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Corporate Fantasies Ch. 03

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Erin walked Michael to the cafeteria in their building. It was prime breakfast hour but the place was almost totally empty, except a couple cooks and the woman who worked the cash register. After getting a couple cups of coffee Erin suggested they sit and talk for a bit. She walked slightly ahead leading Michael to a table near a large window. As they approached the table Michael reached out and touched Erin’s elbow to guide her towards a chair he pulled out for her. That small touch sent a wave of heat through her. She smiled and said thank you. They made small talk about business and news. Throughout the conversation their eye contact intensified. Erin’s dark eyes shined as Michael’s baby blues looked into her. She was giving him that look – the one that said “I want you and will have you.” He didn’t seem to mind it but didn’t make any advances or comments. They finished their coffee and walked back to his office.

“OK, so let’s get you set up at the Corporate Travel site. Go ahead and open your browser and I’ll walk you through it.” she said as she closed the door.

She walked behind his desk and stood next to a seated Michael. He pointed and clicked, typed his info in as she instructed. At one point he couldn’t seem to find where the link to click Erin was talking about. Erin bent forward and placed her hand on top of Michael’s on his mouse.

“Here, let me help you.” she said softly.

She felt him take a short breath in, but he didn’t move his hand away. Bent forward next to him he could see right down her blouse. She looked at him as he looked at her breasts. They locked eyes and said nothing.

He backed his chair away and she turned to face him, leaning her ass against the edge of his desk and propping herself with her palms on merter escort the desk. Wordlessly they stared at each other. Michael reached out and put his hands on Erin’s hips and glided his chair toward her. He looked up at her as he extended his right hand up her blouse and caressed her skin. He made his way up to feel the lace of her bra, and as he placed his palm on the front of her tit he could feel her nipple grow hard under his touch. Erin’s breathing was even but deep and she held his gaze as he felt her. Michael could feel his cock harden in his pants, and she could see it happening. She placed her left hand on top of her blouse over the top of his encouraging him to squeeze and grope. He stood up, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was practically in Erin’s face and her eyes widened at the sight. Her pussy became wet at the idea of what was about to happen.

Michael leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I know you want to fuck me.”

When he pulled away from her ear he held his face in front of hers, their noses almost touching. Erin reached down, took his cock in her hand and held his gaze. She pulled at it gently at first then tightened her grip. He closed his eyes and she leaned in to whisper in his ear as she massaged his hard on.

“What are you waiting for?” she breathed into his ear.

She stood up facing him. He leaned down and kissed her. Her lips parted and his tongue entered her mouth. She returned by running her tongue in circles around his, hungrily. He pulled away, kneeled and ran his hands up her legs and under her skirt. Michael slowly removed Erin’s soaking panties as he kissed her thighs. As he stood back up he lifted her skirt and laid her back on the desk. He mutlukent escort sat down and pulled her legs up to rest her feet on his thighs. He kissed her legs and the insides of her thighs, then licking away her juices that had trickled towards her ass. Erin quivered at the feel of Michael’s mouth and tongue so near her pussy. She wanted him inside her but knew the feel of his tongue probing her would be just as hot. He placed his hands on her hips and licked the outside of her pussy lips. Erin arched her back slightly, bringing herself closer to his mouth. He placed his right thumb on top of her clit and rubbed light circles as he continued teasing her with licks and kisses on her thighs and lips. Erin wanted badly to grab his ears and shove his face into her pussy, but instead she relaxed both her arms above her head and enjoyed the teasing. Her breathing quickened as Michael rubbed her clit. She had to remember to keep quiet so their coworkers wouldn’t hear, but it was a challenge. He was obviously enjoying himself and Erin could barely hold in her moans of pleasure. He gave her another teasing lick then plunged his tongue inside her. It was almost more than she could take, she let out a barely audible moan. Michael lifted Erin’s legs so they rested on his shoulders. This allowed him to get closer to her and he went back to burying his face into her pussy. He probed as deep as he could with his tongue and continued to rub her clit while he ate her out. Her hips met the rhythm of his tongue fucking and in seconds she was cumming. She grabbed his hair as her pussy clenched and released her orgasm. She was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath and had started to sweat. But he knew she wanted more.

He stood otele gelen escort and let his pants and boxers drop to his ankles, and leaned down over her. He shoved his tongue in her mouth again, she could taste herself. As he kissed her, Michael stuck his index and middle fingers inside her. She was soaking wet and moving her hips to encourage him to go deep. He hooked his middle finger and tapped her G-spot causing Erin to lift her head and shoulders toward Michael as if to try and meet his touch closer. He kissed her hard and removed his fingers from her pussy. Then rather unceremoniously he pulled her up and turned her over, bending her over the desk. He used her juices to rub his cock then effortlessly entered her from behind. Erin bit her lip to fight back her moans as Michael plunged in and out of her. He held her shoulder with one hand and her hip with the other. She turned her head to see him with his head back and eyes closed, thrusting with intent. Erin bit his hand on her shoulder and he opened his eyes. He smiled and bucked harder. Her thighs bounced off the desk as he thrust harder and faster.

Michael leaned over Erin and grunted into her ear, “I’m going to cum so hard inside you baby. You ready?”

She wanted to scream out “YES!” but all she could do was nod quickly.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her then plunged back in deep. Then once more. At that last thrust he exploded inside her. Erin could feel his hot load spurting inside her. His cock pulsed with each release. He leaned over her with both hands on the desk, breathing heavily. He kissed the back of her head, then pulled his semi-hard dick out of her. Michael sat back in his chair and Erin stood up and turned to him.

“Oh, I see the link. Thanks for your help,” he said.

Erin pulled her hand away from his mouse and stood up straight, brought out of her thoughts.

“Sure, anytime. Once you’ve taken your first trip I’ll show you how to process an expense report for it.” Erin replied. “Wow, look at the time, I’ve got to run to a meeting. I’ll catch up with you later.”

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