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Christina: Too Hot To Handle

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Aaron had been wanting to get an SLR Digital camera for a long time, but kept putting off the purchase. His excuses were always the same. Not enough memory. Too few features. Too expensive. Personally, I think he was just too cheap to part with the cash, but that’s another story. Anyhow, when his favorite camera store announced that it was moving to larger quarters across town, and that ‘Rather than move it, we’re practically giving it away ‘ he couldn’t pass up the deal.

At any rate, a couple years back (during one of my weaker moments) I agreed that if Aaron ever got his fancy-ass camera that I would pose nude for him. Did I also agree to let him post any of the pictures on the net? Yo have GOT to be kidding! Although I am a bit adventuresome, and quite proud of my forty-six-year-old body, I’m not quite adventuresome enough (nor proud enough) to let the whole world know what I look like in my birthday suit.

The day of my ‘photo shoot’ Aaron was like a kid with a new toy; and I, like the biggest diva there ever was. We were both excited about the prospect of his taking that one in a million shot that would land me on the cover of Playboy (or at least be good enough to post); and the idea of me spending the entire day in my birthday suit with his undivided attention; focused, on my every move had us both going pretty good as well As for the types of pix allowed; full-body shots were fine; close-ups of my pussy, nipples, butt hole were okay too, so long as he didn’t abuse the privilege; and shots of me masturbating (which I did just moments after this shot was taken) were on the list as well. What was off limits? Not much. And locations? Just so long as nobody saw and I didn’t get arrested, I didn’t care

Did I have fun? Dumb question

You know, it’s kind of funny. A couple years back, I read an interview in a celebrity-type magazine, where this actress known for the sexy roles she played said that she hated to do love scenes, because with cast and crew standing around (watching) it was anything but a turn-on. Well, speaking for myself, I don’t know if it was because the man I love was taking the pictures (with no one else around) or what, but by the time Aaron snapped the last, I was so hot and bothered that all I wanted to do was get fucked; and fucked good

“Sam and Becky are having a party tonight,” Aaron said, as we returned home, “and we need to make an appearance.”

My nipples were hard and my pussy aching.

“A quick fuck first?” I pleaded.

Aaron slipped his hands inside the robe that had been the only, finery I’d worn all day and ran his hands over my desirous flesh. A deep, probing kiss. “No.”

“Please? “

“No. Now get dressed. Heels; stockings; short skirt. No panties Silk blouse. No bra “

My heart was racing. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but I was sure that I would be ready to take care of anything that (ahem) came up.

“Who’s going to be there?” I asked as I dressed.


“Like who?”

“Sam. Becky. It doesn’t matter. We won’t be there that long.”

My heart leapt as my imagination ran wild.

“Ready?” Aaron asked.

I opened the top two buttons of my blouse and checked my look. “Ready.”

Aaron took my hand and lead me down the stairs and out into the cool night air. My nipples reacted immediately. He pinned me against the house, opened the next two buttons of my blouse and completely exposed my breasts. He kissed, licked and sucked my nipples. His hand moved beneath my skirt and caressed my pussy. I drew several quick breaths.

He re-buttoned my blouse and smoothed my skirt. “Let’s get going. We have a party to attend.”

More frustrated than before, I almost ran the last half block to Becky’s place. “How long do we have to stay?” I asked as we stepped up onto the porch. “I’ll let you istanbul escort know.”

I reached out and rang the bell. Becky answered, wearing a navy, halter-top dress that barely contained her breasts in front; somehow managed to cover her butt in back; and did a fabulous job of showing off her legs through a waist-high slit that ran up the side. High-heeled sandals completed her oh-so sexy look.

Aaron raped her with his eyes. As did I with mine. “You look incredible ” I said.

“Thanks. Sam picked it out . . . made me wear it.” Becky said.

“Made you wear it?” I said.

“Long story. Let’s just say if he hadn’t pushed the issue I’d be wearing jeans and a sweat shirt.”

Aaron cupped my rear and squeezed. “I’m glad he forced the issue.” he said, “You look good enough to fuck right here on the front porch “

Becky’s face, breasts and so forth turned the brightest shade of red. I jumped, as Aaron’s middle finger traced the cleft between my butt cheeks, catching my skirt in a most unflattering way.

“Won’t you, cum in?” Becky said.

Aaron pulled my skirt from my crack, patted my butt. “Meet me in Becky’s office in five minutes.” he whispered.

“Why?” I asked stupidly, “Never mind. I can’t wait that long ” I whispered back.

“Tough “

Once inside, my initial reaction was to make a beeline for the converted laundry room and amuse myself as best I could until Aaron arrived, but decided that would be a bit too obvious. Instead, I decided to mingle a bit, and try to take my mind off the heat that was building between my legs.

Fortunately, the time passed quickly. When the moment arrived, I casually made my way to the office, where Aaron waited. “Put your hands on the desk, and spread ’em.” he said.

Not wishing to waste a single second, I did as he asked, and waited as he lifted my skirt above my waist. The sound of his zipper heading south told me what was about to cum and that I wouldn’t have to wait long. Within seconds, his gorgeous cock was savaging my pussy.

To my pleasure/ dismay, he was all business. His hands held my hips tightly. With each furious stroke, he pulled me back to meet him. His full length filled me again and again. My breasts swung wildly inside my blouse. The silk kissed my nipples with each sway. I could feel my orgasm building as his pace quickened. I was nearing the edge when the first jet of his hot cum struck the back of my pussy. The second. The third. He pulled from me and wiped his sticky cock on my butt, then pulled my skirt back down. I spun around and glared at him. “What about me? ” I demanded. “I didn’t cum “

Aaron pressed his thumbs against my nipples and massaged them roughly. “You’ll just have to wait a little longer.” he said, then opened the door and pushed me back to the party.

To say that I was hotter than a bitch in heat (a bit redundant, but you get the point) would have been the understatement of the century How I had allowed myself to get in such a state was a mystery. Well, maybe not.

I tried my best to endure.

“Chris? Can I see you in my bedroom for a minute?” Becky asked.

I glanced at my watch to check the time. A little less than eight minutes had passed since my darling, mother-fucker-of-a-husband had used my aching pussy for his pleasure and his pleasure alone. “Sure.” I replied.

Becky lead the way down the hall to her exquisite master suite. We stepped inside and she closed then locked the door.

“Take off your clothes.” she said.

“What? “

“Get undressed. Down to your stockings and heels.”

I stood there dumbfounded as Becky opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and took out four hospital-style restraints. “I’m not going to ask you again.”

Her tone told me she was serious. Nervously, I began to unbutton my blouse. “What’s going escort bayan on?”

Becky turned down the bed and neatly folded the covers at the bottom. “Aaron asked if I’d mind him fucking you in my bed, and I told him ‘no’. Then he asked if I had any rope to tie you down, and I told him I could go him one better. Now. Take off everything but your stockings and heels. Now? “

A bit reluctantly, I took off my blouse and skirt.

“Lay down in the middle of the bed.” Becky instructed, “Arms and legs stretched out.”

I did as I was told, and laid there in nervous anticipation. Becky picked up the first restraint and wrapped it around my right wrist. She then inserted the strap through the slot and cinched it down. Next, she fastened the Velcro closure and threaded the strap through the loop. With all that done, she tied the straps to the corner post of the canopy bed. “Three to go.” she said.

From the way she expertly completed her task, it was obvious that Becky had done this before; and often. When she’d finished, as I had done to her, she raped me with her eyes. “Aaron will be in shortly.” she said, “Would you like me to leave the door open til he gets here?”

“No Please “

Becky smiled, then turned the light out. “Okay.” she laughed.

I let a sigh of relief as she closed the door behind her. Was over-cum by a wave of panic as it dawned on me that she had not locked it I laid there in the darkness. Naked. Fully restrained. Eye candy; or worse for anybody who happened by.

Time dragged. Footsteps in the hall. The door knob turned and the door opened slightly. I drew a shaky breath and held it. “Come on, let’s check out her bedroom.” an unfamiliar female voice said.

“Hannah. We agreed: no snooping.” an unfamiliar male voice said.

“Just a peek?”


The door closed. The footsteps moved away. I started to breathe Again.

More footsteps. Again the knob turned. Again, the door opened. Aaron stepped inside then quickly closed and locked the door and turned on the light.

“Comfortable?” he asked.

“What do you think? “

Aaron sat down next to me, reached over and pried apart my cum-covered pussy lips. He leaned forward and lightly kissed my inner thigh. His hot breath against my exposed sex gave me shivers. “I think yes.” he said, “A little frustrated; but yes, I’d say you’re comfortable.”

He straightened, then ran his hands over my stocking clad legs.

My pussy craved attention. His touch . . . his tongue . . . his lips . . . his cock.

“Tell me, Chris. If you could have anything you want at this very minute, what would it be?”

I thought about being a smart ass and saying ‘loose’; but didn’t. “Your cock. In my pussy.”

Aaron stood and started to undress. “I see. How about my tongue instead?” “Yes. Please?”

He smiled, then knelt between my legs. Gentle licks cleansed my outer lips.

I began to squirm.

He jabbed the tip of his tongue hard against that sensitive spot just below the opening to my pussy. Again and again in rapid succession.

“Oh god.” I whimpered.

His tongue flattened, then pressed against my now swollen pussy lips. The tip parted my outer lips, then my inner, then sought out and pushed back the hood guarding my clit. Gently, oh so gently he slid the hood back and forth; round and round.

“Oh. Fuck. No “

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No. No “

Despite my plea, he backed off. Instead, a series of warm, passionate, taunting kisses to my pussy lips.

I pulled against the restraints. No use.

Suddenly, without warning, he began thrusting his equally talented fingers in and out of my dripping pussy. Fast. Furious.

“Mmm. Ungh. Ungh. Oh “

His fingers withdrew.

“No “

His lips molded to my pussy. escort istanbul His tongue began fucking me. Fast. Hard.

“Yes. Yes “

The tongue fuck continued.

“Ungh. Ungh “

My pussy was wracked with orgasm.

“Oh fuck. Fuck Oh. Oh Oh fuck ” He stayed with me until the last wave passed. “Now it’s my turn.” he said.

Being in no; position, to protest, I didn’t. Instead, I braced, as my love eased himself on top of me and pressed his rock-hard cock against my fiery pussy, and entered me.

“Mmm. Yes ” I cried.

His full weight bore down: pinning me. My breasts molded to his chest. His lips pressed hard against mine. I could scarcely breathe.

Two quick, shallow thrusts.

He broke our kiss, then withdrew all but the head of his cock. As forcefully as he could, he thrust his full length back in. Again. And again. Deep. Almost too deep.

“Your pussy is so HOT “

Another quick, deep thrust.



He held still inside me. His coarse, manly pubes pressed against my smooth, naked ones. He ground against me. It was almost more than I could take.

He withdrew from me. Raised his hips, then drove in hard. Deep. Again.



Too deep I whimpered in pain.

He withdrew from me, and sat back.

“No. Please. Don’t stop. Please? Just not so deep?”

Once more he laid atop me. This time, he entered me slowly. Gently. A wimpish pace ensued.

“No Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me like you mean it ” I breathed.

His pace quickened.

His thrusts became harder and faster. His hips ground against mine. “Yes. Yes Oh fuck Yes “

His thrusts came faster still. Orgasm after orgasm coursed through me. I knew he had to be close. He was. “I’m going to cum ” he grunted.

“Do it. Do it ” I chanted, “Do it Fill my pussy with your cum Do it “

One . . . two . . . three more thrusts. He held still deep inside me. His cock filled me with its salty load. It was glorious

“You are incredible ” he said.

“I know.” I said as humbly as I could.

Aaron laughed, then reluctantly, withdrew from me. Our lips met. Hot, passionate kisses. The moment was ours. Until.

The sound of the lock popping open.

The knob turning.

Our attention immediately focused on the door. Shared panic overwhelmed us. We watched as it swung open. As Becky stepped inside then quickly closed it behind her.

“I thought you might like to know how appreciative your audience was.” she said, “Especially Hanna and Josh.”

“You could hear us?” I whispered.

Becky nodded.


She smiled and nodded once more. “Don’t worry though. Rachel’s the only one that figured out that it was you.”

Aaron moved off me and began to dress as Becky undid the restraints.

“But everyone’s going to know when they see us walking out with you.” Aaron said.

“Not if you sneak out onto the patio then come back in.” Becky said, “The french door off the master bath?”

Like a teenager about to be caught by her parents, I pulled on my skirt and blouse, and hastily ran a comb through my hair. Aaron finished dressing, then made a quick inspection of my ankles and wrists. Thankfully the restraints Becky had supplied left no marks. “How do we look?” Aaron asked.

“Like the professional couple you are.” Becky said with a laugh.

Our composure returned.

“Shall we go back to the party?” I asked, holding open the french door.

“Let’s. . .” Aaron said.

The night air once again chilled my nipples. I resisted the urge to have Aaron warm them. As nonchalantly as we could, we walked around the back of the house and snuck in the dining room door. The party was still going strong, and as Becky had said, Rachel was the only one that had figured out it was Aaron and me having all the carnal fun.

Why didn’t Rachel tell anyone? Well, call it a favor-returned. After all, I didn’t tell anyone what she and Jeff were doing in our guest room last Christmas, now did I?

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