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Daddy and Daughter’s Perspectives Ch. 02

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Author’s introduction.

This is the second episode of an unusual account of a taboo topic; incest between a father and daughter. What makes it unusual is that both my dad and I have parties have written this from our perspective on what happened and why.

Kelly is 18, Bill her father is 45.

This is their story of how their relationship changed from that of a parent daughter to one of lovers.


November 28, later that evening.

My pulse began to race as I waited outside Kelly’s friend Sara’s house. This was happening more frequently lately when I was going to be alone with her and even more so when we were alone together. But it wasn’t just my pulses racing and heart pounding that were the disturbances, it was a number of other things as well. It was how she was almost constantly on my mind, how nearly every time I looked at her the clothes she was wearing seemed to be transparent, how I got so excited when she flashed a little too much leg or I saw the outline of her areola or even more so the indentation of her nipple through her blouse. It was also how I masturbated frequently thinking about having sex with her. It was how when on the rare occasion I fucked my wife or on the more frequent occasion when I fucked a hooker or masseuse I imagined it was her underneath me and whose cunt I was filling with my rock hard cock. And it was also how nearly every time I saw my eighteen year old daughter I got an erection.

And it was no exception as she climbed into my Rangerover after coming out from Sara’s house.

“Hi dad” she smiled leaning across the central console and kissing my cheek. As she did that and closed the door at the same time so unconsciously, I’m sure, her fingers briefly rested on my thigh no more than a few inches from where my cock was growing by the moment. That sent such strong tingles through me that I thought for a moment that she would have felt them.

She asked something about how the parent’s evening had gone as she remained leaning across the car towards me. Telling her that as usual everything had gone well I looked down and couldn’t believe how the top of her blouse was gaping.

‘Oh fuck’ I thought my eyes latching onto the full, exposed globe of her small, pert breast down her school blouse that I noted was rather wrinkled. For some reason the wrinkles registered with me almost as much as Kelly’s bare tits and nipples did. Although Phillipa, my wife and Kelly’s mother, and I were slowly but gradually drifting apart and she was out most nights probably being shagged by some young buck, she was a great homemaker and it was not like her to send our daughter to school with unkempt clothing. But when Kelly didn’t move for a few moments my focus was torn away from the wrinkled blouse. It was dragged from thinking about her clothing to lusting at her body for I was now looking right down the front of her blouse that had probably one button too many undone. I could clearly see both of her b cup breasts (I knew their size for I had often held one of her bras or a pair of her panties as I had wanked about her) and her delicious Beylikdüzü escort looking little, coral pink areola and nipples. Her boobs were so wonderfully firm and pert that they almost looked as though they had been surgically enhance, which I knew they hadn’t. Then amazingly, incredibly and so fucking hornilly I saw that both of her nipples were erect. ‘Why the fuck are they hard? I asked myself, having no immediate answer.

As usual we chatted quite easily as I drove slowly home. Once we were there, though, Kelly went off to bed. It was only just after nine so I knew Phillipa wouldn’t be home for ages: ‘probably just thinking about leaving a bar or club and working out where she was going to get laid’ I thought smiling? Maybe oddly, but having no knowledge of psychology I wasn’t sure, it seemed the more Phil and I drifted apart, the closer Kelly and I became; certainly my lust for her increased!

I went to my study and poured myself a large Laphroig with just the tiniest drop of water. Almost absentmindedly as I sipped the delicious malt whiskey I logged on my PC and went into xhamster, something I had found myself doing more frequently recently. I chose the first time category and watched a few young birds theoretically at least lose their cherries wondering if Kelly had yet given that up. After watching a few rather ludicrous older guys and one or two fathers fuck their younger girls or daughters in the old and young categories I got bored and changed over to the lesbian category. That was much more satisfactory and very soon I had a raging hard on. Just in case, I went up to my bedroom and stripped off. I caught myself in the mirror and was pleased to see my full erection rearing up my pleasingly flat stomach. I shrugged into a dressing robe, but was naked under it. Before tying the robe I had to chastise myself when I found myself wondering what Kelly would think of my cock. That of course made me think whether she had seen any cocks and what she had done with them, if anything? I think I know my daughter well and on balance I would bet she was reasonably promiscuous, but probably was still a virgin. ‘Saving it for her dad’ I nearly shocked myself by thinking.

God I felt so horny watching the MILF seduce a babysitter. It was very well done and almost without thinking I opened the robe and started rubbing my full hard on imagining that it was daughter fondling it. It was only then that for some reason I remembered that Kelly had left her backpack in the hallway. I had this urge to look in it though I had no reason why.

‘Jesus Christ’ I thought finding, not only her regulation, dark blue school bra and knickers, but also a frilly pair of white, lacy panties and a matching see-through bra. ‘Fuck’ I thought. ‘She was naked under her school uniform when we were in the car. I knew from seeing down her blouse that she hadn’t been wearing a bra and in my excitement at what I had seen I hadn’t bothered to think why? But now kneeling in the hallway, my dressing gown open and my cock rearing up my stomach, I did.

When could she have taken it off, or had someone else Beylikdüzü escort or maybe she hadn’t worn it all, but had taken it with her to stop her mother’s incessant questions and moaning? But then I started to think about the panties and wondered what had gone on there? I picked them both up. The thicker, fuller, regulation blue school knickers and the lacy, thinner skimpy grown up girl’s panties. I guessed that she had changed from one to the other, but couldn’t work out why, unless of course she had been with a boy at Sara’s house and that I would never know for sure. I smelt both pairs and they had clearly been worn. They had that familiar musky smell I had got to know by using first my wife’s panties some years ago and more recently my daughter’s as sensual aids to my masturbation. Then I felt the white lacy pair and realised that the gusset was damp. ‘Shit she has cum in them’ screamed in my head giving me all types of lurid thoughts.

It was then that I heard a noise behind me and panicking I dropped the two garments and stood up just as Kelly came round corner at the bottom of the stairs. She was naked. We stared at each other for a moment or two her eyes quite clearly running up and down my body.

“Oh dad” she whimpered. “Sorry I thought I heard you go to bed.”

As I quickly pulled the dressing gown round me to hide my rampant nakedness I stammered. “Yes I did, but I couldn’t sleep.”

I could hardly drag my gaze from my gorgeous and hugely sexy daughter, she looked amazing.

“Neither could I” she replied her eyes going to her rucksack. “I came down to make a cup of tea.”

I looked down and saw the lacy pair of panties hanging out from the rucksack.

“You shouldn’t leave your bag there” I mumbled. “I nearly tripped over it.”

A little smile came onto her lovely lips and her blue eyes seemed to glint as she put her head on one side and said. “Really?” As she very obviously looked at the slither of lace hanging from her bag.

I felt mortified and so embarrassed. Not only had my daughter seen me naked, but also erect. And if they weren’t embarrassing enough she had, presumably also worked out that at the very least I had been rummaging in her rucksack. What a fucking mess. As she turned and walked towards the kitchen seemingly oblivious to her gorgeous nudity I said under my breath. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck and then for good measure I added bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.’ That didn’t make me feel any better as I followed her into the kitchen where looking as cool as a cucumber she was filling the kettle.

Although the shock of her catching me had suppressed my hard on, now looking at her from behind and seeing the full richness of her womanly arse, the roundness of her hips and the slender length of her shapely legs it was starting to return very quickly. As she turned to go to the cupboard where the mugs were kept the sheer horny beauty of her breasts finished the job. I was now stunningly hard again.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I had never been in such a situation, but then how many fathers had Escort Beylikdüzü I thought nearly smiling? Kelly, though didn’t seem that disturbed about it and I found that strange. She appeared to be relaxed as she moved around the kitchen making the tea.

“Want one dad?”

“No thanks I’ve got a scotch on the go somewhere, probably in the study.”

“Shall we go in there then?” She asked.

‘Fuck no’ I thought remembering I had left the lesbian video from xhamster playing. “No stay here” I suggested.

“Ok” she said leaning back against the work surface and sipping her tea. “What time’s mum expected?”

“I have no idea” I replied looking at my watch and seeing it was ten thirty. “When she goes out with the group she’s with tonight it’s usually a fairly late one.”

“Wonder why?” She said to my back as I went and got my glass from the study.

“Now now Kel.”

“Ok sorry. It’s just that it seems so unfair, her out on the razz all the time with you at home.”

“Anyway why do you want to know?” I asked.

“Well I am not sure our own Missus Bouquet would approve of me being like this” she said glancing down her nude body.

“No I guess not” I said rather lamely. “Anyway I don’t mind staying in when she’s out.”

“What babysitting?”

“Hardly a baby any more Kel” I almost gulped taking the opportunity to have another lustful look at her delicious body.

“No I suppose not” she said bending over and putting her empty mug in the dishwasher.

‘What a fucking sight” I groaned silently as I stared at her bum, caught a glimpse of her lips between her legs and saw her tits dangling down.

“No she definitely wouldn’t like me being naked with you around” she said straightening up and looking at me.

That sent my temperature and made my cock throb and harden even more as I asked myself. ‘What was she saying? What did mean?’

‘Huh I don’t get that.”

“Lately I think she has become jealous?”

“Of what?” I asked as Kelly stood just a few feet from me.

“Well of us.”

“How do you mean?” I asked trying to look away from the temptation in front of me.

“Well despite her pissing off out all the time and getting up to Christ knows what, I think she hates us being so friendly.”

“Well it’s the old syndrome ‘I don’t want you but no one else can either’ isn’t it?”

“Is it that bad dad?”

“It’s getting there” I said rather sadly.

“She’s a cow.”

“No don’t say that, she’s your mother.”

“She’s still a cow at the way she treats you and a bitch the way she does me.”

“Stop it Kelly” I croaked near to tears as the horrible truth of my broken marriage hit home.

“I can’t, she doesn’t deserve any sympathy at all” she said angrily adding. “And now she’s jealous of me and my figure.”

Rather unwisely as I choked back the tears I said. “But then so would anyone be Kel.”

“You think so do you dad” she whispered.

“Yes of course.”

“I am so sorry dad” she said in a whisper.

“There’s no need love, I can cope” I said watching with amazement, fascination and incredible excitement as she closed the gap between us.

“I guess I shouldn’t really do this dressed like this” Kelly said as she put her arms round my neck. “But then hey we are family aren’t we?” She said cuddling me and whispering. “I love you dad.

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