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Coming Home Party Ch. 02

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Part II: Lisa Discovers Shane’s Identity

I remembered Lisa’s cell number, wrote it down just before I left. I pulled out and headed for my parents house. Lisa left shortly after and giddy as ever, since she connected with this guy, of course that being me, because she got it on that evening! I made her feel as if she was the sexiest princess in town. To me, she was the sexiest in town!

I arrived home, laid down for a short nights sleep, got up, took a shower, shaved and brushed my teeth. I was excited about meeting up again with Lisa. I wanted to have another thrilling time like last night. “God, I thought to myself, what a body, she has to be sexy! It’s going to be awesome to be with her and be able to see how cute she actually is!”

Little did I know that she actually was cuter then cute! In fact, prettier then I’d ever imagine! I’d meet Lisa for a rendezvous that would turn into more then either Lisa or I expected! Yeah, that was for damn sure!

Sheila, or Lisa as she let herself be known to me, got home and danced up to her room, not knowing I was already home and in bed. Of course, she wasn’t any wiser that she and I, acting as Shane, was who she was with that evening.

Sheila lay her head down on her pillow, but she couldn’t fall asleep as she began thinking about Shane. She thought about how he possessed a charismatic charm and style. She enabled herself to be seduced by him. She loved being seduced by Shane! She loved what they did with one another and what they were going to do the next day hopefully.

Her head was spinning with excitement and fantasies! Her emotions were running circles around her thoughts. She was unable to sleep. She got up and got online. She posted a few blogs about Shane. She hoped that he and she would have an incredibly wonderful, intimate, and a great sex later that afternoon.

Finally, Sheila was able to relax and fall asleep. I was able to get some sleep as well. When I did wake up, all was quiet around the house. I wrote a note to Sheila that I was heading to the hospital to see mom and I would catch her later.

Little did I know my sister Sheila was actually the babe I did last night. This awesome, sexy creature named Lisa. Little did Sheila know that I was Shane; a remarkably sexy dude she was with the night before!

I left and went to reserve a very nice room at this hotel. I had already written a note to Sheila. Then I called Lisa after I was checked in and settled. I told her I had some errands and I would be there around at 1:00PM. I received a call back from Lisa almost right away that she would be there around 1:30 or so.

“Perfect”, I thought to myself. That was cool with me. It gave me time to prepare everything for this sexy chick I had a great time with the night before. Yeah, she was very sexy to me.

2:00PM came around and she was a no show. I figured she was late at first, but she didn’t call either. I checked with the front desk messaging service and nothing there either. I was patient enough. I turned on the TV and watched a movie, but decided I would turn on some music and just listen to that while I read an ESPN magazine supplied by the hotel. 2:20PM and still no Lisa; I was a little put out, but quickly pulled myself together.

I decided since it was now 2:40 in the afternoon, I waited long enough. I didn’t bring my notebook computer with me, so I decided, “Heck, I’ll just take a shower. I hoped Lisa would come soon. I hope something didn’t happen or she didn’t chicken out”, I also thought.

I got undressed and I turned up the stereo. The station was playing some great songs. I was in a fair mood as I waited for the shower to warm up. I had written a note, laid it on the table in the main room so Lisa could see it easily, and stepped into the shower.

I stood underneath the spray of the water and began to relax. I tilted my head back so that the water sprayed into my hair allowing myself to shampoo it, again. Having the bottle of shampoo in my hand and having given up on Lisa, I began fantasizing about us. I began fantasizing about the night before. A smile came to my face and I was ready to play with myself.

Then I pictured Lisa coming into the bathroom and seeing my back facing her. Looking first towards my upper back and shoulders, I imagined her quickly scoping down to my ass and getting a real thrill out of seeing it.

That’s what propelled my fantasy as a sexual excitement parlayed into a refreshed attraction to be together! Per my fantasy, she enjoyed watching me shower a lot!

In my fantasy, while being in the shower, I didn’t know she actually came in to the hotel room. I didn’t want myself to think the fantasy out that way. I pictured this beautiful chick walking into my hotel room, hearing the sound of the shower, and walking straight towards me to watch me do my thing as I first began caressing my own chest.

As I pictured her standing outside on the other side of the curtains, I noticed she pulled them ataşehir escort to the side a little, so she could peak in and see me do whatever it was I was doing. I was lathering myself up while I fantasized, rubbing shampoo and cream rinse all over my body as I started to arouse myself.

I imagined she would watch me rub my upper chest. I imagined stroking and caressing my nipples as I sought pleasure in that area. I did find the necessary pleasure too!

I imagined as I did that, she’d crack a smile and think “Oooohh I’d love to do that for you Shane, please can I step in and do that?”

Yes, I fantasized about that as well as lathering my stomach all the way down to my naked, wet, and limp cock. Yet to be aroused there, I spread it over my dick, more and more.

Feeling that growing sensation of sexual excitement, I closed my eyes and fantasized of her undressing herself preparing to step in and put her arms around while I stroked my cock.

I continued to fantasize about Lisa skating down quickly herself to assume the duties I was managing myself! I’d hope she would assume those duties competently. I knew she could and would do it perfectly! My assumption, based upon my fantasy and imagination, was right on the money! Oh my God, my creative mind flowed with perfection as I envisioned her assuming “Shower Duty” perfectly!

Daydreaming in the shower, Lisa completely undressed her self outside of the shower. She slid the curtain back, stepped into the shower, and wrapped her hands around me to bring on sexual stimulation of proportional size.

First, and foremost, in my fantasy, she surprised me. I didn’t expect her to be there. I had created a very vivid and potentially exciting picture at that point, in my mind!

Feeling her naked body against my backside and her breasts, I remembered from last night, up against my back was erotic. Feeling her soft hands wiggle their way down and in between my thighs to grasp my dick turned me on even more!

She began jacking me off. I arched back as I closed my eyes! I called out Lisa’s name as I masturbated, imagining her to actually be doing it all the while! I was anticipating the ultimate outcome! I felt the outcome intensify within me as my face showed it!

During the fantasy, I began saying, “Oh yes Lisa, yes that’s incredible. Oh, yes Lisa, yes. Ohh yes Lisa, yes baby… keep it up. Keep it up! That’s great, that’s incredible honey! Yeah baby, it’s awesome, yeahh!”

I was about to explode. I felt every ounce of proper fluids make a mad rush towards my loins and missile. I needed every ounce of solution to set off my rocket that it could get.

I guess I felt that Lisa wasn’t going to show up, so I created an experience with her for myself! A beautiful experience between her and I! It would be my tribute to her for the night before!

Unbeknownst to me, my sister Sheila, or should I say, Lisa actually walked into my hotel room. Sheila heard the music playing from outside the room. She had been handed a key, as instructed earlier, from the front desk. That allowed her to come right in.

Listening to that music wasn’t her first choice. Although none of it mattered as she heard the shower running. “Shane was taking a shower”, was her thought. A smile plus her idea of fun began formulating in her mind! She and I were going to get it on sooner then she expected! Sheila had a jittery smile pop up!

She was ready to get undressed on the spot, but she didn’t. She would say hi to Shane first. Then she heard him talking louder. “Why was he yelling out”, she wondered.

But she heard, “Oh yeah Lisa, oh yes! Oh that’s so good Lisa, yes, yes!” He continued his pursuit of ecstasy. While she listened with heavy curiosity, he became more excited.

She realized he was doing himself in the shower! He was in there wanking himself! She wanted in there even more! She wanted to get undressed badly! She wanted him to want her to be in the shower with him!

She wanted to see him doing it to himself as it sounded, which was wildly! She wanted to see how guys jack off even! She wanted to strip and get naked herself so she could clutch it and yank him to that resounding explosion!

She let loose herself, emotionally, as her body blasted with lust for Shane! Releasing drips of excitement with in her pussy, she was hornier then hell!

She became so, so horny! She knew it was time to do what she came to do; have great sex with Shane! Yes, do him magically and have him be magical with her too! Whatever it took, she wanted to experience that with Shane!

“Ohh God yes, I want you Shane”, she said repeatedly to herself!

She lost her mind, so to speak. Her emotions grabbed a hold of her! Lust filled her mind! Shane was hers and she was his, if he still desired. She thought to herself or almost knew for sure he wanted her, so Sheila undressed down to her panties!

She laid her clothes on the bed. She walked to the shower in the bathroom, smiling avcılar escort away and wanting to be as impulsive as possible! She carefully pulled back the curtain. She smiled as she did. Shane’s back was facing her like in his actual fantasy!

His elbows and arms flailed as he jacked harder at his cock. One arm against the shower wall as his head faced the ceiling in the shower. The exhaust fan was on, so he couldn’t sense or hear Sheila standing there.

He was into his fantasy now and almost no turning back! She didn’t recognize her brother. She only saw ‘Shane’ masturbating and going at himself madly! He called out Lisa’s name and Sheila loved hearing the name ‘Lisa’ as he called it out loudly!

His face turned sideways, and his eyes stayed closed! His pelvis convulsed, as he was ready to blow everywhere! He prepared to propel it against the walls and even on an unsuspecting object as well.

She was spellbound at that point as she only viewed the action below her ‘lovers’ waist! ‘Lisa’ was hotter the hott and she hornier then horny! Her cunt was manufacturing a potentially volcanic orgasm while she watched!

She began exploding with a flood of uncontrollable waves of erogenous and sexual passion! She wanted Shane to do it all to her as she lost herself! In full view of him masturbating and calling her name out, she took deeper and deeper breaths while watching Shane smack dab in front of her!

She was ready for his cock! She’d lay down right there and take it in her pussy without regards for the surroundings or any ambiance. It was time and she was prepped for sex with Shane!

She hadn’t even looked up at his face at all during the whole fiasco yet! She was fixated only on his hand and his cock going at it ferociously! Those two had become long time friends and she had herself a front seat showing!

All of a sudden, he faced her and opened his eyes. He saw her head was facing down as she watched his cock begin to erupt! He couldn’t stop at that point, his cum was rushing hard like a hurricane and flooding waters or Tsunami waves almost! He was consumed by the vision of Lisa in his fantasy!

What he saw wasn’t Lisa! What he saw was his little sister standing smack dab in front of him absorbed in his wonderful cock, which was rock hard, spewing cum outwards, and blasting a good portion of his cum on her naked body!

He was floored. But he kept shooting the load and it kept spewing on her! He was stopped and shuttered by what he assumed was a beautiful vision, which wasn’t the same beautiful vision he expected!

This beautiful vision was none other then his younger sister! His sister was standing there in front of him while he gaped at her. He was confused now and thought, “What the hell? Why is she here? Oh my God, Sheila is Lisa! Oh my God!”

Then, Sheila looked up while she began fantasizing herself during this erotic adventure! All hell broke loose at this point! All of the feelings she had such as desire, lust and sexual satisfaction dissipated quickly!

She dropped to the floor in utter disbelief! “My brother, like what the hell is going on here? Oh my God!” she screamed! She screamed and screamed in disbelief!

She had watched her own brother masturbate in the shower! This completely aroused her and made her hornier then hell!

It even allowed Sheila an awesome and incredible opportunity to fantasize about the dude in her mind, body and heart! She couldn’t believe she had sex or almost had sex with her brother the night before.

“Shane? Oh my God, Shane; you are Shane? Fuck that, there’s no way you are Shane! There is just no way in fucking hell that you are Shane!”

He felt the same way about Sheila. She couldn’t have been that sexy beautiful babe he was getting it on with the night before! There was no fuckin’ way, just no way!

“You were that Lisa? You were the same sexy, incredible chick I was with last night. Oh my God, I just can’t believe that I was with my sister who I thought was a se…” And he stopped himself at that point from completing that last thought!

“There’s no way in hell I would have been with you, just no way! Oh God, I feel awful!”

Sheila ran naked out of the bathroom and into a separate bedroom. She was embarrassed, humiliated, and shocked! Her brother and she got it on the night before! “Why didn’t I know”, she wondered.

Sheila was in another room crying and feeling incredibly embarrassed that she would have sex with her brother. Sheila actually had not seen her brother for six long years; so last night, was a celebration that he was home finally.

However he wasn’t home due to the best circumstances, he had still come home. Many people celebrated his coming back to town and making it into a birthday party.

He could have enjoyed the company of lots of different people, but as destiny would have it, he ended up in the arms and body of his fine looking sexy sister. Maybe not initially attractive to ataşehir escort bayan him, but she is sexy at that to many guys around the town for sure!

She continued to cry. He continued to sort his feelings out in the bathroom while he dried off. He left the bathroom, put on some clothes and walked around the hotel. He thought of ways to make good on this infraction.

He wasn’t at fault. Sheila wasn’t at fault. It just happened and the two of them were caught up in the moment of the lust-filled party; each of them ended up naked with one another and had fun at the party the night before.

He easily sorted out his feelings. She didn’t do as well and that was expected. She cried a little while longer, but she laid there on the bed staring up at the ceiling. She thought about the night before and how she felt overall. ‘Shane’ made her feel special. ‘Shane’ made her feel respected. Shane also made her feel sexier then all get out! No man or boy ever made her feel as special or as sexy as her brother had done to her the night before!

Shane did that and more. But why did he use a fictitious name? She wasn’t sure, but then again, she did too. She began to calm down, but still was ashamed of the situation. She could not face him. She couldn’t even look herself in the mirror. She was grossed out about several things!

Then something happened she wouldn’t expect to cross her mind as she sulked. She realized how she enjoyed her night with her brother or Shane as the case may be in this situation!

However, it grossed her out too because it wasn’t just some guy she knew from around town; it was her brother! “How do I get out of this with my self-respect?”

She sat there looking into the carpet at that point after she went over and sat in a chair in the bedroom. With the door closed, she heard nothing outside her room. She didn’t hear any movement or footsteps at all.

She continued to sulk and all she saw were flashes of this cock, his lips from last night, and various emotions she experienced that popped up in her head when they were on top of one another the night before! Of course, she saw images of his bulky cock in her hands too!

Then she felt a wave of something. Something she couldn’t believe she felt. She saw another flash of the cock! This time, however, she saw his chest run through her mind. His chest in fact appeared. She liked his sculpted features, just as the women he was with back west enjoyed them too.

Just as the girls Sheila’s age out west, enjoyed his body, Sheila did too. She couldn’t believe it, but she liked certain aspects, which flashed in her mind. His manly features, she was treated to, had consumed her mind.

What she felt, as she envisioned him, was good. Yes, she didn’t realize it, but she began enjoying or even slightly craving his physique! She even began personally liking the charm that was dispensed the night before along with his body!

Something was happening with her as her train of thought was transforming and she wanted Shane. She actually couldn’t believe it, but she wanted to be with her brother. To what degree, she was not sure, but she felt something within. Sheila craved this guy. Not just any guy, but Sheila craved the sexy dude who made her feel sexier then she ever had felt by any guy around or dated.

Oddly, she couldn’t figure out why either, she wasn’t dejected all of a sudden. Sheila lifted her head up. She felt a pang of increased joy. Was it okay that this was a freak accident? Was it a matter of misunderstanding? Sure, it was, but she adored her brother. He was an icon. She always respected Jason!

She always looked up to Jason who always succeeded in most things he attempted. He was a role model but obviously, he was more.

Now that Sheila is more mature, she isn’t an immature girl any longer with undeveloped features. She knew that she’s a young fully developed woman with complex desires, dreams, and fantasies too! She could have many, many men, but she discovered that day, she wanted him! She desired Shane for more then what one would ever think! Oddly enough, Shane discovered Sheila too and desired her even more. But this hadn’t been discovered completely at that point.

Sheila was proud of ‘Lisa’s’ accomplishments. Lisa proved to be one great woman. A woman with a sexual prowess, attractive enough to get many guys, including Jason or Shane as the case was.

He was one of those guys. “He even showered for me, she thought to herself! Yes, he fantasized and cummed in the shower while picturing me. I even still have it all over my tits and tummy” she thought.

Maybe Sheila was confusing things, but in essence, Sheila was attracted to Shane. She even began believing she was attracted to Jason and not the fantasy of Shane. “Was Jason attracted to me”, she wondered. Would he find Lisa attractive and sexy now?

Sheila, or Lisa in this case, felt like knowing for sure. Sheila got up, went to the mirror, properly dressed herself, and fixed her make up. She went, as Lisa, to Shane and not to Jason, her brother. She would engage her brother, if he would have her. She would engage him as if he was Shane in fact. She could accept rejection now, if that happened.

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