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Consequences Pt. 03: Rachel

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This is the final part of the “Consequences” series. It will make more sense if you read the other parts first. This chapter has some themes of mild punishment. It is a work of fiction and none of the characters is under the age of 18. As usual I would welcome any ratings, feedback or comments whether public or private via email. I always reply to emailed comments and criticisms. Thank you for reading.


Rachel Reeve pulled up in front of Astrid Turner’s house in her new convertible car – an eighteenth birthday gift from her devoted and over-indulgent parents. There were a lot of upsides to being an only child.

She was in a state of high arousal. It had been almost two weeks since she’d seen Astrid – or Marilyn for that matter – and her ripe young body was badly in need of some lesbian pampering. Both women had been strangely distant in the past couple of weeks and she was worried she might have done something to alienate them, though she couldn’t imagine what that might have been. To Astrid she had been nothing but obedient since the older woman had seduced her into a clandestine affair of lesbian submission – a submission that made Rachel’s panties wet with anticipation as she parked the car. And as for Marilyn Stewart, who had become delightfully submissive in turn since Rachel had seduced her, she was sure that beautiful MILF was now firmly under her control. She smiled as she contemplated the perfect arrangement she now had with the two women. The first satisfying her need to be dominated, the second satisfying her growing desire to dominate.

Both were beautiful for their age with breathtakingly sexy bodies and both were in positions that demanded discretion and secrecy. Rachel dreaded to think what would happen if her fundamentalist Christian parents ever found out about her secret sexual desires. But they were desires she simply could not suppress. She’d known since puberty that she was attracted only to females – and specifically older females. For reasons she couldn’t explain, her fantasies had always revolved around uninhibited, wanton sex with older women. They were thoughts that fuelled her teenage fantasies ever since she first discovered the joys of masturbation. And now she could barely believe those fantasies were being realised with exactly the two women she’d most desired throughout her teenage years. No-one, but no-one, knew about her affairs with the mature women and, crucially, neither of her two older lovers knew about the other.

Now, as she climbed out of her car in front of Astrid’s house, her body was tingling with anticipation and her mind was alive with thoughts about what her beautiful mistress might demand of her today. She had no qualms about parking so close to the house – Astrid was, after all, her netball coach so no real suspicion could attend Rachel’s frequent visits.

Astrid had told her she’d managed to engineer an outing for her husband and children that would keep them away for most of the day giving them hours of privacy to indulge their increasingly perverted pleasures.

She pressed the doorbell and almost immediately the door opened and Astrid stood before Rachel in all her stunning beauty. She knew Astrid would be freshly showered and shaved and the waft of scent that greeted her sent urgent signals to Rachel’s swollen pussy and excited nipples. The beautiful 42 year old was also wearing the outfit that Rachel liked best: a black pencil-cut skirt, sheer black hold-ups, and black stilettos. Above she wore a loose white sleeveless blouse that barely reached the top of her skirt and exposed her slim and tanned midriff when she moved. Underneath, her taut breasts were encased in a black cut-away bra that was sheer enough to display her dark nipples through the thin fabric of the blouse.

The door was barely closed behind them before Rachel was all over Astrid, kissing her and pressing her tight young body against the more mature curves of her lover. She tried immediately to slide one hand up under Astrid’s skirt but the older woman eased out of her grasp to hold her at arm’s length.

“Wait, stop,” Astrid said firmly. “We need to talk!”

“What? Why?” protested Rachel, her bright blue eyes piercing into Astrid’s.

“Not here, come with me,” Astrid insisted and taking Rachel’s hand she led her up the stairs and into the master bedroom.

“Oh wow,” exclaimed Rachel, looking around the luxurious room. “We’ve never done it here before! This will be wild!” With that she grabbed the bottom of her blouse and began to tug it over her head, partially revealing her perfect, petite, bra-less breasts.

“No, stop!” commanded Astrid, taking Rachel’s arms and lowering the blouse. “I told you, we need to talk! Now sit down on the bed.”

Rachel reluctantly complied but batted her eyelashes in a comic pout. “But can’t we talk later? It’s almost two weeks since last time and I want you so bad!”

“That’s just it,” said Astrid, wringing her hands and pacing backwards and forwards in front of the seated aksaray escort teenager. “What we’ve been doing has to stop.”

“What?” gasped Rachel, alarm registering in her intense gaze.

“I’m sorry Rachel, but we can’t be doing this any more. Don’t you see how dangerous it is – for you, for me – if anyone found out the scandal would ruin us both.”

“But no-one would find out!” Rachel pleaded, rising from the bed and reaching out to Astrid. “It’s our secret.”

“No,” insisted Astrid, raising her palms to fend off Rachel’s advance. “I’ve thought about it very carefully and it’s just too risky. We both have too much to lose.”

Now there was real distress on Rachel’s face and in her voice. “No, Astrid please! Don’t do this!” She brushed aside Astrid’s hands to step in and hug her tightly. “Please, I love you!”

“No you don’t,” insisted Astrid, freeing herself from the embrace and turning her back. “It’s just infatuation. You’re young and you should be seeing younger people. There’s no future in this for you.”

“But haven’t we been good together?” tried Rachel. “All the things we’ve done – how wonderful it’s been?” Astrid turned to face Rachel, sighing loudly and seeming to weaken. Rachel took this as a positive sign and her tone became softer, more seductive: “You know how good we are together…” She again began to lift her blouse, rubbing her palms across the flawless skin of her belly. “… you said yourself I was the best you’d ever had.” She pushed the blouse higher and cupped her breasts, squeezing the flesh and making her tiny nipples harden for Astrid’s gaze. “And I know we can make it even better. I’ll do whatever you want me to – and you can do whatever you want to me. I’ll be just as loving to you as I can or…” she teased sliding one hand down into her shorts, “…just as dirty!”

Astrid followed her movements in growing arousal. She licked her lips. “Are you sure this is what you want Rachel?”

“Mmmm yessss,” cooed Rachel, warming to her seductive role, biting her lower lip and pinching her nipple. “It’s everything I want. It’s all I’ve ever wanted since I first met you. And I’ll make it soooo good for you. I’ll be your good girl – your loving lover – your sexy slut, whatever you want!”

The concerned frown on Astrid’s face suddenly cleared and the subsequent smile that brightened her face quickly turned to a smirk.

“Okay,” she said loudly. “That will do it!”

Rachel’s face clouded in puzzlement. “What?” she asked. “What will do it?”

Astrid walked slowly to the teenager with one eyebrow arched. She pulled Rachel’s hand from her shorts and kissed the finger-tips, savouring the scent and taste of the girl’s perfumed pussy, then kissed her lightly on the lips and said:

“I think we’ve heard enough, darling.”

“We? Who’s we?” asked Rachel still puzzled.

And with that Astrid placed her hands on Rachel’s shoulders, and turned the teenager to face the door of the en-suite bathroom. Standing there, with a digital recorder in her hand, was Marilyn.


“Hello Rachel. Surprised to see me?” asked Marilyn. It was a rhetorical question, the shock and surprise was all over Rachel’s face.

“Marilyn!” gasped Rachel, looking in confusion from one woman to the other. “What – what are you doing here?”

Marilyn’s face hardened and her voice when she spoke was fierce with accusation: “I think the better question is what are you doing here?”

Rachel looked quickly to Astrid but could find no sympathy there. Tears came to her eyes and she slumped on the bed with her face in her hands.

The two women moved to stand in front of her and allowed her to sob for a few moments.

It was Astrid who spoke first: “You thought you were being so clever didn’t you? Having your way with two older women at once – getting your perverted pleasure through deceit and treachery.” Astrid was acting the part of the betrayed lover but inside she was quite enjoying the humiliation of the teenager. “I think you owe us both an explanation!”

Rachel looked up at each of them with tear-filled eyes. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I just didn’t know how…” Her apologies died away as her expression turned to puzzlement. “But how did you know?”

With a smirk, Marilyn showed her the incriminating text message.

A meek “oh” was all that Rachel could muster. Between them they gave Rachel a thumbnail sketch of how her deception had unfolded. She listened mutely before venturing a timid: “So what now?”

“Well,” began Astrid. “Marilyn and I have been thinking long and hard about this and clearly we think you need to be punished.”

“Punished?!” blurted Rachel.

“Yes, punished. For a start we’ve recorded that little speech of yours, begging for sex and declaring your slutty intentions – so if ever our affairs leak out we’ll at least be able to prove you were a willing participant – even an instigator. Your reputation will be ruined along with ours and I can’t ataköy escort imagine what your doting parents will think of you.”

“Oh God, no, please don’t let them find out,” she said with fresh tears brimming in her eyes. “I’m so sorry. Please let me make it up to you! I’ll do anything!”

Now it was Marilyn’s turn to speak, though her anger was more genuine than Astrid’s.

“Oh you’re going to make it up to us alright! Though, in truth…” she paused and turned to Astrid to share a brief but sensuous kiss. “…we don’t really need you anymore, do we Astrid?”

The other woman smiled and kissed Marilyn again – this time not so briefly and much more passionately. “That’s right,” she agreed. “Marilyn and I have discovered each other! A much more age-appropriate arrangement for our secret pleasures.”

“What?” exclaimed Rachel. “You two…?”

“Mmmm,” smiled Astrid stepping behind Marilyn, kissing her neck and letting her hands slip up under Marilyn’s blouse to cup her generous breasts. “And we can actually thank you for bringing us together.” Marilyn tilted her head back and purred with obvious pleasure. “So as you see – we can actually let you go now with our little recording from earlier to keep as our insurance policy.”

“What?” squeaked Rachel, as the realisation of what they were saying hit home to her. The sudden prospect of losing both Marilyn and Astrid left her feeling desolate and panicky. “No please, don’t do this. I’ll do anything you say but please don’t send me away!” Her tears were spilling down her cheeks now.

“But how do we know you won’t be indiscrete again?” asked Astrid, slowly unbuttoning Marilyn’s blouse to reveal her bra-less breasts. “And how do we know you aren’t fucking other women – and deceiving them the way you’ve deceived us?”

“No no,” Rachel sobbed. “There’s no-one else. I swear it, honestly!” The two older women could tell from Rachel’s obvious distress that she was probably telling the truth.

“Hmmm,” voiced Astrid in mock scepticism, as she slipped Marilyn’s blouse off her shoulders, leaving her naked to the waist in just her flared floral skirt. “I can see how you wouldn’t want to lose this.” Still standing close behind Marilyn, she reached around to cu the woman’s breasts, lifting them and pinching the nipples. Marilyn moaned with pleasure as she regarded Rachel with smokey eyes. “After all, Marilyn’s are the most perfect examples of mature tit flesh you’re ever likely to see aren’t they Rachel? But of course you know that already don’t you? Because you’re been seeing them, and feeling them, and sucking them behind my back, haven’t you you deceitful little slut?”

Both women could see the hunger behind the tears in Rachel’s eyes as she watched the sex play in front of her.

“What do your think Marilyn?” Astrid continued, kissing the side of Marilyn’s neck and sucking on an earlobe. “Do you think we should give Rachel a chance to make it up to us?”

“Hmmm, maybe,” said Marilyn breathlessly as she sucked in her tummy and directed one of Astrid’s hands down into the gap at the top of her skirt. “Ooooh yesss,” she purred when Astrid’s hand slipped into her soaked panties to caress her swollen cunt lips. “Oooohh, fuck yes!”

Rachel was watching this with rapt attention, wanting badly to join Astrid in exciting Marilyn’s gorgeous body. She stepped toward the two women but Astrid stopped her in her tracks.

“No!” she commanded. “Go and sit in that chair,” indicating an armchair against the bedroom wall. “For now, as punishment, you get to look but not touch. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” whispered the downcast eighteen year old.

“Yes, what?” demanded Astrid.

“Yes Miss Astrid,” mumbled the dejected girl as she sank into the armchair.

With a satisfied smirk, and her eyes never leaving Rachel, Astrid withdrew her moist fingers, seized the waistband of Marilyn’s skirt and eased the garment down over her shapely hips. Her bikini panties followed, leaving the 42year old brunette woman naked except for her high-heeled sandals. Astrid then ran her hands all over Marilyn’s body from her thighs up over her mound and belly, pausing again at her lush breasts, then continuing up to her shoulders and neck, finally running her fingers through Marilyn’s thick hair.

“Look at her Rachel. Isn’t she just the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?” Astrid emphasised her words by pulling Marilyn’s hair aside to suck and gently bite the back of her neck.

“Yes Miss Astrid,” Rachel breathed, barely able to speak because of the lust building in her own body. It was incredibly arousing watching the two MILFs she loved making love right in front of her. Her hands darted between her thighs to press her pussy through the seam of her shorts.

“No!” shouted Astrid, and strode the few paces to the girl to deliver a stinging slap to her face. Rachel gasped and grabbed her burning cheek.

“Ow!” she wailed staring up at Astrid with frightened eyes. She’d received ataşehir escort many playful – and a few not so playful – slaps from Astrid in their debauched lesbian encounters but she’d never seen the raw anger in Astrid that she saw flashing now in the woman’s eyes. “You will keep your hands away from your deceitful slit and your treacherous tits until we tell you different! Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Astrid,” Rachel whimpered, with her eyes averted and still holding her smarting cheek.

Witnessing this sudden attack, Marilyn began to step forward to intervene but restrained herself, seemingly unwilling to share in the consequences of Astrid’s anger. As Astrid stepped back, Rachel looked up timidly to see the triumph in the older woman’s eyes. Then, quickly, Astrid began to shed her own clothes, practically ripping them from her body and throwing them aside till she was standing before Rachel naked, but for her black stocking and stilettos. She was a magnificent sight, tanned trim and taut with high tits that were impossibly perky for her age and a bald cunt that was already glistening with arousal. Rachel’s heart leapt with her own arousal as she stared at the naked Astrid. She longed to reach out for her, to pull her close and bury her face in the woman’s fragrant folds, but she dared not move.

With a cruel leer, Astrid turned instead to rejoin Marilyn beside the bed. The two women slipped naturally into each other’s arms and Rachel was dismayed to see how smoothly they embraced and the obvious passion with which their lips and tongues melted into passionate kisses. With a distressing jolt deep inside, she recognised genuine love in their hunger for one another and she felt a white-hot stab of jealousy lance through her body. But she also felt the return of a burning arousal. Her whole body vibrated with an electric longing for the love these two women were sharing without her. She’d fantasised more than once about having a threesome with her older lovers but never thought it could really happen. And now the thing she wanted more than anything in the world was denied to her, through her own stupidity. Her nipples were aching for attention, her pussy lips swollen and dripping but she dared not touch herself.

Now the two women were voicing their desires with whispers of passion just loud enough for Rachel to hear. Marilyn was begging for permission to please Astrid, and the other woman seemed only too willing to grant that permission. With another shock of clarity, Rachel realised that Marilyn was completely submissive to Astrid, a submission she’d previously hoarded to herself, and which she might now lose forever.

She moaned in disappointment and frustration, drawing the attention of her two former lovers. They twisted their heads slightly to look at Rachel, but managing to keep their lips locked in a deep French kiss. Then, with her eyes never leaving Rachel’s, Astrid grabbed Marilyn’s shoulders and forced her slowly down, till she was kneeling obediently in front of the dominant woman’s crotch.

With her eyes still drilling into Rachel’s she asked: “Is this what you want Marilyn? Do you want to worship my pussy? Do you want to eat out my wet cunt till I go weak in the knees?”

“Ooooh yess, please Miss Astrid!” Marilyn panted.

“Tell me then!” demanded Astrid. “Tell me what you want to do!”

“I want to please you, to serve you. I want to worship your pussy, to eat out your wet cunt.”

“Mmmm, that’s my good fuck slut – my good little cunt licker. But don’t you dare stop till I gush all over your beautiful face!” and with that she seized Marilyn’s hair and pulled her face into her twitching cleft. Her response was immediate. She moaned and gasped her pleasure as her mature pet worked her lips, tongue and even her nose into the streaming gash.

Between pleasurable moans and sighs, with one hand entwined in Marilyn’s hair and the other squeezing her own breasts and pinching her nipples, Astrid spoke to Rachel.

“See what you’re missing out on now? This could have been you worshipping me – you might even have been able to worship us both if only you’d been more honest. Would you like that Rachel? Would you like to be naked now and tasting Marilyn and me?

“Oh yes,” Rachel responded breathlessly. “Please forgive me – I’m soooo sorry. Please, please, please!!”

Astrid did not reply immediately but bent her knees slightly to press her pussy harder onto Marilyn’s face. Marilyn responded by grabbing Astrid’s bottom cheeks, teasing the cleft with her fingertips, and grinding her mouth and tongue even more tightly against Astrid. She slipped her tongue out of the oozing snatch to concentrate all her skills on her mistress’s swollen clit, flicking it with her tongue tip and then pressing directly onto it and shaking her head rapidly, making Astrid cry out with a climax that shook her entire body and release a gush of cum that spurted down Astrid’s chin and onto her breasts and belly. She continued a rhythmic grinding on Marilyn’s face till the spasms subsided and she sank down on weakened knees to kiss her submissive pet and taste her own sweet juices. When she’d regained her breath she glanced again at Rachel but addressed Marilyn: “What do you think Marilyn? Should we accept Rachel’s apology and let her serve us?”

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