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Cousin Laura, My First Love Ch. 02

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Laura went up to Springfield a few weeks later to look for an apartment. We agreed to live off-campus, both of us wanting to avoid the party scene and concentrate on our studies. We were serious about breaking the cycle of poverty and substance abuse that had plagued our family. I had to work that weekend. She called me on Saturday.

“Hey, cuz what’s going on?” She always sounded so chipper and I loved her for that. Especially after everything she’s been through in life.

“Not bad. How’s the apartment search going?”

“Awesome! I found a great place. It’s only a 10 minute walk to campus!”

“Sounds too good to be true. Can we afford it?”

“That’s the best part. My Uncle on my mom’s side owns a bunch of rentals up here. I didn’t even know until my mom told me when I called her on the drive up to tell her what was going on. I got in touch with him and he showed me this place and said we could have it for $500 bucks.”

“Wow, that’s better than I expected to have to pay. If we both work part time we can handle that.”

“I know! I can’t wait to show it to you!”

“Me too. I’ll see you tonight then?”

“Oh cuz, I’m kind of tired. I’m gonna stay here tonight. I’ve got my sleeping bag in the car. I’ll crash on the floor of the new place, be refreshed in the morning and make the drive back.”

“Ok. I miss you though.”

“Yeah I miss you too. It’s cold! Wish I had your warm body tonight.” She giggled. “Bye”

“Bye.” I hung up. I was psyched. We were really going to be able to make college work AND do it together. Just a couple weeks until classes started and I couldn’t wait.

We moved 2 days before classes started and got settled in. Weeks went by and things were going perfectly. We studied together and had great sex to relieve the stresses of our rigorous schedules. I got a bar tending job 4 nights a week and Laura was working a couple of days at a work-study program on campus. Money was tight but we were getting by and achieving near perfect grades.

One night there was a fight at the bar and the cops shut us down early. I walked back to the apartment, looking forward to getting a rare full night’s sleep. When I came in, all was dark except for the dim glow of the bedroom lamp at the rear of the apartment. As I got closer I heard the unmistakable moans of sex. My heart stopped. I knew Laura had a couple of toys and I wanted to believe she was using one of them. Then I heard a man’s voice, grunting and groaning. When I reached the bedroom door it was half open and when I poked my head in I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Laura was nude from the waist down, wearing only a tank top, bent over the night stand. Behind her was a naked, hairy, bald fat guy, probably 50 years old. Neither of them saw me as I stood there stunned. He was pounding her hard from behind, his hands inside of her tank top. I couldn’t move, being emotionally paralyzed and afraid that if I did they would see me. I had been there about 5 minutes when he slammed hard into her a final time, pushing her up off her feet. The lamp was knocked off and broke onto the floor as he grunted and held still for about 30 seconds while he came in her.

He pulled out and his cock was still hard. It was short but incredibly thick. Laura was catching her breath, still bent over, her pussy gaping from the assault it had just taken. I slipped away to the living room while I had the chance and sat on the couch, still unable to believe what I had witnessed. A few minutes later he walked through the room, saw me sitting there, and said “How ya doin’?” I just nodded and he walked out the front door.

I heard the shower come on and she must have been in there for 20 minutes. I was still sitting on the couch when Laura walked into the room in a towel. She startled when she saw me.

“Cuz..what..I thought you were working tonight.”

“Got shut down because of a fight.”

“Oh..well..how..how long have you been here?”

“Long enough,” I said, looking straight at her.

“Oh, cuz, it’s not what you think.”

“What is it then?”

“That guy, he’s my escort Uncle. The one I told you about. The one that owns this place. What just happened..it’s how we get such a good deal on the rent. I didn’t want you to know.”

I was silent, thinking. I knew her, and I knew that in her twisted way she was doing this, in part, for me.

“We could have gotten a different place Laura.”

“On campus? With all the noise and all night partying? Or one we could afford off campus with holes in the walls and broken plumbing?”

“It would have been better than…this.”

“Oh, cuz, it’s not that bad. It’s only once a week and the old bastard only takes ten minutes. Don’t tell me you’re jealous.” She said it in her teasing way that always makes me grin as she straddled my lap I was mad but I couldn’t help smiling. “Of course I’m jealous. I want to be the only one doing you.”

She giggled and bit my ear. “Oh cuz I want what’s best for both of us. And right now I think that’s getting a good education. I owe you this after you took me in last year. Can you handle it for a little while? Maybe next semester we’ll have something saved and be able get another place in the same neighborhood.”

“It’s going to be tough on me knowing what he’s doing to you, but I know how stubborn you are and that I’ll never change your mind.”

“Speaking of stubborn, what’s that I feel pushing against me?” She said teasingly.

She was right. I was hard. Very hard. She was sitting on me, we were face to face, she was the sweetest girl I’ve ever known, and she was half naked. Her uncle had been inside her moments before and still I wanted to fuck her. She reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, springing my cock free, and guided it to her pussy.

“Take it easy this time, cuz. I’m a little sore.”

She lowered down onto me and we kissed hard, almost feverishly. This must be what they call make-up sex I thought to myself. She rode me up and down, her towel falling away. I knew I was so rock hard, so much more than ever, that she must have felt a difference. She came, her eyes rolling back in her head, as she whispered “You’re the only one I care about cuz.” She continued moving up and down on me, cumming multiple times, her wetness soaking me and the cushions underneath. I knew some of this had to be her uncle’s cum leaking out of her.

My hands were on her ass and I started to move with her, grinding together. If it hurt she didn’t show it. Her moans were all pleasure and I came as I pulled her tightly down onto me. She bit my neck as she came again with me and soon we were still.

We showered and crashed, waking up late the next morning. “How are you feeling?” She asked sleepily.

“I have alot of feelings right now. There are some things I need to know.”

“You know I won’t lie to you cuz. Ask me.”

“Did he fuck you when you made that first trip up here with out me?”

She paused, just briefly. “Yes.”

“I guess I knew that last night.”

“Does it bother you that much?”

“It does, somewhat, but I guess…”


“Well I guess I know we’ll have sex with other people eventually anyway. I mean we can’t get married, we’re cousins.”

“I know cuz. It’s gonna be hard after graduation. I think it’s inevitable we’ll have to go separate ways. But I want to make a promise to you. No matter what, if we have boyfriends or girlfriends, even get married, that we will make love to each other once in a while anyway. I need that. I need you.”

“I’m glad you said that. I feel the same way. This will be our little secret forever.”

We kissed.

“Was there anything else cuz?” It was almost like she liked talking about it.

“How many times have you been with him?”

“You pervert!” She giggled. “Our deal is once a week. So we’ve been here, what, 5 weeks?

“What would your dad do if he found out?”

“That asshole probably wouldn’t care. I can imagine him saying something to the effect of everyone has to work for a living.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, it’s a reasonable question. This IS izmit escort bayan his brother fucking his daughter.”

I wanted to ask her if she enjoyed it but I was afraid of the answer. Another month went by and we didn’t discuss it. I assumed she was scheduling him on my work nights. Then one night we were asleep and woke to hear the front door slamming. I grabbed the baseball bat from under the bed and turned the lamp on. It was him.

“Ain’t this cute, little Laura has a boyfriend.” He said, mockingly.

“He lives here Frank, don’t be a jerk. You didn’t even call.” She replied.

“Ya, well, whatever, he’s gonna have to sleep in the other room. We have some business.”

Laura and I looked at each other. I guess we both knew this would happen eventually. We hugged and she whispered, “I’m sorry it has to be like this.”

I walked to the door and turned and looked just before I left the room. Laura was pulling her panties off, her feet pointed at the ceiling, as her uncle unbuckled his belt. I layed down on the couch and moments later I could hear them. The bed was squeaking loudly, then I heard the headboard slam against the wall 3 times and it was quiet. He walked by a few minutes later on his way out and said something under his breath. I think it was “I hope you like sloppy seconds.”

I stayed on the couch and tried to sleep, too embarrassed to face Laura. She must have felt the same way because we didn’t see each other until after class the next day. She got home a couple hours after me. I was studying in the kitchen.

“Hey cuz.” She said, as happy as ever. I kept staring at my book.

“Are you ok?”

“I thought he was going to call”, I said, almost in tears. “I thought you were going to do this when I was at work.”

“Oh, cuz, I’m so sorry. He is supposed to call. He was a little drunk. I just think he forgot or something. He never came over last week, I think he was out of town.” She sat next to me and hugged me, pulling my head to her breast. The feel of her body and the scent of her made me feel alot better. I was still amazed at how positive she was being in spite of the current situation.

“Cuz, he’s coming back again tonight, to make up for his absence last week. You’re working right?”

“Yes”, I sighed.

“Cuz, I want to make love with you right now. We both need to forget about him for a while.”

She unbuckled my jeans and I stood up. She pulled them down and I stepped out of them. She lifted my shirt off, then slid my underpants down. I was already hard. She smiled, teasing my balls and cock with her hands. She took my cock in one hand and led me the bedroom. It felt different being naked with her while she was still dressed, almost like she was in charge. It was then that it hit me… she had been all along.

When we got to the bedroom she pushed me down on the bed and pulled my socks off. I was completely naked now, and she was smiling, looking down at me. She was as beautiful as ever. She stripped, slowly and provocatively, never breaking eye contact with me. She climbed on top of me and we kissed, our tongues mingling, while she directed my cock inside of her. She was warm and wet, and when she had all of me in her, we were motionless, gazing into each other’s eyes and relishing the loving moment. After a few minutes, she began to gently rock back and forth, keeping most of me buried deep inside. She was laying on top of me, her tits pressed to my body, and her ass moving, just a little, up and down. I could feel her swollen clit against me and I remained still, letting her do what she needed to do. We were both lost in the moment and concentrating on the shear pleasure of being joined together once again.

“Ahem.” The deep voice came from inside the room.

“Uncle Frank!” Laura yelled. “You’re supposed to be here at nine!” “Ya well I’m a little early. What did I tell you about fucking other guys before I come over? You think I want sloppy seconds?”

“Get out you perverted bastard.” I mustered the courage to say.

“Shut up kid.” He replied, as he izmit sınırsız escort placed his hand on Laura’s back, holding her down onto me. “There’s gonna have to be some punishment for you disobeying me little Laura. I told you I don’t care what you do in your personal life as long as you keep one day a week for us. What didn’t you understand?”

“Uncle Frank, please, just leave. We’ll talk about it later.”

“Problems like this have to be addressed immediately. Otherwise people take advantage.”

This guy was obviously very strong. The pressure he was exerting with just one hand against Laura’s back rendered me almost motionless. There was a loud smack and Laura gasped. He was spanking her and there was nothing I could do. Her body rocked forward each time his huge hand struck her backside, which kept her moving on my cock, which kept me hard. We stared at each other, not really having any choice but do so. She was trying to remain quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of crying out. I could see in her eyes that it was building up. Finally she gasped when he smacked her. After that she couldn’t hold back. Her gasps turned to cries. Cries, I knew, that were those of the exquisite pleasure of sensual pain. Her pussy was soaking wet. I could actually feel beads of juice running down my legs.

“Look at that, little Laura has a bright red ass”, he said in a mocking tone. “Look what you did to your uncle. All that spanking gave me a hard on. You’ll have to punished more for being so naughty. He opened the night stand drawer and pulled out the tube of KY. Seconds later Laura’s eyes flew wide open as she felt his felt his finger apply the cool jelly to her asshole.

“Uncle Frank, no. Uncle Frank, listen to me. This wasn’t part of the deal, please let’s talk about this. Let him leave first.”

“The deal was broken by you Laura. I’m just collecting penalties.”

I felt her struggle to get up, but he was holding her firm. Moans escaped from her lips as he massaged the lubricant onto her with his fingers. “Oh!” She gasped when he slid one inside. Still holding his hand on her back, he unzipped his fly with the other hand and got behind her. “Uhhh..uhhh..UHHH!” She screamed as his thick cock slipped into her tight little ass. Her hands were gripping my hair. I tried to ignore the pain, knowing it had to be alot worse for her.

He started rocking back and forth and I could feel his cock through the wall of flesh between her pussy and asshole. Her eyes were closed, and she had a worried, pained expression on her face, but the sound she was making, a building whimper, seemed to be mostly pleasure. Still gripping my hair with both hands, she leaned down, her mouth at my ear. Her breath was irregular, almost labored, and then she started cumming. She let out a series of loud, high pitched wails that hurt my ear. I could feel her pussy tighten as she exploded, and for the first time I felt and heard a gush of juices flow from her as she squirted.

She was into it now, turned on like I’ve never seen her. Her skin was hot, a film of sweat over her. She looked at me, the eroticism in her eyes unmistakable. She kissed me, forcing her tongue in my mouth, her uncle still pumping her ass, my hard cock still buried deep inside her pussy.

I felt him stop suddenly, heard him grunt as he let go in her ass, and then Laura gasped as he pulled out abruptly and shot the rest of his load onto her back and ass. He was stroking the last of it out onto her back, Laura and I were motionless, exhausted. Her Uncle Frank got off the bed and zipped his fly back up. I was still hard. I had been for so long it actually hurt. Laura reached behind her and started massaging my aching balls and she slowly rode me. “Let me take care of you, cuz,” she whispered. It didn’t even matter to me that her uncle was still in the room, With everything that had happened, it was hard to care anymore. After a few minutes of her stroking my balls, moving softly on top of me, I looked in her eyes and she smiled knowingly. The load I blew was huge, being the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. Laura rolled off of me, both holes leaking cum as she lay on her side.

Frank watched another minute or so, gawking at Laura’s young, used body. “Be alone next time little Laura,” he scolded as he shut the door behind him. It was going to be a long semester.

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