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Daddy and Marie

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The plane landed at Dublin airport, Marie took a deep breath and waited for it to stop. It emptied quickly and Marie reached up, took her bag, grabbed her coat and walked off the plane.

Home. Marie had not been home for five years. Intense arguments with her mother had finally got the better of her and she had moved over to England when she was 17. She had been miserable when she moved, missing her beloved daddy so much that it hurt. Depression and comfort eating had taken its toll. She had always been a chubby child, much to her mother’s shame, and it had not taken much to put on a large amount of weight. It was the main reason for their arguments with her mother.

So she had fled, leaving daddy behind. Now she was back, missing daddy, missing Dublin. She would see both this weekend but daddy had been sworn secrecy.

Standing in arrivals Tony waited for his daughter. Five years was a long time and although he and Marie had spoken on his hidden mobile phone, he still missed his daughter.

Marie’s flight had landed and he watched the doors impatiently. They finally slid open and his breath caught in his chest. He let it out with a sigh as a stream of businessmen walked past him. A couple of minutes later everyone else started filtering through; young, old, short, tall, big, skinny. His eyes scanned, but kept resting on a big girl with purple hair. Worried she would catch him staring at her he concentrated on looking for his daughter. He started to worry that she had changed her mind at the last minute.

“Hullo Daddy,” said a voice behind him. A mature voice, but one he would know on any given day.

“Hullo baby,” he said swinging around to greet her. To his surprise it was the girl with the purple hair. Tony felt a pang of guilt about ogling his daughter.

Marie threw her arms around her dad. “Oh, I have missed you so much Daddy,” her voice broke and he heard his little girl again. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed the top of her head.

“I missed you too sweetheart, so very much.” He could feel Marie crying softly against his shoulder and hushed her gently, not letting her go, taking in the scent of her. Roses, she smells of roses, he thought and smiled, she had always loved them.

After a few minutes, Marie looked up. “Sorry Daddy, it’s just so good to see you.”

“Its ok sweetie, it’s good to see you too. Come on, I’ll take you to the hotel. Are you sure you don’t want to go home?” Tony replied. Marie shot him a look and clamped her mouth shut. “Ok love, I just thought I would check; hotel it is,” he finished.

Marie smiled again and led the way out of the airport. “How are we getting to the hotel? I take it you still don’t drive?” She asked, as she raised an eyebrow.

“You know I don’t, but I’ve hired a car for you, on me,” her dad replied and took her hand, turning her in the right direction to pick up the car.

Marie held his hand tightly, not wanting to ever let go of her daddy again. They walked and picked up the car, putting her bag in the boot. They got in and he directed her to the small hotel he had found in the city centre. Marie parked the car in the hotel car park then she and her dad went to check in. Tony took her bag and they made their way to her room. Opening the door, she looked around. It was quite posh but looked as though it was worth it. The king size bed stood almost three feet high, Marie felt as though she would need a step to get onto it. The bathroom was large, the furnishings sumptuous. The view from the window was over the city and Marie walked over to look out.

Tony stood and watched her in silence, taking in her large rounded backside and wondering what happened to his plump little girl. She stood with her back to him, shoulder-length purple hair shining. Her shoulders lifted with a shuddering sigh. “A lot has changed Daddy,” she said. Tony walked over and stood beside her.

“Yes love it has, including you.” Marie turned her head and looked at him, a crooked grin on her face.

“Yes including me,” she admitted. Tony watched her expectantly and let the silence take over. “I hate it Daddy, I miss you so much.” Marie suddenly said. [new para] “I miss you too love, I’ve always missed you,” Tony replied and opened his arms as Marie started to cry once more. She stepped into his comforting embrace and surrendered to the tears. Tony held her and loved her, his heart breaking as his little girl broke hers.

When Marie had cried herself dry she lifted her head. “I’m sorry Daddy, I just…….” she was unable to finish “I must look a real mess.” she sniffed.

Tony laughed “Well you do look a bit snotty.”

Marie smiled, “maybe I should get a shower.” She stood and headed for the bathroom. Tony reached for his jacket, Marie looked at him in alarm. “Please don’t go Daddy,” she pleaded. He smiled and put his jacket down.

“OK love, I’ll be here when you come out.” He crossed the room and switched on the television. “Away you go, I’m going nowhere.” He smiled and sat down.

Marie sorted out her bag and laid altyazılı porno some underwear on the bed. She took off her jeans and her long t-shirt and went into the bathroom, looking at her daddy before she shut the door. Turning on the shower she stripped the rest of her clothes off. Walking into the cubicle she let the warm water cascade over her hair, breasts and large round stomach, lifting it to let the water trickle under it and down her freshly trimmed mound. Marie had decided a long time ago that despite her size she was still going to look nice. She didn’t have the highest confidence but she knew men who loved women as big as her and she felt sexy knowing that. She washed herself with her usual rose soap, one of the few reminders of where she grew up, the garden full of roses. Marie rinsed and turned the shower off, stepped out of the cubicle and grabbed a towel. She smiled to herself and shook her head wistfully, all that money and the towels still did not go around her. She shrugged and walked out of the bathroom.

Tony looked up as the bathroom door opened. Marie walked out of the door barely covered and with a towel in each hand. He suddenly felt embarrassed. He had thoughts racing through his head that had no right to be there. Marie rubbed her hair with a towel and the one that she barely had on dropped to the floor, her breasts and stomach swaying about. Tony sat mesmerised by her body, everything swinging in different directions.

Marie lowered the towel from her face, her hair sticking out all over her head and looked at her dad. Tony sat open mouthed and Marie, suddenly self conscious, grabbed her underwear and fled for the bathroom. Standing behind the door her face burning with embarrassment, she jumped as there was a knock on the door.

“Marie? Do you want me to go love?” Tony asked. Sudden panic gripped her and she yanked open the door.

“NO!” she yelped.

“Oh Marie, you are so beautiful,” Tony breathed. “So very, very beautiful.”

Marie stood at the bathroom door. “Thank you Daddy,” she said and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Tony leaned forward and caught Marie on the lips. They both pulled back almost immediately and looked at each other, neither of them sure what to do next.

Marie stepped forward, put her arms around his neck and breathed “Oh Daddy, I do love you.” then kissed him. Tony wrapped his arms around his little girl’s waist and pulled her into him, kissing her deeply, breathing her in. Their kiss lasted what seemed like forever and finally they pulled away from each other.

“Marie, I…..we……we shouldn’t be doing this,” Tony said.

“Daddy, I love you, I want you, I need you.” Marie’s hand moved to the front of his trousers. “You need me too. Please Daddy, I missed you so much.” She gently rubbed his cock through his trousers.

“Oh Fuck Marie, you little bitch,” he said and he moved one of his hands to her breasts.

“Ohhhh Daddy.” Marie moaned, her back arching to offer him more. Tony bent to his daughter’s breast and sucked her nipple, rolling it around with his tongue while she moaned gently. His hands moving over her body, her stomach, her big ass. “Daddy I want you. Make me yours. I want to be yours.”

Tony’s hands continued to move over her body, taking in the dampness between her thighs. Marie moaned as her daddy’s hand passed over it. “Get on the bed Marie,” he commanded. Marie did as she was told. She sat cross-legged and watched as her daddy took off all his clothes.

He stood naked, her precious daddy, his cock already hard as he watched her. Never taking her eyes from his, Marie leant back and opened her legs, sliding two fingers into her pussy-lips, she smiled at him. “How do I look Daddy?” She asked.

“Oh Marie you are beautiful. Finger your cunt baby.” As Tony uttered the word ‘cunt’ Marie moaned. “Oh you like that do you? You fucking cunt.”

Marie moaned and squirmed, “Oh Daddy,” she breathed.

“Open your legs for Daddy, my little whore, I am going to eat the cunt off you.” Marie moaned again and opened her legs wider. Tony got on the bed and lay on his stomach between his daughters thighs. “Oh Marie, you are fucking gorgeous,” he said, kissing her large thighs and stomach, making her squirm.

“Oh Daddy, please don’t.” Tony looked up and over his daughters swelling stomach

“No, I won’t stop. I love and adore you. ALL of you Marie. Your stomach, your thighs, your breasts, as well as your face, your mind and just simply, you. So shut up and let me love you, because you are beautiful.”

Marie went pink and nodded “Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy,” she mumbled. Tony resumed his journey around his daughter, kissing, biting, licking her, listening to her breathing getting heavier. He lifted one thigh and moved it, opening her legs further apart.

Very gently, Tony blew on his daughter’s cunt. A massive shiver went through Marie making her thighs and stomach wobble. Tony licked her cunt lips, up one and then down the other, lifting her other thigh to expose her tight, puckered asshole. türkçe altyazılı porno Extending his tongue he dipped into her, licking across it before coming back to probe gently but deeply into her ass, making her moan. From her ass he licked across to her hole and quickly slid as deeply in as he could. Marie’s hands gripped the covers hard.

Tony pulled back from her cunt “Do you like that Marie? Does it feel good baby? Your cunt is so beautiful Marie.” Marie moaned as her daddy went back to tongue fucking her cunt

“Oh Daddy, it feels so good Daddy, please don’t stop, I need you.” Marie gasped.

“Marie, you cunt, I love you,” Tony stopped to say before returning once more to his work.

“Daddy I love you and I love when you call me names.” Marie moved her hands, one to her daddy’s head, the other to her mound, her fingers dipping in to find her clit.

Tony grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. “Oh no you don’t, my little slut, that’s daddy’s job.” He wrapped his fingers around hers and moved them away from temptation, all the time continuing to tongue fuck his daughters wanton cunt.

Marie felt her cunt starting to contract, heading for a blissful orgasm. “Oh Daddy, you’re going to make me cum,” she moaned as she continued with his tongue.

“Oh yes, cum for me my slutty little whore cunt, cum for daddy, Marie.” Marie moaned deeply one more time and came, shuddering and moaning as she did so, heaving convulsions filling her body as her orgasm hit her in waves.

“Oh god Daddy, I love you,” she whispered as Tony felt and tasted small gushes of cum on his tongue. Dipping his tongue in deeply, he lapped at her hole then placed his lips inside and sucked on the juices. Satisfied that he had emptied her he kissed her mound once more, just above her slit and then moved up her body. When he reached her face, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her.

They kissed deeply as he shared her cum with her, his hands moving trickling slowly and gently up and down her thighs and waist, making her shiver as she kissed him. He pulled back and looked at her. “Oh Marie, my beautiful girl, my princess, my cunt. I love you so much.”

Marie looked at her daddy, a single tear left the corner of one eye un-noticed. “Daddy, I love you so much, I have always loved you. I’ve missed you, pined for you every day, I ache for you so much.”

Tony looked at her “Let me in baby, let Daddy into your cunt.” Marie opened her legs and Tony slid in slowly and gently.

“Oh Daddy, Fuck, I love you. fuck your cunt Daddy, fuck your whore.” Tony kissed her neck and slowly fucked her. He wanted for all the world to fuck her senseless but he was determined to take his time, for now. Eventually he would fuck her wanton brains out. Her hips were moving to meet him but he still felt he was not deep enough.

Tony sat back, took hold of her legs and pushed them as far back as her beautiful fat belly would allow. Marie moaned deeply “Oh fuck Daddy,” she breathed.

“Oh Marie you beautiful, adorable cunt, does Daddy feel good?” He watched as her bulk moved back and forth with the rhythm of his strokes.

“Oh Daddy your cock feels so good, I love you Daddy, please don’t stop.” Marie answered him, breathless with passion, the need for her daddy so strong. Tony pushed harder, his cock sliding almost all the way out before plunging deep back into the folds of his daughters warm and loving cunt.

“Oh my beautiful princess, I love you so much, cum for daddy baby, cum for me.” Marie’s moans filled the room, her daddy’s cock filling her, pumping until she felt her orgasm approaching.

“Daddyyyyyy,” she moaned, her cunt tightening around him. “Oh fuck DaddyYyyyyYYYY,” and Marie’s orgasm hit, it felt like one hundred mph from the pit of her stomach, her entire body contracted then exploded in a burst of colour: reds and oranges, greens and blues, like a firework display in her mind. Her orgasm made the walls of her cunt contract tightly and Tony moaned half in pleasure and half in pain as Marie lost control, her body spasming around him.

Unable to hold back any longer he shuddered and came, spurt after spurt, filling his beautiful daughters cunt. “Oh my god, my beautiful girl, I love you so.”

A sob filled the air as Marie’s orgasm finished, tears ran down her face, her breathing ragged. Tony noticed in alarm. “Marie? Oh Marie, whatever is wrong? Oh god Marie, I am so sorry, I’ll go, this should never have happened.” He pulled out of her and gently put her legs on the bed. “I am so sorry Marie, I never meant to hurt you. Oh god what have I done?” He moved to the edge of the bed and got one foot to the floor.

“Daddy, don’t go.” Marie whispered. “Please, please don’t go, please come back Daddy, I don’t want you to leave, I want you to hold me.” Marie looked at her dad and held out her hand. Tony took it and held it tightly. He sat quietly with his head down, unable to look at his beautiful daughter.

“Daddy, please look at me,” Marie pleaded. Tony turned to look at hd altyazılı porno her “I wanted this Daddy, I wanted this so much. I love you with every ounce of my being. I have spent five years pining for you Daddy, I have been so miserable without you. Please come to bed Daddy, I love you.” Unable to contain herself any longer she sobbed and Tony relented, unable to watch his daughter crying. He moved back onto the bed and snuggled in behind her, gathering her into his arms.

“Hush sweetheart, its ok, I’m not going anywhere.” Marie shivered half from feeling chill and half from feeling his warm breath on her back.

They lay spooned together for some time. Tony felt his daughter’s rhythmic breathing as she fell asleep safe in his care. He was torn between staying and going but he had promised her and so he stayed where he was. She smelt so beautiful, so feminine. He rested on one elbow, watching her. She had his genetics, round face, small nose, almond shaped eyes. He ran a finger lightly around her hairline, scooping her hair back behind her ear. She stirred slightly and her lips went into a small pout, my god she’s sexy he thought. His fingers travelled lightly down her neck and across her shoulder, noticing for the first time, tattoos on her body. He had seen the one on her arm as she went for her shower, but he had not noticed the small blue unicorn on her shoulder. He ran his finger over it and moved away slightly so that he could continue exploring her beautiful body. Her back was smooth, her fat going into creases about half way down, he thought how unkind it was when people called them saddlebags, he was enamoured of them.

His next port of perusal was her magnificent round ass. It was incredibly smooth and not a bit saggy, an ass you wanted to grab and squeeze the hell out of, it looked as though it required that you sink your teeth into it. Tony smiled to himself, certain that he would at some point. At the base of her spine lay a small multicoloured dragon. She always did love fantasy so he was not surprised.

Unable to contain himself any longer he kissed her shoulder and ran his fingers down her spine. Marie moaned and turned over onto her back, snuggling sideways into Tony once again. “Mmmmm Daddy.” She murmured in her sleep. “Shhhhh,” Tony gentled his girl. Her breathing settled again and he gently played with one of her nipples. They were rose coloured, large, about two inches across, her nipples naturally stuck out and he could not resist licking a finger and running it across the sensitive tip. Marie stirred again and opened her legs. Tony smiled, it was like pushing a button, he thought.

Tony moved slowly and as quietly as possible down the massive bed, he truly did not want to wake her yet. He moved as far down as he could to get between her legs. Goal achieved he moved back up until his face was in front of her cunt again. He bowed his head and started his work. He licked first from the bottom to the top in one long lick, tasting her cum mixed with a light taste of his own. Christ but she has a magnificent fat cunt, he thought. Sucking one of her lips into his mouth, he tugged gently, licking the inner lip and then repeating on the other side. His tongue flicked inside, getting more of the taste of them both. He moaned softly to himself as Marie slept on.

Tony slowly slid his tongue into her warm hole, he filled his tongue full of cum and lapped at her, revelling in the taste of his beautiful wanton daughter. He had never imagined she would be his in this way. He gave long licks to her pussy lips, never touching her clit, always stopping short, teasing her without her knowing.

Marie woke slowly to the feel of her cunt being eaten. She lay still and let it wash over her, her precious daddy was loving her. She slowly lifted her hand and put it on his head. Her daddy stopped instantly. “Don’t stop Daddy.” She said, and opened her legs as wide as she could, exposing her wet pink cunt. Tony blew on her exposed wetness and Marie moaned and tried to raise her hips to him.

“Oh no you don’t, you lay still you cunt and do exactly as you are told.” He looked up and the look on his face brooked no argument, but, like a petulant child, Marie felt the need to argue.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” she growled.

“You are my daughter and you will do as you are told or I will make sure you do,” came the gruff reply.

Marie thought for a split second and then went to shut her legs, knowing full well that she was cutting her own nose off to spite her face. Tony raised himself and put one hand on each thigh. “Stay where you damn well are, you cunt,” he said. “If you don’t I will make sure you do.”

Marie sneered at him and sat up. “Don’t fucking call me names,” she hissed as she drew her hand back to slap him. Tony grabbed her remaining hand and caught the other one just before it made contact.

“You fucking little bitch, now you will pay.” He grabbed the first thing with any length he could reach, it was the bra that she had taken off her beautiful, big, 46C breasts. Holding one end he wound it around her wrists, binding them together while Marie struggled and swore at him. Tying the bra in a knot he dropped her hands into her lap. In an instant she brought both hands up and caught him in the face. “Fucker” she snarled.

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