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City Slicker Ch. 04

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Finding Wade in the main terminal of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I never saw so many men wearing black cowboy hats in one place. My eyes were scanning over the throng of people when I saw a handsome young man running toward me. A black cowboy hat was shading his handsome face but it was unmistakably Wade!

“You made it!” He shouted, scooping me up in his arms.

We held onto each other like we were never intending to let go. Wade’s heart was pounding in his chest. His breathing was quite hard, coming in deep gasps.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“I’m ok. I just got caught up in traffic.” He explained. “I’ve been running dead-on since I got here.”

Our passionate kiss must have been drawn at least a dozen people. They totally surrounding us, displaying admiring glances and big smiles. We weren’t the least bit embarrassed by our public display of affection for each other. It was our moment and we didn’t mind sharing it with onlookers.

After retrieving my overnighter from the baggage claim area, we walked out to Wade’s car parked way across the parking lot. The late afternoon sun was glaring down on us. My eyes were squinting even though I was wearing sunglasses.

“Is it always this bright here in Dallas?” I questioned.

“Sometimes. Since you got here, it just got a whole lot brighter.” Wade replied, pulling me in close.

After placing my luggage in the trunk of Wade’s platinum Cadillac XLR roadster, we sped off toward Fort Worth. I was afraid to light up a cigarette in the luxurious sports car even though I was dying for a cigarette. Wade must have sensed my apprehension. Reaching down, he flipped open the cover concealing the ashtray.

“We need to talk about a prenuptial agreement.” I remarked. “I don’t have all that much but I’m sure you do. My grandfather’s insisting on my having one.”

“My dad’s bellowing about the same thing.” Wade responded. “I guess it’s for the best if we have one written up. It’d be more to set our minds at ease than anything.”

“I agree.” I responded, nodding my head. “It’ll keep our families happy too.”

Arriving at the jewelry store in downtown Fort Worth, Wade and I looked over their selection of engagement rings. I didn’t want anything too big or gaudy. Although money was no object for Wade, I didn’t want him spending a lot for a ring. After trying on several that I liked, we settled on a three-stone, platinum ring for under twelve-hundred dollars.

Seeing the ring on my finger reminded me of my first marriage. I hoped this ring would bring me much better luck. With Wade as my husband, I had a strong feeling it would.

After an early dinner at a quiet Italian restaurant, we drove to the west side of Fort Worth. Wade lived in an upscale apartment complex near the outskirts of the city. His two bedroom apartment was quite spacious with a view of a small lake. There were several small pontoon boats docked along the shoreline.

“Why don’t I take a shower, then slip into something comfortable?” I suggested, smiling coyly.

“Hmmm. Sounds like a good idea.” Wade replied with a grin. “I’ve got some great Cabernet chillin’ in the wine cooler.”

Returning to the livingroom a short time later, I found Wade pouring two glasses of wine. Candles, strategically placed about the room, bathed the area in a soft glow. Wearing a white semi-transparent negligee, I sauntered over to my fiancee. Looking up at me, he almost dropped the bottle of wine.

“Now that’s an outfit I hope to see you in quite often.” He remarked. “Or should I say, see you out of quite often.”

Between sips of wine, we kissed lovingly. Before long, our passions had surpassed their controlling point. Wade’s moist lips were chewing on mine, tugging gently and sliding his tongue over them. When he snaked his tongue into my mouth, I sucked on it hard, arousing his desires even more.

Wade’s hands slipped beneath the gauzy material of my negligee, parting it slightly. His warm hands, touching my bare skin, sent heated sensations throughout my body. My nipples were already hard, knowing his fingers were going to tease them. Cupping my breasts tenderly, his fingers massaged and stroked the firm flesh. My eyes were lightly closed, enjoying the sensual stimulations.

Wade kissed around the nipples, continuing to manipulate my flesh. My hand, at the back of his head, guided his lips to my erect nipples. His mouth suckled on them, causing me to gasp aloud. His lips and tongue worked my sensitive nubs till he had me squirming on the couch.

Scooping me up in his strong arms, Wade carried me into the bedroom. The covers on the bed were pulled down, revealing bright blue satin sheets. After placing me gently on the bed, I watched as he removed his clothing. Unlike our first time together, this evening we didn’t have to worry about someone walking in on us. With my lover wearing just his briefs, he climbed onto the bed with me. We embraced, kissing softly and tenderly.

“Is ataköy escort that a shotgun in your briefs or are you just happy to be with me?” I jested in a sexy voice.

“Both.” Wade murmured, before plunging his tongue into my mouth.

His tongue was fucking my mouth. The sensual experience was arousing my desires even more. Wade’s hand slipped beneath the thin material of the string side panties, brushing lightly over my pubic mound. My legs spread apart as if they had a mind of their on. I was mumbling Wade’s name over and over, begging him to take me!

Wade enjoyed taunting and teasing me till I was close to having an orgasm. Pushing my panties down my legs, his lips kissed downwards toward my knees. His warm breath, blowing gently over the folds of my pussy had it blossoming before his eyes. Wade’s hard tongue flicked over my sensitive clit, making me arch upwards toward his eager mouth.

I grasped the back of Wade’s head, pulling his mouth to my wanton pussy. His tongue snaked inside me, sending me into sheer ecstasy. My orgasm came so sudden it made my muscles contract till they ached. Wade’s tongue worked feverishly inside my pussy, prolonging the orgasm. I screamed out his name, still clutching his head to my pussy.

My breathing was still labored when I looked up to see Wade’s smiling face hovering over mine. We kissed between gasps for breath. Feeling the head of his cock pressing into my pussy, signaled the beginning of ultimate sexual bliss. My lover worked his thick, hard cock into me. Lubricated by my own juices, his shaft impaled me fully with little difficulty.

His warm balls nestled against my ass briefly before we began fucking each other. Slowly at first, our tempo graduated to a series of hard thrusts. We seemed to be trying more to please each other than ourselves. Our rhythm gradually slowed as we fucked each other for pure sexual pleasure. Wade had the stamina most many only dreamed of. Working my pussy over the shaft of his cock, I found I could prolong his sexual energy even more.

I matched Wade’s pace stroke for stroke till I couldn’t keep my orgasm from exploding. My juices were flowing uncontrollably as the orgasm ripped through my entire body. Feeling Wade’s hot cum gush inside me, heightened my pleasure even more. I worked my pussy over his cock, milking every drop of cream from his tired body.

Collapsing on top of me, I held him tightly to my spent form. Neither of us spoke a word but we both knew we’d just shared the best sexual experience of our lives.

It was a long time, maybe twenty or thirty minutes, before Wade kissed me, then rolled onto his side. Even though the air conditioner was operating, our bodies were soaked with perspiration.

After taking a shower together, we returned to the bedroom. Wade brought us another chilled bottle of Cabernet and two glasses. We sat up in bed, discussing plans for spending our life together.

We mutually agreed that living in Colorado, somewhere near the Lazy K ranch, was our only option. Wade commented he wouldn’t mind living in the Rocky Mountains and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Fort Worth. Quitting his job was another issue though.

Working in real estate development was all he’d ever done since graduating college. He’d started working for his father two weeks after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. There were opportunities in Fremont County for him to ply his trade but it would take money and plenty of it to get started. Even then, it was all speculation with no guarantees of success. I had some money in the bank and so did Wade. Neither of us was willing to put all of it on the line though.

My suggestion of getting him involved in ranching and cutting horses fell on deaf ears. Confidence in his working abilities fell way short of confidence in his sexual abilities. Trying to build up that confidence seemed futile. I knew full well that if I could do it, Wade should be able to excel at it.

“What do you think about a long distance marriage?” Wade muttered. “What if I stay here in Fort Worth and you live up in Colorado? I could fly up on the weekends.”

“If that’s what it has to come down to, I guess we could live that way.” I responded, shrugging my shoulders. “But not forever.”

Changing the subject to having children, seemed to ease our tension.

“You think I’d make a good mother?” I questioned.

“I think you’d make an excellent mother for our two children.” Wade replied.

“Two!” You wanna have two children?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, a boy and a girl.” Wade answered. “Or twins!”

I’d always said I didn’t want to have children but with Wade as the father, it seemed like I couldn’t wait to get pregnant. If I couldn’t have Wade with me all the time, I could at least have our children with me.

We were both quite tired and lack of sleep was hindering our ability to think. Snuggled in each other’s arms, we drifted off to sleep.

Sometime before morning, Wade bakırköy escort awoke me gently from a sound sleep. His lips tasted sweet from the wine. Kissing was almost intoxicating for both of us. Wade’s cock was hard than ever. Our lovemaking lasted for nearly an hour as he fucked me from behind like a young stallion. Satisfying my fiancee’s sexual urges and desires greatly concerned me, especially if we were going to be living apart.

I awoke just as the sun was rising over the city. Slipping Wade’s shirt on, I made my way out to the kitchen. After putting on a pot of coffee, I lit up a cigarette and began straightening up the livingroom from the previous evening. Checking on my lover, I found him still sound asleep. I took the opportunity to shower and fix my hair and make-up.

Wade was sitting on the bed when I entered the bedroom. His eyes were intently watching me as I got dressed.

“Are you bisexual?” Wade asked, out of the blue.

“What?” I exclaimed. “Whatever made you ask that?”

“I picked up one of your books. Bikini and a Badge.” He replied. “I just started reading it. I noticed there were several lesbian scenes in it.”

“There’s a difference between being bisexual and a lesbian.” I stated. “I hope you know that.”

“I know there’s a difference.” He responded. “I’m just curious is all.”

“Yes. I’m bisexual.” I blatantly declared. “Does that change your mind about wanting to marry me?”

“No. Of course not.” Wade answered. “Like I said, I was just curious.”

“I should be getting out to the airport to see about catching a flight back.” I commented. “There’s some fresh coffee in the kitchen if you want a cup.”

My tone of voice had changed dramatically because of his questioning my sexuality. It was something we should have discussed beforehand. I wasn’t as upset with Wade as much as I was with myself. Although, I seemed to be taking out my frustrations on him.

“Why don’t you stay a day or two so we can discuss things?” Wade asked. “We’ve still got a lot of decisions to make.”

“I’ve got to be getting back to the ranch.” I retorted. “My grandfather will be expecting me.”

“I didn’t mean to piss you off.” Wade asserted, rising to his feet. “It doesn’t bother me that you’re bisexual.”

I shrugged my shoulders instead of saying anything. I knew that if I spoke, it would be in anger. I just needed time to cool down a little.

The two of us sat out on the patio, sipping coffee and looking out over the lake. Wade kept staring at me, waiting for me to say something. I purposely avoided looking his way. My hands were trembling, trying to hold on to my cigarette.

“Why don’t you stay for a couple of days?” Wade suggested. “It’ll give you a chance to meet my mother and my grandfather. “Surely, J.D. will understand.”

Turning my head to look at Wade, I stared directly into his eyes. My mind wasn’t thinking clearly, letting my emotions and fears do the talking for me.

“I don’t think this is such a good idea.” I stammered. “We’re just kidding ourselves about this whole marriage thing.”

Twisting and tugging, I pulled the engagement ring off my finger. My attempt to hand Wade the ring went unheeded. His eyes stared into mine. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment on his face. I set the ring down gently on the table in front of him. Wade’s eyes dropped as he sat there, just staring at it.

“I don’t want you to think I don’t love you.” I affirmed. “It’s because I love you that I’m walking away.”

Reentering the apartment, I gathered up my things, stuffing them into the overnight suitcase. Wade locked up the apartment, then carried my luggage out to the car.

The drive to the airport was over forty minutes. During that time, neither of us said a word. The tension between us was awkward and unsettling.

At the airport, Wade pulled into the lanes leading to the various parking lots.

“Just drop me off at the main terminal.” I asserted. “You don’t need to park the car.”

Exiting the car, I pulled the overnighter from behind the seat. We didn’t say a word, not even good-bye.

Catching a flight to Pueblo proved difficult, if not nearly impossible. The best I could do on such short notice was a flight later that afternoon for Sante Fe, then a commuter flight to Pueblo late in the evening. It would be six hours before my first flight was scheduled to leave.

After roaming around the huge terminal for over an hour, I finally settled down in a bar, drinking one scotch after another. Time seemed to have slowed as I sorted out my life. I fought back tears but my emotions were close to being drained.

After a very long and disastrous day, I finally managed to make it back to the Lazy K. Glancing at my watch, I saw it was almost 11:30pm. The house was completely dark except for the office. Entering the room, I found my grandfather sound asleep in his favorite recliner. The television was still on.

“Wake up Grandpa.” I murmured, gently shaking his arm. “It’s time for bed.”

“Hey! You’re back!” He exclaimed, adjusting his chair to an upright position. “I thought maybe you’d stay down in Fort Worth another day.”

Slinging my purse off my shoulder, I set it down on the desk. I intentionally kept my back to him, knowing he’d see the distraught look on my face.

“Let’s see your engagement ring.” He commented. “Bet it’s a dandy!”

“There isn’t any ring.” I muttered, breaking into tears. “I couldn’t go through with it.”

“What the hell happened?” J.D. inquired, stunned by the news.

“I got scared.” I relied, choking out the words. “I’m afraid Wade won’t love me later on. He’ll find out about things I’ve done and he’ll despise me.”

“Well…..maybe it’s for the best.” My grandfather responded, giving me a warm hug.

That night and the next several nights I found myself unable to sleep. I started catnapping during the day whenever I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt tired all the time and my eating habits had turned to snack foods and soft drinks. I was smoking constantly, putting up with the chronic headaches the excessive nicotine was causing. I couldn’t erase thoughts of Wade from my mind, no matter how hard I tried.

A week past, then two before I started to recover. It took awhile to get back to being my old self. My writing had suffered terribly. I had a deadline to meet for the first book in my new series. Everything I tried to write seemed gibberish. I set aside the writing instead of wasting my time.

At least, I had a handle on the ranching affairs. Beef prices had soared. We were sending off stock to the slaughterhouses by the truckload. Several of the horses we’d purchased in Amarillo had found new homes, adding to the ranch’s profits. My grandfather was quite happy with the success we were having.

During the evening, Cody would frequently join us for a discussion on future plans for the Lazy K. Increasing our horse inventory was as paramount as our cattle herds. Managing the ranch, with my grandfather at my side, was taking up most of my time as well as keeping my mind off my personal problems.

It was late one evening when the phone rang. Checking the caller I.D., I noted it was from Roger Garrett. I was hesitant to pick up the call so I had my grandfather answer it. The news wasn’t good. Roger’s father, Charles Garrett had passed away. He’d been a longtime friend of my grandfather and it hit him pretty hard. Roger and J.D. talked for several minutes before concluding their conversation.

“We’ve got to get down to Fort Worth.” J.D. declared. “Charlie’s funeral is the day after tomorrow and we’ve got to be there.”

“Oh God! Wade will be there!” I thought. “I can’t face him!”

“Pack a couple of my good suits along with some dress slacks and shirts.” J.D. commanded. “We’ll leave early tomorrow morning.”

“How about Cody going with you instead of me?” I suggested. “I can take care of the ranch-hands while he’s gone.”

“Nonsense. I won’t hear of it.” My grandfather bellowed. “You’re going and that’s all there is to it.”

With the Suburban loaded with our luggage, J.D. and I left early in the morning. Fort Worth was over seven-hundred miles away. With stops for food and gas, it would be late evening before we completed the trip. My grandfather talked incessantly about his friendship and business association with his lifelong friend during the journey.

I didn’t sleep at all the night before the funeral, dreading the inevitable confrontation with Wade. Knowing how important it was for my grandfather to see his old friend one last time, I was determined to make it through the event.

Arriving for the funeral well ahead of time, I clung to my grandfather’s arm as he spoke with Roger Garrett and his wife. There were a lot of mourners wanting to speak with them so we didn’t take up much of their time.

My eyes were glancing around, trying to spot Wade so I could avoid being caught close to him. I didn’t see him but I did see an outdoor area with several men standing around smoking. I excused myself to grab a quick cigarette. My grandfather was chatting with several old acquaintances so he didn’t mind.

I made it through the funeral and the ceremonies at the cemetery with the help of my grandfather. Seeing Wade, taking the death of his grandfather so hard, was difficult for me. He needed someone to comfort him but no one stepped forward.

Roger and his wife insisted on everyone coming out to their house for something to eat after the ceremonies ended. J.D. wanted to comply with their request even though I was reluctant.

The Garretts lived in an exclusive neighborhood of million dollar homes. There must have been well over fifty guests milling around, chatting. Standing in the kitchen with several women, I joined in on their conversation. Mrs. Garrett, Wade’s mother, took me aside. She was very attractive for a woman in her fifties. Her shoulder-length blonde hair and bright blue eyes were her most outstanding features.

“Wade’s out on the patio, sitting by himself.” She murmured. “He’s not taking his grandfather’s passing very well. Would you mind spending some time with him?”

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