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Cousins in Love and Lust

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As I grew up I knew my mother had a brother that I’d never met, he was in the army and moved all over the world with his family.

After he retired from the army he moved back to England but lived over 300 miles from us.

A few years later he and his family moved back to the village we’d all grown up in.

It was arranged for us to all meet at their house just a few hundred yards from where we lived.

For the first time I met my three cousins, all girls, two were in their early twenties and then there was Mandy, she was 18 just a year younger than me.

Wow! Mandy was beautiful, natural blonde, slim and very very shy. Although she is my cousin, it was the first time we’d met so she felt like a stranger, but I fancied her like crazy.

As Mandy didn’t know anyone except family in our village and we were roughly the same age we spent a lot of time together over the next few weeks.

We went out to a local bar on Friday evening, I walked around to her house to pick her up, when she came into the room it was the first time I’d seen her in full make up, her blonde hair and pale skin made her red lipstick stand out and showing just a little cleavage she looked even more beautiful than ever. We walked to the bar and she told me she was nervous, but I reassured her I’d stay by her side all the time. I introduced her to my friends and she received a lot of attention from everyone as she was new to the area.

On a couple of occasions I felt really jealous when men were chatting to her, but she rebuffed all their advances and invitations to dance and even held my hand for extra reassurance. We only had a couple of drinks as I didn’t want to take her back home drunk and cause trouble with her parents, but Mandy was starting to loosen up with me a little and become more chatty, but she was still nervous and shy around others.

When the bar closed we left and I walked Mandy home, once again she grabbed my hand as we walked and she told me she’d had a lovely time. Her house was only a ten minute walk and when we got there we stood at the side of the house and chatted for a few minutes, we arranged for her to come round my house the following day as usual and I said goodnight, but Mandy grabbed me and gave me a kiss on the lips, just a quick peck and I said I wasn’t expecting that she said well you certainly won’t expect this either and pulled my head to hers and kissed me full on the mouth, I felt her tits press against my chest and my cock hardened in seconds. I could feel my hard cock pushing against her pussy and wanted her so badly. We finished the kiss and Mandy smiled and said see you tomorrow. She’d walked almost to her back door and I called her, she stopped turned around and I ran to her grabbed her and kissed her with more passion than I’d ever kissed a girl in my life.

I could have kissed her all night, but the door opened and her mum came out to look for her. I said goodnight to Mandy and her mum thanked me for looking after her. I then walked home thinking of nothing else but Mandy. It was wrong to feel like this but oh so right.

I woke on Saturday morning and my first and only thought was Mandy, my mind raced with what to do about last night. Mandy was due to come around in a couple of hours but luckily for me my mum was going to work so I’d get chance to be alone with Mandy and talk about where we go from here.

I’d just finished getting dressed after having a shave and a shower when I heard the door close downstairs, I ran down and Mandy was standing in the living room looking even sexier than last night.

I said you’re early.

She replied I couldn’t wait to see you.

I walked towards her, she had the most beautiful smile and we grabbed each other and kissed just as passionately as last night, Mandy smelled amazing and I kissed her neck and inhaled her perfume.

I said I laid in bed alone last night thinking of you, wishing you were laying next to me

I was stunned when she said I’m here now, let’s go.

Nervously I led her upstairs and into my room. She took off her jacket and put it on the back of a chair, she was turned away from me so I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck, she said I love that, I carried on kissing as I moved my hands to her front and cupped her tits in my hands through her blouse, I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down slightly at the back to allow me to kiss further down her neck and back, Mandy finished undoing the blouse and unbuttoned the cuffs and I slipped it from her body and dropped it onto the chair. I put my hands back on her tits, she was wearing a satin bra and they felt so soft apart from her hard nipples.

My cock was rock hard and was pushing against her arse cheeks, Mandy put her hands behind her and rubbed my cock through my jeans, she then turned around and we kissed as she continued to rub my cock with one hand and held my head with her other hand.

She took off my t shirt illegal bahis and kissed my chest, going lower with each kiss until she reached the waist band of my jeans, she unbuttoned them then pulled them down to my knees before kissing my cock through my boxer shorts. Then she pulled them down making my cock spring from beneath them and bounce up and down, she stopped my out of control cock with her hand then peeled back my foreskin and exposed my head dripping with my pre cum. I looked down and saw those beautiful soft lips wrap around my cock and her blonde hair moving back and forth as she hungrily slurped and sucked on my cock, she was using one hand on the base of my shaft, one hand on my balls and her mouth on my cock to give me the greatest sexual moment of my life.

I couldn’t believe that this was the shy girl I’d first met only a few weeks earlier.

I wanted to cum so I took her head eased her up to meet me and kissed her, now it was my turn. I took her jeans off, sliding them slowly down, revealing her perfect soft pale skin inch by inch, she was wearing panties that matched her bra, as each bit of her panties was exposed I kissed it and could see her pubic mound bulging in her panties. I slid her jeans further down and could see her panties were slightly inside her pussy. I continued removing her jeans and finally slid them over her feet and onto the floor.

Mandy was now sitting on the edge of the bed, I reached around and unclipped her bra, I got my first look at her tits, they were amazing, more than a handful with pink puffy areole and hard nipples. I kissed and sucked every inch of those beautiful tits then laid her down on the bed, I kneeled on the floor between Mandy’s legs and kissed her pussy through her panties once again, only this time my tongue traced the gap left by the panties going inside her. I could feel her juices seeping through her satin panties and her pussy gave off an erotic smell that was unique, I loved it and needed to taste her.

I pulled at the waist of her panties and Mandy helped by arching her back and slipped off her panties, before me just inches from my face was the most perfectly shaved smooth pussy, dripping with juices that my tongue was hungry to lick. I licked the oozing juices so they wouldn’t go to waste then kissed all around her pussy teasing her, but soon gave in and licked the full length of her slit.

Using my fingers I parted her lips and exposed the inside of her pussy, it was so perfect and pink, I licked inside her, pushing my tongue in as far as it would go. Mandy reached down and held my head then started to grind her hips until her clit was on my tongue, she uttered a long gasp then I knew she wanted to cum, I licked and sucked on her clit and felt her juices dripping from her, my face was soaked in her wetness until she gripped my head with her thighs held me still and yelled as she cum.

After a while she relaxed her grip and I was able to move, I didn’t want to stop so I stayed there and licked every drop from inside and outside her pussy.

Mandy climbed further onto the bed and I got on beside her, we faced each other and kissed again, Mandy gently pushed me over onto my back then she sat up and straddled me, her wet pussy was touching my hard cock and she was leaning ever so slightly forward making her tits hang away from her body, she moved slowly towards my face and let them hang just above my lips letting me kiss them, she swayed from side to side as I kissed each one in turn, she reached between her legs and grabbed my cock, then lifting herself just away from me she started rubbing the head of my cock between her pussy lips and up and down the length of her pussy, then she guided the head of my cock to the entrance to her pussy and slid slowly down onto my hard wet cock taking the full length inside her.

She slid her pussy up and down on my cock slowly at first before leaning on my chest with both her hands and riding me faster and faster until I could take no more, I reached up and grabbed her bouncing tits as I let my cock uncontrollably burst it’s full load deep inside her, Mandy smiled at me as I was pumping every last drop into her and my cock felt tender every time she moved, I thought that was it, but Mandy had other ideas, she sat upright and started to ride my cock again, luckily I was still hard, then she rubbed her clit as she fucked me until she screamed and I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock.

She then fell forward into my arms and I hugged her as we regained our breath and energy. We laid like this for at least 30 minutes talking and as far as I was concerned we could stay like it forever.

That night I came to the realisation that as we were cousins we couldn’t continue this relationship for long…or could we?

In company my beautiful cousin Mandy was a shy demure inhibited girl, in the bedroom she was a confident sex hungry woman that was happy to take the lead, and get what she wanted. Even though illegal bahis siteleri she is my cousin and I know it’s wrong I wanted her in my bed, I wanted to lick suck and taste every part of her body, I would do anything for her.

She had everything a man desires, she knew it and she knew how to use it. I craved her whenever I wasn’t with her and devoured her when we were together.

After our day of sex Mandy texted me that evening saying go to your bedroom and look under your pillow.

I looked under her pillow and there were a pair of her panties in a sealed plastic bag,

She texted, open the bag, take them out, sniff them, lick them, taste them and take a photo of you licking out the cum I left in them.

I took out the panties, they were a red silky thong, trimmed with black lace on the waist band. I sniffed the outside at the crutch area. The familiar odour of Mandy gave me an instant hard on, I removed my shorts and pants and stroked my cock as I sniffed. I then looked inside and saw a smearing of pussy juice where her pussy had been, I got my phone ready and took the photo Mandy had asked for, I put my tongue on the juices then put my tongue into my mouth to savour the taste, it was almost as good as tasting it straight from her pussy.

I couldn’t wait any longer and took a big lick of the remaining juice, and rubbed them all over my face, my other hand was stroking my hard wet cock so I put the thong over my cock and the cold feeling of the silk and Mandy’s juices was too much for me and I cum, the panties were now completely covered in my cum as well as Mandy’s.

I took more photos than Mandy had requested and sent them to her.

Immediately Mandy sent me some photos back of her wearing the panties that morning and masturbating in them.

I needed Mandy again and looked forward to seeing her the following day.

Mandy came to my house but my mum was still at home, as usual Mandy looked stunning and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. Mum was in the kitchen and we were in the living room, I asked Mandy if she wanted to watch a film, she said yes so I told her to choose a dvd that were in a cabinet, she crawled on the floor towards the cabinet and hitched up her skirt a little, she was wearing black stockings and nothing else, I got a look at her perfect smooth pussy from behind, she looked over her shoulder and giggled. My cock took just seconds to harden as I stuttered for something to say. After she chose a film Mandy came and sat down next to me grinning all the time.

Mum came into the living room and gave us both a cup of coffee and said she was going out, I was so relieved as it meant I could get my hands on my dream girl.

We cuddled as we watched the film and my erection was as strong as ever and Mandy teased me about it. She gently stroked my cock through my pants as we talked, she asked me if I’d do anything for her, I said yes, so she laid back on the other end of the sofa and put her foot up close to my face, she said kiss my feet, I’d never kissed feet before but took hold of it and started to kiss her toes, I looked at the length of her leg all the way up her risen skirt to her bulging pussy, the contrast of the black stockings and her white skin was amazing.

I sucked gently on her stocking clad toes and reached up her leg and slid off her stocking, then one by one I licked and sucked each of her toes, Mandy put her other leg on the floor exposing her pussy fully and started to rub her clit in slow circular strokes, she laid her head back closed her eyes and rubbed as I sucked her toes, I licked the under side of her big toe and the one next to it and she said don’t stop then she held her breath and cum, I could feel her shaking as she gripped her pulsing pussy.

Mandy told me to sit in the centre of the sofa, she stood up and took off her skirt then she put a foot on the seats either side of me and her pussy was right in front of my face, she then put one foot on the back of the sofa and pushed her pussy into my face, she was dripping with cum and it smeared all over my nose mouth and chin, I put my tongue inside her and licked tasted and swallowed as much of her sweet juices as I could.

I continued to lick her as my nose was grinding against her clit, she put one hand on the back of my head and thrust her pussy forcibly against my face making her cum once again, her wetness oozed from where her pussy was pressed against my face down my chin and onto my shirt, my face was soaking but felt and tasted amazing as I used my fingers to wipe it off and lick them clean.

Eventually Mandy climbed off me and removed my pants, my hard cock was dripping wet and Mandy straddled me and easily slid her wet dripping pussy onto my cock, she was sliding up and down and I grabbed her tits, she was still wearing her top but they felt great and jiggled with each stroke on my cock, she then got off and knelt on the floor between my legs and using just her canlı bahis siteleri mouth she put my cock between her lips and lowered her head slowly taking as much as she could in her mouth, she licked the full length of my shaft and played with my balls, it was too much and I couldn’t hold it in so Mandy put my cock back into her mouth just in time to feel my cum explode from my head, after I’d finished she tilted her head back slightly to show me her mouth full of my thick white cum, then tilted her head some more as it slid down her throat.

We picked up our clothes and went up to my bedroom, we took off our remaining clothes and I got into the bed, Mandy had a shower then came back in the bedroom, I marvelled at Mandy’s tits as she walked across to the bed they were a 36D, nipples pointing upwards and very soft yet firm, they swung beautifully and sexily as she walked across the bed and got in with me.

Mandy laid on her back and I laid next to her half leaning up on my side and we talked, as we talked I stroked her face and told her she is beautiful, she smiled and looked at me, I leaned forward and kissed her, as usual her kisses were like no other I’d ever had, the taste of her lips and tongue is so erotic, the way her tongue moves on mine gives me an instant hard on.

I cupped her tit as we kissed and her nipple was rock hard, I continued to stroke her chest and upper body just using my fingertips using very light strokes, it was making Mandy shiver and she was covered in goosebumps. I couldn’t stop looking up and down her perfect body and thinking how lucky I was to be in this situation, I knew she was my cousin but I was obsessed with her, and this amazing sexual affair could end at any time so I was determined to make the most of every second we spent together.

As I looked down her body her flat stomach contrasted with a beautiful smooth pubic mound, I stroked it very gently once again using my fingertips and teased her by stroking all around her pussy and groin area, Mandy was sighing and loving the attention. Her legs were splayed wide open and I pulled back the hood covering her clit and exposed her clit, l put a finger between her pussy lips and felt she was wet, then I scooped out a lot of her juice and rubbed it onto her clit, with a steady circular motion I rubbed her clit until she grabbed my hand and pressed it hard on her pussy and groaned in ecstasy as she cum.

Mandy sat up and I sat behind her with Mandy laying on my chest between my legs, she took my hand and guided it back to her pussy, she put two of my fingers inside her and she began to rub her clit, I finger fucked her while she rubbed and with my other hand I squeezed her tits one at a time, I was kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders, she was sweating and I licked her sweat as I kissed her.

All of a sudden Mandy’s thighs gripped my hand, I felt her pussy throbbing on my fingers as Mandy cum once again, breathlessly, red and soaked in sweat she laid back on me and I hugged her and stroked the soaking wet hair on her forehead.

My other hand was dripping with Mandy’s juices and I licked each finger clean followed by the palm of my hand that was soaked in her cum.

Mandy then turned around and sat on me I was sitting up with my back against the headboard, she started to kiss me and I could feel her soaking wet pussy on my hard cock, she moved until the head of my cock was between her pussy lips, she teased me by sliding her pussy on my cock head, then she just slid onto my rock hard cock, grabbed me around the neck and bending her legs she crouched and bounced up and down fucking me in a way that was totally new to me.

I told Mandy that I was about to cum, she slowed down and gently rocked as we kissed, I couldn’t hold it any longer and uncontrollably unloaded a stream of cum deep inside her, I could feel my cock pulsating against the walls of Mandy’s pussy, we continued to kiss and hug and were now both dripping in sweat.

Mandy eventually got off me and we just laid together on the bed regaining our breath.

The pleasure and excitement of being with Mandy was something unique.

Maybe it was knowing that we were cousins and could get caught at anytime.

Maybe it was seeing the other side of the shy, quiet almost virginal looking Mandy.

I don’t know what it was to be honest, but I do know that I wanted and needed Mandy in my life, forever.

Mandy and I spent all our spare time together over the past few weeks, we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend but didn’t admit to anything because of the stigma and thoughts of other people especially our families.

Mandy’s parents Al and Liz had gone away on holiday for a few weeks so Mandy and I spent even more time together.

One afternoon we were sitting on the sofa, I was one end and Mandy the other, she had her feet on my lap and was teasing my cock by stroking it with her feet. My cock was hard and I was dying to grab Mandy and fuck her but my mum was at home.

Mum walked into the living room and said “would you two like some…lunch”, she hesitated mid sentence which puzzled me slightly.

I said “no thanks” as the only thing I wanted to eat was Mandy’s pussy.

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