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Czarina at the Movies

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She was just getting off work and we had arranged that I would drive down to meet her. As she came out of the front door I greeted her, she was wearing the short skirt I had instructed her to wear and had, as instructed, removed her panty hose and panties.

“Are you ready for some excitement?” I recall asking.

“Sure, you know me” was her reply. “What you got in mind?”

“I’m thinking we go down to the adult theatre and have some for up for it?”

A sultry smile crossed her face. We decided to make a quick stop at a fast-food joint, and then proceeded to our destination, located on the northeast end of greater Atlanta. She had been there before when she way young. It was a legit house in those days, playing first run movies. Her boyfriend would take her there and feel her up while the movie went on, sometimes he’d take her back to his place and invite some friends over. She would be the entertainment for the evening, servicing his friends, sometimes half a dozen or so. That’s “Czarina”, she always loved cocks.

She stood about 5 ft. 4 and weighed about 220, with big tits, heavy belly but a willing soul whose thoughts never strayed far from cock. When we met, online, she introduced herself as a 3 hole slut, and she wasn’t kidding. My woman loved cock and taught me, over time, to love cock as well.

We got to theatre, which consisted of two auditoriums. One was for guys only, playing the usual heterosexual porn. The other side, also playing heterosexual stuff, featured a couples section in the middle of the auditorium. Couples were admitted for free, largely because the women tended to want to play and it attracted men to the theatre. We went inside.

Once our eyes adjusted to the darkness we found our seats. We sat at the couples section and began watching the flick, which wasn’t all that interesting. I draped my arm about her shoulder and began feeling her tits through her blouse and bra, I could feel her breathing becoming heavy.

Realizing that, seated as we were in the ‘couples only’ section, and there being no other couples currently in the place, the men ucuz escort in the auditorium though milling about, were not coming near us. I told her that we should move, so that we could get some guys to join us.

We moved toward the back of the auditorium about half a dozen rows from the back wall where a group of about half a dozen men were seated. Finding our seats, we were soon joined by several men arranged on the other side from where I was seated, three in front and four or so in the row of seats immediately behind us.

Once again I reached over her and began feeling her left tit. She reached for me and found my stiffening member still in my pants, but growing hard. After a few moments I reached around and unbuttoned her sweater and blouse, then unzipped my pants and took out my cock. She wrapped her hands around my throbbing member as I moved my left hand down into her bra holding her left breast and kneading it. She laid back and closed her eyes.

Watching the film, which was not that good a production, I noticed after a time that, as she stroked my cock she was beginning to moan. I looked over and saw that two of the men sitting directly in front of us had their hands up her skirt and were finger fucking her pussy and ass. Hearing her moan, the men behind her moved forward and, reaching over her shoulders, were feeling her right tit. I could tell by the low whispering moans and the way her body was moving that she was really enjoying it.

Suddenly I felt my seat move as the gent behind me grabbed the back of it and stood up. His big black hand passing over my left shoulder he reached to caress her right tit. Watching his black hand gently knead her milky white breast, I found myself transfixed, watching and growing ever more excited. I removed my left hand from her tit, both of which by now had been freed of the restraints of her bra which had been lifted up around her neck leaving her heavy milkers exposed and hanging out for all to see. Now all the others, who could find room, rushed to get a feel of her hangers, one man moving ümraniye escort to lower his head and suck her nipples. Her skirt, still on was bunched up about her waist, her legs apart, her knees up in the air held there by a couple of gents, as several men moved to change position and get in front of her so they too could finger fuck her. I could hear the sound of their fingers moving in and out of her wet sloppy cunt as she laid back in the theatre seat and gave the men full access to her body.

This scene was hot…not every wife is so willing, nor so able to entertain so many men.

My attention, however, was taken by something poking me in the back of the head just behind my left ear. I turned and was confronted with what has to be the largest black cock I have ever seen, even in the porn films. It was at least a foot long. The man it belonged to (whose name was Jamie, I later learned) had been feeling my wife’s tits and had a raging hard-on. As I turned to see what was poking me, his cock rubbed across my ear and my cheek. I found myself directly confronting the massive organ, dripping with pre-cum. Taken by surprise, I found myself turned on. I kissed it. Then I began licking it, first along the shaft, then his piss hole. Finally, I took the head into my mouth and began sucking it.

It was a little awkward, physically, I had to adjust myself in my seat, even though my wife still held my cock as she was stroking it with her right hand while, she later told me, she stroked,in turn, several other cocks with her left. Nevertheless I was able to turn around far enough to give direct access to this massive cock now pressing its head against the roof of my mouth. I heard him moan, saying “yeah, that’s it…suck it”.

I did, happily, ravenously, working the head further into my mouth, trying to take him ever deeper.

I must be truthful, for this is not a fictional account, but try as I might I could not get all of that massive, magnificent cock down my throat. I was, however able to get about three quarters of it and still able to üsküdar escort move my tongue as I sucked. I sucked his cock, as the other men while feeling up my wife, watched. Finally, after about twenty minutes he told me he was ready to blow. I felt his hands surround my head as he held my mouth over the glans of his cock and erupted. I could feel the glans of his penis swell and the sperm pass through the shaft now pressed against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I felt his cock rhythmically spasm as spirt after spirt passed over my tongue as his sweet salty sperm made its inevitable journey from his big black balls, through his long hard shaft and out his piss hole washing up against the roof of my mouth coating my tongue and filling my mouth. I heard him moan and sigh in satisfaction as I held his salty gift in my warm receptacle, savoring the taste. I kept the glans of his penis in my mouth for a couple of minutes and then happily swallowed his wad letting him feel, through his cock, me drink it.

I could hear, through my muffled ears, comments coming from the assembled as they watched me suck this man off, for Jamie still had his massive hands about my head. Knowing that he was spent, or so I thought, I tried to pull back, but Jamie held my head in his tightening grip and pulled my mouth back down on his still erect member. “What the hell?” I thought. “Why not?” And so I repeated the experience, sucking him off one more time. In total, I spent about 45 minutes with his cock in my mouth.

I then sat back in my chair and reached once again around my wife’s neck to embrace her tit, finding as I did the hands of several other men. Listening to the sounds of her pussy working on their fingers, at one point three men had their fingers up her cunt at the same time, I could tell by the low moans and the shudders coursing through her body that she was getting release. We stayed for about an hour, and through that time, amid the discussion in the back row about what a great cocksucker I was, I watched and felt my wife cum several times as she let the men feel her and finger fuck her as she jacked them off. As we left, Jamie asked us for our number, and we made arrangements for possible future meetings.

When we got back home my wife pointed to the sperm stains on the left shoulder of my pullover. Stains from Jamie’s cock as it was drooling pre-cum before it made its way into my mouth. Czarina just smiled.

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