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Dave and Leroy Ch. 05

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Double Penetration

Unexpected Surgery

The New Year brought new changes for Dave and Leroy. Leroy’s family was over more. His Mother was coming around according to his siblings and his Father. Saying she has asked about him a lot, but he decided he wasn’t going to put much thought into it. Leroy wanted to wait until he sees her and to make sure she isn’t vulgar towards Dave or him before he will believe it.

His birthday was coming up, and he wondered what Dave had planned. A week before his birthday, he finally couldn’t take it, Dave had said nothing, and he wanted to know if they were doing something so he could plan. He walked up behind Dave in the kitchen and hugged him from behind and kissed his neck just behind his ear. “Honey, what do you have planned? I know you have something.”

“Don’t have a clue, what you are talking about Hon.” Dave smiled.

“Come on, you know I don’t like surprises, just tell me if you are planning anything big.”

“It’s not me this year. I’m not even going to be with you most of your birthday this year. Your brothers have asked if I minded if they take you out for the day.”

“My brothers?” Leroy was surprised. “Where are they taking me?”

“I’m not going to tell you. You will have to find out on your birthday.” Dave turned to Leroy. “I love you, Leroy.”

Leroy looked disappointed, and Dave laughed. “I love you too, Babe.” He kissed Dave on his lips and walked off to the other room.


Leroy was sitting in his family room. He was tired, Dave and he had had sex most of the night, it’s one of the few times a year Leroy gets to be a bottom. It was Leroy’s birthday wish Dave grants him every year is to have Dave dominate him. And boy does he dominate, from tying Leroy down and using a strap-on to keep going. He will even punish Leroy if Leroy comes without permission. Leroy smiled, thinking about last night.

Anytime someone asks, Leroy always says they share top and bottom positions because Dave is a little self-conscious about being labeled the woman in the relationship. Like Leroy’s brother Chris, if they don’t understand or know other gay men, they don’t understand it’s not polite to call them the woman. Some guys like to only bottom or top, and some don’t care. It doesn’t bother Leroy to be the top most of the time, he does enjoy it, but occasionally he does love to be dominated, by Dave.

Leroy was drinking coffee, waiting for his brothers to show up. His brothers finally called him a few days earlier and asked if they could take him out for the day. They wanted to take Leroy out like did them on their birthdays when they were younger. Leroy said, how could he refuse an offer like that. To get to spend his birthday with his family is a gift in itself.

The day before Leroy’s birthday, Dave called Jeff and asked while they were together if he could watch Leroy. Dave informed Jeff he had been worried about Leroy lately because he has been losing his balance. Dave asked him not to let Leroy know, to watch and make sure it wasn’t just him overthinking the situation. Jeff said no problem he would assess Leroy.

The brothers all showed up, knocked, and walked in. They were about to call out to Leroy when they saw him sitting in the family room. Dave was coming down the hall when they came in. They all greeted one another and sat down for a bit talking. “Dave, you could come if you would like,” Aaron stated.

“No, it’s a brother thing, I don’t see Jason with you. You guys have fun, whatever you have planned.”

“We would’ve told you, but we’re trying to surprise Leroy. He always took each of us out on our birthday, and it’s about time we took him out for his before he gets too old.” Jeff responded, and everyone laughed. “We should be back by dinner time.”

First, they took Leroy to breakfast, then to the natural history museum. They all knew Leroy loved museums, but he could never get anyone to go with him. Leroy was walking around like a little kid in a candy store smiling up a storm. He walked through, looking, and reading everything. The guys were getting more pleasure out of watching their big brother than from looking at anything themselves.

Jeff was watching Leroy and did notice the unbalance issues. It didn’t happen all the time, but every once in a while, Leroy would start to take a step, and he would have to step sideways to stay upright. Jeff stepped away from the group to call a friend of his, which was an intern for a neurosurgeon. Jeff was an intern too, but just in a general doctor’s office, he would do rounds at the hospital but nothing surgical related. Jeff waited patiently for his friend to call back after he talks with the doctor about Leroy.

After one, they decided they would have lunch, Leroy thanked them because he always wanted to come to the museum as an adult but didn’t have the time, he knew it wasn’t Dave’s cup of tea. They had lunch at a diner and started heading back towards Leroy house, but they had one more birthday stop to do. On the way to the next place, Jeff’s Ankara escort friend called again, and Jeff asked Aaron if he could pull over. Jeff stepped out of the car so he could talk to his friend in private.

Jeff’s friend told him the surgeon highly recommends a C-scan. If Jeff wanted, they could pull some strings and get Leroy in today or tomorrow. Jeff asked if he could call them back in a few minutes, he would like to talk to Leroy about it, and of course, he said it was fine.

Jeff went around to Aaron side of the car and knocked on the window and asked to talk to him alone. Jeff told Aaron what Dave told him and what he observed at the museum and then asked how they should approach Leroy. Aaron just stated, they tell him he’s getting the scan. Aaron told Jeff to call the friend back and get it scheduled for today if possible. They had an hour to get to the hospital. Aaron told Jeff to text Dave to have him meet them there.

“Leroy, we are deviating from our birthday plans for you today, I’m sorry, man, but we need to run up to the hospital for a bit,” Jeff informed him.

“No problem is there an issue or something,” Leroy asked.

“Jeff just needs to stop there for a bit, if that’s okay,” Aaron responded. Aaron and Jeff decided not to tell Leroy and take him up there, less of a hassle or fight.

“Again, no problem, I’ve had a wonderful day so far.” Leroy smiled.

They drove straight to the hospital, and on the way, they informed Dave where to meet them. They walked straight to the testing area, and Jeff’s friend and the neurosurgeon met them outside the scanning room. “Hey Jeff, of course, you know Dr. Blake Harding, he wants to assess your brother before they do the scan.” Jeff nodded as Dave rounded the corner to the testing wing. Leroy looked right at him.

“What’s going on?” Leroy asked.

“Sorry Leroy, Dave asked me to watch you today, he noticed you were losing your balance a lot lately. I agree there is something wrong, and it’s why we are here at the hospital.” Leroy just looked at everyone, Pat and Chris didn’t know anything.

“Leroy, have you noticed issues with your balance?” Dr. Harding asked.

“No.” Leroy started thinking back; he couldn’t remember ever losing his balance.

“Headaches?” Dave was nodding, Leroy wasn’t looking at him.

“Yeah, I have had a lot of headaches lately.”

“Any stress going on right now?”

“Just the normal issues which have been in my life for a few years now, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“May I asked what your stress is and how many years?”

“Three years come this June, my Mother stopped talking with me, which is the only thing. Other than that, I generally let things roll off my back.” Dave again nodded to this statement.

“I take from this man’s nods; he’s your partner?”

“Yeah, how’d you guess? Other than him nodding or shaking his head to every statement I make.” Leroy smiled at Dave. “This is the reason my Mother stopped talking to me. She found out our secret.”

Dr. Harding told him he would like to do the scan anyway, it may be nothing, but they should check anyway. Leroy okay the procedure and was taken right in. Dr. Harding asked Leroy to wait in the waiting room after the scan was over so he could look it over.

When Leroy walked into the waiting area, he looked at everyone. “What the fuck was that? I’m fine. I don’t know why you think I’ve got something going on?” He almost shouted at Dave and Jeff. He didn’t notice or care; there were other people in the waiting area.

“Leroy, I’m just worried about you, really you have been losing your balance. I’d catch you stepping sideways to regain it, and at first, I didn’t think much of it, but then you were doing it more frequently. I love you. I’m just worried. I asked Jeff to watch you and see if he noticed it too, or if it was just me.”

“Leroy, really you don’t notice you’re stepping sideways to keep yourself from falling?” Jeff asked.

“No, really, I haven’t.”

“Well, then maybe this is nothing, but at least we’re getting it checked out,” Jeff responded.

Leroy sat down next to Dave, they were sitting in a corner away from most of the people in the waiting room, so when Dr. Harding walked in, he walked over and sat down.

“Would you like to talk here or move somewhere else?” Dr. Harding asked.

“Here’s fine,” Leroy responded.

Dr. Harding took a few pictures out of a folder he was carrying with him. “Well, there’s always good and bad news for almost every situation.”

Leroy looked at him, “What’s the bad news?”

“There’s a reason why you’ve had headaches and balance issues. You have a tumor a little larger than the size of a marble. The good news is, we caught it early, so we can go in and remove it.” Dave was in shock and grabbed Leroy’s hand, Leroy just looked at the doctor. “I can’t tell you if it’s cancerous until we biopsy it, so the next thing is when would you like to do this?”

“I have to go through the VA, Ankara escort bayan or it won’t be covered.”

“Well, now you have two good things on your side. I work with the VA too. So I will call my office over there and get you set up with an appointment.” He looked over at his intern, and he immediately called, and it was set up for Friday. “I want you to come in for a full body scan. I want to make sure you don’t have any other tumors.” His intern said it was set up for an appointment at ten and the scan for eight. Dr. Harding said he would see him then and left. Leroy just sat there for a few.

“This doesn’t leave the room.” Leroy looked at all of his brothers and Dave. “I mean it, don’t tell your wives or girlfriends and not Allison, Jewels, Mom or Dad.”

“But Leroy, they should know,” Aaron responded.

“Please, for me, don’t tell anyone. Thanks for the great day, Dave take me home.”

“Leroy, we were going to meet everyone at Jason’s family’s restaurant tonight. Everyone is going to be there, at least everyone but Mom, she still refuses to come, but Dad is going to be there.” Pat stated.

“What time? Can we meet you there later; instead of finishing what you all had planned, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, seven at the restaurant, we’ll see you then,” Aaron stated, Dave nodded his head.

When Dave and Leroy got to the car, Dave hugged Leroy. “Thank you, Dave, but shit, man, a tumor.”

“Lee… Lee….” He couldn’t even finish, Leroy hugged and kissed Dave and told him everything would be alright. Leroy ended up driving them home; Dave was too broken up about it.

The family dinner was okay, all the guys were a little out of it, and the women and Lee noticed it. Dave looked like he was about to cry every time he looked at Leroy. Finally, Allison had enough and looked at all the guys and asked what the hell was going on. All the guys at once said nothing was up. “Well, is someone feeling guilty or what? Dave looks like he is on the verge of crying; all my brothers look like they are lying to me.” She looked right at Leroy. “Tell me, Leroy, what is going on?”

“Nothing, Sis, really,” Leroy knew he made a mistake right there and dropped his head.

“Leroy, are you and Dave breaking up?” Allison asked.

“NO, HELL, NO,” Leroy responded. “I love Dave.”

“Then why does he look like he wants to cry every time he looks at you.”

Leroy looked at Dave and held his hand. “It’s really nothing.”

“Damn it, Leroy, tell us. Aaron, Jeff, you seem to know, what is it?” Allison questioned.

“Fine.” Leroy almost shouted, but he wanted to respond before Aaron could say anything. “One of my birthday surprises was a scan of my head, and apparently, I have a tumor.” Everyone who didn’t know mouths dropped open and no one could say anything, Sarah Dave’s Mother grabbed Dave’s other hand and held it. Fifteen people were sitting at the table; the grandkids were with in-laws. The rest of the patron’s in the restaurant looked over because all of a sudden, everyone was quiet. Finally, Leroy spoke up, “I have an appointment with the surgeon on Friday, he wants to give me a full body scan to make sure there are no other tumors. Then I don’t know when he will perform the surgery, but he seemed happy it was caught early.”

Allison got up and came around the table and hugged Leroy. “Cancer?”

“He won’t know until he gets in there. Come on, everyone, it’s my birthday, it’s supposed to be a joyous occasion.”

Everyone started talking again, but they kept drifting back to the conversation. When the night was over, Leroy was happy to walk into a quiet house, he took Dave in his arms, kissed and hugged on him and started walking him to the bedroom. Leroy decided he was going to make love to Dave and try to push the worry out of him. It worked until they were laying there cuddling. Dave silently started to cry, Leroy felt the tears on his chest and held Dave tighter. “Everything will be okay. The Doctor was happy it was caught early, I love you, Dave.”

“You are only thirty-three, I want us to be so old all we can do is hold hands. I can’t live without you.”

“Dave, I’m not dying, it’s just a tumor, it won’t be cancerous, and I’ll be fine. I love you.” Leroy held him tighter, and they laid there the rest of the night in silence and finally fell asleep.

The next day they both had to report to work, and when Leroy arrived, he walked into his commander’s office and told him what was going on and that he has an appointment the next day at the VA with the surgeon. The Major told him to take care of himself if he can’t make it for his afternoon shift tomorrow to call. Work flew by for Leroy, and he was hoping it wouldn’t because he wasn’t looking forward to the morning.

The next morning Dave insisted on going with Leroy, Dave didn’t care if no one knew Leroy was gay. Dave wasn’t going to be left out, which was more than fine with Leroy. He liked that Dave was making a fuss, but Leroy couldn’t believe Dave really thought he Escort Ankara wouldn’t want Dave there.

When Dave and Leroy arrived at the VA, they headed to the testing area of the hospital. Leroy signed in and was called in after a bit of waiting. The technician was a little upset, even coming out and telling Leroy he didn’t know how Leroy was able to make it on his already packed schedule. The technician performed the scan, but Leroy could see he was rushed through it, the technician as Leroy was leaving said he would have the scan sent up ASAP to the doctor.

Leroy walked out into the testing waiting area to collect a very nervous Dave, Dave wanted to hug Leroy so much, but he knew not to do it at the VA. When they arrived in the doctor’s office, signed in and filled all the paperwork out. When Leroy was called to the exam room, the nurse wasn’t going to let Dave come back with Leroy. Dave started to say something when Leroy told the nurse his partner is was coming, or he was leaving.

Dr. Harding walked into the exam room about ten minutes after Dave and Leroy were left alone in the exam room. He walked in with a smile on his face. “Well, it’s just the one, so when would you like to do surgery?”

“I guess as soon as possible,” Leroy responded.

“Okay, well, I’ll have my assistant come in, and she’ll set it up, I’m not sure, but there may be an opening next week, but we’ll see.” Leroy looked at Dave, and Dave squeezed Leroy’s hand. Dr. Harding noticed it, smiled, shook Dave’s and Leroy’s hand, and left.

The assistant came in and set it up for the following Monday. Telling Leroy, he will get a call later today telling him when to report to the hospital. He had lots of papers to fill out and sign, the last form was for a medical advocate, and he automatically filled in Dave’s name, and Dave signed it in front of the assistant. Anywhere on any forms, which asked who was the emergency contact Leroy automatically filled in Dave’s name. Dave was happy to see this, but he was afraid, it would get out to someone after they left the doctor’s office. Dave asked Leroy about it, Leroy responded, he didn’t care, Leroy loved Dave, and if he had to fight people, he will.

Leroy informed Dave while they were close to the base he wanted to stop at his commander’s office. They drove to the base, went through security, parked, and walked over to his commander’s office. Leroy introduced Dave to the Major, and he gave his commander his paperwork. Which pretty much medically leaves his ass right then. But as his commander nicely puts it, he’s given Leroy the rest of the weekend off to prepare himself for Monday, and he hopes to see him ASAP. He shook both Dave’s and Leroy’s hands and told Leroy good luck.

Leroy called Aaron once they arrived home and informed him the surgery was Monday. Dave called work and asked for a quick time off, he knew he couldn’t get FMLA, so Dave took a vacation starting Monday, he couldn’t get the weekend off. During the weekend Leroy’s family came over to spend time with him. Dave hated he had to leave to work both days.

When Dave entered the house a little after midnight technically Monday, Leroy was waiting for him in the living room. Leroy stood up as soon as Dave came, and Dave went right into his open arms. They had to report to the hospital in just a few hours.

Without speaking, Leroy took Dave by the hand and led Dave to the bedroom and started kissing him. As he was kissing Dave, he was removing Dave’s clothes and gun belt. Leroy laid him down on the bed and kissed him. He kissed and licked Dave’s neck down his chest and stopped to sucked each of Dave’s nipples before continuing downwards. Dave was rock hard, and so was Leroy.

Leroy continued to kiss around Dave’s pelvic area, avoiding Dave’s cock, which teased him and proceeded to licked and kissed down one leg and up the other. When he returned to Dave’s cock, there was so much precum leaking that Leroy smiled. Leroy licked up what had leaked out on Dave’s stomach, and he took the head of his cock and began his assault. Dave let out a loud moan. Leroy knew it would be a while before he would be able to please Dave again, so he wanted to make this one the best he could.

“Leroy, please.”

Leroy smiled and removed his mouth from Dave’s cock. “Please what?” Leroy sucked back down on Dave’s cock.

“Oh God Leroy. Please. Please. Oh, please fuck me.”

“You want to be fucked or made love to?” Leroy said in a commanding voice. He knew Dave was so easy to control.

“Ah, Fuck.” Dave panted. “Leroy, make love to me, Lee, please.”

Leroy smiled and continued to suck Dave’s cock a bit more, then got off the bed, undressed and retrieved the lube out of the bedside drawer. He laid back on top of Dave and kissed him, he sucked on Dave’s upper lip and darted his tongue inside. Dave stuck his tongue into Leroy’s mouth, and Leroy sucked on it hard, Dave moaned. Leroy broke the kiss and started kissing down Dave’s neck again. He ground his cock against Dave’s before going back down his body to start getting him ready for him. He was sucking Dave’s cock as he would trace around Dave’s entrance with his finger, Dave was pushing back against Leroy. “Leroy, please.” Dave was begging, Leroy loved it.

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