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Day , Night in the Bed of the Master

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A day and night in the bed of the master.


Slave had been pre-warned of her punishment to start at midnight and last 24 hours.

As midnight struck an alarm I had preset sounded.

I shut it off and looked up to see my slave wearing nothing but a leather full body harness with her arms behind her head, forcing her breasts out, her nipples erect as she awaits her punishment.

I let my slave wait a couple of minutes before getting up and walking over to her.

I stroked my slave’s face and down her neck before pulling her forward by the back of her neck and kissing my slave deeply.

As I back up I continue to stroke from her neck, down her arms to her breast, and gently across her pert nipple before bringing my hand up and slapping her breast firmly.

I turn around and grab a blindfold from the top of the ottoman and lowering my slaves arms to her sides I put the blindfold on.

I then attached 2 g clamps to her wrist restraints fixing her arms to her waist.

I started to gently kiss her neck while stopping, only to strike her breasts with the palm of my hands, causing her to moan lightly with every hit.

I turned around and grabbed the home made flogger and continued to administer my slaves punishment.

After her breasts are red and sore, I grab them firmly and gently kiss the extra sensitive inflamed skin before applying the nipple clamps.

I lead my slave over to the ottoman, and bend her over.

As she bends over, she exposes the straps between her legs now covered in her clear juices.

I kneel down and spread her cheeks and slowly lick up from her clit, lapping up all her juices before I release her checks, causing her wet pink pussy to snap back closed and immediately slap her arse hard, leaving A red handprint and causing her back to arch as a wave of pain passes over her body, replacing the brief wave of pleasure caused by the lick

I continue to spank my slave, making her arse bright red before I reach over and grab my slaves small butt plug, then after covering the surface with lube I slide it deep inside my slaves arse. As it passes the apex of its girth it gets pulled inside as my slave moans.

After I have applied her plug I instruct my slave that she must keep her plug in all day and only take it out to use the toilet.

Yes master, she says as I again notice how wet her leaking pussy is.

I reach down between her legs and with 2 fingers I gather as much of my slaves pussy juices onto my fingers before bringing them to her mouth. Without instruction she opens her mouth and happily sucks my fingers clean, sliding her mouth down the length of my fingers, consuming all of her juices.

Unable to resist my slave’s wet pussy, I stood behind her and slowly slid the length of my cock inside her very wet pussy.

As I reach full penetration I grab the wooden paddle and slap her arse. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock with every hit on her tender arse, squeezing my hard cock against the metal plug buried inside her arse.

Do you know why you’re being punished slave.

Yes master she replies

Would you like your master to cum inside your wet pussy today?

Yes please master

Are you going to be a good slave and keep your plug in all day?

Yes master

Good, will you keep a toilet diary today

If you want me too, master

I do slave, I reply as I start to move my shaft slowly in and out of her.

As I increase the pace I match it with the hits on her arse.

As my slave starts to orgasm, I stop dead, causing her to moan slightly as she is denied gratification before continuing to push herself back onto my cock to continue her pleasure.

I grab her hips firmly and pull her back to me as hard as possible, stopping her from riding herself to orgasm, but it’s too late. The combination of the last hard thrust with my hard cock now firmly deep inside her contracting pussy, she can’t help but have a small orgasm.

You have no self-control, do you slave?

No master, sorry master; she says as she again starts rocking back and forth on my cock, unashamedly seeking her next orgasm.

I allow it and stand there as she rides my cock.

Is that all you have got I ask as she pushes herself backwards, harder and harder onto my cock.

I whip her arse with the flogger before grabbing her hips. This time not to stop her, but to increase the speed.

I ram her harder and faster until she squirts all down her legs and mine.

As I feel her pussy get tighter around my cock with the sensation of her warm orgasmic juices covering my balls and running down my legs causes me to start to cum.

Do you want me to cum inside you, slave I ask.

Yes master, she says, slightly out of breath.

With that my balls tighten and I shoot my hot sticky cum deep inside her pussy.

My slave drops forward onto her chest while my cock continues to convulse, emptying every last drop of cum inside her.

I pulled off my slaves, blindfolded and pulled out my semi-flaccid member and lay on the bed.

You güvenilir bahis made a mess of my cock and balls, slave, I say.

Sorry master, she says as she climbs onto the bed and starts licking clean my pubic area.

After I am clean, my slave says she is done and needs to pee.

I say she can pee in the chamber pot and I will record it to save her setting up the tripod.

She took off her body harness and removed the nipple clamps before crouching over the chamber pot.

I tell my slave to spread her pussy while she pees.

She does as asked, and releases a strong golden stream that is followed promptly by several drops of masters cum, as the stream slows.

I tell my slave I have chosen what she is to wear to sleep in.

If you go to your top draw you will see what you will be wearing tonight.

As she opened the draw there was a black negligee and a pair of thong-type incontinence knickers.

She took them out of the drawer and put them on the bed.

Before you get changed lay on the bed.

Yes master

Seeing you pee has made my cock all hard again so I need to use my fuck slave.

I grab the wand with the petal attachment and put it on the bed while I attach my slaves wrists to her ankles, giving me unrestricted access to her pussy.

I slide my cock inside and turn on the wand. Thrusting rapidly while letting the wand massage her clit, it wasn’t long before my slave started to cum.

I kept up the pace, and before long she was cuming again; this time warm fountains of liquid were being ejected with every thrust.

Before long I was already on the verge of cuming again but held off to time it with my slaves next orgasm.

As she cums again her pussy tightens and I can’t hold it anymore and release my 2nd load inside her pussy.

I pull the wand away and our privates twitch and throb before I again apply the wand to her clit.

This causes her pussy to again squeeze my cock with her tight pussy, eventually causing my cock to come out of her pussy with her next orgasm.

Would my slave like 1 more orgasm before we settle down? I ask, all the while letting the wand massage her clit.

Yes, please, master, she says between moans.

Very well, I reply as I reach for the purple g-spot dildo.

It slides inside her instantly with my cum acting as lubrication. I angle it up, pushing against her g-spot. As I turn on the dildos, the intense vibrations inside her pussy make her pussy widen as she almost immediately begins to orgasm.

I slide it in and out of her pussy as fast as my wrist will let me. This causes my slave to squirt violently all over her pussy legs and stomach.

With that I push the length of the dildo deep inside and again angle it up, pushing against her g-spot I push up the speed to max as she closes her legs, she begins to shake.

After she has relaxed her legs, I turn off the wand and remove the dildo.

That’s enough for you, slave, now get ready for bed, I say, releasing her bound legs and slapping her arse.

My slave gets dressed for bed and I tell her she must not leave to bed for any reason, and that all toilet needs must be done in the thong diaper and documented in the morning.

Yes master, she says as she climbs into bed.

We had a joint and settled down to sleep.

Morning slave, I say as I wake up squeezing her arse.

Morning master, she says as she backs herself into my tight embrace.

I kiss her neck and shoulder before rolling over and making a morning joint.

As I light the joint I draw back the covers and expose my hard cock poking through my boxers.

My cocks rock hard slave now suck it or fuck it, it’s upto you.

My slave wastes no time and removes her thong diaper and climbs on top of my cock, guiding it into her pussy.

I continue to smoke my half of the joint and ask if my slave needed her padded thong.

No master, she replies as she rocks back and forward.

Just before the joint is due to be passed of I arch my back, forcing myself deep inside my slave as I empty the contents of my rejuvenated balls deep inside her.

She continues to ride after I have cum to have another orgasm.

She continues to sit on my twitching cock as she starts her half of the joint.

I feel her pussy squeezing against my cock again and again.

The last squeeze forces my now flaccid cock out of her pussy followed by a short stream of piss.

Sorry master, she says as her piss starts to soak into my boxers.

Did you ask permission to piss

No master

Do you think it’s suitable to piss on master

No master

I think you need to be punished for that.

Yes master, she says while grinding her clit against my softening member.

10 hand spanks over my knee.

Yes master, she says as the grinding intensifies.

I then feel a warm stream across my cock and dripping down my balls.

Are you still pissing, slave?

Yes master

20 spanks now you dirty slave.

Yes master, she says as the stream subsides.

She lays back and finishes güvenilir bahis siteleri her joint exposing the wet mess surrounding both our crotches.

You are a dirty slave, ain’t you I ask rhetorically as I slap her wet pussy.

I spread her lips and began to stroke her piss-soaked pussy with the occasional slap across her clit.

Without warning she begins pissing again; this time the stream hits my chest and runs down to my crotch area.

I begin spanking her pissing pussy causing her pee to splash back over both of us before the stream trickles out. I ask my slave if she is quite finished.

Yes, master all empty now

60 slaps on your tight arse now slave.

Yes master, she said, grinning

Oh, you like it when your master spanks your arse. Maybe I should give you a less pleasurable punishment.

Yes master.

Bend over slave.

Yes master.

If she bends over onto all fours on the bed, I spank her round arse before grabing the butt plug and removing it from her arse.

It comes out with a small amount of shit on it.

I set it down in a wipe and then wipe my slaves arse before adding lube and slowly sliding in the medium size butt plug.

You must wear this plug until after your spanking.

Yes master.

Now clean yourself up slave and I have chosen your clothes for today.

Yes master thank you, master.

We both head off to the shower to get cleaned up.

We wash each other’s bodies before my slave says she needs to use the toilet.

I tell her to go before she let’s me know it’s not a pee she needs.

I don’t have any tripod set up or the shelving unit to use so you could record it for me if you like.

OK slave. Would you like me to take your plug out?

Yes, please master, she says as she leans forward with her hands on the windowsill.

I reached down to her purple jewel-encrusted plug protruding from her anus and grabbed the plug firmly.

As she relaxes her anus the plug slowly comes out speckled with small pieces of poo.

I set the plug down in the bath, stepped out and grabbed my phone.

My slave then squats in the bath

Her arse hole relaxes and opens, followed by a stream of pee.

Her anus retracts and relaxes a few more times, but nothing comes out.

I thought I needed to go. The butt plug must have been deceiving me, she says.

If you want, you can keep it out until after you have been.

Thank you master, my slave says as she steps out of the bath and starts drying herself.

We both get dressed and have a joint.

We sit and have some dinner and after I make another joint.

As I am making it my slave excuses herself.

Just after I have lit the joint my phone buzzes with a message from my slave.

I wasted no time in opening the app and setting the video to download.

Before it’s finished my slave comes back to the room.

Did you like my message master? she asks seductively.

It’s not downloaded yet.

With that, my slave sits on my knee and turns on her phone navigating to her album. She starts to play the video.

She leans back on me, holding the phone, and we watch the video together.

At the toilet she lifts her skirt up to her waist and widely straddles the toilet, still wearing her knickers. The wide spread position gives a clear view of her cloth-covered pussy.

Wearing white cotton knickers, her pussy is just slightly visible through the material.

Before long a wet patch appears and a dribble of pee starts dripping into the bowl.

With that she starts rubbing her pussy, causing the knickers to become heavily saturated in her warm golden pee.

She stands up and lowers her skirt before the video ends.


yes master, my slave replies in an innocent voice.

As she stands, a wet patch on my jean leg is clearly visible.

Oooops sorry master, my slave says playfully.

I wasted not a second in handling out a swift punishment.

I grab her arm and pull her over my knee.

I slapped her arse through her denim skirt, which also has a visible wet patch.

After a good 10 spanks over her skirt she is moaning slightly with every hit.

You shouldn’t be enjoying this. I say, lifting her skirt, exposing her soiled knickers.

My hand strikes again against the wet cloth thinly covering her arse.

Are you my dirty slave?

Yes, master, she replies as my hand again makes contact with her reddening cheeks.

I slide 2 fingers between her legs teasing the sides of her pussy as I pinch in the wide-set wet knickers between her arse cheeks, effectively turning them into a thong giving me full access to her bare arse cheeks.

I slapped her cheeks alternately and in quick succession as I pulled the wet knickers tightly against her pussy.

She moans lightly as the onslaught subsidies.

I then slapped her inner thigh before sliding my hand over her wet pussy. Upon discovery of her wet slippery juices I slip 2 fingers inside her with ease, and as I bury them deep inside I raise my left iddaa siteleri hand and bring it down with force causing her pussy to contract tightly against my fingers.

I start to massage inside her pussy as it expands, allowing me to tease her g-spot, increasing the speed until I feel her tense up and she is about to orgsam I quickly pull my fingers out quickly and slap her arse.

Only good dirty slaves get to cum I say.

I slapped her arse one last time, and put her wet knickers back in their original place, covering her arse.

Stand up slave.

Yes, master, she replies as I help her off my knee to her feet.

Giving you your punishment has made my cock all hard.

I throw a pillow to the floor between my legs and say kneel slave.

She does as she is told and drops to her knees.

My slave wastes no time in removing my jeans and boxers and grabs my cock like a 1980s arcade joystick and rubs her thumb across the tip rubbing the pre-cum across the tip of my cock before lowering her head and taking the length of my cock into her mouth.

After resisting the urge to order my slave to sit on my cock as I knew I would end up letting her cum, but I wanted her to wait for her orgasm.

I start to feel myself cuming and order my slave to her feet.

I take over with my hand, and I tell my slave to hold her knickers forward.

I aim my cock into her pee-soaked knickers and shoot 2 large shots of cum onto her wet teased pussy. I squeeze out the remaining few drops before wiping my cock on the front of her knickers.

I grab my slaves wrists and lift them above her head causing her knickers to snap back against the cum on her pussy.

Holding her wrists, I kissed her deeply before stepping back and sitting down. I slapped my slave’s clit with the palm of my hand, causing her to inhale audibly. I stroke her legs and pull down her denim skirt.

You have to keep those knickers on until I tell you otherwise.

Yes master, she says, looking slightly despondent as it contradicts what she had planned to please her master.

She thinks about it and is now unsure if further punishment will be a pleasurable one or if her orgasm would be further delayed.

We sit down and watch an episode while we have a joint.

Master would occasionally stoke his slave’s leg, sliding his hand up her skirt, squeezing her thigh, or caressing her pussy gently through her double messy knickers.

May I be excused master.

You may slave, I say as she stands as if the answer made no difference, she was leaving.


Yes, master, she replies, spinning around on the spot to face me.

Come here, I gesture to my slave. She comes and we kiss before I slap her arse and say go on then.

Yes master, she says, and leaving the room, I hear her go upstairs.


Upstairs she walks into the bedroom and shuts the door with the wedge and walks over to the mirror.

She lifts up her skirt and looks at the stained and soiled knickers in the mirror, then turns around to see her sore red arse.

She strokes her red cheek lightly as it tingles.

She had a choice to either follow her masters instructions and keep the knickers on, or continue with what she had planned for master.

She decided to take the knickers off, followed by the rest of her clothes.

She took out her purple lace knickers and matching negligee and wasted no time in putting them on.

She could feel the pressure building inside her as the need to poo intensified.

She took a pic in front of the mirror and sent it to her master.

She then put her phone on the tripod and pressed record.

Then pulling out the chamber pot from under the bed and crouched over the pot with her arse facing the camera.

She lifts the back of the negligee, giving a clear view into the camera.

Unlike last time, there was no hesitation as she could feel the pressure on her arse hole from her overdue morning poo.

The second she relaxed her arse and the shit began to fill her knickers, forming a tennis ball-size bulge in her lace knickers.

The ball of poo increased in size slightly as a stream of pee leaks through the front of her knickers.

She reaches round and feels the ball encased in her knickers before standing up.

She walks over to the mirror and looks at the mess she has just made.

She grabs the phone and turns sideways. She takes a pic of the lump in the rear of her knickers before putting it back in on the tripod and resumes recording.

Then, walking back over to the pot and standing over it, she lowers her knickers and tips out the lump, then carefully removes the soiled knickers and grabs the wipes.

She cleans up her arse of the remaining shit and discards the wipe into the pot along with the knickers.

Now feeling even more horney than she was after her spanking she thinks well, I am already going to be punished for taking the knickers off and potentially having to go hours of teasing before being allowed to orgasm she decides to have a play now and take whatever punishment master gives out later, and at least she will have cum.

She grabs the blue mat and places it on the bed, then reaches into the draw and grabs her purple wand with the pink petal attachment and the purple g-spot vibrator.

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