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Chronicles of Misty Pt. 01

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Traffic was terrible. Misty had forgotten how bad morning rush hour was. It had been almost 6 years since she had to fight the ebb and flow of a morning commute. She was already a nervous wreck. Today was the first day of kindergarten for her twins.

She’d stopped working and stayed at home with them when they were born. 5 1/2 years later and she was going to trust them to a school all day instead of her own watchful eye. She was so anxious about leaving them. The twins were excited to meet new friends. Mommy was not excited about anything.

An hour and few thousand years later she was back home. She was nervously posing in front of a mirror in different outfits. Today was her first day back at the gym with a personal trainer. She’d spent so 6+ years growing and raising her twins. She missed having adult time and had let herself get out of shape. But she was nervous about how she looked in workout clothes. Her confidence was so low. And she had reasons.

Beyond the normal issues of losing baby fat and getting her body back in pre- pregnancy shape, Misty had to deal with multiple tragedies and her sex life was all but dead. The once a month 5 minute shag from her husband was not close to fulfilling her desires.

She had learned to satisfy herself. She had a safe full of sex toys and porn. She read erotic stories and masturbated daily. Even when she had her period she often played with herself to orgasm. Yet, the lack of interest from her husband had made her feel undesirable sexually.

Finally she decided on a pair of baggy jogging pants, a baggy tee shirt, and a sports bra underneath. She tied her sneakers and headed to the gym.

She arrived just on time. She went to the front desk. They told her personal trainer was Tabitha. The lady pointed to a locker room and said she’d been in there.

Misty went into the locker room. There were women in there in different states of dress. Ladies walking out in dress clothes for work. Some in exercise clothes. Others ranged from various stages of getting dressed / undressed, to coming from the showers in towels, to walking around completely naked. Misty was not comfortable with female nudity. And she could not imagine walking around that way.

She found a locker to put her things in. An attractive blonde approaches her.

“Are you Misty?”

“Yes, I’m Misty.”

“Good morning. I’m Tabitha, I’ll be your trainer. After you get settled meet me in the back, room 2A.”

“Thank you. Nice to meet you. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Misty watched her walk away. She was so hot. About 5′ 5″ Thin, athletic build. Great looking ass that stuck out in her spandex pants. Short blonde hair with a dark tan, and big breasts packed into her sports bra.

“I’d kill to look like that!” Misty thought.

She put her things away and went back to room 2A. She shut the door behind her. It was a small room. Maybe 8X8. It had mirrors on on wall, the others were concrete block painted cream color. There was a weight bench and 2 chairs to set in.

“Set down, Misty. Let’s talk.”

Misty sat down facing Tabitha. Tabitha stares at her. Moving her head side to side.

“Misty, I can’t see what I have to work with under all those baggy clothes. I need to be able to see what you look like to design a plan for you. What do you have on under those clothes?”

“A sports bra and panties.”

“Great. Let’s get you undressed. These walls are solid. No windows. Just us girls.”

Tabitha locked the door.

“Okay. I’m waiting.”

Misty took her tee shirt and jogging pants off. Tabitha walked around her then came in close.

“So you want to tighten your mid section up, build some muscle tone in your arms and legs, and get that butt hard, right?”

Misty felt so uncomfortable. Another woman starring at her was so unusual.

“This won’t take long. Your in great shape. Tone. Fit. Just need a little work. Most women that come in here are so fat and lazy. It’s exciting to have one that’s already sexy and in shape. Just wanting to improve herself a little. We can have you in string bikini shape in 2 months!”

Misty felt good. Someone thought she was hot, even if it was a girl. She forgot she was standing in her panties and bra until she checked herself out in the mirror.

“Can I get dressed now?”

“Wait a sec. here, put these on!” Tabitha tossed a pair of spandex shorts to her. “You can cover up when you leave, but bare minimum while we work.”

Misty slipped them on. They did their first work out. Misty removed her the shorts and placed them on the bench, got dressed, and left.

As she walked out she noticed all the hot guys in there. One in particular caught her eye. Only a couple miles from the gym she got so horny. The exercise, Tabitha, the hot guys had got her so excited. She resisted touching herself as she drove. Once home she rushed to the shower. She grabbed her favorite vibrator from her nightstand on her way there.

Misty sat her ass on the small shelf in the corner. Spread her legs istanbul escort wide. Pushed the vibrator in with her left hand. She took the shower wand in her right have then held its pulsating stream so it massaged her clit. Moving the vibrator in and out she fantasized about the guy at the gym fucking her. Feel his muscles as he stroked inside her. She moved quicker and quicker. The shower head sending hot water over and up her clit. She wanted to cum so bad. She tried but couldn’t get there. She laid on her back. Put her legs in the air and fucked herself with the vibrator as the shower sprayed water all over her. Finally she screamed and moaned out a long, hard orgasm. Setting her feet down, water coming down all over her, her vibrator buzzing on the shower floor as she enjoyed the tingling of her orgasm. She couldn’t help but rub her shaved pussy. It was so sensitive from the orgasm. After a few minutes of fingering herself she decided she wasn’t finished.

Misty climbed out if the shower, tracked across the bathroom floor into her bedroom, to her safe. She opened it and took out her toy she called sticker. A dildo with a suction cup bottom.

She returned to the shower. Put sticker on that specific tile at just the right height. Bending over she back up, sliding the dildo in her. Holding to a ledge, she moved her ass back and forth on the 8 inches of silicone. She fantasized about an ex this time. Imaging he was behind her grabbing her hips. The water running over her was getting cool. She reached between her legs with her right hand to play with herself. She rubbed her clit as she fucked the dildo until she climaxed, squeezing her pussy around the fake cock so hard she pulled it off the wall.

Misty finished her shower with cold water. Still placing the shower head on her pussy to enjoy the cold water stimulating her.

She laid in the bed wrapped in a towel. She felt like herself. Still horny, she decided to seduce her husband, Tony, that night.

That evening Misty made a nice dinner. Got the kids calmed down from their first day of school, bathed, and put to bed. Tony was watching ESPN in the living room as she passed by and went to the living bedroom.

Misty stripped nude. Put on a pair of thigh high nylons, red high heels, and bright red lipstick. She walked into the living room. Tony looked up at her. She stood with her legs apart. He could see he clit was aroused, her beautiful breasts had hard nipples, and he hadn’t looked at his wife like this in years.

“The kids are asleep. What do you want to do?”

Tony took his pants and underwear off. Misty climbed on his lap as he sat on the couch. She kissed him deep, rubbed her body against him. Reaching between her legs she pulled his penis up, then slid it in.

It felt so good. She was so horny. Holding his shoulders she thrust herself on his shaft. She was getting full aroused. His dick was making her tingle inside. Tony grabbed her ass to fuck her hard. “Finally!” she thought. “Finally he’s going to fuck me hard!”

She locked into him. Buried her head into his shoulder. They got their motions synced up. She released her tension, giving herself to him. Anticipating a marathon fuck. Then, Tony grunted hard. His dick pulsated in her. He took short, weak strokes. She felt his cum inside her. He fell back.

“Oh baby. That was great!”

Misty kept riding him but he went limp and slipped out. She rubbed her pussy on his soft dick. Kissing him. Grabbing the sides of his ass.

“Please, Tony. Please, I need more!”

Tony pushed off. She laid on the floor. He stood up. Pulled his pants up.

“Fuck Misty. I work all day. I’m tired. I had a good moment and you ruin it with telling me I’m not good enough. Can’t keep it up long enough. Thanks for nothing!”

He stormed off to shower. Leaving her in the floor naked, with his cum dripping from her pussy.

She slept on the couch. Crying most of the night.

Tuesday passed as everyday for the last few years had. Wednesday morning Misty dropped the kids off at school then rushed home. She put on her sports bra, yoga pants, and an Under Armor 3/4 zip shirt that hung just past her waist. She was going to show off her pantyless ass to those guys at the gym.

She strode through the door confident. Tightening her ass and stomach muscles. She strutted through the gym. She watched the mirrors out of the corner of her eyes. “Oh my God. They’re checking me out.” she screamed inside her head.

Several guys, young and old, watched her as she walked inside the girls locker room. She went to her locker, put her backpack in there, took off her shirt, then went to room 2A.

“Well now! I see I don’t have to lend you any shorts today. Damn you look great Misty!”

“You look better! I want your body!”

“Okay. You aren’t that far away. You’re already prettier than me and have better boobs. Just tighten her. Tone there. You’ll be the hottest girl at the gym!”

“Huh. Then maybe I can get a decent lay!”

Misty couldn’t believe she said that escort bayan out loud. She rolled her eyes back in her head.

“Sorry. TMI!”

“Aren’t you married?”

“Yes. I am.”

“Your husband doesn’t fuck You! Seriously. I’m a girl and you make me hard!”

Misty blushed. Then they laughed. She felt comfortable and told Tabitha the story of Monday night.

“That lazy, selfish asshole. What a pussy! I’m not one to give relationship advise. I can’t keep a boyfriend. But damn, he’s not right.”

“I can’t figure it out. But I know being here is making me feel better about myself. Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why can’t you keep a boyfriend?”

“Oh Misty. I have a problem. Well, 2 of them. First I got my heart broke and anytime I get close to love I freak out. Second, well. I’m kinda slutty. Guess that’s what you’d think. I like sex. I fuck a lot of people. Guess I’m a nympho.”

“I wished I could fuck who I wanted! I’m so horny all the time. But my husband is a disappointment.”

“That sucks. I break up with a guy and a few weeks later he’ll text me and come fuck my brains out. And I have regular guys that I hook up with. God I’m such a whore!”

“No you aren’t. Men do the same thing and are praised. You’ve just taken control!”

That made Tabitha smile.

They did their workout. Misty noticed Tabitha touched her more than Monday. Even touched the side of her boobs to show how those muscles worked. Freely grasp her thighs, her butt, and once put her hands on the inside of each thigh near her crotch and pulled apart to help her work those muscles.

Misty tried hard to relax, but being touched made her so horny. She was grossed out that a girl touching her did that to her body, but it did.

Misty stood up to look in the mirror. She felt great. Then embarrassed. Her yoga pants showed a distinct camel toe because she was aroused and had a small wet spot the size of a quarter. She thanked Tabitha then rushed to her locker. She grabbed her bag deciding she had to shower and change. She couldn’t walk out like this.

Misty got in a shower stall, pulled the door closed. She put her bag on the hook of the door and stripped.

The shower head was small, but put out a hard stream. She stood under the shower thinking. She couldn’t resist. She turned her back to the water stream. Bending over, she braced herself against the wall with her left hand. Spreading her legs wide she ran her right hand down her breast, along her stomach, then to her hot, wet pussy. She put 2, then 3 fingers in herself. Fucking herself while fantasizing about being ravaged by the two young studs she saw coming in. She bent a little further down and the stream of water from the shower struck her asshole. It felt so good. She moved til it was hitting just above her asshole then running down her. Her fingers explored her pussy. Twisting. Rubbing. Moving in and out. When her orgasm came she stood on her tip toes. The water hitting her pussy hole as she rubbed her clit frantically. She shuttered for 60 full seconds. The finished rubbing the last few spasms out.

Putting her hands on her knees, Misty caught her breath. She cleaned up, put on her tight jeans and form fitting shirt. Then strutted out of the gym without looking at anyone.

That night, Misty thought about her marriage. She didn’t need just sex. She fucked herself better than Tony ever had. The screaming multiple orgasm days she’d given herself was nothing compared to his best night. What she needed was intimacy with him. This turned her lack of self confidence into anger. “Fuck him. He doesn’t want to fuck me, I’ll find someone who will!”‘ She thought as she went to sleep.

Thursday was filled with errands and house work. After dinner Tony was being flirty. She went to fold towels and he followed her. He pulled her from the bathroom. He laid her on the bed, pulled down her satin pajamas, and stuck his tongue in her dry pussy. He licked and fingered her until she was barely wet. Climbed between her legs. Pushed dick in her. He laid on top of Misty as he humped her. She was laying there motionless. This wouldn’t take long. She counted. He humped her only 87 times before he came inside, rolled of, and laid his head down.

Misty went to the bathroom. Wiped his cum out of her pussy. Put her pajamas on, then folded towels. “I’m just a hole for him to cum in!” she thought.

Friday morning Misty put on panties, with a panty liner, and thicker yoga pants, hoping to avoid another camel toe incident. She walked into the gym. Yoga pants, spots bra, and her back pack. In her third visit she walked in with so much confidence. She even stopped to have small talk with some of the guys. Then to her locker and room 2A.

In the room, Tabitha was waiting. They had a little small talk, then Tabitha took a deep breath.

“Misty, I did something you might get mad about. Set down for a minute.”

Misty sat in the bench.

“In a moment of stupidity I asked someone to join us today. I asked him to meet escort istanbul us at the hotel across the street in 20 minutes.”

Misty was shocked. What should she do? She closed her eyes. Thought about Tony humping her last night with no passion and only to gratify his need to ejaculate.

“God. This is crazy. Can I trust him?”

“Yes. In fact, I’m certain of it!”

“Okay, lets go!”

The girls rushed across the street. Not speaking. Misty was too nervous to be horny. She was frightened, but fueled by anger. They got out of the elevator and walked to the end of the hall. Room 218. Tabitha knocked.

The door opened, on the other side was a young man. Handsome. Muscular. Wearing only boxers.

“Come in!” he said.

Misty entered the door. Walked to the main part of the room. Tabitha turned her around. “Relax and go with it!” Tabitha spoke softly.

Tabitha pulled down her pants and panties as the young man took off her top. She stood there nude. The fella moved close, touched her arms, whispered’ “call me John.”

He kissed her as he cupped her large breasts. “Wow. You have beautiful breasts! ” he spoke as he lowered his head to take a nipple into his mouth. She put her hands on his back. It was so muscular. Smooth. Strong.

Misty felt Tabitha press here body against her. She felt her bare breasts on her back as she kissed her neck. Tabitha ran her hands along the side of her ass. She found herself sandwiched between two gorgeous 20 somethings. She had forgotten the rest of the world. She lived in the moment.

John slide his large middle finger between her pussy lips. With a soft stroke they parted for him. He slid his finger inside her. “You are so wet!”

Tabitha ran her hands around her waist then down to her clitoris. Biting at her back, she rubbed Misty’s clit firmly, but gentle. Misty moaned. Breathed deep. When Tabitha stopped, Misty pushed her hands back to her pussy and leaned back into her.

John sucked her nipple hard, still pushing his finger in and out. Tabitha’s hands slid up across her body. She cupped the bottom of each breast with a firm hand. John dropped to his knees and stuck his hot tongue on her clit. Misty spread her legs more. John ran two fingers straight up into her pussy while he licked her. Tabitha holding her breasts tight, rubbing herself against Misty. Misty turned her head to kiss Tabitha. She was so relaxed she didn’t think this was the first time she kissed a girl. It felt right.

John stood up and pulled the girls toward the bed. He removed his boxers to show off his hard cock. 8 full inches of it. He laid in the bed. His knees bent, legs hanging off the side. His body was so muscular and that big dick sticking up.

Tabitha turned Misty around. She kissed her as she moved her back. She felt John’s hand touch her ass as she lowered herself onto him. Her ass sat in his stomach. Legs spread.

“Lean back, John will hold you.”

Misty reclined to John’s big, warm hands. He lowered her to his chest. His body was so hard. He grasped her breasts, squeezing each. “I love your tits. They are amazing!” he spoke into her ear. She was relaxed letting him fondle her breasts and suck on her neck / ears.

She felt Tabitha’s hand. Then she felt John’s penis rub her vagina. Tabitha was guiding him into her. She rubbed his head up then down. She started the head inside her. Misty moaned. The head was in all the way, then John pushed up as Tabitha pulled her hips down.

All 8 inches filled her pussy. She felt so full. He barely moved his dick. Maybe an inch, but it was so big it made her entire inside move with it.

“Oh my God. You’re so big. My God. Lord it feels so good.”

Misty was lying motionless. Enjoying the giant dick in her.

Tabitha put her hands on Misty’s thighs. High on her thighs with her thumbs grabbing the inside. Then she sucked Misty’s clit into her mouth. It was so sensitive that Misty moaned with pleasure. John was spurred to move by Tabitha tongue sliding down her slit to his balls. He pushed deeper in. Misty thought she would explode.

Tabitha returned to her clit. This time she licked it fast with just the tip of her tongue. John moved more and quicker. Misty pussy was overwhelmed with pleasure. She felt as if she’d lost control. Her muscles wouldn’t tighten. An orgasm was building. Yet the typical muscle tightening, twitching, shaking was absent.

Tabitha worked at her clit feverishly. John has held hips tight so he could get longer strokes. Suddenly Misty’s entire body was tingling. She gasp for air. She was motionless except her hands trembled. She felt her inside build with pressure and pleasure. It built until it was almost painful. Misty screamed out then her body went limp as she lost complete control. Tabitha stood up, rubbing Misty’s clit with her fingers.

John slammed his dick into her hard. Misty’s vision was even blurry. With a sudden move John rammed his dick deep in, then pulled it all the way out.

The most amazing orgasm Misty ever had washed across her body. She felt liquid pouring out of her vagina as she squirted for the first time while Tabitha kept rubbing her. Finally, her body came back to her control. She tensed every muscle, squirting out another orgasm.

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