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Daddy and Kitten

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Big Tits

This is a first for me. I have always been a voracious consumer of erotica, but this is my first story, writing or posting. Many, many thanks to Mouth_Full_of_Lust for editing this for me. Your suggestions, comments and corrections were very helpful. And your response made me feel confident that others might enjoy it. This story features role playing with a Daddy/Kitten dynamic, but both are consenting adults in a committed relationship. If the use of these might offend, then this would not be for you.

Malcolm smacked the phone down. He rarely snapped at people he worked with, but the supplier he had been speaking to had really gotten under his skin. It had taken everything in him not to hang up on the man. He leaned back in his chair, running frustrated hands through his hair. He worked from home so he propped his legs up on the huge desk and tried to relax. He felt “off” lately. Tense, itchy, like too much energy was running under his skin. As he tried to sort what the fuck was wrong with him, he heard a crash from upstairs, a loud curse, followed by her quick steps on the stairs. He looked up as she strode past his office door and continued to curse. She at least tried to keep her voice low, but he could still hear her. She knew how he felt about her cursing. He was going to have to talk to her about that, again. He dropped his legs to the floor, sat upright and called out to her.

“Kitten, would you please come here?”

His voice was not harsh, but she stopped on a dime.

As Katrina had walked past his office, something had hit him. He knew why he had felt off recently. The last six months had been incredibly busy. And while they still had been present and supportive of each other, they had not had any time to indulge in one of their favorite treats.

Daddy and Kitten had not come out to play in some time. Their sex life was always fantastic and mutually satisfying but this kind of playtime resulted in the intense release that he needed to expend this extra energy. It had been too long and he was about to fix that. He reached over, silenced his phone and made sure his video call app was closed. Almost getting caught in a compromising position was not something he wanted to risk. A couple of months ago, Katrina came into his office as he was wrapping up a video call. She had leaned over his chair from behind, slid her arms over his shoulders and her hands moved unerringly down to his crotch. Thank god Mike, who had not yet disconnected, said hello to Katrina. They both froze, her hand stilling on his zipper. Luckily the camera had been set high enough that Mike could not see her hands. To him, it just looked like she was hugging Malcom from behind.

There was silence as she paused. He pictured her taking a deep breath and trying to smooth her expression. She recognized thatvoice and what it meant. He couldn’t know that inside she smiled but he did know that she needed it as much as he did. When she was juggling too many things at work, she let it creep into the rest of her life. And her current state was the result. Malcom heard her heading back to him.

As she stepped into his office, he could see that she was already reacting to his voice. When Daddy was in control the timbre and pitch allowed Katrina to let go and sink into being Kitten. She no longer had to be in control. She was a successful independent woman who ran her event planning business with efficiency. But sometimes she needed to let go for a while. If he ever misread her mood and she wasn’t up to playtime, she would simply say “pineapple”. Her safe word would alert him and stop Daddy in his tracks. Malcolm would be back again. She stopped in front of his desk with escort bursa her hands behind her back and looked at him from under her bangs.

“Kitten. What happened and why were you cursing a blue streak? We have discussed this before.”

She blushed and bit her lip. “Steve Kramer happened. He was being a meanie about next week’s gala. I told him where I thought he could stick his opinions. I got so mad I hung up on him and jumped up.

I forgot about my stupid headphones and knocked my coffee mug to the floor. It broke into a gazillion pieces. That got me more mad. I love that mug…’cause Daddy bought it for me at Disney! ” And then she actually pouted.

He pushed his chair back from the desk and patted his lap. “Come here, sweet girl. Come sit on Daddy’s lap.” There were times that he was primal and demanding, but sometimes, a different approach was required. He loved both.

A sweet smile replaced her pout and she knew Daddy would fix it. She walked over to him, climbed into his lap, sitting sideways. Her head tucked under his chin. One of his hands rubbed her lower back in gentle circles and his other settled on her thighs.

“The mug can be replaced, baby. I will find it online and you’ll have it back in your hands in no time.”

She rarely did video calls for work, so she was in a cute Eeyore T-shirt and little pink panties. The dichotomy of a strong, self assured woman and this adorable kitten never ceased to amaze him. She often argued that she was more productive when she was comfortable, but he needed to be dressed to be in the right frame of mind to work. She teased him that he was stuffy, but it was said with love and it made him smile. As usual, he was in a pair of casual slacks and a button up shirt with several buttons open at his neck. She curled her upper body into him and pressed her nose into the opening at the top of his shirt. She had a habit of breathing his scent in deep when they were close and that turned him on.

They slipped into this so seamlessly and he knew he was the luckiest man on earth. The hand at her back slipped beneath her shirt and his other began rubbing her thighs. One of her hands moved up by her face. Her soft fingers caressed his skin and her nose nuzzled his throat. Getting more turned on, the hand on her thigh crept higher and higher and she began to squirm on his lap. This caused his cock to stiffen. She turned her head up to look at him with wide eyed innocence.

“Daddy, I’m feeling funny.”

“Funny how, Kitten?”

“I’m feeling tingly downthere” as she squirmed some more. “I feel somethinghard.”

God he loved her playful side.

“Do you mean here?” he asked, moving his hand to the juncture of her thighs, cupping her pussy. He could feel her warmth through the panties. His fingers could feel the outline of her pussy as he rubbed it with his index finger. A wet spot was forming.

She let out a little giggle. “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to help you with that funny feeling” he said as he dropped a kiss on her adorable nose. “Do you trust Daddy?”

She played the shy, innocent little girl so fucking well. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

He turned her so her back was to his chest, her legs over his thighs. By spreading his legs, he opened hers wide. One hand once again moved to her pussy and began caressing at the edges of her panties. His other was under her shirt, firmly pinching a nipple. She moaned and let her head fall back. His hands and fingers continued to move, and as they did she became wetter and wetter. Fingers worked into her panties and slid between her lower lips. She could not sit still. Her hips moved, trying to get more görükle escort friction. She whined a little when he held her tighter, trying to stop her movements. He knew how to play her body like an instrument. Then his fingers reached her opening and he slid the tip of one inside; she gasped.

“Oh! What are you doing?”

“Shhhhh, now. Daddy knows what to do.” The finger delved further inside and his thumb found her clit. She started moving a lot more against him and he was now rock hard. As his hand moved, he pushed his cock against her panty clad ass and groaned.

“Daddy is feeling something too Kitten. I need you to be a good little girl for me. Can you do that?”

Her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at him and nodded. He shifted her enough so he could reach between them to unzip his pants. He pulled his cock out through the opening in his boxers. He shifted her back against him and his dick rose up between their spread legs and against her pussy. Her breathing quickened. He resumed caressing her breasts and moved himself over cute pink panties. Her hand came down and pushed him tight against her. “I want you to pull your panties to one side. That’s a good girl. Daddy will make it feel all better.” His hips moved so he was nestled between her spread labia. His precum mixed with her wetness creating the slipperiness needed.

He growled as his movements picked up speed. Her head was back against him, eyes closed in bliss. Jesus, she was incredible. His gorgeous, strong woman could melt into his vulnerable little girl and it was all he could do to not push his cock into her tight cunt and take her rough and hard. His mouth closed over her earlobe and he bit gently. He took her other hand and wrapped it around his cock. In that position he used her little hand to masturbate himself. Their juices provided more than enough lubricant. After a few minutes he whispered against her ear. “Daddy needs to be inside you, sweet girl. Can you take my big cock in your tiny pussy?”

“I don’t think you will fit” she said, batting her gorgeous, green eyes at him while knowing perfectly well it would. This was all part of their play.

“It will Kitten. It might hurt a little but you can be a big girl for me, can’t you?”

“Okay Daddy” she said softly. He used both their hands to place the head of his cock against her smooth, pink pussy. She watched as his girth spread her open, disappearing inch by inch as he sank into her. She made little mewling sounds as he pushed further and further until he was balls deep. One hand played with her clit, the other tugged on a nipple.

He started to move faster, pulling out as much as their position would allow and plunging back in. She gave up all control to him. His movements were punctuated by his voice. “Daddy loves being in your little pussy. So tight, little girl.” He wanted to rut; to fuck her for all he was worth. But he needed her to cum first. Once she did, she could take a rougher fuck. As his dick moved in and out, his fingers moved faster and faster over her clit.

“Oh god, Daddy, the tingles are getting worse!” Soon she could no longer talk, just pant “yes” and “Daddy”.

He leaned in close, breathing in her ear.

“Kitten, I want you to cum now. Cum all over my cock. Give Daddy what he needs.”

He increased the pressure on her clit and she exploded with a wail. “I’m cumming Daddy!” He felt her contract around his dick, the sensation almost tipping him into his own orgasm. Almost, but he needed more. He continued to slowly pump up into her, his fingers slowing, then stopping when she became too sensitive.

“What a good little girl you are. Giving bursa escort bayan me exactly what I ask for. Now it’s Daddy’s turn to give you what you need. I’m going to cum in your fertile little pussy. I’m going to breed you. I want to feel my baby’s belly swell and to feel your tits fill with milk.” He knew she was on birth control; they weren’t ready yet for a family. Still, the words and the idea ratcheted up his need and were part of their game.

She was limp in his arms so he helped her stand, his cock slipping free, covered in her cream. He steadied her, stood up and slid her panties down and off. Then he pushed her over the desk. He smacked her delicious ass, startling her.

“Ow Daddy! That hurt!”

“That’s for all the naughty words I heard from you earlier. You know I don’t like a potty mouthed little girl.”

She frowned over her shoulder at him, but didn’t argue. He rubbed the sting away and positioned the head of his cock at her entrance. He didn’t bother to remove his clothes. He teased her, and himself, by sliding it in just a little and retreating. In, out. In, out. But he couldn’t take much more. He put one hand at her hip, the other moved to the back of her neck. He plunged forward and buried himself balls deep in one go. Her back arched and she gasped. And then he was moving. Pulling almost all the way out and driving back in. He kept a relentless pace. Her body bowed up off the desk and he pulled her upright against him. One hand came up her front, between her breasts and settled around her throat. Gentle yet firm to hold her tight to him. The other dove between her legs. Flicking her clit, his hips punching up into her.

His breath brushed against her ear as he growled. “I love fucking you, little girl. Your pussy is like heaven and it belongs to me.” He punctuatedme with a particularly deep thrust. She felt him go deeper and whimpered. “I’m going to cum deep in you. Daddy is going to put a baby into his little girl.” The pace and depth of his movements coupled with his words had another climax building up in her. Incoherent, needy sounds came from her, spurring him on.

“I want you to cum with me,” he growled.

“Yes, Daddy,” said his Kitten.

Just as he was about to cum, he pinched her clit and she went over the edge. This time the sudden contraction of her muscles did crack his control and he exploded inside her. Warmth coated her insides as he held himself deep inside her. They collapsed in the chair behind him. He didn’t pull out, just pulled her onto his lap as he sat. Slowly, his dick softened and she melted into him.

They sat like this for a few minutes, coming off the high of their incredible orgasms. She shifted a little and his cock slipped out. He reached over to the tissues on the desk, gently wiping her and tugging her panties straight again. He helped her stand and grabbed a couple more tissues for himself.

After they were both reasonably clean, he tucked his dick back in his pants and moved them to the small comfy couch in his office. He sat first and pulled her down so her head was in his lap and her legs curled on the couch. He stroked her hair and back and she nuzzled further into his lap.

He heard a soft “thank you” and, though he couldn’t see the contented smile, he felt it.

“Thank you Kitten. You are amazing and I love you more than you know.”

She turned her head and sleepily looked up at him. “How do you always know what I need even when I don’t?”

“Because that is Daddy’s job. To know exactly what his girl needs and to give it to her. Are you feeling a bit better now?”

“Yes, but does this mean we need to get back to work now?” she asked with a little pout.

“We can cuddle for a bit longer before we have to get back to the real world.” He paused. “I love you, Katrina.”

She smiled, said “love you too, Malcolm” and snuggled back into his lap to enjoy a few more contented minutes.

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