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Cousins Reunion Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Morning Titillation

The smell of coffee and bacon welcomed my senses as I came awake. I felt refreshed and hungry. Ready for a new day and what adventures awaited in this house of contradictions. The husband and wife obviously not emotionally connected. The two cousins obviously connected despite the elapse of time since their last illicit encounter.

I was wearing my loose fitting sleep shorts. I pulled on a well worn sweat shirt and padded barefoot to the kitchen looking forward to a hot cup of coffee. Kay was frying bacon and starting to scramble eggs, a pile of buttered toast already beside the stove. Her back was to me. She was wearing the same robe she had worn on my arrival the previous morning.

“Good morning Kay.”

Kay looked over her shoulder, smiled and said, “Good morning Jay. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. The eggs will be ready in a couple of minutes.

I looked at the kitchen clock. Almost 10 am. I had slept much later than usual. The time change and the all night drive obviously responsible.

“Parker up yet?”

“Yes. He will be here in a minute. I was hoping you would be up soon. Parker will be leaving right after breakfast. He has to get back to the Denver office.” Her face broke into a happy grin as she turned toward me, her robe falling open, no pajamas, nothing, just Kay naked, lovely breasts pointing at me, the dark thatch of trimmed pubic hair between her shapely thighs exposed.

We heard footsteps.

Parker walked in as Kay calmly pulled her robe together while turning back to the stove. “Yeah, I just found out that some of our main research on a big case going to trial in a couple of days is suspect and needs to be thoroughly reviewed and possibly modified. Kay will have to entertain you alone for the next few days I guess.” He had obviously overheard Kay. Had he seen anything? Apparently not.

Kay turned as she heard Parker’s chair scrape up to the table. A smile came to her lips as she let her robe fall open exposing herself again. A flush appearing on her chest, accentuating the whiteness of her breasts, spreading up her neck to her face.

She quickly turned without closing her robe and faced the stove as Parker swung around and asked, “That breakfast about ready Kay?”

“Yes, almost.”

Parker faced me; the aimless chatter resumed. I tried to keep my attention on our conversation, but my eyes and my mind were drawn over his shoulder to Kay, who turned again, her breasts clearly visible between the hanging edges of her robe.

She boldly walked up behind Parker, placing her hands on his shoulders, she leaned over causing her breasts to hang and sway just behind her husband’s head. Watching me with a happy smile on her face.

“More OJ, anyone?” she asked innocently. She finally stood and slowly pulled her robe loosely about herself and cinched the ties.

I breathed a sigh of relief or satisfaction or both.

We ate breakfast together and jabbered about jobs, vacations, the snow, ski resorts, airports, the growth of Boulder, etc. Parker went to get ready to leave. I helped Kay clean up the kitchen.

“You are awful” I admonished her as I reached into her robe and caressed her right breast, the nipple cool from the recent exposure. bursa escort “You have always been bold, but that really takes the cake.”

Kay chuckled as she leaned against my hand, obviously enjoying my touch. “I know I am bad. I can’t help myself.” She turned and the hand that was inside her robe pulled against the loose tie as Kay rotated to face me, her robe falling open again. I looked down at her nakedness feeling myself swell and harden. Kay pulled at the fly of my shorts, slipping her hand through the opening, taking my swelling cock in her hand and gently messaged my engorging cock.

“Kay, Parker?”

“Nervous?” Kay asked as she pulled my cock through the loose fly of my shorts.

I looked down seeing my cock in her hand, she pulled me towards her and pressed the undersurface of my dick against her lower belly.

“Jesus Kay,” I whispered back, “yes I am nervous.”

Kay just smiled at me as she gently rubbed my cock against her smooth skin.

We heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. Kay dropped my cock and closed her robe around herself as she turned back to the sink. I got my cock back inside my shorts and leaned over the dishwasher hiding my erection as best I could. Kay started handing me dishes again, which I arranged in the dishwasher as Parker walked into the kitchen.

“Well, I am about ready to shove off.”

“Ok Parker,” Kay replied. “You load up while we finish here and we will be out to see you off in a minute.”

“Sounds good.” Parker said and was off to put his bags in his car.

We smiled at each other, but actually finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, wiped up the counter and table. Fortunately, Kay did not pull anymore exposure stunts and my erection subsided by the time we finished cleaning up.

We walked to the front door as Parker came in from loading his car. Kay gave him a perfunctory hug and a peck on the cheek. I shook hands and agreed that we would see each other in a few days. That was that. He got in his car and drove off.

Kay turned, dropped her robe and looked coyly at me. “Want to take a shower?” and with that, turned and walked to her bedroom. I heard her shower come on. I followed the sound into the master bath. I could see her through the glass door of the large shower with dual heads both spraying water, steam from the hot water already beginning to fog the door, partially obscuring the view. I stripped out of my sweatshirt and shorts, opened the door and stepped into the steamy hot water with Kay. We looked at each other admiring each other’s naked bodies. She touched my chest, well muscled, her palm running across the hair and tracing it down across my flat stomach, following it into the longer pubic hair surrounding my cock. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. Enjoying the sensation of her breasts pressing into my chest. Feeling my pelvis and cock press into her pelvis and between her legs, the hot water cascading over and down our bodies. I pulled back slightly and looked at her now upturning face. I bent slightly and put my lips gently against hers. So soft and welcoming, they parted as her tongue lightly touched my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue entry to my mouth. Her tongue lightly touched my tongue then pushed deeper into my bursa escort bayan mouth. As she withdrew her tongue, mine followed, feeling her lips, her teeth, tasting her, playing with her darting tongue, breathing her breath in as she exhaled.

Kay pulled back. “Wash me?”

I shampooed her hair first, enjoying the feel of her silky hair, messaging her scalp, which she obviously enjoyed. Next I washed her hands, arms and back. I gently washed her abdomen and then her chest caressing her breasts with my slippery soap covered hands. I knelt and washed her feet, working my way up her legs and thighs coming to her pelvis. I lathered her pubic thatch, enjoying her moans as I washed her labia and clit.

“Now let me wash you,” Kay said taking the soap from me. She followed the same order. Of course ending at my pelvic area carefully washing my balls, closely watching my penis get hard. Her hand washing between my legs, her soapy finger slipping across my anus, the tip just barely entering, bringing a gasp from me. Kay smiled and began lathering my fully erect cock. She slowly stroked it bringing me close to an orgasm. I groaned. She stopped. We rinsed together. Kay turned off the water, handed me a towel. I dried her body. She disappeared into the bathroom while I finished drying myself.

I walked in the direction she had gone. She was sitting before the bathroom mirror, legs parted, perfume bottle in her hand, turning the cap back into place. “That smells good,” I said.

She smiled, stood, and walked through the door into her bedroom. She looked at the unmade bed and frowned. “Not here,” She walked and I followed. She went to the living room, opened the drapes, the morning light filled the room. We had a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. She pulled me to her and we kissed again, standing naked in front of the large window. She sat on the couch, slouching, spreading her knees wide. “Kiss me here,” she requested, holding her labia apart with her right hand as she reached for me with her left.

I knelt between her legs and placed my face against her breasts, nuzzled each, feeling their fullness, kissing each nipple lightly, then sucking them causing them to become erect. I traced my tongue down her stomach. I kissed her labia, licking each lightly, tasting her moisture building. I sucked on her swollen lips, Kay moaned in pleasure. She had both hands pulling her own sex lips apart, exposing her vaginal opening and her clit, the hood pulled up, the clit fully exposed. I licked her opening, tasting her sex. She moaned. I let my tongue move slowly up and gently touch the tip of her clit. Her hips lifted slightly, she moaned louder. My tongue circled her clit, Kay’s hips gently gyrating against my face. As she moved faster and moaned louder, my tongue engaged her exposed clit directly and more firmly.

“Yes, harder, faster, don’t stop,” Kay begged, “make me come now, I need to come now.”

My tongue lapped at her clit, and she was suddenly bucking and groaning with an orgasm, her hips pressed tightly against my face. I slipped my tongue deep into her vagina. I could feel her orgasmic contractions clutch at my tongue as I thrust it as deeply into her pussy as I could, enjoying her tart flavor.

Her orgasm subsided, the twitching escort bursa of her pussy muscles slowed. Kay relaxed back against the couch. “God that was so good,” she sighed. “Fuck me now Jay. I want to feel your dick inside me now. It feels so good to have a dick in me after an orgasm. Put your cock inside me now.”

As I raised up, my erection coming toward her pelvis, Kay reached out and grabbed my erect penis and pulled me urgently toward her sex. I obliged and allowed myself to be guided to her crotch, her pussy wet from her own juices and my saliva. She guided my cock to her vaginal opening. The head of my cock slipped easily into her pussy. Hot, wet, tight, a perfect fit, a perfect sensation as her sex enveloped my shaft. I thrust my cock into her body, watching my shaft disappear inside her, watching it sliding between her labia. I groaned with pleasure while reaching to take a perfect breast in each hand. I felt Kay’s hands lightly touch my ass, gently following the rhythm of my thrusting inside her body. The pressure of her hands increasing, following the intensity of my thrusts as my excitement built. My cock sliding in and out of her velvety canal, pleasure coursing through my loins, filling my body with the energy of the orgasm building in my pelvis. My hands firmly on her breasts, my back arching as I thrust my rigid penis inside her as deeply as it would penetrate, then withdrawing it until I could feel my cock’s head slipping out of her body, then thrusting into and penetrating her tight opening again and again. Kay’s breathing turning into moans and whimpers of pleasure.

“Your cock feels so good Jay,” Kay moaned with obvious pleasure. “Fuck me, yes fuck me.”

I passed the point of no return, not even wanting to stop this first time. Desperate for release of the tremendous tension that had been building since my arrival. The first contraction of my orgasm exploded from my balls in an almost painful burst of pleasure, a loud groan bursting from my lips as I thrust my cock into Kay’s vagina. Another intense burst of pleasure as the next ejaculatory contraction spewed another gush of white liquid into Kay’s warm receptacle. Each contraction of my loins spewing my sperm into her body, my tension ebbing as each contraction released the tension with equal amounts of pleasure.

I released my hold on her breasts and collapsed onto her chest unable to hold myself up after the tremendous orgasm I had just experienced. Kay pulled me against her body cradling my head against her breasts, my panting beginning to abate as I recovered my senses.

“My god,” I was barely able to get out, “that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.”

Kay gave me a tight squeeze in response. We held each other as our breathing returned to a more normal rate. My cock was beginning to soften.

“Careful,” Kay said, “you are about to slip out of me and I don’t want cum all over the couch.”

I felt her hand surround my shaft and reluctantly let my cock slide out of her dripping pussy. My penis exited her warm body as her hand cupped her vaginal opening to catch my sperm as it oozed out of her body. She smiled at me as she stood and walked out of the room, her hand between her legs, cupping her dripping privacy.

After cleaning up, we sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. We were both extremely relaxed in our post-coital bliss. We leisurely discussed and considered our options for the day. K informed me that she already had the evening planned.

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