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Dad Peeps on Daughter

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She was a beautiful baby, everyone commented about her looks and as her father, over the years, I’d often studied her from the point of view of her appearance. I knew how important it was going to be in her life to be attractive, and was always pleased to see she would never have to be concerned about her figure or looks.

The years passed, I worked hard and what with my work, the children’s schooling, their own lives and friends and the demands of life in general, I’d only get to see the family for short moments each day. One minute the children were just that, and the next thing, they were young men and women.

It was summer time; I’d taken a very rare day off. I was standing in the kitchen when my 18-year-old daughter walked through wearing a tiny little bikini. I’d never seen so much gorgeous, sexy, flesh, in my life, I couldn’t take my eye’s off her, I’d been so busy working, I had no idea this gorgeous, sexy, creature, was in the same house.

I watched as she went out into the yard, spread her towel, and lay down in the sun. I had never seen such a perfect body, my eye’s travelled all over her perfect form, I took in her legs, her gorgeous sexy back, her delicious butt, which was all topped off with a crown of long, straight, dark, hair all the way down to her butt.

As I was feasting on her assets, I saw her arms reach around to her back and begin to undo her bikini top. It was all too much; I just had to capture this incredible sight. I ran for the video cam and began to film this mind snapping vision from inside the window.

I set the cam on her, I just had to see her boobs. From what I could see as she walked past me, they were Beylikdüzü escort firm and full, but I now knew a loose top only covered them. Whilst the cam sat focused on her, I went outside and told her a friend was at the door, knowing she’d jump up, hoping she’d forget her loose top, so I could get a look at those lovely breasts.

My plan worked brilliantly and not only I, but the cam as well, got a great look at two of the firmest breasts I’d seen in years with their lovely puffy nipples as well. She had no idea what I’d just done; she was used to me playing practical jokes and just whacked me for being a pest.

I was now so distracted by her, I just had to see her completely naked, I wanted to see her soft and sexy bush and set about planning on how that would happen.


I noticed she’d leave the bathroom wrapped in a towel and return to her room, which allowed me to know she got dressed in her room, so the potential was there for me to see her little bush. I had two choices, the bathroom or her room. I chose both, lol.

I rigged the roller blind in her room so that when she pulled it down, a small slit was left at the bottom, which allowed me to be outside, but still see all areas of the room.

The bathroom was more difficult. I managed to find a knot in the pine lining. I removed the core of the knot, which opened up a great little peephole. It was immediately above the shower, and gave me a great view into the shower itself. In practice it wasn’t so good, once the steam began to rise, my view was limited.

I noticed the bathroom window was opaque, but it could be left ajar, through the gap, I was able to see Beylikdüzü escort the area just outside the shower, where we all more or less stood when we were drying off. It was up too high once I was outside, so I decided my best bet was her bedroom window.

I waited patiently after setting things up and then the moment arrived. She was in the shower, I heard the water stop running, I jumped up, and quickly made my way to her window, ensuring no one else in the house noticed.

I waited patiently, but she was still in the bathroom. What was she doing? I didn’t want to leave my post, I’d waited too long to miss this incredible opportunity. Just as I was about to go to the bathroom window, there was a new kind of silence and then I realised the hair dryer had just been switched off. Her door opened and in she walked.

My God, what a vision. Her stunning looks, her lovely light olive skin, contrasted by the thick, white, fluffy, towel, wrapped around her gorgeous body. The towel sat over the tips of her lovely full boobs and just reached down to her beautiful butt. Her perfectly formed legs were on full display.

I watched as her lovely long thin fingers delicately opened various lotions and creams, and thrilled, as she rubbed them over her sexy legs and neck. My cock was like steel, my heart was beating so hard, my head hurt, it was the most taboo thing I’d ever done, and there was no way I was going to stop.

I was loving stroking my cock as I watched my near naked daughter, my own flesh and blood, innocently going about her routine with no idea her own father was outside her window, lusting after her flesh.


The towel Escort Beylikdüzü dropped, she was standing with her back to the window, she continued to care for her body by applying more creams and lotions to every part of her now fully exposed, delicious, young, flesh. Her back and butt were a beautiful sight, pre cum was pouring from my cock. I was so excited.

She turned, and there it was, her lovely compact, fluffy, little, virgin, bush. I wanted my cock inside her; I wanted to fuck my own daughter. Any man, father or not, who saw what I was looking at, would want to do the same.

I saw her bump her firm breasts as her arms spread the lotions over her sexy, young, firm, body; I saw them jump about and spring back she did. I had to take my hand of my cock or I’d have cum at that very moment, I didn’t want to cum yet; I wanted to see the whole show.

She wandered to her wardrobe, which had huge mirrored doors. I could see her from both sides now. She fiddled about, taking items from drawers and hooks and placing them on her bed. Then she was facing me again.

She raised her foot to put on her sock, I was staring straight at, and almost into, her tight little pussy. My cock jumped, it was almost too much to bear, but I managed to hold on. After her little white socks, she reached for her panties. They were a soft powder blue and her sexy little butt filled them to perfection. I loved the way her boobs danced about as she pulled up her panties and moved about the room, like they were on springs.

The show was almost over, the last item was a short little top, once on, it hung off her nipples and fell to just above her panties. I shot my load, I came so hard, I almost collapsed.

I spent the next five years outside that window, I got to see all her friends and even a few of my wife’s as they stayed over. I shot so much cum out there, it’s a wonder something didn’t grow out of the ground, lol.

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