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Cuckolding My Father Ch. 01

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The soft knock on my bedroom door woke me up and started my heart pounding. “Come in,” I called. I sat up in my bed and turned, dropping my legs over the side, so I was facing the door.

The door opened and she walked into my room, looking incredibly nervous. She was wearing a long, worn bathrobe that, before hundreds of washings, was a pink plaid belted around her waist. Her fingers clutched the neck of the robe, holding that shut, as if she wanted to be sure nothing showed. Her straight light brown hair fell almost to her bottom. She wore no makeup and wasn’t what some people would call beautiful, but she did have the kind of features that made her a woman you’d notice without being sure why. Her big brown eyes were open wide and darted around the room, showing her nervousness…or was it fear? She stood almost five feet ten inches tall in her slippers and was thirty-nine years old, although her unlined face and clear skin made her look much younger than that. Her name was Jonelle Wallace…she was my mother.

“Come over here, Mother,” I said softly.

When I spoke, she made a tiny sound something like a cross between a gasp and a moan, then she walked slowly and stiff-legged to the bed I sat on and stood in front of me.

I looked up at her and she looked down at me with “scared deer” eyes. “Are you sure you want to be here?” I said softly. I wondered if she could hear my heart pounding.

She stared at me for quite a while, then slowly nodded her head.

“All right,” I said. I reached out a hand that I could see was trembling and untied the belt around the waist of her robe. The robe relaxed when the belt was loosed, but since she was still clutching the neck, it remained closed.

“Let go,” I said softly.

She took a deep breath and didn’t move for what seemed like ages. Finally her fingers straightened slowly, releasing the neck of the bathrobe. After she’d released the robe her arms fell to her sides. The robe was still shut. I took a deep breath, reached out, parted it, and was gazing at my mother’s naked body for the first time.

“Oh, God!” I exclaimed.

Mother quickly lifted her hands and tried to close the robe, but I put my hands on hers and stopped her.

“You…you think I…I’m ugly,” she murmured. Her face was red and she was avoiding looking at me.

“No, Mother, it’s just the opposite. I think you have an incredible body,” I told her.

And she did. She probably weighed somewhere around one-forty and her body was a nearly perfect combination of curves and valleys. Her breasts were large, but not huge, and sagged a bit because she had nursed me when I was an infant. What caught my eye were her nipples. She had the largest nipples I’d ever seen. They were beginning to erect under my gaze and had to be at least three-quarters of an inch in diameter. They were beginning to emerge from the large pale pink circles that capped her breasts. Her body curved gracefully from strong shoulders down to a surprisingly small waist, then flared beautifully out into hips that were in exactly the right proportion with the rest of her body. Equally lovely curves led from there to long, strong, and very well formed legs.

“You…seeing you…looking…at…at me…like that…it…makes…it makes me…feel funny,” Mother stammered. “We…we shouldn’t be…doing…this…”

I reached out my hand and lightly trailed my fingers over her belly, which was softly rounded and still showed faint stretch marks. She shuddered and gasped. “Yes, Mother, we should be doing this,” I told her. “We both want to.” Much as I wanted to grab my mother’s breasts and suck those huge nipples into my mouth, I didn’t. I stood up and walked around behind her instead. Then I took hold of her bathrobe and pulled it back. Initially she stood there stiff, resisting me, but she finally relented and allowed me to take it off.

I tossed the robe onto a chair near my bed, then I let my eyes roam over the rear of my mother’s lovely body. Beylikdüzü escort Much of her back was covered by her straight, shiny light brown hair. Her hair was her one vanity. She combed if faithfully, a hundred strokes, every night. When I was old enough, she taught me to cut it because it wasn’t possible for her to go to a hairdresser.

Her bare bottom was every bit as wonderful to see as the rest of her had been. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but perfect is the only word I can find to describe it. Wide, but formed perfectly, I thought it was the epitome of womanhood. I stepped closer to her and began running my fingers through her hair. She moaned softly. She liked to have me play with her hair, and had since I was little. I knew it was the safest way to start a process that I believed would lead to so much more…for both of us.

“You like having me do this, don’t you?” I murmured as my fingers stole through her silken tresses. I was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and my erection was already threatening to tear a hole in them.

“Yes! You know I do,” Mother murmured in reply.

I played with her hair for a few more minutes, then I moved my caresses to her neck and shoulders. That brought a gasp from her and sent a shudder through her body. I’d dreamed of this night for so long and knew exactly what I needed to do. I kept my touch whisper-soft, barely letting my fingers touch her as they skimmed over her skin. She had known little gentleness in her life and I knew she’d respond powerfully to being treated gently.

“You do like this, Mother, don’t you?” I murmured as my fingers continued to glide up and down her neck, out onto her shoulders, and down onto her upper back.

“You…you’re makin’ me…I feel…all…funny…inside,” Mother whimpered.

“Funny good?” I asked.

“Oh, yes! So good! Nobody but you can…can make me…feel…like this.”

That was exactly what I’d hoped to hear. I had spent the last six months getting to the point where she was willing to come to me. I’d convinced her that I’d be gentle with her, would make her feel good, and got her to trust that I would never do anything to hurt her.

I expanded the scope of my caresses. My fingers went from her neck, to her shoulders, down her arms to her hands, teased her palms and between her fingers, then slid back up to her neck. After I’d done that a few times, I could hear the increase in her rate of breathing and could see her shoulders moving as her chest heaved. I knew her heart had to be pounding as hard as mine was and that I would feel it if I put my hand on her chest, but I wasn’t ready to do that yet. I could see how nervous Mother was, so I forced myself to go slowly and deliberately, knowing that in the end, we’d reach the outcome I wanted and both of us needed.

I spent quite a while caressing my mother’s neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, then I dropped to my knees and let my fingers trail down the outside of her shapely legs. As my fingers stole over the silky-smooth flesh, I saw goose bumps forming and could feel her trembling. “Ummmmmm!” I heard her moan. I caressed every inch of her legs and her bottom, to the accompaniment of a wonderful symphony of passionate sounds. “Unnnnnn!” meant I was caressing her bottom. “Ooooooooo!” said I’d moved onto the back of her thighs. “Uhhhhhhh!” accompanied my caressing her calves. “Ahhhhhhhh!” celebrated my fingers stealing up the outside of her legs, and “Ummmmmmm!” meant my fingers were sliding down the front of her thighs. Her rapid breathing kept time for the wonderful sounds coming from her. I hadn’t anticipated any of this and was both surprised and delighted. It told me I was having the effect on her I wanted to have, maybe an even stronger one.

“J.J….oh, Lord, J.J.!” Mother groaned after I’d been playing with her legs and bottom for a while. “My legs’re shakin’ so…bad I…I’m afraid I’m…gonna fall.”

“Lay down on the bed,” I told her. “On your back.”

She Beylikdüzü escort hesitated but briefly, then did as I’d said. I got to my feet and looked down at her. It was a sight I’d seen in my dreams many times, now I was seeing it for real. My mother lying in my bed, her nude body flushed, her hair spread out on the sheets. My erection, diamond-hard, lurched in my cutoffs. The front of the shorts was soaking wet because pre-cum was almost gushing from me. Mother didn’t notice, she had her eyes pressed tightly closed. Her mouth sagged open slightly and she continued to gasp for breath. Her breasts had sagged back into themselves a little, but her nipples had grown even harder and looked even bigger. I’d guess they jutted out more than an inch from the pale pink flesh surrounding them.

I walked around to the other side of my king-sized bed, got on it, and crawled across so I was kneeling next to my mother. Her eyelids were still down, but she turned her head to the side of the bed I was on. I leaned over and pressed my lips against hers gently. Since her mouth was partly open, I caressed her lips with my tongue. That caused a soft moan and, very tentatively, her tongue touched mine. When that happened, it was almost as if her lips and mine softened and the kiss turned into one unlike any kiss I’ve experienced before or since. Waves of warmth and bliss spread through me and, for a second, I was afraid I’d come in my shorts. I felt Mother’s hand come to rest gently on the back of my head and the kiss continued. At long last, it ended, and I think both of us were equally saddened when that happened.

“Oh, J.J.,” mother murmured. “What are you doin’ to me?”

“I’m showing you what it’s like to be loved,” I replied.

“Oh, J.J., darlin’,” Mother replied. She closed her eyes and a blissful smile curved her lips. I’d never in my life seen a smile like that on my mother’s face and felt a rush of pride at having put one there at long last.

I began kissing my way gently down over Mother’s body, from her mouth to her neck, and then to her upper chest. At the same time, I trailed my fingers over the gentle swell of her abdomen. Once again I was treated to the sounds of her symphony of passion. Her body began twisting and turning gently, too, almost as if she was lying on a waterbed. It was as if she could no longer bear to lie still.

After kissing a considerable expanse of lovely, silky flesh, I was finally about to achieve my first objective of the day. My mother’s huge, rigid nipple was so close I could reach out my tongue and touch it, which I did.

“Gnahhhhhhh!” Mother cried, her back arching. “Oh, J.J.! My Lord!”

I licked her nipple again and again she reacted violently. And she reacted exactly the same way when I did it a third time.

“My Lord, J.J., you’re makin’ me feel too good!” Mother cried. I don’t think she was aware of it, but her hips had begun a rocking motion. I was toying with the verge of her pubic hair with my fingers, but didn’t move them any lower. “That feels way too good. If you keep doin’ that, I’m gonna go crazy!”

Despite her protests, I kept doing what I was doing. In fact, I did more. I slid my face over a little more, wrapped my lips around her right nipple, sucked it into my mouth, and began lashing it with my tongue.

“J.J.! Oh, no! Oh, no! I’m gonna go crazy…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uh…uh…uh…uh….uh… uh…uh….uh… uh…uh….uh… uh…uh….uh!” The sounds coming from Mother’s mouth were passionate, as was the motion of her body. She grabbed hold of my head and didn’t seem to be able to decide whether she wanted to push me away or pull me closer while what was probably the first orgasm she ever had in her life flooded her. In the middle of it, I moved my mouth from her right nipple to her left, and that seemed to cause her yet another powerful flare-up.

When, finally, her motions began calming and the volume of her passionate cries began to lower, Escort Beylikdüzü I lifted my head from her breast and, kneeling next to her, pushed down my shorts, then kicked them across the room. I turned back to Mother and gently tugged her legs apart, then moved so I was kneeling between them. I shuffled forward until the head of my erection brushed the forest of light brown hair covering her middle.

Mother, who’d been lying there with her eyes closed, opened them and gazed up at me with almost the same wide-eyed look she had when she first walked into my bedroom. “J.J., you ain’t gonna hurt me, are you?” she murmured.

I leaned forward, supporting my upper body on my outstretched arms, and lowered myself so I could kiss her. “There’s no way I’d ever purposely do anything to hurt you, Mother,” I said after the kiss ended. I pushed myself back up, grabbed my erection, and slid the tip down through her labia. She was, as I expected, sopping wet with the fluids of her excitement. “Did that hurt?” I asked.

“My Lord, no!” Mother replied.

I repeated my action and this time a soft groan came from mother. Then I placed the tip of my rock-hard shaft in her opening and pushed my hips forward a little, until the entire tip was inside her. I looked down at her face and saw an almost angelic look, so I slid myself into her a little further.

“J.J.! Oh, Lord! That feels so good!” Mother groaned.

I’m not sure if it was that I am that big – I have an average size penis, I think – or if it was because she was so tight. I do know that I’d never been in a woman who was as tight, or hot, as my Mother. I kept sliding myself farther and farther into her until, at last, I could go no deeper. I was so close to erupting I was afraid to move any more. I held myself there, over my mother’s body, my arms stiff, fighting the urge to explode with every fiber of my being. “Feel…good?” I asked Mother as I looked down into her passion-filled face. I’d never seen her look more wonderful.

“Didn’t…know…doin’ sex…could…feel…like…this,” Mother gasped. “Didn’t never…know…I…could…feel…so…good.”

“You’re going to feel even better soon,” I assured her. I pulled out until just the head of my erection was in her, then shoved it back in slowly.

“Oh…Lord!” Mother groaned. “J.J.! If you keep doin’ that, you’re gonna make me go nuts again!”

“That’s the whole idea, Mother,” I told her. Fighting the urge to come every second, I began moving my erection in and out of her with steady thrusts. Each one sent me up one notch higher on my own mountain of joy, and each notch took me a step closer to losing control. Then I had no more control. “Oh, God, Mother!” I groaned as my churning insides unleashed and a torrent of my hot fluids began gushing from me.

“My Lord! That’s so hot! My Lord! My Lord! My Lord! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ummmmmmmmmmm! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Mother cried. I felt her hands clawing at my back and her hips shoving up against mine as her second – or maybe third – orgasm rocked her.

When, at last, we had spent our lust, we lay in each other’s arms, settling down. I looked at my mother and saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter, Mother?” I asked. “Did I hurt you?”

Mother shook her head. “My Lord, no, you sure didn’t hurt me,” she said, sniffling a little. “You made me feel better than I ever knew a person could feel. I was just thinkin’ how stupid I was not knowin’ about this stuff.”

“Mother, you aren’t stupid,” I said. “It’s the life you’ve lived. You’ve been isolated all these years with no way of ever learning things other women know. I think it’s what my father wanted.”

“But what are we gonna do?” Mother asked. My mentioning my father – and her husband – seemed to frighten her. “He’s gonna know, ain’t he?”

“When was the last time he had sex with you?” I asked.

“I dunno,” Mother replied. “Been a lotta years. You know how he is.”

“I know exactly how he is,” I told her. “You don’t need to worry. He isn’t going to know and from now on, your life is going to be better. I promise.” I kissed her gently. “I love you.”

Mother kissed me back. “I love you, too, J.J.” she said. Then she snuggled into my arms and pressed her face against my chest.

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