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Cusp Cuckold by Clarence Pt. 01

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Clarence his large black cock driving deep into her pale white bald pussy.

I’m not gay. Never have been. But I’m beginning to wonder if I’m bisexual. I don’t find men attractive. I don’t find men’s bodies attractive. But a large smooth cock? A shapely smooth ass?

I’m beating off to cuckold videos focusing on his cock and his ass as he fucks a woman, wanting it to be my girlfriend.

There are web sites that cater to this fetish. I’m on them everyday. The more humiliating, the harder I cum. One sight blocks out most of the woman and the camera focuses mainly on the black guy’s cock, balls and ass. Then the videos tease you about how pathetic you are and that you are beating off to black cock. Every time I cum, I feel more submissive. The sight even teases the viewer-Me-about sucking the cock after he is done fucking your wife. And licking his puckered ass hole to say thanks. I can’t explain it, but it really turns me on.

Clarence & Lori

Clarence: I think it’s time that you both stop flirting with me. We need to bring this weird relationship between the three of us to some sort of head.

Lori: I know. I’m sorry. I’m sending görükle escort you mixed messages.

Clarence: I don’t think they are mixed at all. I think deep down, you want to sleep with me. We’ve been attracted to each other for a while and our connection just keeps getting more intense. I’d bet, that if you’re husband approved, you’d probably fuck me. I’d even double down and predict he’d even want to watch.

Lori: No way! He’s not like that.

Clarence: Have you asked him?

Lori: Ask him what? If I could fuck you? No, of course not!

Clarence: Well, it’s high time you do. He mentioned to me that he has fantasies about you fucking me. They are fantasies mind you-and the real thing is obviously really different-but he fantasizes about you and I.

Lori: Are you just saying that to try to get into my pants?

Clarence: I guess my answer depends on how bad you want to fuck me. Maybe it’s high time you tell me. How about giving me an idea, a number, like on a scale of 1 to 10. How bad?

Lori: Well, in a fantasy…10! But in reality, I’d say 4.

Clarence: That’s good enough for me, let’s go for it.

Lori: Right now? bursa merkez escort I couldn’t…

Clarence: No, silly. I mean I’ll help you get your permission.

Lori: And how in the hell do you suppose you’re going to get that?

Clarence: Well, I’ve really almost got it. If you’re really ready, bring protection. Tomorrow night I’ll come over. Just follow my lead.

Lori: Really? Okay!

Friday Night

Clarence made sure he brought over plenty of alcohol. He knew that was all he’d need.

Lori was swiftly downing red wine while I quaffed several craft beers. I was the only one, at this point, that didn’t know where the night was headed.

Clarence: So I’ve said to both of you, I think it’s time that you both stop flirting with me. We need to bring this weird relationship between the three of us to some sort of head. Either of you want to openly share with each other the private thoughts you shared with me?

Oh boy, oh shit. I sure hope Clarence knows to leave my private google searches well enough alone.

Me: Well I didn’t really share anything, Clarence. Lori, you want to go first?

Clarence: bursa sınırsız escort Dude, you didn’t say anything, but you SHOWED me everything.

Lori: Honey, what is Clarence talking about?

Clarence: Yes, honey, what AM I talking about?

FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. I guess I’m being forced to come clean.

Me: Well this is fucking embarrassing, dear, but Clarence noticed that I watched a video one time about interracial cuckolding.

Lori: What’s cuckolding?

Clarence: An unfaithful spouse. But in your husband’s case it’s a humiliation fetish. And he is specifically wanting to watch you get fucked by a hung black guy. And let’s be clear here, dude, you didn’t just watch a video ONE time. You’re beating off every night.

Lori: Hold on a second…You WANT Clarence to fuck me?!

Me: No, NO, of course not! It’s just a fantasy.

Lori: You FANTASIZE about Clarence fucking me?!

Clarence knew he didn’t have to say anymore at this point. He’d just sit back and watch me unravel.

Me: Well, uh, kind of. Okay. Yes?!

Lori: Kind of?! Come on. Why don’t we all admit that we want this and just agree for tonight to go for it?

Lori couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth. I couldn’t either. Neither of us could speak. Leave it to Clarence to say just the wrong thing.

Clarence: Dude, are you hard? Lori, look at that tent in his pants!

End of Part One

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