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Courtney Cat

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Courtney Katt is a very pretty aspiring young stage actress who recently landed a role in a local production of the musical “Cats.” In the show, she plays the part of Rumpleteazer, who is the partner of Mungojerrie, and they make up a team of cat burglars. These two parts are relatively minor, but they both rate a listing on the program and they have an interesting dance number together in the first act. Although Courtney is far from being a famous actress, she has appeared in quite a few other productions by the local company.

In “Cats” she wears an elaborate costume, which is not unusual; she has worn costumes and makeup before. However, in those previous roles, they consisted of more or less ordinary clothing, sometimes from the period of the play, and makeup not too much different from what she would wear when not on stage. In this play, her only clothing is a pair of skimpy and tightly fitting shorts, to which her tail is attached. If Courtney had her way, the play would be done nude, but she needs something to hold her tail while she is prancing about and being a cat on stage.

There is more to her costume than that, of course, but the rest is just elaborate orange and black and brown body paint that is intended to resemble the fur of a calico cat, and is almost identical to that of Mungojerrie. The paint is applied to her and her partner and, in a variety of colors, to all the other cast members before the performance starts. She and the others usually use the backstage showers and wash it off when the play is over for the evening. An exception to this general rule occurred late last Saturday night when Courtney called me on her cell phone with an urgent problem.

“George, I am so horny you wouldn’t believe it,” she told me. “I really need you to come over here and take care of it.”

Since alleviating the horniness of sweet and beautiful women such as Courtney is one of my very favorite things to do, I told her I would be over. I did wonder why she had called me on her cell phone if she was home, but I was not too concerned, and thought she might tell me when I got there. We live not very far from each other, so I drove to her apartment in about twenty minutes and knocked on the door.

I heard the rattling sound that I knew meant that the peephole on the door was being opened, so I stood in the light of the overhead lamp and made a face at her. It wasn’t a nasty enough grimace to scare anybody and, seconds later, the door opened and Courtney’s arm reached out, pulled me inside and locked the door . When she turned to face me, I got quite a shock. Instead of her pretty face and scantily clad or totally naked body, which is what I usually see when I call on her, she was still in her costume, including all the painted stripes on her face and body that simulate cat fur. On the stage, it looks fairly realistic but up close it just looks like paint.

She had kept a firm grip on my arm, and Courtney pulled me along as she ran into the bedroom, where the bed covers, except for the bottom sheet, had been removed in preparation for my arrival. Still moving quickly, she pulled off her shorts with the attached tail and let me know what she needed.

“I’m burning up, and I need you to eat my pussy, George, and right now. I love having you suck my titties too, but right now, I need your mouth on my clit.” She sprawled nakedly on her back atop the bed, her legs spread wide, and slid a pillow under her hips, the way I know she likes to be while I eat her out.

Although I usually prefer to take my time and bring my lady friend slowly to a big climax, I always do what they say, within reason. Since Courtney was already highly aroused, it was within reason to do what she said, and bring her to as quick an orgasm as I could. Hopefully, we could then do things more normally, and I could take a long time eating her pussy the way I prefer and that she usually prefers too. Of course, that would be followed by fucking, also taking our time and getting the most out of it.

Still fully dressed except for my shoes, which I had just kicked off, I climbed onto the bed, knelt between her thighs and leaned forward, so Courtney could raise her legs and rest them on my shoulders. From that close, the delectable aroma of her pussy was even stronger than usual, and I could see she was as wet as if she had just climaxed. I loosely wrapped my arms around her colorful thighs and leaned in even closer, wanting to admire the beauty of her pussy from inches away, the way I usually do before eating it. Courtney was in too much of a hurry for that.

“C’mon, George, suck my clit. I really need to cum right now!”

Her hips were already swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders, they way they do when she’s excited, and I decided to make Courtney’s first orgasm a quickie, just as she was pleading with me to do. Her adorable clit, which I admire so much, had pushed its way completely free of its protective hood, so I leaned forward, engulfed it in my mouth and began sucking. My lips formed a seal at the base, bahçelievler escort while my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top.

Courtney was moaning in bliss; her pussy was already fucking up into my face and her heels were thumping against my back as I quickly brought her closer to what she wanted. In less than a minute of sucking and licking, she joyously cried out “Yes! Oh, god, I’m cumming!”

As always when she reaches that place, her legs squeezed my temples and her hands went to the back of my head to push my face more firmly into her pussy. She fucked up against my mouth even harder, while her legs swung from side to side, carrying my head a very willing prisoner. I clung to her thighs, kept my mouth clamped onto her clit and continued sucking and licking while reveling in the wild ride.

When Courtney climaxed, all her muscles spasmed; she let out a louder and even more joyful cry of delight, and her back arched, ramming her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she sagged back onto the bed, looking liking like a calico puddle, and I greedily licked all the fresh nectar from her legs and belly and all around her pussy. I even sucked it out from the pink hole that had produced it, because I expected to eat her pussy to another climax, slower the next time, and that time, I would leave enough of those juices to provide lubrication for the fucking that I hoped and expected to do with my lady friend.

For a few minutes, Courtney remained relaxed, with her eyes closed and a big, blissful smile on her face. When she opened her eyes, she turned to me and explained some of the things I had been wondering about.

“Thanks, George. I really needed that. But I’ll bet you’re wondering why I was in such a state when you got here.”

“Well, yeah, I was wondering. Not complaining, of course, but a little curious.”

“It has to be my costume, especially the body paint. The first night it was applied, at our first dress rehearsal, I got really turned on, almost as much as I was when you got here. Near the end of the first act, when Jerry — Mungojerrie — and I danced off the stage, we ducked behind some old scenery and fucked our brains out until it was time to get back on stage. I came twice, and his cock is nothing to brag about. At the end of the final number, we went to the same place and did it again.

“At every dress rehearsal and every performance, it’s been the same thing, until tonight. Jerry came down with flu, and his understudy is gay and didn’t want to do that part of Jerry’s job with me. Well, the show must go on, and I was back on stage for the final number, but I was really hot to trot. I decided to call you to take care of it, and I stopped on the way while I was driving here to use my cell phone instead of calling from home because I wanted to get you here as soon as I could. I’m okay, for now at least, but I hope we’re not through for the night. I know you’re just as much of a hotsy as I am.”

She’s right about that. I really love having different kinds of sex with a variety of partners just as she does. “I hope we’re not through either,” I replied.

As I said that, I pulled off my shirt, which was covered in orange and brown and black paint, moved up in the bed beside Courtney and leaned over to start kissing her face, the way I usually do. She is a brunette, with green eyes and regular, pretty features, and it was fun kissing her there. It was even more fun when I moved my attentions lower and started licking one of her nipples. Instead of being its natural dark pink, the cute little nubbin was covered with orange paint, which had a rather chalky flavor, but I didn’t let that deter me. I licked with broad strokes, using the flat of my tongue and with short dabs of the tip and, in a few seconds, Courtney was murmuring happily and her upper body was squirming under me.

I switched my attentions to the other nipple; the paint — black this time – tasted the same and this nubbin was equally erect. Since the tiny ridges within her nipple felt so good to my tongue, and Courtney’s movements were starting to increase, I ignored the taste of the paint and treated the second cutie as I had the first. For several minutes, I switched my mouth back and forth between her nipples, while Courtney cooed happily and her movements became even more pronounced.

The body paint tasted even worse when I drew one of her luscious breasts into my mouth and started sucking on it. With my lips acting as a seal, my cheeks worked like bellows and I sucked and licked her nipple and areola. Once again, I switched my attentions from one of the lovely twins to the other, able to tolerate the taste of the paint for the pleasure of having Courtney’s breasts in my mouth and feeling her writhing under me and hearing her blissful cooing, which was starting to turn to moans of joy.

After her earlier climax, I had feasted on every drop of juice from her pussy so, when I again detected the delectable scent, I knew it was fresh. Although her breasts were bakırköy escort delightful, there were better places available just a few feet away. Under most circumstances, I would have licked and kissed and nuzzled my way down her belly, but I decided against it that night. It would have been fun, but not worth the unpleasant taste of the body paint I would have consumed. I got off the bed, removed my pants and shorts and socks, got back on between Courtney’s legs and approached her on my knees.

She saw me coming, grinned lewdly and raised her legs. I ducked under them so she could rest them on my shoulders, and wrapped my arms around her thighs. Courtney had been wearing the shorts with a tail when the rest of her costume was applied, so the area around her pussy was free of the body paint. I was glad of that, because I intended to lick up all the nectar that had trickled from her adorable pink hole, and I would have hated to have its delicious flavor adulterated like that.

Before applying my tongue, though, I did what I usually do before starting to eat a sweet pussy like Courtney’s. I would have done it earlier if she hadn’t been so horny and in such a hurry to start cumming. I gazed at her pussy, admiring her great beauty, and thankful that she had called on me to fill her need. She shaves herself regularly, and had apparently done so that day, because her creamy skin appeared to have no stubble. Her inner lips had pushed their way out through the slit and were swollen with lust, as they had been before, except I didn’t really have a chance to admire them. Rather than breathe in the delectable aroma and taste a small example, the way I usually do, I lowered my face and started licking up all the fresh juices.

The skin on the insides of Courtney’s thighs has a smooth and soft texture, and I started there. Taking my time because I wanted to get it all, my tongue sluiced all the nectar from above the line of paint into my mouth, while her lower body squirmed under my face. After I finished everything from those parts of her legs that weren’t black or orange or brown, I started on one of Courtney’s outer lips.

I had found the creamy skin there to be gratifying to my eyes, but the way it felt to my tongue was a much greater treat. Moving slowly, I started licking upward, reveling in the way the surface felt and the vibrant, alive feel just under her fair skin, and the way Courtney was squirming on the bed under my ministrations. Eating a pussy such as hers is a delight to all my senses, its beauty, its aroma, its taste and the way she was cooing of her delight, but the best part of all is the way she feels to my mouth.

Courtney had climaxed once already, but the paint that covered most of her body still had her highly sexually excited, and I wanted her next orgasm to be a truly momentous one. We had all the time in the world, so I took as much of it as I needed, and my tongue caressed the whole area of her outer lip over and over until I reached her Mount of Venus. I raised my head and smiled at the way her body was writhing under me and her head, with her mouth open in a blissful smile, was tossing about on her pillow. I kissed her mons and brought my avid mouth back to where I had started.

After devouring all the fresh juices, none of which was tainted by body paint, I started on Courtney’s other outer lip. I licked this one the same way and, by the time I reached her mons this time, her pussy was starting to fuck against my face and her cooing had turned to blissful moans. I kissed the soft mound again, and gazed on my lady friend’s gorgeous body. This time, her eyes were open, and she saw my face and grinned.

“I love that, George! Keep doing it. You’re going to make me cum again.”

I grinned back, but didn’t say anything. My mouth was otherwise much too pleasurably engaged in other things to waste any time on chitchat, although I wanted the same result as she did.

The first of those other things was feasting on the nectar that Courtney’s pussy was steadily producing. My tongue carefully scooped up every delicious drop, even those that were right at the rim of the lovely pink hole that was producing them. After that snack, I started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips, beginning with the small, very smooth and soft place between the two origins. My mouth slowly caressed her there, before I tilted my head slightly so I could slide it in between the two labia and stroke them both at the same time.

My tongue darted in and out of the seam as I slowly worked my way to her clit hood, where the inner lip merges with her other inner lip. Besides having a pussy thrusting into my face the way Courtney’s was, there is very little I like more than the spongy texture of a swollen inner lip against my tongue. The one I was stroking that night felt even better than most. Really reveling in what I was doing, I took my time until I once more reached the hood that was sheltering Courtney’s clit. I raised my head, wanting to see how much effect my balgat escort ministrations were having on the pretty young actress.

They were having a tremendous effect. Her mouth was wide open in bliss and her eyes were shut as her head rolled back and forth on top of her pillow. Courtney’s sexy body thrashed from side to side, with her luscious breasts swaying and bouncing. When I looked down, I saw how her hips were swiveling under me and her clit had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood. She was close to being ready to cum, but I wanted to increase her arousal a little more.

I devoured all the fresh juices and started slowly licking between Courtney’s other pair of inner and outer lips, treating them the same as I had the first. She rocked from side to side under my face and seemed to be trying to wrap her pussy around my face. When I reached her clit hood this time, I saw how the hotsy’s thighs had rotated slightly outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to me, and how she was actually bouncing up and down on the bed in her excitement. Courtney’s arousal had reached its apex, and it was time for her climax.

She hadn’t been saying much, just moaning and whimpering and even sobbing from what my mouth was doing for her pussy. When I stopped for a couple of seconds to gaze with rapture at the erratic movements of her sexy and colorful body, Courtney opened her eyes and pleaded with me.

“Suck my clit, George. Make me cum. I need to cum.”

She was right, and I opened my mouth wide and enveloped her swollen clit. Once again, my lips formed a seal at the base, while I sucked on the luscious morsel and my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. The movements of Courtney’s body increased in their wildness until she uttered a joyous cry, one that every lover of female hotsies delights in hearing.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, god, suck my clit!”

Once again, her hands and legs held my head a willing captive as she slung me all over the bed, and her pussy rammed into my face. I kept my arms around Courtney’s thighs and kept my mouth clamped onto her clit for as long as she remained in the throes of cumming.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” she cried out as her back arched and she jammed her pussy against my face for a final time.

After her orgasm, Courtney collapsed onto the bed, her legs still draped over my shoulders. I backed away slightly and then moved in close to feast on all the fresh nectar, being careful to avoid any that had gotten mixed with her body paint. I also avoided sucking any of it from the lovely pink hole that had produces my repast, because I knew it would be needed for lubrication. I had gotten highly aroused from everything about her delectable pussy, and I needed to fuck, and I was quite sure Courtney would feel the same.

After devouring as much of her juices as I would allow myself, I backed away and removed my socks and pants, after taking a condom from the pocket, and peeled off my underwear. I rolled the condom onto my stiff cock and knelt between Courtney’s legs again, with my erection aimed at the place where I wanted to stick it. After a minute, she opened her eyes, grinned happily at my readiness, and reached down to spread her pussy lips, offering them to me.

It was an offer no man in his right mind could refuse. Holding my stiff cock in one hand, I approached Courtney on my knees and leaned forward to place the other hand at her side to support my weight. I moved in closer and felt the head of my cock squeeze between the fingers that were holding her lips apart and rubbed it in the wetness to spread the natural lubrication. When I was ready, I made a strong forward thrust and felt my cock wedge into Courtney’s soft, wet pussy.

“Ooooo,” she murmured in appreciation.

I emulated her happy sound and, seconds later, gave another firm push to plunge a little over another inch into the juicy hole Courtney was holding open for me. We both expressed our happiness again, and I thrust my cock more deeply into her pussy. She was wet, but tight, and I could feel her internal muscles massaging everything of mine that was inside her. I no longer needed to guide my cock so I let go of it and placed that hand on the other side of my lady friend to support my weight evenly.

Courtney smiled up at me in my changed posture. “Okay, now, George. Really give it to me,” she whispered.

While saying that, she spread her thighs wider and hooked her ankles around my legs. The next time I drove forward, she felt my cock surging into her and flexed her leg muscles, pulling herself forward and meeting my thrust. Our bodies came together with a satisfying wet sound, accompanied by murmurs of delight from either of our mouths. I lay like that for over a minute, letting Courtney’s pussy muscles caress my cock and watching her face reflect the pleasure that I knew was swirling through her body.

I still had my hands pressed flat on the mattress on either side of my partner, and I slowly drew my cock back again, paused for a second, and plowed it back into her. Once again, Courtney flexed the muscles in her legs and pulled her pussy against me. Although our movements were slow, she was so wet that I felt her juices spattering against me as our bodies came together. I stayed in that position for almost a minute again so we could both fully relish the many sensations we were experiencing.

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