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Company Picnic

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Hmmm… this is interesting. I just got an email from my step-dad in Los Angeles. I’ve been away at college in another state and haven’t seen him in years. He says he’s doing fine, but that he misses me. Hey, a phone call every now and then wouldn’t be asking a lot. Still, it’s good to hear from him. We always got along fine, especially from when I began to become a woman and not the little girl he was around every day.

He is saying in his email that there is a father-daughter event for employees at his company next week in LA, and it would be a good chance to ‘catch up’, whatever that means. I still have fond memories of feeling his hands on my thigh when I would sit on his lap. I wonder if that’s what he means. Even after being away for so long, I still have some fantasies about those days. I wonder if he does, too. Oh, here it is – the date. It’s next Wednesday in LA. It just so happens that I have a few days off next week and making a short trip to Los Angeles might be nice. At college I am really getting a lot of attention from the boys. They say I’m very beautiful. I know they just really want to dick me, but sometimes, that’s alright. I wonder if dad will have the same thoughts.

Booking my flight and hotel room wasn’t too much trouble, but there is so much more to plan for. Finances are a little bit tight, so I’ll just see if my step dad can pick me up at the airport. Fortunately, he included a phone number in his email. I’ll just give him a call. He answers. As soon as I hear his voice, my pulse quickens a little. I remember fixating on his voice when I was younger. During an all too brief conversation, I notice that I subconsciously put my right hand on my breast. Damn, do I really want to go there? I guess I do. After all, I’m 22 years old now.

The rest of the week has passed slowly for me, thinking every night about seeing him as I lay in bed and try to fall asleep. Sometimes, I stoke in-between my thighs. It reminds me of things, and dad.

Finally, it’s the day of my departure. I get a phone call. “Honey, it’s dad. Are you still coming?”

“Yes, dad. I will be there soon. Pick me up like you promised?” I said

“It will be a pleasure to pick you up.”

I put on the normal frumpy clothes that people like to travel in for comfort, but with one difference. I pack a special dress and top that I will change into when I land in LA. It’s a loose fitting skirt that forms nicely around my ass and easily slides over my legs. A simple white buttoned shirt will do nicely. My long dark hair falls on my shoulders. We’ll see how dad reacts to his all grown up girl…

The plane lands and we get off. Even in my frumpy travel clothes, there are men on the plane looking at me. That’s alright, I sort of like the attention. We exit the plane and I make my way to pick up my luggage. Afterwards, I go to the restroom and change into my clothes. I go outside to the curb, and there he is standing by his car. I walk rapidly as a stiff breeze blows my skirt around . He opens my door for me and I get inside as I watch his eyes. They are fixed on my long tan legs. I pull my skirt back down as he goes around to the driver’s side. Once inside, dad notices that I am having a little trouble latching the shoulder harness. He latches it for me and then runs his hand up the length of the belt. Of course, his hand can’t help but brush my breast. He smiles, and once again, my heart races…

We pull away from the airport, and with the window open the wind from outside is moving my skirt up my legs. I’m wondering if dad is noticing this. He does. I glance down at his crotch to see if he is getting hard like he used to years ago when I sat on his lap.

“So, how have you been honey? Doing well in college? I’ll bet you’re getting lots of looks from the boys.” He says.

“Yeah, ataşehir escort sometimes.”

“You know, sweetheart, the trouble with the boys is that they don’t really appreciate a beautiful woman like, say, I can.”

I simply smile, and touch my hair. I pretend to adjust the shoulder harness a little. Really, I’m just making sure it is separating my breasts in the most flattering – and seductive way. I know a trick or two. Dad is wearing his work clothes. A white shirt, tie, and loose fitting slacks. That’s cool. It’s so difficult for a man to hide an erection in those pants.

We arrive at the hotel I booked. He parks the car and gets out. It’s then that I can really notice the beginnings of a nice bulge in his pants. I must be even more attractive to him that before. And now I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Got to be cool, though. He comes around and opens my door for me. I casually swing my legs out, and from the angle of his head, I know that his eyes are locked on those killer legs. I pretend not to be aware of his glances. Dad opens the trunk and retrieves my two suit cases. He is so helpful!

We go to the front desk, and I check in. Right away, the clerk assumes we are together, so I quickly voice, “Dad, don’t worry about paying for this. I already did.”

“Good girl.” He says. “Daddy likes how you’ve grown up.”

The clerk seems to be thinking the same thing, but he’s just a boy and probably not properly appreciative of a young beautiful woman. Dad is standing very, very close to me now. We leave the desk for the elevators. Dad gets in first. I go in and stand next to him at the back. The elevator begins to rise. I look down at dad’s slacks and can clearly see his penis throbbing inside. I slide a little a closer to him, then a little closer. Finally, our hips are touching. My heart is pounding. I assume his is, too. Dad takes a long deep breath.

“Honey, how do you feel?” He asks me.

“Like old times, daddy.” I reply, and I turn my body towards him, making sure my breast brushes his arm, and give him a little kiss on the cheek.

Dad now turns his body toward mine. God, I can feel his stiff cock touching me. I’m breathing harder now. I’ve got to control that. Still, the feel of dad’s erection is exciting me like nothing else. I move around to stand in front of him in the elevator so that he cannot see the naked desire on my face. I feel dad’s hands on both sides of my hips, and he pulls be back toward him. My firm round ass is now feeling a very hard dick pressing into it. I think daddy would like it if I danced around a little to rub it with my ass.

“Do you like that, daddy?” I ask him.

“Yes, sweetie.”

All of a sudden, I feel his breath on the side of my neck as his lips kiss me. Dad’s hands have moved from my hips and are now securely cupping both my breasts. I can’t control my breathing now. It’s so obvious. I want his cock so bad I can’t stand it. How long will I have to wait? Daddy’s lips travel up and down my neck as he feels my breasts through my shirt. He says my hair smells so good. I try to continue rubbing his erection with my ass. Just then, the elevator stops unexpectedly. We both try to compose ourselves. The door opens, revealing three people wanting to get in. Good thing, it’s our floor, and we leave the elevator. Things were getting a little out of control in there.

We walk toward my room, dad close behind. It’s a wonder he can even walk with that thing! Part of my shirt is pulled out of my skirt, and my hair is probably a little mussed up. I take out the card and try to put it in the slot, but have difficulty getting it in because of nervousness. Dad takes my hand and guides it in. I’m thinking I will probably soon be returning the favor. We both go inside the room.

“Mind if I close the door, sweetheart?”

“I avcılar escort was really hoping you would. It’s so good to see you again.” I said.

“Yes, I have missed you. I think about you often.”

“Me, too.”

I turn to go into the bedroom, but as I walk, I pretend to accidentally drop my key on the floor. It’s just a ruse to bend over so that dad can see what a nicely shaped ass I’ve got, and of course, my skirt hikes up my legs a little, too. I think dad will like that.

This time, I don’t have to guess as I hear his voice say, “nice.”

“Thank you, daddy.”

I step into the bedroom and instead of really closing the door, I just close it a little. I notice that it wants to swing back open. Just what I wanted. I pretend not to notice the door slowly opening back up, and unsnap my skirt to let it fall to the floor.

“Need any help?” He asks.

” No, but if I do, I’ll call for you.” I say. The door is a little open now, but I don’t really mind. A nice show for dad will make his day.

“So, what’s the deal with your company party, dad? You haven’t really said much about that.”

“Oh, we don’t really have to go into that now.” He says to me. Then, almost inaudible, I can hear dad say to himself, “there are other things I want to get into now.”

I step out of my skirt as it lays on the floor, still in my heels. I know daddy likes nice legs and I just want to share what I have with him. He’s so appreciative. I unbutton my shirt, back to the door. I hope he’s watching. I unfasten the last button and open my white shirt, looking down at my breasts, still in their bra. I feel I’m being watched. I simply ask, “daddy?”

I slowly turn around, and there he is – shirtless, but still in his pants and shoes. I walk toward him, my long hair dancing on my shoulders. I give my lips a single swipe of my tongue to moisten them. I walk slowly towards dad. He’s leaning against the door jamb, but straightens up as I get closer. I approach him, and put my fingers inside the top of his pants, over his belt.

“What are you thinking, honey?” He asks me.

“I’m thinking that daddy might like the touch of these lips on his throbbing cock.” I say.

“Is that what you want?”

“Daddy, it’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“Unbuckle it and pull the zipper down.” He instructs me.

“Like this, dad?” I ask him as I undo his pants.

“Yeah, baby. Like that.” He responds.

“Do you like my boobs?”

“Yes, honey. Here, let me reach around and unsnap your bra.” He takes it off, and It falls off my breasts and onto the floor. “You’ve developed very nice breasts, sweetheart. I really like them, especially your nipples.”

“What do you want to do with them?” I ask, but dad doesn’t answer. He lowers his head and takes a nipple in-between his teeth, gently biting on it while stroking the tip of it with his tongue. I can’t help but to reach down and touch my pussy through my panties. I feel dad’s hand sliding down over my ass, and then I feel his hand pulling my panties down over my hips. My own hand is now on my pussy, but soon I feel dad’s hand feeling my slit from behind. Fuck, this is awesome. I pull my step dad’s stiff throbbing cock out of his pants and drop down to my knees to lick it. It feels so good on my lips and tongue as I take it in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the tip. I wonder if dad will let me taste his cum. I wonder if he wants me to do that? Right now, I’m just really enjoying having his cock in my mouth and looking up at him to see the pleasure on his face, my tits bouncing freely on my chest. Dad’s cock is getting so red and hot.

“Honey, I think daddy would like to taste your pussy. Do you like that sort of thing?” He asks me. I slowly pull dad’s cock out of my mouth, as if I’m trying to make him ataşehir escort bayan cum. He doesn’t, but almost. The sensation of feeling my wet lips slide over the tip is almost too much for him to control.

I stand up, letting my breasts brush against his body as I do. I can still feel his wet cock touching my skin. Dad puts his hands around my waist, pulls me into him, and then walks me backward toward the bed.

“Sit on the edge.” He instructs me. He then puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down so that I am lying on my back, legs over the edge, and feet on the floor. I’m hoping this means I’ll soon feel his lips and tongue on my pussy. I don’t have to wait long for an answer. Dad’s hands are now on both my knees and spread my legs wide. Soon, I feel his mouth on my inner leg, on the side of my right knee.

“Daddy, that feels so good. Can you go higher up?” I pant.

“You mean like this?” He says, and I feel him kissing my inner thigh, moving upwards toward my tight little slit. “I really like bare pussy. I like how you took care of that before you came out here.”

“But, daddy,” I say to him, “I always do.” Fuck, I feel his warm tongue sliding up and down my pussy. “Do I taste good?”

Dad, slips his tongue inside you and then replies, “the best.”

“I’m so happy you like my pussy.” I say. I reach down and rub my clit as dad continues kissing. “Oh daddy!” I can barely breathe fast enough! Soon, daddy’s lips are over her clit and I begin to orgasm – just the first of more to come.

My legs are trying to close, but dad forces them to remain open as he stimulates my pussy. Writhing on the bed, I finally just give in and orgasm again. I really want his cock. Damn, dad’s cock is looking so hard, just sticking out like that. I’ve got to get that thing inside me. I can’t wait to feel it slipping into my wet pussy. Dad scoots my body up the bed and climbs on top of me. He really wants to fuck my tits, maybe even shoot a load on my chest.

“I want to fuck your titties.” He says to me. He places his cock in-between them. I position my arms to squeeze them around his cock. In and out he’s fucking my boobs, occasionally pulling it out to rub my nipples with it, spreading some pre-cum over them. I reach down and rub my pussy, imagining how he licked me to orgasm only a few minutes ago. All of a sudden, dad slides down my body, and I feel his hard cock around my pussy. I take hold of it and guide it into my slit.

I feel him enter me. His cock is going in nice, real nice. “Hey, baby, does that feel like you imagined it?”

“God, it’s even better. Your cock fits me so well.” I coo as dad begins thrusting his erect shaft mercilessly into his beautiful step-daughter.

“Fuck, this is incredible. I’m so glad I’m finally having you.” He says. Dad’s chest rests on my nice tits, as I try to wrap my legs around him. I feel him slam into me. I love this! Dads cock is so hot as it slips in and out of my tight, but wet, tight pussy.

“Don’t stop fucking me! Don’t stop! I love how your dick feels inside me.” I scream.

All dad is feeling is the exquisite sensation of his cock sliding in and out of his beautiful step-daughter. His pace quickens. We both feel it. He’s about to explode inside me.

“Daddy, do you remember what I wanted? I want you to cum in my mouth.” I say. He’s barely listening, or so I think.

Suddenly, his body jolts and a jet of cum shoots deep inside my body. He can tell there is more to come. Dad pulls his still hard cock out of my pussy and brings it up to my mouth. “Give it to me, daddy!” I say as I place my lips around his hot cock, wet with my own juices and takes as much of it into my mouth as it will hold. My tongue massages dad’s erect cock until he explodes again inside my mouth. I swallow all of it, wipe my mouth with my hand, smile, and say, “Thank you, daddy.”

We both fall on our backs to the bed. After a minute or so, I ask, “what about the party? Aren’t you going to be late?”

Dad merely replies, “The party happened right on time.”

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