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Daddy Knows Best

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Double Penetration

Jim Matthews looked out the kitchen window at the group of attractive teens in skimpy bikinis lounging around the pool. His eighteen-year-old daughter, Tiffany, had invited a few friends over for a swim. His eyes moved to one girl in particular. She was five-foot four with long dark hair, big brown eyes, full breasts bulging from her skimpy top, two powerful ass cheeks fully exposed by her thong bottoms, and a swollen pussy puffing out against the tiny patch covering it.

Jim knew he shouldn’t be lusting after his own daughter like this, even if it was just looking. In a way, it was her fault. Tiffany liked to strut around the house practically naked. When she wasn’t in her skimpy bikini, she wore cutoffs that rode high on her ass cheeks and wedged into the crack of her pussy. Her braless tops often showed a generous amount of cleavage as well as her erect nipples.

Jim, feeling guilty for lusting after his daughter, had asked his wife Debbie to say something to Tiffany about how she dressed. Debbie laughed and dismissed it as what normal girls that age do, and added that it wasn’t like she was sleeping with every boy that looked at her. Maybe not, Jim thought, but she wasn’t a virgin either. Jim had seen the proof. He found a pair of cum-drenched panties in her laundry hamper.

It hadn’t been the first time he had examined his daughter’s panties. Jim had been doing it for several months. The first time, he was in the laundry room taking his clothes out of the dryer and noticed a pair of Tiffany’s panties on top of her laundry basket. It was like an invitation. He picked them up and lifted them to his nose. The faint aroma of his daughter’s pussy filled his nostrils. After fighting a losing battle with his conscious, he took the panties to the bathroom and filled the crotch with a huge load of cum.

Jim tried to resist the temptation to do it again, but he failed. A few days later he snuck into Tiffany’s room, took a pair of used panties from her laundry bin, and sniffed them while jerking off. After cumming in her panties, he stuffed them in the bottom of the laundry bin. He did it again a few days later, and then again until it became a regular habit.

Two weeks ago he got a surprise. The panties he took from the top of the laundry bin were soaked in the crotch. He ran his fingers through the sticky mess. It was cum and it wasn’t his. The boy she had dated the previous night must have fucked her without a condom, and his cum had seeped out of her pussy and into her panties. Jim quickly added his own load to that from her date’s and threw the panties back in the laundry bin.

These thoughts flashed through his head as he continued to stare at his daughter through the kitchen window. Tiffany, almost as if she knew he was watching, dropped her sunglasses right in front of him and bent at the waist to retrieve them. Peeking out from between her thighs was the swollen mound of her pussy covered by a tiny patch of cloth. Jim watched her ass jiggle when she stood and walked away. His cock was now straining against his gym shorts.

“Put your eyes back in their sockets,” Debbie said wrapping her hands around his body from behind. “And come upstairs with me. I’ll make you forget all about those girls.”

Jim jumped, thinking he had been busted for looking at his daughter, but his wife’s generic reference to girls in the plural made him relax. They went upstairs to the bedroom. Debbi threw her arms around his neck kissing him passionately and shoving her tongue into his mouth. His hands quickly found her firm ass cheeks through the tight shorts she was wearing. At age forty, Debbie had the body of a twenty something and knew how to use it.

Debbie slid down in front of him pulling his gym shorts with her. Jim’s semi- hard cock bounced free. A small trickle of pre-cum oozed out from the tiny slit at the tip. She licked it off and swirled her tongue around the swollen knob until he was fully erect. Debbie admired his thick seven inch shaft with a huge bulging crown on top. She gently stroked it with her hand.

“It’s beautiful, Jim. I can’t wait to put it in my mouth.”

Debbie stood and removed her top and bra. Jim’s eyes feasted on her perfectly formed d-cup breasts with light brown caps and erect nipples poking slightly upward. He gently squeezed them with his fingers while she stroked his cock. Debbie helped him pull off his tee shirt and pushed him back until he was sitting on the bed in front of her.

Debbie got on her knees and wedged herself between his legs. She plunged her lips down the length of his throbbing cock. Jim groaned from the warm wetness that enveloped his hard meat. Her tongue swirled across the ridges and veins of his shaft as she fucked him with her mouth. Her fingers moved to his balls and gently massaged them. She looked up at him with her eyes to let him know how much she loved what she was doing, but Jim already knew that.

What she did next always amazed Jim no matter how many times she had done it in Beylikdüzü escort the past. Debbie opened her throat and pushed out her tongue. His hard shaft went deeper and deeper until her lips were pressed against his pubes. She held him there licking his balls through her lips and massaging him with her throat. Jim was seeing stars.

“Still thinking about those hot young bodies by the pool?” Debbie asked pulling her drooling lips from his cock.

“What girls?”Jim gasped.

Debbie slammed her mouth back down his length and took him deep into her throat. He put his hands on the back of her head slamming her face up and down on his cock and driving it deep on each thrust. Debbie gagged and choked with spit pouring from her lips, but she kept up the pace. She loved having his cock in her mouth. Her pussy was pulsing and leaking into her panties. Debbie slipped a hand into her shorts and rubbed her dripping cunt.

“Oh fuck… I’m going to cum,” Jim moaned as his cock swelled.

Debbie didn’t let that happen. She pulled her mouth from his shaft and wrapped her fingers tightly around the base, driving the huge load about to erupt back into his balls. She licked off the trickle of white fluid that leaked from the slit at the tip. Jim groaned in agony. Debbie leaned forward and rubbed both nipples across the slimy knob. Then she pressed his shaft between her tits. She squeezed them tightly around him and moved the soft flesh up and down his length with her eyes looking up teasingly.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll let you finish when I’m ready.”

Debbie teased him some more with her tits and mouth, but wouldn’t let him cum. She finally stood and peeled down her ass-hugging shorts and panties. The swollen mound of her shaved pussy hung between her legs like a ripe peach. Glistening pink folds peeked out from a gash down the middle. She turned around and bent at the waist. Jim stared at her dripping pussy only inches away suspended between her thighs just below her tight asshole.

“Use your tongue, sweetie, and get me good and ready for your big cock. I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll never look at another girl again.”

With that she thrust her pussy against his face. Jim clamped his lips around her puffy mound and shoved his tongue between the slimy folds of her steamy passage. He licked and sucked on her juicy cunt sliding his tongue up and down her slit. Debbie moaned with pleasure as she squirmed against his face. His tongue found her clit. She gasped and felt a small gush escape from her opening. Jim eagerly gulped it down his throat. He continued to tongue fuck her to another gushing release.

Jim moved his lips higher and licked her tight asshole, bathing it in spit. She moaned at the new sensation shooting through her nerve endings. Jim shoved two fingers up her cunt and buried them deep. He twisted them back and forth as he fucked them in and out of her juicy fuck hole. Her moans and gasps became louder and more erratic. Juices dripped from her opening and streamed down her thighs. His thumb found her clit and rubbed it in circles.


Debbie stiffened just before her pussy exploded. Jim clamped his mouth around her and drank the pungent juices gushing from her body. He took a finger, slimy with cunt juice, and shoved it up her ass. Another orgasm sent more girl cum squirting into his mouth. She finally pulled away from him, unable to take any more pleasure.

Jim scooted back on the bed and waited for his wife to recover. Debbie finally turned around and climbed on top of him. She straddled his body and slowly impaled her dripping pussy down his length. Jim looked up at his sexy wife with her magnificent tits hanging from her chest, her long dark hair strung over her shoulders, her big brown eyes full of lust, and her full lips slightly parted. She looked so much like an older version of their daughter. He tried to imagine how Tiffany’s hot pussy would feel grinding against his cock.

“Your cock feels so good in my pussy, baby. It’s so deep inside me.”

She leaned forward and dangled her tits in his face. Jim sucked a nipple into his mouth while she continued to grind against his cock rubbing her clit over his curly pubes. His slid his hands to her ass cheeks to help guide her motions. His mouth found her other nipple. Debbie slowly began rocking against him lifting up his length and impaling her pussy back down burying his hard cock deep in her cunt. She moved faster and faster as her tits slapped his face.

“Your big hard cock’s fucking my pussy so good baby. I love how it feels moving in and out of my juicy cunt.”

Her moans and gasps became louder and more desperate. Jim thrust up into her cunt each time she plunged down on him, driving his cock deep into her belly again and again. Juices poured from her pussy soaking his pubes and dripping from his balls. Debbie fell forward, her body quivering, her pussy clenching his cock. She dug her fingers Beylikdüzü escort into his shoulders and cried out as an explosive orgasm consumed her.

Without pulling out, Jim rolled her over so that he was on top. He pushed Debbie’s knees back to her shoulders and drove his cock straight down into her cunt bouncing the head off her cervix. He fucked her hard and fast slamming into her again and again and again. Debbie reached around his body and grabbed his ass cheeks. Using her hands, she tried to pull him deeper into her womb.


Her pussy exploded. His balls slapped wetly against her asshole as juices poured down the crack between her cheeks. Jim’s head was spinning with lust. He looked down at the woman below and no longer saw his wife. He was fucking his daughter. She was moaning and squealing and begging him to fuck her harder as one orgasm after the next sent her spinning into another world. It was too much. He felt his cock swell as a huge load churned in his balls.

“On my tits and face,” the voice beneath him yelled just before he exploded.

Jim barely cleared her pussy when a long and steady stream of cum shot out from the tip of his cock. It splattered across her stomach and over her tits landing on her face and in her hair. He moved up her body and released a second blast. Blotches of cum splattered her tits and face. This was followed by several more spurts. Jim was still spewing copious amounts of cum when she took him between her lips and swallowed the rest.

Jim looked down at the woman below him, still imagining it was his daughter. Cum was running down the sides of her face, pooled in her left eye, speckled through her hair, dripping from her ear, and splattered all over her tits and stomach. She was frantically rubbing her clit. Moments later, her body jerked in a series of uncontrollable spasms. When she finally opened her eyes and smiled up at him, Jim realized Tiffany had been a mirage, but it seemed so real.

Neither of them noticed Tiffany watching through a crack in the door. Her hand was inside her bikini bottoms rubbing her pussy and clit. She bit her lip and tried to stifle a gasp as she came all over her fingers at precisely the same time as her mother’s orgasm. Cunt juice soaked through the tiny patch covering her pussy. Tiffany quietly snuck back downstairs to join her friends and dove in the pool before they noticed the wet stain on her bikini bottoms.

Tiffany hadn’t meant to spy on her mom and dad. She had to pee really bad. Someone was in the downstairs bathroom so she went upstairs. When she came out, she heard noises coming from her parents’ room. She should have recognized what they were doing, but these were her parents. They didn’t do things like that – not in the middle of the day anyway. They hadn’t even closed the bedroom door all the way. It was like an invitation to peek.

Tiffany was shocked to see her mother on her knees sucking her father’s cock. She wasn’t just sucking it. She was devouring it. Tiffany had sucked a few cocks but never like that. Then she watched her dad eat her mom’s pussy from behind. Was he also licking her ass and fingering her? It sure looked like it. Tiffany wanted to be disgusted but instead felt the tingling in her pussy become even more intense.

When her mother mounted her father’s big cock, Tiffany had to touch herself. She slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms and rubbed her pussy. She could see her father’s glistening cock slide in and out of her mother’s cunt as her ass cheeks lifted up and down. Tiffany closed her eyes and imagined it was her pussy getting fucked. These feelings became more intense when her father got on top. She could almost feel his cock spearing deep into her body.

Tiffany let out an audible gasp as she watched her father pull out and spray cum all over her mother’s face and tits. She knew people did that in porn videos, but never imagined normal people doing it, particularly her parents. Watching it happen was more exciting than she could have imagined. It made Tiffany wish it was her face and tits that were being splattered with her father’s cum. Moments after he finished shooting, she had an orgasm.

Tiffany tried to get the image of her mom and dad out of her mind, but it was hopeless. After her friends left, she went to her room and took the vibrator out from under her mattress. For the next thirty minutes she fucked her pussy and clit senseless to images of her dad’s cock pounding into her and spraying cum over her face and tits. She was exhausted and glistening with a fine sheen of sweat when she finally finished.

The next morning Tiffany slept late. She came down to the kitchen in a nightshirt that barely covered her panties. Her dad was sitting at the table. Her mom was out getting her nails and hair done. Tiffany reached for some cereal on the top shelf. Jim watched her nightshirt lift over the back of her high cut cheekies and felt his cock twitch. Tiffany Escort Beylikdüzü poured the cereal into a bowl and joined him at the table.

“Good morning, Tiffany. I hope you and your friends had fun at the pool party yesterday.”

Tiffany was having a hard time looking at her dad without thinking about his hard cock plunging in and out of her mother’s pussy. Even his mouth was a distraction. It was the same mouth that had sucked on her mother’s cunt and licked her asshole. She squirmed in her seat as juices gathered in her opening and soaked into her panties. She felt her nipples swell and poke out from her nightshirt.

“Um, yeah, it was fun. I hope we weren’t being too loud and disturbing you and mom.”

“Not at all sweetheart,” Jim replied glancing at her swollen nipples. “Mom and I were chilling out upstairs. What’s going on tonight?”

“Oh, um, I have a date with Colin. I think you met him. He’s really nice.”

Jim had met Colin and knew he was the boy whose cum was on her panties when he pulled them from her laundry bin.

“Yes, I believe you’ve been seeing him a lot lately. Is it something serious?”

“No Daddy. He’s a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t say we were serious. I still date other guys, like Mike last weekend. You met him, remember?”

Jim remembered Mike. He also found his cum in her panties after her date with him. He wondered how many other guys she was fucking.

“Yes, of course. I hope you’re not letting them take advantage of you, baby. After all, you are a very attractive young lady, and I remember what it was like to be a boy of that age.”

“Are you asking me if we’re having sex? I mean I am eighteen, Daddy. I can make decisions for myself. No one is taking advantage of me.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” Jim replied glancing at her nipples poking out from the night shirt. “I can see that you’re grown up. You might want to consider wearing a bra in the future.”

Tiffany covered her tits with her arms. His comment upset her for some reason. She had been dressing that way for years and he had never said anything about it. She lashed out at him without really thinking.

“I’ll start wearing a bra when you and mom start closing the bedroom door before you have sex. It’s like an invitation to watch, or maybe you wanted me to see. It’s a good thing it wasn’t one of my friends watching you going at it yesterday.”

Jim was shocked. He wondered if she saw him shoot cum all over her mother’s face and tits.

“I don’t know what you saw, Tiffany, but you really shouldn’t have been watching. What your mother and I do in the privacy of our bedroom should remain private.”

Tiffany was still angry and blurted out the first thing that came into her head.

“Oh, so it’s alright for you to fuck mom when my friends are over and shoot cum all over her face and tits, but it’s not alright for me to have sex with the boys I date?”

That answered his question about whether or not she saw him cum on his wife. It made Jim wonder if she was disgusted by what she saw. Maybe she was excited. That thought made his cock stir.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t be having sex, Tiffany, as long as you’re careful. It’s perfectly normal for someone your age to want to explore their sexuality. Mom and I have those same feelings for each other. I hope you didn’t find what we were doing disgusting.”

Tiffany knew she had pushed her father too far by what she had said to him. She needed to dial it back a notch.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to use those words. Of course I know you and mom have sex. I wasn’t disgusted or anything. I just wasn’t expecting to see it. I mean, how would you feel if you saw me having sex with one of my dates? What would you think?”

“I’d probably be jealous,” Jim said, immediately regretting it. “Well, not jealous, but wondering if my daughter was feeling, um… I mean not just doing it because you feel like you have to, but because you enjoyed it. You know, like your mom and I enjoy it.”

“Really? I know I shouldn’t say this, but watching you and Mommy, and seeing how much you enjoyed each other, made me excited. Does that make any sense?”

Tiffany dropped her arms, obviously letting him see her hard nipples poking out from the nightshirt. This was becoming too intimate. Jim knew he should steer the conversation to another topic, but he was curious. He wanted to know more.

“It does, Tiffany. And I’m sure it would make me excited to watch you. It makes me excited just to see you walking around dressed like that. I’m a man, sweetie. I can’t help myself, even if you are my daughter. I hope that doesn’t upset you.”

Tiffany felt her pussy twitch. Her dad just said she excited him. If only he knew how many orgasms she had yesterday thinking about his cock pounding her pussy and spraying cum all over her face and tits. She couldn’t say that though, could she?

“I know I shouldn’t tell you this, Daddy, but I rubbed off while I was watching you. I couldn’t help myself. I imagined it was me that you were with. Does that make me bad?”

This was getting into dangerous territory. Jim knew it was wrong to continue the conversation, but his lust for his daughter won out over his conscience.

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