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Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 05

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Sincerest thanks in particular to BruceWo (and other anonymous commenters) for persistent encouragement to write this chapter. I felt I had wrapped up this story line with chapter 4, so it was hard to figure out how to start and even harder to figure out a conclusion, but now I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Thanks to ThisNameIsntTakenYet for his Volunteer Editing and to KatieTay and Jade for inspiring me to dream up new partner workouts.


Josh’s phone buzzed in his pocket during the morning client feedback meeting. Since the agenda was just the usual litany of complaints and hand-wringing, he slipped his phone out of his pocket and glanced at the screen under the table. The text was from Liz and the first words were displayed: “Since today is the first day of the rest of your new, super-intensive training regimen…” He clicked it and had to immediately shield the screen from his co-workers on either side. “… I want to keep your testosterone high all day. I found a T-shirt in the color of my old cheerleader uniform.” The photo from shoulders to waist showed a bright red T-shirt that was clearly a thin material and two sizes too small, since it was skin-tight across Liz’s midsection and then curved dangerously outward over her full and bra-less breasts.

Josh clicked back to the home screen, but thought of nothing else during the rest of the meeting and finished ogling it in full detail as soon as he returned to his desk.

During the mid-afternoon slump another text arrived from Liz. It showed a side view of the same shirt that was as spectacular as the first. Tight around her slim midsection, dipping downward with the weight of those delicious natural breasts, stretched to the breaking point across the nipples, then up to the shoulders.

Thanks to his desk, no one was able to see Josh adjust his pants. He spent the next hour working furiously so he could leave as soon as possible.

When Josh arrived home, Liz was wearing that spectacular T-shirt and her workout shorts. She grabbed him in a bear hug, crushing her breasts against his chest. After a long kiss, she asked, “So, did my pictures keep you horny all day?”

“Absolutely,” he replied with a smile. “I almost got caught a few times.”

“Perfect! Testosterone ahoy! So, kitchen for veggies and your pre-workout shake, then gym shorts, and meet me downstairs.”

When Josh arrived in their gym, Liz was sitting on a bench that had been moved in front of the squat rack. “If today is leg day, what’s with the bench?” he asked.

“For now, just for me to sit and admire while you lift.”

Josh did three warmup sets, adding plates after each, then set up the weight for his usual five-rep working sets.

“There’s one change to your workout tonight. You’ve been dreaming about these all day,” she said with a smile. She pulled the shirt over her head and Josh’s eyes were riveted to the delightful display as her breasts settled sexily back into position. “I’m going to stand on the bench in front of you. You’re going to squat four regular reps, and then on each rep starting at number five, each time you stand up, you get to nibble my nipple.”

“Only starting at the fifth rep? That’s torture!”

“That’s the idea, big boy. Time’s a’wastin’!”

Liz turned from side to side so Josh could kiss, suck, or nibble left and right alternately. With that incentive, he was amazed that he hit nine reps. He pounded through his other exercises of deadlifts, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises so he could get back to squats and managed eight. As the night went on, he even went through the cycle an extra time to get a brutal sixth set of squats.

Josh’s legs felt like jelly as he groaned his way up the stairs to their apartment. A lean protein dinner and a triumphant cowgirl ride from Liz led to a deep night’s sleep.

The next morning, he took an extra few minutes in the shower to ease the delayed-onset muscle soreness. The fact that it had been so long since he felt that meant that he hadn’t really been training hard enough, and that Liz has pushed him just right.

When Josh sat down to his breakfast plate of eggs and whole-grain toast, Liz saw him look curiously at the extra pill there. “Zinc,” she explained. “You’re going to need it for the amount ankara escort bayan of sex we’re going to have.”

During a required training session on a purchasing system he was never going to use, his phone buzzed again with the message, “Core and cardio tonight.” This morning’s picture was from the same viewpoint as yesterday, but Liz had apparently gotten out her scissors and cropped off the bottom half of the T-shirt so now the material ended just below her breasts. Liz’s deeply sculpted abs were as sexy as hell, but even sexier was the shadow cast by the T-shirt. The poor material was stretched tight across her breasts and held a good three inches away from her chest. His cock started swelling at the thought of having a view up that gap.

The afternoon’s picture was from the side, displaying stunning definition in Liz’s obliques and the doubling in width of the image between her tightly-muscled midsection and the overhang of her T-shirt.

Josh had hoped to see Liz in that delightful cropped top, but when he arrived home, she was wearing some baggy old blouse. He worked through sets of planks, crunches, and Roman Chair leg raises while Liz made him use an additional ten-pound plate for each. The protests from his muscles let him know that he clearly hadn’t been working out hard enough before, but this was no fun at all.

When they got to sit-ups, however, Liz finally gave him a wink and knelt down to hold his feet. Each time he got to the top of the motion, he had a delicious view of her perfect breasts hanging like delicious fruit.

After four rounds through the abs exercises, Liz led the way over to the treadmill. Josh noticed that the stepper machine was moved from its usual place next to the treadmill to in front of it, and asked, “What’s up with that?”

“I’ve got the treadmill data linked to my phone. As soon as your heart rate gets over 140, I strip and start stepping, and I’ll keep it up as long as you do.”

A few minutes later, Liz took off everything except socks and sneakers. Josh nearly tripped on the treadmill as she climbed onto the stepper. He chased after the perfect glutes pumping ahead of him until he couldn’t run one more step.

After dinner, to accommodate Josh’s overtaxed core muscles, Liz did the work of a vigorous reverse cowgirl after which Josh was dead to the world.

The next day when he felt the familiar morning buzz, Josh took the precaution of heading to the men’s room before looking at his phone. Locking himself in a stall, he opened the text to find the same shirt, but now cut off even higher. It displayed the entire lower curve of Liz’s breasts. The edge of the fabric must have been precisely at the rim of her areola. It took a full ten minutes for his boner to subside enough to head back to his desk.

The afternoon buzz fell into the same pattern. Now the side view revealed the lush weight of her breasts below the fabric. Unable to get that sight out of his mind, he stayed erect for the next hour.

Josh arrived home to a hug from Liz in that super-cropped T-shirt, which re-stiffened his cock. She explained, “Your pre-workout shake is ready in the kitchen. This evening’s gym dress code is socks and sneakers. No shorts allowed.” That announcement guaranteed that his cock was still a solid protrusion as he walked down the steps to the gym.

She greeted him wearing a similarly scant outfit and explained, “‘Pull’ workout tonight. Rows, chins, lat pulldowns, dumbbell reverse flyes, and bicep curls. And for every rep, I pull your cock one rep.”

Of course, with that encouragement, he lifted far more reps than usual. As every muscle was straining on his eighteenth rep of his last set for lats, Liz pulled him to an explosive climax.

The next morning’s text came in during a team meeting, which Josh then wrapped up as quickly as possible. Safely locked in the men’s room, he opened the message to find one more inch cut off the T-shirt. Almost half of her delicious areola was visible. Liz’s firm nipples pushed out two tantalizing buttons in the bottom edge of the tight fabric that kept Josh daydreaming until the afternoon message. The side view conveyed even more strongly the firm weight of her breasts and the hardness of her aroused nipples.

That night, raising her arms to give mersin escort bayan Josh a hug was enough to make her shirt lift up over her nipples. “Good that you’re getting hard already, sweetie,” she remarked, “since you’ll need the same outfit as yesterday.”

Walking downstairs to the gym with his erection leading the way, she explained tonight’s workout. “Push day. Dips are on your own. But when you’re on the bench and standing, we’ll have fun. For flyes, triceps extensions, and overhead press, every rep gets one lick. For bench press, every rep gets one suck.”

Naturally, he set personal reps-records for every weight level on every exercise and far exceeded the volume of any prior push day. Thanks to Liz’s expert skills and timing, he managed to heave the bar back onto the bench press rack just as his cock started pumping wave after wave of cum for her to devour.


Week after week, Liz created workouts and erotic incentives that kept him at a testosterone-fueled frenzy of muscle-building and sex. One month before the regional powerlifting competition, he was looking good with his five-rep bench press sets of 450 pounds, but his one-rep attempts couldn’t get past 480. His discouragement over that plateau was starting to spill over into his squat and deadlift workouts, and Liz was getting concerned.

One Saturday afternoon, they had started with chest accessory work. He had warmed up with dumbbell flyes and skullcrushers and Liz had warmed up his cock with some delightful oral pleasure. He was just about to start bench press when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Josh wondered aloud as he tried to sit up.

Liz pushed him back down on the bench and took her lips off his cock long enough to say, “I asked Veronika to come over to help you with your competition bench press. No need to get up, since I left the door open for her.”

“What the hell?” was the most coherent sentence Josh could construct.

“Hello to you too,” Veronika replied as she walked in. “Hmm. You actually have a nicer cock than I remember. And it’s good to see you, Liz.”

“I don’t think we need you,” Josh stammered as he looked around for something to cover his crotch.

“Yes. You do. Have you heard the latest Russian method of two-rep sets?”

“Well, no.”

“There. You need me. The secret is to do a paused competition style first rep, followed by rapid second rep. My job will be to load weights. Liz’s job will be to suck your dick. Your job is to obey – think of nothing else but driving the bar up. Today we will start working up with dynamic sets so you can break 500 by next month.”

As Veronika started loading the bar, she remarked to Liz, “He is still thinking too hard. Perhaps suck balls too.” Once the bar was ready she continued, “Okay. Easy reps today. You drive bar up as fast as possible.”

After Josh had braced himself on the bench, Veronika started her commands. “Unrack. START! Do good pause at chest. Wait. PRESS! Now down and drive again fast. RACK!”

“See? Easy,” she stated as she added weight to the bar.

With his attention drawn to Liz’s lips around his ever-hardening cock, he had almost forgotten about Veronika when he again heard her commands.

“Unrack. START! Pause. PRESS! Down. Drive. RACK!”

Each set grew more difficult as Veronika increased the weight and screamed her commands. The rapid two-rep sets definitely kept him energetic and pumped, and the last one was heavy enough that it took all his energy to grind out that second rep.

As Veronika turned brusquely on her heel and started to leave, Josh started to sit up and called after her. “So this routine should get me up to five hundred pounds by next month?”

“Men!” she spat contemptuously. “Such pussies! Such idiots! That was two reps at 510.” In a kinder tone, she called over her shoulder as she left, “See you next week, Liz.”

Josh sat dumbfounded, jaw hanging open, but no words. Liz pushed him back down on the bench, climbed on top, and said, “Now that’s something to celebrate!”


As Liz and Josh were indulging in cake after dinner to celebrate his birthday, they reminisced over the past year. A year ago, Liz was halfway through her first year as Ms. Olympia. Because she decided she didn’t need to make izle money off it, she cut down on the typical publicity activities so she could continue her own workouts and become Josh’s very personal trainer.

With her special training techniques, Josh had triumphed in setting national records for bench press and overall total in drug-free powerlifting, and took first place in a regional natural bodybuilding competition, while Liz claimed her second Olympia. They now had a whole cabinet full of their trophies, plus framed copies of photo spreads and articles declaring them to be “The Ultimate Power Couple!”

As they finished their cake and coffee, Josh collected his thoughts, took a deep breath, and started, “You know, it might seem hard to top last year, but I did have an idea about how to make the upcoming year special…”

“Umm, hold that thought, Sweetie,” Liz interrupted. “You haven’t seen your birthday present yet.”


“No buts. Except maybe your very cute and very firm butt. First things first. Gym shorts and meet me downstairs.”

A few minutes later, Josh was walking down the steps to their gym when Liz dashed up and blocked his way.

“Stop!” she declared, placing her hand on his bare chest. “What do you see?”

Josh looked around his limited view and said with a bit of sadness, “There’s a bar on the floor with eight plates on this end. That’s more than my deadlift record, so I’m not sure what it means.”

Liz laughed. “That’s only the warm-up weight, my dear! Come see the whole story.”

As Josh got down the steps, he had to walk around the leg press machine further than he expected, and finally saw the eight plates at the other end of the bar. “How long is that thing?” he exclaimed.

“Twelve feet,” she purred. “I got the idea while daydreaming about your cock.” Liz pressed herself against him from chest to groin for a long passionate hug and kiss. “You know those ads for ‘Strongest Bar in the World’? Well, this is the same insane-psi steel, but I ordered it custom made. And at seventy-five pounds, it’s probably the heaviest straight bar in the world.”

Josh tried to look pleased, but his puzzlement was still visible.

“Since they’re calling us The Ultimate Power Couple, I thought I’d give us a tool to actually do it… We can deadlift this together, and I’ve figured out other lifts for later. Here, you stand here.”

Liz guided Josh to one half of the bar and then stood next to him. “Just bend down and grab it… Okay now, one, two, three, PULL!”

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed after they had set the bar back down. “That actually worked!”

“Mmm hmm. Now get your lifting gloves and we’ll see what this baby can do.”

It took them only a few sets to get used to a joint team rhythm. Then they easily lifted nine plates at 885 and ten plates at 975.

“That’s amazing!” Josh declared. “Almost a thousand pounds and so much fun to lift with you.”

“I’d like to show you my plans for the other lifts, and for selling the videos,” she added with a wink. “But that should wait until tomorrow, because there’s more of your birthday present to be had in the bedroom.” Liz took him by the hand and started toward the stairs. “Oh, and I had interrupted you. I believe you were about to say something about that ring in your pocket.”


Thank you for your support and your patience for this series. This is officially “The End.” I do have some partial thoughts about what might happen next, but I will not be able to flesh it out into a chapter. You can feel free to stop here and carry on their stories in your own imagination. Or, if you want my ideas, read on…

Josh and Liz begin experimenting with couples-weightlifting. Technical issues include some low platforms to match their heights and adding another power rack so that each end of this extra-long barbell is supported. They naturally need a lot of practice to synchronize their tempos, especially for the Olympic lifts, and coordinating with each other on these simultaneous exertions is a very sensual experience that leads to lots of sex. Finally, they make a video called “The Ultimate Power Couple” in which they first demonstrate how each of them can lift the other person in multiple ways and then lifting the extra-long bar as a drug-free two-person team they exceed every steroid-enhanced world record for both powerlifting (bench, squat, deadlift, and strict curl) and Olympic lifting (snatch and clean and jerk). And lest I forget to mention it… they live happily ever after.

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