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Dancing With the Doc Ch. 4

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During the night, Ellie was still so excited that she woke needing more. She was slightly amazed to wake naked beside her husband, something that had never happened. She remembered his mouth on her, his fingers inside of her, his huge cock stretching her willing pussy, stroking deep and hard. Thinking about it made her ache and want to play again. She wasn’t sure if this was acceptable.

Her entire married life had been very sane and sensible sex, helping Dale satisfy his needs, performed once and then forgotten. She could not remember one time that they had engaged in sex more than once in one evening. Now, she was hungry for him, hungry for what he could do for her. She knew now that his touch could electrify her, his mouth was skilled in pleasuring her and giving her orgasms. She could almost feel his tongue plunging in and out of her warmth, making her shiver and cry out for more. She wanted more of the joy she had felt earlier, and now she was determined to find it.

She turned to Dale and slid down his body until she found his sleeping cock. She wrapped her mouth around him and started to gently suck on him, enjoying the feel of him completely in her mouth. She could taste herself on him, and enjoyed that too. Ellie continued pulling his soft dick deeply into her mouth, feeling him grow as she massaged him with her tongue. She loved the feeling of him growing from soft and small to large and hard. Soon, she was unable to fit all of him into her mouth and had to be content with moving her lips up and down his engorged shaft. In his sleep, Dale had begun to thrust his hips, pushing deeper and deeper into her. He continued to sleep as she moved up his 1864 izle body and climbed onto him, guiding his erect dick into her hungry pink. She began to ride him, slowly at first, then with more passion.

Dale woke to find his shy wife on top of him, her breasts swaying as she moved her pussy on his turgid cock. She was already wet and he could hear the special sound of a wet pussy sliding on a cock. He slipped his hands around her hips, moving her up and down, increasing the speed and depth of her movements. Again, he demanded that she tell him what she wanted, tell him what she needed. This time, Ellie was ready. Leaning over him, her face near his, she kissed his mouth and began whispering. “I want to feel you deep inside me, pounding into my pink, making me ache. I want to hear that sound of an excited cunt being penetrated by an erect and needy cock. I want you to come inside me, throbbing and shooting come into my pink deepness. I want you to fuck me, Dale.” All too soon, the activity and the sexy dialogue brought him to the edge, and Dale knew he was going to come. Ellie reached back and slipped her fingers around his tight balls, massaging them and making it impossible for him to wait any longer. He tensed for just a moment and then erupted deep inside her waiting pussy. She continued riding him until his spasms ended, then slid down beside him.

She reached for his hand and brought it to her mound, encouraging him to slide his fingers into her. He found her erect clit and began to massage it. At the same time, he leaned to her chest and took an erect nipple into his mouth, pulling it deep. She moaned aloud, her hands holding his 1899 izle head in place, her back arching, her hips thrusting. The words poured from her good wife mouth, begging him to fuck her, help her come, make her come. Then she was overwhelmed by spasms, starting in her feet and moving up her legs, causing her to buck and cry out, grinding her pussy against his hand. As her orgasm slowed, Dale kept his hand over her warm curlies, holding her mound and kissing her gently. She curled beside him and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Ellie woke with a smile. She felt content, yet oddly restless. She relived her night with Dale, feeling again all the emotions. She remembered the joy of finding excitement with her own husband, excitement she had never expected to share. Then she felt the anger that he had not shared this in all their years together. He had made her feel like an invisible woman, only noticed when he wanted her. He had never shared the joy of sex with her, only the tedium.

She wondered what had changed. She wanted to know why last night had been so fantastic, why she had enjoyed everything so much, and why Dale had responded so well. She turned to him to ask all the questions in her mind, and found him gone. Looking at the clock, Ellie discovered she had slept most of the morning away. Dale had already left, taking the kids to school. Disappointment stabbed her and she wanted to cry. He had gone to work, and she would not be able to contact him all day. Now her mind drifted as her hand slid over her breasts, pulling gently on the tender nipples, making them hard.

Ellie climbed from bed and walked naked through the 28 korkunç gün izle house. She felt free and lovely, her body energized from the night of loving. Now she moved to the shower. Ellie lathered her sponge with raspberry liquid soap and ran it over her body, enjoying the feel of the bubbles on her hypersensitive skin. She closed her eyes and let the warm water cascade over her flesh, making her skin tingle and glow. She washed herself carefully, inserting a soapy finger between her curls and making sure she was squeaky clean. Her mind was abuzz with ideas, feelings, wishes. Today was Friday and Ben had a half day at the clinic. She knew what she wanted to do, how she wanted him to please her.

She stepped from the shower and dried her body with a fluffy towel, wrapping it loosely around her. She walked to the bedroom and stretched out on the bed, her head cradled in her pillow nest, letting the towel fall open. She could feel the breeze from the ceiling fan on her warm skin, cooling it and making her nipples pucker tightly. She touched the area between her legs and found a wonderful soreness there. Again, she was reminded of all the heated activities from the night before. She reached for the phone, dialing Ben’s private number. She smiled and hummed while waiting for him to answer it. Finally, she heard his voice, slightly breathless. Without introduction, she began to give him her directions.

“I am going to the Cinema at 1:30 today. I will be in the back of the theater, ready to watch the feature. You will buy a ticket and come into the room, moving up the stairs until you see me. Sit one row behind me and wait patiently. 10 minutes after the film starts, I want you to move to my row. Leave one seat between us. Then, when the screen goes dark for the first dramatic scene, lower yourself to the floor and move between my legs. Get comfortable, you will be there for awhile!”

To Be Continued…

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