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College Ch. 02

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This is getting out of control. I’ve been in his class for just two weeks and already my grades are slipping. I have to start paying attention in class but I just can’t seem to manage it and it’s all his fault. Danny Cummins (name is a bit ironic isn’t it?) my damn fine lecturer who has been filling my every waking moment. It’s really bad.

He was talking about how the network of computers communicate with each other and the cables needed to this but I start to day dream. ……

He whispers in my ear, “Meet me outside in five minutes,” and walks off. I follow him outside after the five minutes. He takes a hold of my arm and we walk across the campus to the lecturer’s accommodation. My heart is beating wildly in anticipation, wondering what’s going to happen. He brings me up to the second floor and into his room. He pulls me inside, pushes the door closed and locks it. My anticipation is running high along with the level of lust I feel for him. He backs me up against the door and kisses me soundly on the lips. The kisses are soft at first and build up in passion and intensity, my pussy is soaking, all I want is to feel his thick cock buried inside me. I want him now, I want him so much. He pulls away and we look at each other, the lust can be seen in those beautiful eyes. He whispers in my ear “I can’t stop thinking about me. I just have to have you and I won’t finish with you until I’m completely satisfied.” He starts to undress me pulling off my tight blue sweater and letting my laced bra covered breasts fall out. He kisses each one giving them his undivided attention……

He seems to notice that I haven’t been paying attention or that my eyes have glazed over and looks at me. Emma pokes me in the ribs to get my attention. I look up to find his eyes questioning mine and now I know I’m in trouble. When handing the sign in sheet around he tells me to wait after class. So when the class is finished and people file out I stay in my seat afraid to stand up in case my pussy starts getting wet. He pulls a chair up and sits in front of my desk.

“Kerry, your grades are dropping and you’ve been only here two weeks, what’s going on?”

“Nothing Danny, I just find this subject hard, but I’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure I will.”

“I saw your eyes glazing over in the middle of the lecture, ataköy escort you obviously have other things on your mind.”

If only he knew!!!

“I know and I’m really sorry, just college is pretty overwhelming and I’m still trying to make the transition from high school to college.” I can lie with the best of them!

“I see” he said, “Well if you want, I can give you extra tutoring on a one to one basis and see if I can make this subject a little bit easier. Meet me on Wednesday in the canteen at 2 o’ clock.”

“But, but..” I tried to think of an excuse not to go, anything, a family emergency, I’m going to be sick that day, I’m washing my hair, but my mind was working against me.

“So Wednesday it is then, and don’t try and think of an excuse not to go, by saying you have a class, because I wrote your timetable.” Damn it!!!!!!

“Ok, I’ll see you Wednesday,” I said, half terrified I’ll act upon my ever-growing lust for him and half delighted that I get to spend time with him on my own. I get up and leave the class contemplating on whether I had walked myself into a serious problem.

Wait until I tell Emma, she’ll be so jealous. I text her asking her where was she?

She replied that she was in the canteen. I run over to the canteen and find her sitting with the rest of our friends.

I whisper to her, “I need to talk to you.”

“Can it wait? I’m starving.”

“No it really can’t, come on.”

We walk to the ladies room, Emma talking about how hungry she is, and this better be juicy or she’s going to get lunch. Finally we get to the bathroom. Emma knows everything about this “little” crush of mine. So I tell her what happened.

“Oh my god!!!!! You have to go, I’m dressing you that day, you’re going to blow him away and if you’re lucky and play your cards right you just might!” she said.

We start laughing uncontrollably. I can’t believe it and he never said how long the tutoring session would last for.

Finally Wednesday arrived and I was getting quite nervous. I was constantly checking the time. 2 o’ clock would just not come quick enough. Finally class was over, time to meet with Danny. My heart was in my throat and my pussy was dripping. I waited outside the canteen. I was early by a few minutes and waited. He arrived exactly at 2. He bakırköy escort was all smiles when he saw me, whether it was me or the outfit Emma had picked out for me.

I was wearing a very low cut black top with a knee high skirt with a slit up my thigh.

“Hi Danny.”

“Hi Kerry, you look amazing.”

He complimented me. I started blushing changing conversation topic.

“So where are we going to study? The Library?” I suggested.

“No I don’t like the library. If it’s ok with you we can use my room,” he said.

Oh my god his room has been in my fantasies, I can’t deal with this. I’ll jump on him as soon as we enter the room.

But of course my mouth moves before I think, “yeah that’s fine.”

So he takes hold of my arm and leads me across campus. It seems almost deserted but most people have a half day on a Wednesday. We finally get to his room and my pussy is throbbing with lust. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. He closes the door and asks if I want anything to drink. I tell him that I’m fine but thanks for the offer and sit down on a chair.

“Nice place.” I said.

“Thanks it’s not too bad for a bachelor’s place.”

“You’re a bachelor, I thought you’d have a girlfriend.” My heart jumping between my throat and stomach.

“Why, because I’m so good looking?” he laughs.

“Well, yeah!” I said. He looks at me with his gorgeous eyes and I just melt.

“Well, I guess the right girl never came along.” He holds my gaze and I start squirming in the chair.

“Oh ok then,” I mumbled, awkwardly feeling now was a good time as any to start studying so I start opening my books.

We get down to work, he explains cables, networks and how they relate to each. During the studying he moves in closer to me. Our legs touch. It sends tingles right through me and into my pussy. We’re so close I can feel the heat radiating from his body. Oh god I want to touch him!!!!! I can’t do this, I just can’t bear being around him and not kiss him, or touch him. He offers me a drink again after taking a break from the studying. I accept it. It’s a glass of wine. Just what I need, alcohol to make me say things that never should be said.

“You seem more relaxed now,” Danny says smiling at me.

“Yeah, I guess alcohol has that affect on me,” I giggle. I’ve had two drinks and already the wine has gone straight to my head.

“So will you tell me something?” he asks quietly, looking at me with those deep pools of blue/green.

“Ok sure, what do you want to know?” I think he knows people are more liable to tell the truth when they’re drunk.

“What bothering you that you weren’t concentrating in class?”

“I told you, I just find the subject hard and if I can’t understand something I tend to stop paying attention.”

“Kerry, we both know that’s not true, you can talk to me.”

“I know, I just think that if I tell you, it’ll cause so much trouble”

“Trouble for who?”

“Both of us,” I said knowing that if I didn’t stop talking, I’d walk myself into a horrible position.

“I probably should go now,” I start packing up my books and note pad, to feel my eyes starting to brim up with tears.

I pick up my bag and head for the door. I feel his body behind me. He spins me around and gently walks me up against the door. The wood of the door is cold in comparison to the heat his body is radiating.

“Please Kerry, just talk to me, it’s obviously upsetting you. Why would we get into trouble?” he whispers in my ear. His hand reaching up to gently caress my face.

The sexual tension between us is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. He slides his knee between my legs, pushing his gorgeous masculine body up to mine, causing my body to react. My underwear are soaked with my juices.

“Ok I’ll tell you, I fancy you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I think about how soft your lips would be on mine, how you’d feel inside me and it’s all I ever think about..”

He looks at me, and I see the look in his eyes. It looks like regret or something else I’m not sure. The look cut right through me and I realise I’ve made a huge mistake telling him.

“I need to go!” I said, wishing I was a million miles away.

“Wait, Kerry, I need to tell you something…”

“No, I don’t want to hear it, I’m sorry I told you. I’m sorry if it horrifies you that I fancy you, but I can’t help it, but don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about me fancying you anymore!”

I pushed him away not giving him time to speak and ran out of the room and all the way back across campus to my dorm. I ran and ran crying my eyes out until no more tears would fall. I can’t believe I’ve told him. I’m so stupid. What was I thinking?

What’s going to happen now?

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