jonesy and I headed out into the backyard, beers in hand.

Bianca came back down the stairs about twenty minutes later.

She came out to where Jonesy and I were sitting.

“Can I have the keys for the car honey?” Bianca said excitedly.

“Yeh, of course love.” I replied, wondering what she was up too.

“I’m giving Lady Tamara a pampering makeover, reward for being such an amazing mummy.” Bianca said excitedly.

“And you, Peter Jones, are going to get dressed up, and take your beautiful wife out to dinner.” Bianca said, clapping her hands.

“Why don’t you take Pete upstairs honey, I’ll get your bag from the car, and bring it up.” I said, while kissing Bianca on the cheek.

“Come on you, get your ass upstairs Mr. Jones”, Bianca giggled, as she patted Jonesy on the ass.

Jonesy got changed downstairs, donning a light grey suit, a dark blue open neck shirt and a pair of brown shoes. The man looked pretty classy.

Jonesy and I were waiting for the ladies in the lounge room, continuing our conversation from the backyard. He couldn’t believe how much time has evaporated, since Mia was born.

“She sleeps a lot and is no trouble, but fitting in work, new baby and sleep, the day runs out of hours Dannyboy.” Jonesy explained.

“Tam struggles at times, especially getting up in the night, that one kills her Daniel.” Jonesy kept explaining.

“Then I see her tits bro, fucking big and just aching to be sucked, and I don’t even get a look in bro, Mia owns those melons now.” He chuckled, In a half serious voice.

“Have you ever tasted breast milk Dannyboy?” asked Jonesy.

“Can’t say that I have as an adult mate, why bro?” I replied, in an inquisitive tone.

“It’s not good Dannyboy, not good at all, and even if it was, Tam’s rocks are usually too sore for my eager tongue and teeth.” Jonesy said pensively.

“What’s Bianca’s tits like Danny boy?” asked Jonesy.

I could hear the girls coming down the stairs thankfully, that was a question I was happy to leave alone.

Tamara looked amazing, as they walked down the stairs, holding hands together.

“Fuck, those two would be a handful in bed bro, if you know what I mean.” Jonesy whispered.

“I seemed to satisfy them both, when I had a threesome with them.” I whispered back.

Fuck we laughed hard haha.

Tamara is five feet and nine inches tall, and hasn’t lost her amazing figure, since giving birth to her daughter.

She had a pair of black, red sole, high heals, and she was wearing a black above the knees skirt, a white sheer top which showed her amazing midriff, and a black lace pattern bra underneath.

Fuck me, Jonesy was right, Tamara’s tits are magnificent.

When your eyes eventually leave her breasts, Bianca’s make up skills are there, on show.

Tam was glowing, and those tired mummy eyes, and surrounds, were gone from her pretty face.

Her blonde hair was done up in a ponytail, and her black lipstick smile was ready to go out to dinner, with the love of her life.

Pete has fallen head over heels again, and realised how far above his weight he was punching. I think we all realised that, I chuckled to myself.

Bianca had made reservations at a restaurant named RENDEZVOUS, literally twenty minutes away from where they lived.

It was an Italian restaurant, very intimate and amazing food, and a perfect setting to have some couple time.

After hugs and goodbyes, we finally kicked Tam and Pete out of the front door.

Tam was so emotional and couldn’t stop thanking Bianca.

Peter, always the ice breaker, grabbed his wife’s hand, and took her to the hall mirror and stood her in front of it.

“Look how hot you are bitch,” Peter pointed out.

“You’ve given birth to a beautiful baby girl, only three months ago at that, and you look like a twenty year old honey.” Peter reassured his wife.

“We aşk kumardır izle deserve this night out, Mia is with her second parents, so let’s go enjoy ourselves.” Her husband smiled, as he kissed her cheek.

Now this time, they finally walked out of the door.

As usual, my first chore is to bring Mia’s bassinet down stairs mwhahaha.

Bianca, in the meantime put on the kettle, to make coffees for both of us.

Mia was asleep, but the bassinet was easy to seperate from the stand, and I careful brought her downstairs.

Bianca met me at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh my god honey, how adorbs is she?” She said as she melted with love.

“I love it when we look after her, it feels so much like our own family.” Bianca said, with tears welling up.

“Especially when she is sleeping.” I added, winking at Bianca.

Bianca wiped her eyes, and hugged me back with a big, I love you kiss on the lips.

Even general kisses were soft and sweet from those lips of hers.

Bianca sat on the couch, and she put Mia and the bassinet on the coffee table, like we always do.

I finished off making our coffee’s, as technically, Bianca can’t make coffee for shit, but she makes up for it in other ways though.

I passed Bianca’s, magnificent!, coffee to her, and sat down beside her.

“Yummy for my tummy, honey.” Bianca giggled.

“Ahhh! Baby talk, I don’t think anyone can help it when little ones are around.” I commented.

Bianca took a sip from her coffee and gave me a playful nudge.

I put my coffee cup on the table and leant in and kissed her on those soft honey like lips.

“What was that for babe?” Bianca said with an approving smile.

“Well I thought,” I was about to continue.

Then we were interrupted by one of the loudest raspberries I’ve heard.

Bianca put her coffee on the table and burst out laughing.

“What the fuck Daniel!” She exclaimed with laughter.

“Jesus love, I wish I did do it, I’m presuming it wasn’t you?” I laughed in return.

We both looked over at the coffee table and little Mia began crying, and kicking her little legs and arms.

Bianca’s phone rang, Tam was on her screen as an incoming call.

Bianca answered;

“Hi Tam, what’s going on?” said Bianca trying to hold back the laughter.

“We are at the restaurant, and I thought I’d check in. What’s all the noise, is that Mia?” Tamara queried, a little anxiously.

“Omg Tam, Mia just let of the biggest fart, and the smell was just next level.” Bianca was laughing.

“Daniel is upstairs with her now, doing the dirty, and I’m about to run a little bath for her.” Bianca giggled and reassured Tamara.

“I’ll call you soon Tam, enjoy dinner Beautiful.” Bianca said .

“Okay hun, ring if you want us to come home okay?” Tamara responded.

“Okay, bye Tam.” Bianca said, then hung up.

Bianca headed up the stairs, and into Mia’s bedroom.

I was finished with the messy clean up, and had Mia wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug, and cradled in my arms.

Bianca came up to me and was so in love with the scene in front of her.

“Awww Daniel, look at you two, how adorable sweetheart.” She said.

“I’ll go an run a little bath for her, and we’ll make you all clean and fresh you little cutie.” Bianca said whilst putting her index finger on Mia’s little nose.

Mia laughed and giggled with Bianca.

“You take her love, I’ll run her bath in the ensuite bath, you sit and play on Tam and Pete’s bed.” I said, as I passed Mia to Bianca.

“Come here, little snuggle pot,” Bianca said, in a happy goo goo voice.

“You’ve done amazing Daniel, I love you so much right now.” she admired, as tears were trickling down her cheek.

“Cleaning a messy bum of poo was nothing, you were the real hero, stopping Tamra from freaking out love.” Daniel said with a giggle.

Bianca wiped her tears, and put Mia on Tam and Peter’s bed.

I filled up Mia’s little bath inside Tam and Pete’s ensuite bath.

It was a beautiful Luke warm temperature, and I laced it with a perfect lavender scented bath oil.

I called out to Bianca to bring Mia in, as her bath time was ready.

Bianca brought in Mia, and popped her in the bath.

Mia absolutely loved it.

She was kicking her arms and legs, and giggling her little head off, as I supported her back in the bath with my palm.

Bianca put a video call through to Tam and Pete, at dinner.

Tamara answered the call and Bianca started the video conversation.

“Hi honey, a little lady wants to say hi to mummy.” Bianca said, and put the camera in position, so that Tamara could see Mia in the bath.

“Awwww, how adorable is she. Hello little darling, mummy misses you.” Tamara said excitedly.

“Omg Tam, it must have been a week worth of poo”, Bianca laughed.

“Daniel cleaned down amazingly, and she’s enjoying her lavender bath time. We will put her straight to bed love, I think she will sleep amazingly.” Bianca said with confidence.

“Great job guys, the chaos aslında özgürsün izle turns quick yeh?” Tamara commented.

“Yeh, she is so beautiful Tam. Such an easy going placid gorgeous creature, like her mum and dad.” Bianca said, with a happy and complementing voice.

“Awww, thanks babe, we’ll be home in a couple of hours, is that okay love?” Tamara asked.

“Yeh, take your time guys, we’ll be here.” Said Bianca, as she hung up the phone.

I had taken Mia out of the bath, and was drying her off, while singing and goo goo talking to her.

Mia was giggling away, and she loves it when I blow raspberries on her tummy, she giggles so much.

Bianca took over the rest of the changing of Mia, whilst I emptied out Mia’s bath, and cleaned up in the ensuite bathroom.

All I could here was Mia giggling away and Bianca’s mummy talk voice, it’s a side of Bianca I love seeing, and that’s why we visit and babysit, as often as we can.

With ensuite bathroom cleaned up, I walked out to Bianca sitting in Tamara’s rocking chair, cradling Mia, who was all changed and wrapped up in her little cocoon.

Bianca looked so stunning, and looked to be in her element.

“What’s happening?” I whispered, as I walked quietly over to the chair.

Bianca looked up, “Look at her Daniel, isn’t she just something else. I love her so much.”

“Do you want to stay here for a bit and nurse her, I’ll go down and make us some fresh coffees.” I said, kissing Bianca, and Mia on the forehead.

“That sounds yummy darling, don’t be too long though, we will miss you.” Bianca said, now looking at Mia.

I headed back downstairs, and emptied out our full cups of coffee, then put the kettle on to make a couple of fresh ones.

I decided to stack the dishwasher, and wash the leftover pots and pans, in the sink, as I figured the last thing Tam would want , when she comes hone, is to do dishes after a date.

The kettle boiled, and before you knew it, I was back upstairs, coffees in hand.

Bianca was putting Mia back in the bassinet, as she was now settled and sleeping, funny enough, Iike a baby.

Bianca came over, as I walked in through the bedroom door, and took both coffees out of my hand.

She put a palm of her hand on each cheek, and kissed me as if I was inside her making love.

Our lips parted contact, allowing Bianca to talk.

“The way you handled Mia was such a turn on babe.” Bianca said, looking into my eyes.

Her tongue penetrated deep into my mouth, and her crotch pressed hard against my cock.

“I need your tongue in my pussy baby, and your lips on my clit.” demanded Bianca.

She pulled away, and pulled her white panties down too her ankles, then stepped out of them.

She brought them over to me, and put them under my nose.

Her lace panties were warm an wet, and heavily scented with her intoxicating sex.

My cock hardened instantly.

Bianca sat on the edge of the bed, with her feet planted on the floor.

She lifted her skirt and spread her legs, showing her perfectly glistening cunt.

“Fuck it with your mouth and tongue Stud.” Bianca insisted.

I needed little instruction, as I walked over to the bed, and got down on my knees and began to eat her out.

Her scent had me in a sensory overload, and my cock was wanting to let go of it’s sticky content.

“Ahhhhhh!” I moaned through her pussy, as my premature ejaculation, erupted into my underpants.

“Honey, did you cum? Bianca asked in a satisfied and sultry voice.

“Ah ha.” was my response, a little embarrassed.

I looked up at her, and she possessed the most wicked smile, knowing her scent was responsible for the cum, that was now, in my underpants

“Kiss me, I want to taste what set you off.” Bianca requested.

I obliged, by lifting my mouth from the lips of her wet pussy, and placing on the lips of her mouth.

“Wow honey, if I was you, I would’ve cum too.” she reassured me, as she licked her juice from her wet scented lips.

Bianca leant back, and planted both palms on the bed, and spread her legs even wider.

“Daniel honey, my pussy is missing your tongue baby.” Bianca informed me.

I put my head back between her legs, and breathed in her sensual aroma.

My tongue lapped up her sweet glistening nectar, now absolutely dripping from her cunt.

I was was deep inside her, and she took her palms of the bed, and put her hands on the back of my head, drawing me tighter and closer to her crotch.

“Ohhhh fuck Daniel, don’t you dare stop!” as she grabbed my hair and pulled it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m coming babe!!” as Bianca let out a muffled scream, when her vaginal muscles tightened.

She came hard, and I could smell and taste her orgasmic wave, through my nose and on my tongue.

She has a musky scent when she cums, a scent that could be bottled and sold.

Bianca pulled her skirt back down, we both got up, and kissed.

“I love licking my nectar from your lips lover,” said Bianca.

“Especially after you’ve eaten me so fine.” Bianca said in a sultry voice.

Bianca undid my shorts button, and unzipped them, as they fell to the carpeted floor.

She pulled the elastic

waist band of my underpants, from my stomach.

“That’s a lot of cum sweetheart.” Bianca said, in a pleased voice.

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