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Date Night Cream Pie

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I am a voyeur. I enjoy watching. There is nothing that turns me on more than seeing my wife dressed up in a sexy outfit, not just for my enjoyment but for everyone around.

She swirled her tongue around mine and gently bit my lower lip before getting out of the car. We decided to go in separately. This way we could pretend we didn’t know each other and I could watch from a distance. I watched her walk into the bar then took my time circling the block. By the time I had parked and gotten in she would probably be inside talking to strangers.

When I finally got inside, it was a bit too crowded to see her. I got a seat where I thought I’d be able to survey most of the surroundings and ordered a drink. Soon enough, I spotted her near the bar being chatted up by some guy. The fun had started. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and enjoyed the anticipation of what was to come. She laughed flirtatiously and curled her hair on her finger. She looked so sexy.

Earlier that evenings we chose what she would wear. We started off with a black, satin thong and matching bra. After going back and forth on the idea of stockings and garters, we decided against them. She wanted to show off her smooth, sexy legs tonight in a nice pair of high heels. I picked out a tight, black dress with a horizontal slit bahis siteleri across the chest to show off her ample cleavage. The dress went down to her thighs, but not too far down and of course it was sleeveless.

Here she was talking to this stranger, looking sexy. He could probably smell her perfume. He was probably enjoying a generous view of her perfect breasts. I knew she was enjoying the attention. Gradually, he got a bit braver. I saw his hand make its way to her hip. Just lightly at first. Then he started to caress. She smiled and let him, but did not touch him back. After letting it go on for a while, whispers back and forth in each other’s ears, I saw her hand go to his waist. She looked around coyly and when she seemed satisfied that no one was looking, her hand went down to his crotch long enough for a grope but quick enough not to be noticed by anyone around. The butterflies in my stomach began to act up again. There was no doubt this was turning me on. I loved seeing her acting like a slut.

She then leaned in, whispered into his ear and left in the direction of the washroom. My heart began to pound. She had never fucked a stranger in a washroom, but it wasn’t exactly off the table. A few seconds passed but he did not follow. Then I received a text.

“Did you see any of that?” she canlı bahis siteleri asked.

“Oh yea,” I replied.

“He’s hot, but his cock isn’t big enough. I think I’d like someone bigger 😉 ” she told me.

Seeing her talk like that was a huge turn on. There was nothing more arousing to me than her enjoying her sexuality. Soon enough, she emerged from the washroom and headed to another area of the bar. This time she was approached by a taller, but less muscular guy. He was handsome and seemed like her type. Again, she was not shy about flirting. Soon enough they were discretely caressing each other. From this angle, I couldn’t quite see if she groped near his crotch but when she excused herself for the washroom again, I got an answer.

“He’s huge, this is the guy,” she texted.

“Fuck, I’m so horny,” I replied.

“Mmmm, me too. I’m so wet right now.”

As per our plan, I watched her leave with him and I drove home.

Lying in bed, I fantasised about her being fucked by him. It felt so dirty and sexy. Soon enough she would be home and I’d get to hear all about it.

Three hours later, I heard her cab pull into the driveway. She made her way into the bedroom, looking dishevelled, sexy. Her hair was a bit messy, her dress wasn’t as straight on her and her makeup was canlı bahis slightly smeared.

“Well?” I asked.

“I have it here,” she told me as she took her phone out of her purse.

She came over to the bed and straddled me, showing me her phone. On it was a video of her sucking his cock. His big, thick cock. It was definitely larger than mine. She had trouble getting it all into her mouth but from the video, she was clearly enjoying it. I moaned as I watched and she playfully gyrated against my crotch. When the clip was finally over, I was so ready to fuck her. I was so hard.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said mischievously. She then slid up until her crotch was in my face. With her skirt hiked up and her panties inches away from my nose, I could smell her wet pussy. She moved the front of her thong to the side and his white cum began to ooze out. She started grinding against my face. I sucked on her clit as the juices continued to come out. Her speed increased together with the volume of her moans. It didn’t take her long to orgasm.

Then she slid off of me and took her panties all the way off. I helped her to get out of her dress. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, I assumed (correctly) that the bra never made it home. It was probably still somewhere on his floor.

I ripped my clothes off and she climbed onto me. My cock easily entered her wet, stretched pussy. All I could feel was wetness. It would have been a mixture of my saliva, his cum and her own wetness. She came almost instantly and so did I.

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