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Dad’s The Man Ch. 14

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Aug. 14/09

I tell you, for someone who knows almost nobody, doesn’t work, or even go out that often, my life sure is full of excitement.

Gina told Dad of her decision to quit dancing and, as we expected, his face lit up. The poor guy may have loosened up a little in the last year or so, but he’s still plenty old fashioned enough to see this as a good thing. He actually got up, came around the table and kissed her, saying she’d never regret it and that he was going to buy her some nice little thing.

It’s been pretty hot lately, so Gina and I were both dressed in very little clothing and, what clothes we did wear, were comfortably light and airy.

I wore a pair of extreme, faded blue, cutoff denim shorts. I say extreme because of how far up they were cut and the fact that, even though they were hip huggers, I removed the waistband anyway. Having been button fly jeans, that worked out pretty good, especially in the way the top of my white, lacey G-string showed, along with the outer edges of its front panel. Other than that, I only wore my snakeskin ball breakers and the matching, white lace bra that let the very tops on my nipples show.

Gina’s outfit of choice, as usual, was a little more up market, but just as exciting. A backless, translucent, somehow sparkly white top that tied around her neck and hung in the shape of a V covered her shiny satin, jade green demi bra. A loose, white miniskirt of the same material allowed the viewer to clearly see her matching green thong beneath. Despite the heat and because she knows Daddy loves them, she wore the matching green garters, the belt clearly visible, with black stockings. Black high heels, as usual, gave her legs and bum that look that she knows men go all bug eyed over.

Daddy himself, fresh from his post work shower, only wore a pair of black, mid thigh gym shorts and a tattered gray work shirt that he left unbuttoned, well aware that both Gina and I love to see his hairy chest.

Besides the heat, it was the night of our little party and we all wanted to look nice for each other, especially since we intended to start off with some music and dancing. Gina had shoved the furniture around a little for our dance and got the music going, some of the R&B ‘mood music’ she listens to. I went to collect some stuff that me and Daddy were more interested in and was sauntering into the living room with a handful of CDs to be greeted by a very pleasant sight.

They were standing over by the stereo and Gina held a glass of white wine in one hand, her other on Daddy’s chest as she looked up at him. That expression of contented happiness with a smattering of excitement was in her face, eyes sparkling while he spoke, his hand slowly caressing under the back of her skirt.

I know I’ve gone on and on about how good they look together, but I just can’t get over it. I couldn’t think of a better match for either of them, except maybe myself. Daddy took a sip of his beer can and noticed me standing by the hall entryway and smiled back, gesturing me over.

“What ya got there, kitten?”

“Umm, Tragically Hip, BTO, Leonard Cohen, David Wilcox, Kenny Rogers-“

“Wait,” Gina interrupted, “did you just say,… Kenny Rogers?”

“He’s good,” he told her, me nodding in agreement beside him.

“Kenny – Rogers!? Oh, my god, you poor people. I have so much work to do.”

“We’ll play, Lucille, you listen to the words and tell me if that ain’t a great tune,” I challenged, putting my hand under the front of her skirt.

“Mmm-mm. We’ll see. You should wait until I’ve had more wine, though.”

“Very funny,” he said, “But you’ll see. You’ll probably cry.”

“How much you wanna bet?” she asked as I lightly stroked up and down, her pelvis rolling just a little to mine and Daddy’s attention.

“If you cry, Daddy puts his cock in your bum.”

Both of them gasped at this, he actually choking a little on a mouthful of beer, Gina fixing me with an open mouthed smile.



He shook his head in amused wonder, asking, “Kitten, is there any bottom to the depths of your perversion?”

“Haven’t found it yet.”

“Maybe we’ll take a look sometime?” he challenged.


“Okay,” Gina decided, “I’ll take that bet, but if I don’t cry, he puts it in your ass. How’s that?”

” … Okay, but you don’t have to cry, you just gotta like the song, and you gotta be honest about it, too.”

“No way, you said it would make me cry and that’s the bet you offered,” she countered as I took another gulp from my own can of beer.

“Uhh, excuse me,…” Daddy cut in, “but it’s my cock and it just may be possible that I’d have something to say about-“

“That was before I knew you’d drag me in on it,” I returned.”

“Hello!” Dad interrupted, “As I was saying, I might actually-“

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gina argued with an incredulous grin. “You silly little slut, it’s a bet. Bets are two way streets, that’s Beylikdüzü escort how it’s done.”

“Maybe in your smutty little smutworld of smut. (giggle) But, we slutty sluts from slutworld know better than to paint ourselves into corners with silly rules that really have no weight in the real world. But, if you really want to go there,-“

I interrupted myself this time in order that I could scream along with Gina, her bum probably being pinched like mine suddenly was.

“I’m not fucking either of your little asses,” he established before he let go.

“Da-ddy!” I whined.

“But what about the bet!? Gina complained, rubbing her own bum now where his fingers had found a point of reason.

“I don’t care about any damned bet, I’m telling you, I’m not doing that to either of-“

(Bingggggg, bongggggg), the front doorbell chimed.

“What the ffff-?” Daddy asked irritably.

“Who in hell would that be?” I asked aloud, taking another drink of beer while looking at the front door.

“Just a second,…” he said, turning the stereo down before beginning to stalk to the door.

“Daddy, no!” I cautioned in a low tone. “You got a big hardon, look! I’ll get it!”

He looked down at himself and grimaced, but then back to me, putting up his hand and saying, “Yeah, like you look any better.”

“I’ll get it,” Gina announced, walking behind him and up to the door, completely at ease and carefree.

“No, you’re not-!” Daddy started.

“Relax, it’s probably just the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ll stick my head out and get rid of them.

“Jeez, it it’s them, just open up and let ’em see you,” Daddy offered with a sudden smile. “That’ll get rid of ’em.”

“I’ll assume that’s a compliment,” she shot back with a smirk before opening the door while standing behind it and with her back to us.

She stuck her face around and into the gap while I, a bit buzzed at this point, admired her bum in that little skirt, her panties pulled halfway down in back. I heard someone talking from the front step, breaking me out of my little trance and making me realize that Gina had yet to say anything to the caller. The murmur from outside stopped and Gina continued to stand there silently, stock still.

I looked at Daddy and saw him looking with some concern, taking a few slow steps forward, erection or no.

“No,… it’s a great time,” Gina replied with an odd tone. “Please, come in.”

He froze in his tracks while my jaw sagged, heart leaping six inches higher in my chest. The craziest thing was that when Aunt Peggy walked in, I found myself alarmed that it couldn’t have been the Jehovah’s Witnesses after all.

Her expression of nervous discomfort slowly melted away from the moment she set eyes on Daddy and I. We could only stare back, just as dumbfounded as she was while Gina closed the door behind her and relocked it.

I felt a bead of perspiration trickle down my cleavage, vaguely noting how much better she looked this time than the last. Her long, thick dark hair was down, falling over her shoulder and looking perfect, yet defying gray and dryness. Her makeup was remarkably done, full red lips setting off white teeth as her jaw hung partway open. Her skin and eyes seemed healthier, the attractive widow’s peak atop her forehead adding to her show of sultry beauty.

She wore a casual, peach, rayon looking pantsuit, a black, somewhat low cut cammie visible between the buttoned lapels of her blazer. The outfit looked super on her, hugging the voluptuous curves that she, apparently, really had been exercising. Three inch, black, open toed heels boosted her already five foot, eight inches a little further skyward, the nails of her toes matching those on her fingers in shiny red and making quite an impression.

“Don’t be alarmed, Peggy,” Gina remarked in a soft, reassuring voice. “It’s hot as hell out and we have no air conditioning. We’re all adults and there’s no reason why we can’t be comfortable. Is there?”

Peggy, her jaw slowly working, remained silent as she looked at Gina, now seeing what the door had been hiding. Daddy and I looked at each other, our stunned, guilty expressions finding no answer in either of our faces.

“Relax,” Gina repeated, smiling at us this time and taking a sip from her wineglass, still in her hand. “It’s only Aunt Peggy. Come on, let’s everyone sit down.”

She took Peggy’s upper arm and gently guided her to the couch as my aunt’s face remained locked on me and Daddy. Gina, from behind her, looked at us pointedly and then the couch, still smiling but with a serious undertone. What in hell was she doing?

I walked over in a daze, Daddy behind me, as Gina sat Peggy down in the middle of the couch. She then pulled the chair closer, so it faced her and gestured for Daddy (erection gone now) to sit there, me at my usual end of the couch. Gina chose his usual spot at the other end, putting us on either side of Peggy.

Peggy’s gaze fell on Daddy, who had a lot of Beylikdüzü escort trouble meeting it, before she deftly plucked Gina’s wine from her hand and downed the half glass that remained in a quick, single drink. She then turned and took my beer, downing a good portion of that, too. She held on to the can, putting the back of her other hand to her lips, not quite touching them, and burped with her mouth closed as though the function had every chance of killing her.

“Ummm,…” Gina expressed thoughtfully, looking at me, “maybe you should go grab us all another round?” she asked.

I looked at her like she was crazy, pretty much convinced of it, too. But, the truth was that I needed one as bad as Peggy obviously (and understandably) did and I wasn’t about to try to take what was left of mine back from her.

Upon my return, passing out the drinks and avoiding Peggy’s eyes, Gina got started.

“Well,… just to break the ice, we all know why you’re here and we three appreciate it a lot, but before we get into that, I’d like to say a few things.”

I slowly, carefully settled into my end of the couch, unable to see Peggy’s expression with her face turned to Gina, listening to my half toasted girlfriend.

“When I first met Kat, I was taken with her right away, with the way she is and all. She quickly became very important to me and I let her fill spaces I never opened to anyone. Shortly after that, I got to know her father and saw,… another very special person. He treated me well and always made me feel welcome, always at home and there was never any doubt that I could be who I am here, in every respect, and be accepted and loved. To have found both of them was the most fortunate thing that’s ever happened to me since I’ve been on my own, and when you’re alone, that’s important. But, you know that.”

Peggy didn’t answer, or even nod.

“In fact, they’re both so important to me that I’ve decided to give up dancing. Peggy, I know people and I know good people when I find them and you should know that I wouldn’t even think of giving up my only present livelihood for anything, or anybody less. I also know that you’re a good person. You’ve been hurting for a long while, but you are. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have come here and none of us would have let you in to listen to a word you had to say if you did.

“The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m part of this little group now, this family. My place is here and, because you don’t know me, apart from the two, brief conversations we had, I want you to know that I don’t have anything against you and I hope we can be friends. It’s what we all want and we’re ready to accept you and give the help we both know you need.”

During her last words, she’d reached out and took one of Peggy’s hands in hers, offering a warm smile.

I still couldn’t see Peggy’s expression until she finally looked at Daddy. Her profile showed that she was beginning to recover from the surprise of our attire, her features now speaking more of wary curiosity as she took another big slug of beer and addressed him.

“Uhmm,… I’ve been trying to stay sober,… Varying degrees of success on that, but I was dry when I walked through that door. … Actually, I always made myself believe that you never knew I drank all these years. Even though I knew you did. Anyway,… I owe you an apology, John. I don’t know what’s,…”

She trailed off, her head almost glancing at me before going on.

“What I said the last time I was here was,… disgusting. I was disgusting and one thing that I said in particular was just horrible. I can’t ever begin to describe how I feel about it, I couldn’t even face up to you to do this. Gina,… called me, though,… I’m sorry, John. I’m so sorry.”

He looked back at her with much the same wary expression of curiosity from under his brows, slowly lifting his face as she spoke, showing her an open expression by the time she finished.

“As you may have noticed,” he said quietly, carefully aloof as he quickly glanced to Gina before moving his eyes back to Peggy, “Gina talks sense. I accept your apology, mostly because Kat did, but also because,… Like Gina said, you’re my sister and after Mum and Dad died,… You know.”

“Yes, I do. … I appreciate that you accepted, I really do,” she said, and I could tell she was sincere, despite the odd circumstances. “I can,… feel a bit better now. I felt better when I apologized to you, Kat.” She said, turning to face me.

It startled me, I was so busy studying her and Daddy, but I didn’t miss how her eyes couldn’t resist taking in my outfit once again, the questioning look in her features when she returned her eyes to my face.

“Umm, I’m glad,” I told her, managing an uncomfortable smile and wondering once more what in hell Gina was thinking, but also struck again by Peggy’s previously hidden, natural charms.

She gave me an unsure smile and I noticed her large chest heaving, then my own doing the same. Escort Beylikdüzü After that, I realized that I was staring at the moderate cleavage her cammie showed, the perspiration that was trickling between her boobies, like it was mine. I looked up at her suddenly, flushing and tried a compliment.

“You,… You look really pretty, Aunt Peggy.”

“Kat, thank you, that means a lot, but,… sweetie, I can see the tops of your nipples.

I’d forgotten about that. I looked down and saw that they were also almost fully erect.

“Oh,” I replied, trying to feign ignorance and attempting to pull up the cups of the little thing.

“Well,” Gina excused apologetically, but almost offhandedly with an easy smile, “Like I say, it’s hot and they won’t get an air conditioner. I could go buy one myself, but they know how to hook it up and I don’t.”

Gina took a sip at her wine, Peggy looking back at her. I took another gulp of my beer, still trying to tuck my nipples completely into my bra and enjoying the attention I was giving them as my aunt spoke to Daddy again, having regained more composure, but still wary.

“So, they just,… I mean,… run around in front of you ,… like that?”

He sighed slowly and replied, “They,… They’re headstrong. Anyway, it’s not that big a deal.”

He managed to meet her eyes and even shrugged when he said it.

“It’s true,” Gina confirmed. “I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

“Uhm, well,… It’s really none of my-“

“Oh, my god, Peggy, you’re burning up. I should have taken that blazer,” Gina apologized, putting her wine down on the end table behind her.

“Uhm, I’m fine, I-“

“No, no, obviously it’s okay to take it off,” she insisted, undoing the two buttons of the peach blazer as she spoke, Peggy looking down in surprise as she did. “Why sit and roast when you can be comfortable? That’s why we’re dressed like this.”

Before I knew it, I was looking at Peggy’s bare shoulders, the taut straps of her cammie braced by them. I’d given up on my nipples at that point and watched Gina push the blazer down her arms and off.

“There, isn’t that better?”

“Well, I suppose.”

“You do look very pretty. Doesn’t she?” Gina asked Daddy.

He hesitated, then nodded, since there really was no other answer. Hell, she looked fabulous.

“That outfit looks fabulous on you, doesn’t it, Kat?”

“Yes, it’s,… really flattering.”

” … Thank you,” she said, smiling more than a little at the compliments.

“Actually,” Gina said, taking her glass again and looking at Peggy’s chest before going on, “we were having a bit of a party. Just pre-celebrating the end of my dancing career, I suppose. I’m glad you showed up.”

Peggy shot a lingering glance at Daddy and, believe it or not, some of that glance lingered on his chest. I was still pretty confused and this only confused me more. I didn’t know how I should feel about it, or why miffy was feeling all spready. Seeing his eyes involuntarily settle on his sister’s chest didn’t clear anything up, either.

There was a brief silence while we all took a drink, Gina smiling, my father, Peggy and I hanging on by a thread until Daddy’s adoptive daughter, the one he very correctly refers to as ‘witchy’, spoke again.

“You know, Peggy, you really do look different. I don’t mean any offense, but I can see you’re really trying to,… deal. I hope you know that you can rely on us for support. You don’t have to do it alone and, if you can’t trust us with something like that,… well, is there anyone else in your life who’s going to care about you like your own brother and niece do? I’d like to think you’ll come to count on me, too.”

“Uhhh, I- I don’t know what to say,” Peggy said, again sincerely.

“Let’s be friends,” Gina explained with a smile.

“Oh. Gina, I appreciate everything you said, especially in light of how I treated you before, but,… I can’t help feeling a little out of my,… place. I’m not sure,…”

“You said something,…” I ventured, looking at her back and trying to remember her exact words. “You said that back when you and Sheila knew each other was the happiest time of your life.”

I knew why I said it, I just couldn’t believe I did. Even as she turned around, I remembered her horrible words about what could have been accomplished for the price of a coat hanger and it was almost as though she read my mind. Or, was the depth of her shame and humiliation always there, like her beauty, only hidden by years of depression, addiction and hindsight?

“Yes, I did. It was. Despite what she was, she was fun. And she was a friend, a better one than Norah was, until,… To have it end the way it did, the way things turned out because of it,… Sweetie, it’s like I told you, other than your father, nobody was innocent back then, not completely. Your mother may have had her problems, but she was hardly all bad. There were some very good points to her personality, points that you share. In a sense, solely blaming her for what I stupidly contributed to is almost as bad as blaming you.”

” … Really? I mean what you said about Sheila having good points?”

“Oh, yes. For example, she was a very generous person and good to her friends.”

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