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Cruise Ship Quarantine

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This was written to be a short, fun take on the current crisis gripping our world. Hopefully it helps lighten a few moods and give some pleasure in an otherwise shitty time of our lives.

— +++ —

Edited by Tex Beethoven

— +++ —

All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years or older.

— +++ —

“Oh my God, are you free bagging?” Vera demanded of her brother.

“I have to, I haven’t got any clean underwear left!” Daniel replied indignantly. “It’s not like I planned on being stuck in this fucking room forever.”

“You’re disgusting,” Vera complained.

What are you two going on about now?” Carla demanded, emerging from the cruise ship cabin’s tiny bathroom where she’d been changing. “Can’t you just make allowances for each other? None of us wants to be stuck here, but we have no choice, so we have to make the most of it.”

This was supposed to have been a special holiday. Daniel was finishing his University degree, and Vera was about to start hers. As a single Mum, a cruise had seemed to Carla like an extravagance beyond her capacity, but she’d managed to find a super-special bargain, and by settling for an interior cabin they all shared, she’d managed to swing it. Carla had accepted the fact that if she did get lucky on the cruise, she’d be visiting someone else’s cabin.

Then that damned virus had broken out. Coronavirus, COVID-19, or whatever it was now known as. The entire ship had been locked down, and everyone had been confined to their cabins. After a week of living in each other’s laps, things were strained. Vera and Daniel didn’t seem able to spend an hour together without one of them saying something that rubbed the other the wrong way. And given they were spending 24 hours a day together, the two were constantly at odds. They’d tried card games and movies, but there was simply more time in the day than there were interests to occupy them. Even with the internet, they struggled. Having to share the tiny bathroom wasn’t helping either. They had to take it in turns to do anything as simple as change, as well as shower, not to mention the toilet. You could hear anything that went on in there, which mostly led to loud music being played every time someone needed to use it.

“You know what he’s doing in there, don’t you?” Vera asked her mother when Daniel was in the bathroom for an extended period later that day.

“Using the bathroom, of course.”

“He’s masturbating,” Vera stated.


“It’s true. God, I reckon he’s whacking them out like five times a day.”

“Vera, even if that were true, it’s not appropriate to draw attention to it. Hell, it’s not like people don’t have needs, and at his age if he didn’t, one of his testicles would probably explode.”

“Eww, Mother!” Vera protested.

“Well you’re the one that brought it up. I mean, can you honestly tell me you haven’t rubbed one out in all the time we’ve been stuck in this room? And before you answer, remember we share a bed, and I don’t always sleep as deeply as you think.”

“Mother!” Vera declared, blushing and surrendering any innocence she might have claimed.

Further discussion was curtailed when the bathroom door opened, and Daniel appeared. Both women looked at him, and Daniel couldn’t help but be aware of their attention, given they’d both stopped talking the very moment he rejoined them. Whether he noticed both of their gazes dropping to his crotch to take in his semi-erect cock hanging free inside his shorts, is unknown.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Feeling better?” Vera asked.

“Much better, thanks.”

“I bet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he demanded indignantly.

“Well, given how long you were in there, it was either one massive shit, or …”

“Or …?” Daniel prompted, clearly puzzled.

“Your sister thinks you were wanking,” Carla informed her son.

“What?! No!” Daniel protested.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I explained to her we all have needs. She’s done it too, she just likes to do it in bed when she thinks everyone is asleep!”

“Oh my God Mother, you’re horrible!” Vera screamed.

“No kidding,” Daniel agreed.

“Finally something you two agree on!” Carla laughed. “Now if you two prudes who wouldn’t ever touch yourselves don’t mind, I’m going to take a nice long shower and scratch my own itch.”

“Ewwwwww!” Daniel and Clara declared together. She left them and headed into the bathroom.

“I can’ t believe she said that,” Daniel laughed.

“She’s out of her mind. Clearly this whole quarantine thing is getting to her,” Vera agreed.

“Have you really been masturbating while you sleep in that bed with Mom, though?” Daniel asked.

“Daniel! I’m not telling you that.”

“You did then, or you’d have denied it,” he laughed at her.

“Believe whatever you want,” she replied. “How many times a day have you been doing it?”

“None of your business.”

“Three? istanbul escort Four?” she pressed.

“You really want to know? The most is five, the least is two.”

“Oh my god!” Vera laughed.

“Well it’s not like there’s another option, is there? It’s so fucking boring in here, and like I can’t help getting horny a lot. What am I supposed to do, ask you or Mum for a hand job? I can’t see that going down too well in this room.”

“Gross!” Vera declared, though she did glance at her brother’s shorts and notice he’d hardened as they talked.

“Exactly.” The statement seemed to kill off the conversation, until their mother re-entered the room from the bathroom, wearing one of the ship’s bathrobes, and her hair wrapped in a towel.

“Now that was wonderful. There’s something very liberating about not feeling you have to hide what you’re doing.”

Vera just rolled her eyes.

“Who’s up for a game of cards?”

“Gotta be better than talking with your own family about masturbating,” Vera lamented.

Cards ensued, and Vera and Daniel both kept any conversation well away from their personal pleasure habits, concerned that any mention of it might have their mother becoming even more liberal in discussing either her habits, their habits, or both!

The discussion had however begun to have an effect both Vera and Daniel. Where previously they’d viewed each other simply as animated objects of frustration and annoyance, they started to pay a little more attention to each other’s bodies. Vera found herself glancing at her brother’s pants, where she knew he hung suspended without the limitations of any underwear. In Daniel’s case, he found himself glancing at Vera, wondering what sort of face she made when she came, or how exactly she went about masturbating, given she’d been doing it more or less surreptitiously while in bed with their mother.

— +++ —

Daniel lay awake, but only barely. He’d decided to try and catch Vera in the act. After their discussion earlier that day, he was curious. He was determined for Vera to think he was asleep when he wasn’t. Being confined in this cabin together, they’d had to learn to agree on a lights out time when everyone was ready to sleep; but that didn’t mean they all drifted off at the same time. Usually Daniel was eager to sleep, because it meant he wouldn’t have to find entertainment for himself for a good eight to ten hours.

He lay very still, listening to the breathing sounds coming from the queen-sized bed beside him. He smiled to himself in the dark when he heard his mother’s breathing shift into a deeper rhythm, occasionally giving out a bit of a snore. He focussed on keeping his own breathing deep and regular, while peering across the gap between the single bed he’d been stuck with and the spot where his sister slept, glad she’d taken the side closest to him.

After another ten minutes, during which he barely avoided dropping off himself, he spied a little movement. It was subtle, a simple shifting of the covers, but enough to alert him to something going on.

He slipped a hand down into his shorts., massaging his cock as he watched for the subtle movement of the neighbouring covers, thinking his sister likely had her hand between her legs, touching herself. He started wondering things he’d never given thought to before. Did she shave? Did she have meaty pussy lips, or were they hidden away? How big were her nipples? What colour? The thoughts caused him to harden completely, but he was worried that if he stroked himself, he’d give away that he wasn’t sleeping. He settled for firm squeezes of his engorged organ.

After a good ten minutes of monitoring the subtle movements in the adjacent bed, Daniel heard Vera gasp, and then quietly moan with what he took to be her release. It made him want to follow suit, but instead he quietly said, “That sounded like fun.”

“What?” Vera gasped.

“Sounded like you enjoyed that,” Daniel laughed quietly.

“Freaking pervert,” she hissed back at him.

“Kinda hot, actually,” Daniel said daringly.

“What the fuck?”

“Listening, knowing what you were doing … it was hot.”

“You really are a freak, you know that?” Vera retorted. She rolled her back to him and refused to engage in any more interaction. Daniel lay with his stiff cock reminding him why he was erect, but before too long, managed to fall asleep.

— +++ —

The following day while Carla was in the shower, Daniel decided to get changed inside the room. He simply turned his back on his sister and dropped his shorts.

“Um, hello, I’m right here,” Vera stated, pretending to be offended, even though she was actually checking out his butt for the first time.

“Well it’s not like I’m flashing my cock at you,” he laughed.

“It’s not like I want to see your hairy butt, either!”

“It’s not hairy!” he protested, turning his head and shoulders to try and look over his shoulder and check, without bringing his cock into view.

“It şişli escort totally is, you know,” Vera lied. “You need a good back, sack and crack wax … well, definitely a crack wax.”

“Fuck off,” he said, grabbing another pair of shorts, and once again pulling them on without underwear.

“So sensitive,” Vera teased him. “So tell me, are you going to return the favour after last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you going to let me listen to you masturbate?”

“What? Why?”

“Because fair’s fair!”

“Yeah, but listening is weird.”

“Says the guy who listened. So if I don’t get to listen, you have to let me watch.”

“Wait, hang on, who’s the fucking freak now?”

“What on earth are you two going on about now?” Carla demanded, startling them both with her sudden emergence from the bathroom.

“She wants to watch me masturbate!” Daniel declared, expecting to be backed up in his outrage.

“Well, that sounds like fun,” Carla replied, grinning. “I’m in.”

“What the fuck?” Daniel exclaimed.

“Mother!” Vera said in shock

“Well it would be. I love seeing cocks explode, and let’s face it, cooped up in here with you two, it’s not like I’m getting the chance to hunt down my own, around this festering cruise ship.

“But … but, you’re my Mother!”

“And she’s your sister. We’re only asking to watch.”

“Seriously? You’d seriously watch me masturbate?” Daniel asked, looking from his mother to his sister and back again.

“I’m horny enough to do just that,” Vera said daringly.

“I don’t believe you,” Daniel said. He quickly pulled his shorts down and posed in front of them, exposing his semi-erect cock, expecting Vera at least, to turn away in disgust.

“Not bad, honey,” his mother said.

“Yeah, not as small as I was expecting,” Vera giggled.

Rather than saying anything, Daniel took his cock in hand and started stroking, gobsmacked when neither his Mother nor Sister turned away. He looked from one to the other, as his cock rose to full hardness within the grasp of his fist. As he kept pumping, the fact they were watching started turning him on rather than putting him off. If they wanted to see him explode, then explode he would.

“Mmm, what a lovely size you are,” his mother commented. “And I’m so glad you were circumcised; it looks so much better that way, don’t you think, Vera?”

“It does,” his sister agreed.

“Looks just the right size to fill a pussy, or to stretch an asshole nice and wide,” Carla suggested. Then she hopped off the bed and went quickly into the bathroom. She returned with one of the small containers of body balm and tossed it to Daniel.

“Why not use that?”

Daniel caught the container, and starting to realise nothing should surprise him, squirted the lotion onto the palm of his right hand before taking his cock back within it. His fist slid over the smooth skin of his dick, stroking up and down.

“Better?” his mother asked.

“Always,” Daniel grinned. He worked his fist up and down, swirling it around the swollen head, enjoying the sensations that coursed through him as a result.

“So hot, don’t you think, Vera?” Carla asked her daughter.

“Not bad at all,” Vera agreed. “Sure beats playing Euchre again.” Daniel glanced her way, and saw she was sitting with her heel pulled up against her pussy and was rocking gently against it. Knowing she was being turned on by him fanned the flames of his desire. He felt the tension build in his ball sac, the tingling that announced his orgasm was imminent.

He wondered whether to announce his impending explosion or not, and decided just to unleash it. He worked his hand furiously toward his crescendo, and then aimed it at his sister. With a grunt and a cry of release, he came hard, a big spurt of cum shooting from his cock. The thick rope of hot white cum flew from the tip of his dick and landed on the floor of the cabin, falling just short of Vera’s foot.

“Holy crap!’ Vera exclaimed, instinctively flinching away from the flying cum.

“Nice load, honey,” His mother commented as Daniel continued stroking while the rest of his load was expelled, and then headed for the bathroom to clean off.

“Well that was fun,” Carla said when he returned.

“Yeah, not weird at all,” Vera laughed.

“Yeah, but now you both owe me,” Daniel said, not meaning it, just intending to stir them up a little.

“What do you mean?” Vera asked.

“Well, I only listened to you in the dark last night, but now you’ve both watched me. I should get to watch you now.”

“Yeah, right,” Vera laughed.

“Don’t be so hasty to dismiss the idea,” Carla suggested.

“What? No way, Mother!”

“Well it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. How about it, Daniel, do you really want to watch your dear old Mum masturbate?”

Daniel stared at his mother in shock and assessed her in a new light. She was in good shape. She certainly put the time in at the gym and ate properly, mecidiyeköy escort always claiming that as a single mother she needed to be in good shape to make sure she attracted the right sort of man.

“I’m game if you are,” he declared, deciding to keep going with the wild and crazy.

“Mmm, I like your adventurous spirit, honey,” Carla replied, pulling her t-shirt off over her head.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this!” Vera protested.

“You’re welcome to leave the room,” Carla laughed.

“What, and sit on the toilet?”

“If that’s where you’re the most comfortable.”

“I’m just going to sit over here and face the wall,” Vera moaned, going to the tiny desk in the corner of the cabin and pulling on her headphones.

“Suit yourself,” Carla laughed.

Daniel watched as his mother stripped naked in front of him, her sensible black underwear discarded on the bed moments after her t-shirt and skirt had disappeared. He appraised her body, finding little to complain about. Sure, her boobs were a bit saggy and she had some cellulite, but hell, she was nearly fifty. She was still fit, with nice curves, certainly more pronounced than his sister’s, even though she too had a nice shape about her.

“Damn Mum, you look hot,” he complimented her as she arranged herself on the queen bed. She spread her legs to reveal closely cropped hair adorning both her mound and pussy lips, and she wasted no time in slipping her hand between her lips and spreading them with her fingers.

Daniel admired the bright pink interior, noting how wet she was as she slid her fingers over herself, dabbling lightly at the entrance to her vagina. Her nipples were hard and quite long, surrounded by large, rosie areolae.

On seeing her son’s eyes take in her breasts, Carla took her left breast in hand and squeezed it firmly, before tugging on her nipple and twisting it between a thumb and finger. The fingers of her other hand danced over her pussy lips and slipped quickly inside her vagina, then re-emerged to drag moisture up to her clit. She sighed at the contact, her finger focussing in what appeared to be a well-practiced motion.

Daniel hardened at the sight. He forgot for a moment or two itwas his mother, focussing only on the dance of her fingers on her pussy, and on the trail of juice that began running down from her pussy to her asshole. Spying the trail headed toward her puckered hole brought to mind the comments she’d made while he was masturbating. Hadn’t she said his cock would be a good size to stretch out an asshole? Did that mean she liked anal sex? The thought made his cock twitch.

“Show me,” Carla said huskily when his hand went to adjust his hard cock in his pants. Daniel quickly slipped his shorts down and took his cock in hand and stroked it, as she worked her pussy with her fingers. Daniel watched her chest heaving with her gasping breaths as she approached orgasm. His balls were tense, and his cock strained as it filled completely with blood, pre-cum seeping from the piss-slit.

“You two are disgusting,” Vera commented, drawing their attention to her. She’d turned around, headphones still on, but she didn’t turn back to her computer, watching in fascination, unable to tear her gaze away.

“Watch me, Daniel,” Carla moaned, and furiously ran her fingers back and forth over her clit. With a gasp and a cry of pleasure, she exploded, chest rising and falling rapidly with her shuddering breaths, stomach pulsing and her legs clamped together, trapping her hand in her pussy.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Daniel groaned, still working his cock. “Spread your legs, Mom!” Carla parted her legs, a trail of juice linking pussy and asshole. Daniel stepped close to the edge of the bed, his rock-hard cock looming over it. Carla wiggled closer to him until her pussy was directly below his cock.

“Cum on me Daniel,” she begged. “Please!”

“Oh my fucking God!” Vera cried out. She’d removed her headphones and was still watching.

“Fuck yes,” Daniel grunted as his cock exploded for the second time in several minutes. His cum shot from the tip of his cock and splattered over his mother’s pubic hair and stomach. Her hand sought it out and smeared it over her body. “Holy shit,” Daniel exclaimed as he emptied the rest of his load onto her.

“You two are so fucked up,” Vera accused huskily.

“Jealous?” Her mother asked her, even as she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked her son’s cum from them. Vera and Daniel just stared in shock. “So amazing! Needless to say you two, what happens in this cabin stays in this cabin.”

“I’ll say! As if I’m about to admit to anyone that my freaky family is cumming all over each other!” Vera hissed.

“Anytime you want to cum, you go for it, sweetie,” Carla told her daughter. “And now that you’ve both seen me naked, don’t be surprised if I wear a bit less around the cabin. I’m sick of being confined, and a bit of freedom from my clothing might just help me out a bit.”

“Yeah? Well just make sure you remember to put something on when we go up for our hour on deck,” Vera laughed. “I really don’t need anyone thinking you’re nude in here all the time.

“Good idea Mother, I might not wear quite as much either,” Daniel replied.

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