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Charlie and Mindy Bk. 04 Ch. 05

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This is the fifth chapter (of eight) in the fourth and final book of the Charlie and Mindy tetralogy. The books detail a story of forbidden love between a brother and a sister.

You can read this book on its own, but it refers to events that took place in Books 1, 2, and 3. If you want a better understanding of what is going on, read Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 before reading this book.

I value your comments and your feedback, and I will respond to non-anonymous comments–usually within a week.



Mindy and I awoke together that morning at about eight, on our sides, spooning against each other. My morning wood rested in its place in the cleft between her buttocks, and my hand cupped a boob. As awareness returned to me, I began gently squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing her little tit. In return, her ass cheeks squeezed, released, squeezed, released my boner.

Our calculus final had been the previous morning—on the last day of the final exam period, and we were, finally, free of academic pressure—at least for the summer. And we were, again, in the spare bedroom that Buck and Steph had dedicated to us.

We lay there a while, each of us enjoying the feel of the other’s warm, naked body. The gentle, rhythmic squeezing continued. At length, Mindy moaned a happy little moan and muttered, “Your hand feels so good on my boob.”

I moaned, myself, and muttered back, “And your ass squeezes my cock so nicely.”

Noises came to us from the kitchen, and Mindy said, “Buck’s up, making breakfast.”

“Maybe,” I offered, “I’ll just have breakfast in here. I might like some crotch cobbler.” I’d barely finished when the elbow got me in the ribs. Fortunately, she had a bad angle. But she didn’t know that, and I said “Oof!” anyway, to forestall another, better, effort.

“Dope!” she said. “We have people waiting for us. And besides, we both have to pee.”

I continued to squeeze her boob, and, as I did, I planted a big wet kiss on the back of her neck. She shuddered. And, I noted, her ass cheeks hadn’t broken the rhythm of the clenches they were delivering. “Are you sure?” I whispered—squeezing her tit a little more strongly and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Her hips started rocking a bit. She moaned again. “You do make a pretty good argument,” she admitted—a bit reluctantly, it seemed.

We lay there, each of us coming to terms with consciousness and continuing to enjoy what the other’s body was doing to and for us—and what our own bodies were doing in return.

At length, my little sister rolled over in my arms, until she faced me. Her little boobs rubbed against my chest, my rod got trapped between our bodies. She put her arms around me and squeezed me. Then she kissed me, open-mouthed, on the lips. I returned the kiss, and she wiggled her warm, naked little body against me.

Then she broke the kiss and, before I could react, rolled away from me and out from under the bedcovers. Once she was on her feet, she looked down at me and smiled as she saw me enjoying the view I now had of her wonderful naked little body. She bent over and kissed me gently, mouth closed, on the lips. She broke the kiss and, without straightening, looked me in the eyes, smiling.

“Men!” she said. “You only think about one thing!”

“Actually,” I said, “I’m thinking about several things. And, you’re naked, so I can see all of them.”


That had earned me a punch. But she was still smiling, and it was a gentle punch—aimed more at making a point than at causing pain. She stood up and moved away from the bed after she’d delivered it.

“Hey!” I said. “A fellow has to try!”

She was grinning now. “Yes,” she answered. “He does!” She continued as she threw a shirt on and started to button it over those beautiful little tits, “He’d better! And it makes me happy when he does.”

I rolled in the other direction and started to get out of bed on my side. By the time I’d found my pants, she’d already stepped into hers. I watched as her pussy disappeared into them and she zipped them up. “I’m going to go to the bathroom, and brush my teeth,” she said, heading for the door. “I’ll be back so you can have your turn.”

When she returned, I’d pee, do my teeth, and get my shower. Then she’d go back and get her shower. It was the routine we’d worked out for the mornings when we woke up in Buck and Steph’s house. Four of us had to use their single bathroom on those mornings.

Fortunately, Buck was an early riser, and he had usually finished by the time Mindy and I woke up. Buck wouldn’t wake Steph, who preferred to be nudged gently around noon, until breakfast was ready—which gave her a good reason to get up. Mindy and I agreed that solo showers weren’t very much fun, but two of them were a lot quicker—and quieter—than a single one of our shared showers was likely to be.

A izmir escort half hour later, the four of us gathered at the breakfast table. Steph, as usual, was still half asleep, hair disheveled. She’d thrown a robe over whatever she wore (or didn’t wear) to bed. It did little to confine or conceal her awe-inspiring boobs. Watching them bob and sway as she moved at the breakfast table was a major form of entertainment for me. Watching me admire them was a major form of entertainment for Mindy. And, I imagine, for Steph—whose grins had let me know several times that, half asleep as she usually was, she knew all about my admiration. Buck, too, must have been aware, but on a number of occasions, I’d noticed that he seemed lost in Mindy’s curves and shapes. The grass, I guess, is always greener on the other side.

As we ate, we discussed the events we had planned for that day and the next. This was commencement day, and Frank and Earl, who shared the first floor of the house where I lived, were both graduating seniors. That afternoon, they would be moving out of the house (and the town) for good. George, with whom I shared the top floor, had left three days ago—the day after his last final exam. He, too, would not be back the next year. Steph and Buck were going to spend the day getting packed up to move. And, on the next day, Mindy and I would help them move into the first floor of “my” house—which the four of us would share for the next two years.

Mindy had already moved her things from the dorm the day before, in anticipation of its closing today. We’d spent this night at Buck and Steph’s so that we share a bed. And, incidentally, in order to maintain the fiction the whole campus thought was the truth—that Steph and I were lovers and that Mindy and Buck were also lovers. We thought it a delightful fiction—almost as delightful as it might have been if it had been true.

Mindy offered our help in getting packed up, but they thought that there wasn’t much either of us could do—they wanted mostly to pack up personal things. I realized, then, that the two of us were at loose ends for the day. I looked at my little sister and saw a sneaky little smile develop on her face as she came to the same realization. “Well,” she said, “I guess my brother and I can find something to do for the day.”

She looked at Steph, whose broad grin left us no doubt that she’d guessed what we’d spend at least part of the day doing, and continued, “Charlie and I will take you two out for supper tonight. Your kitchen will be dismantled, and Charlie’s kitchen over at the house doesn’t have anything but junk food in it right now.”

“That sounds like a deal to me,” said Buck—whose own broad grin showed that he understood what Steph did—so that he knew exactly why Mindy and I might not have time to get to Krojer. And the look he and Steph shared told me that at least one “personal belonging” of his would get packed, temporarily, perhaps, into one of hers.

We got our things out of “our” bedroom and loaded them into the car. We’d known this day was coming, so there wasn’t much, and it didn’t take us long. Then we came back in and made arrangements to meet them there around five that afternoon. As we were about to go, Steph stepped up to me expectantly. I obliged her and took her into my arms. Her arms reached up around my neck, and she held me close. I was vaguely aware that Mindy had stepped up close to Buck—who was giving her the same treatment I was giving Steph.

As I held her close, enjoying the feel of her body—loose boobs in particular—against me, she looked up at me and smiled. “I’m really looking forward to sharing your house with you and Mindy,” she said. “Thanks for arranging that deal with Ken.” And she reached up for a kiss.

“Me, too,” I said. And then I kissed her. She opened her mouth in invitation, and my tongue entered to wrestle, briefly, with hers. My cock responded, as her hips ground her lower body against it.

When our mouths separated, we looked into each other’s eyes. “You’re incorrigible,” she whispered at me, smiling dirtily, appreciatively. She wiggled her shoulders, so that I felt her splendid chest moving against me.

“If I knew her, I might be,” I said.

“Knew her?”

“Cora Jibble.”

“The prosecution rests!” she said, smiling as she reached up for another kiss.

I gave it to her. She wiggled against my cock again.

As we separated, Buck and Mindy parted, too. Mindy reached for my hand, and, together, we walked out to the car.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There were several national forests not far from town, and Mindy and I agreed as we drove off that this was a good day to go take a look. We hadn’t done so earlier, because we hadn’t had a car. Even with a car, it was still too early in the season to check out much, though the weather was good and the temperature in town was in the low sixties. It would be cooler in the woods, and there alsancak escort would still be a lot of snow on the ground—especially if we got up high. But this seemed a good opportunity to do a first reconnaissance.

And there would unquestionably be plenty of places where we could find some privacy. But first we needed to stop by my house for heavier jackets, lunch food, and our sex backpack. As we got some food together, I found two plastic water bottles and filled them up. Then we headed out of town.

An hour and a half later, we found ourselves on a back road in the middle of a pine forest. We hadn’t seen anyone for the last twenty minutes, when I found a small, empty parking lot, just off the road. I pulled off, parked, and shut the car off. Once in the lot, I could see a Forest Service notice board back in the trees, where a trail disappeared into the woods. I looked over at Mindy. She returned my look and smiled.

“This looks like a trailhead,” I said. “I’d like to explore some more, but we’d better not go too far. We don’t have the gear for a real hike. And we don’t have a map. I need to get maps so we can explore better.”

“We didn’t tell anyone where we were going, either,” she pointed out.

“That means that no one will come looking for us in the next hour,” I said—with a leer.

“Oh, I hope not,” she leered back. A little hand stroked my cock through my jeans—giving me a hard-on.

We got out of the car and threw our jackets on. It was cool—probably in the middle fifties, but not so cool that we had to zip up immediately. I put the red pack on my back and, together, we checked out the trailhead sign. The map on the notice board showed that the trail headed for higher country. Hand in hand, we traipsed up the trail a few hundred yards.

The only human footprints in the soft moist earth looked like they’d been there all winter. I wasn’t surprised in the least. The snow was gone, and the underbrush was greening up, but there would still be snow on the ground up higher. No one would do any serious hiking on this trail for another month or two.

We’d gone several hundred yards, and the car, the parking lot, and the road were well out of sight, when I turned toward my little sister. She turned toward me and looked up into my eyes. She moved softly up against me; my arms surrounded her and her arms reached up around my neck. We held each other close as we looked into each other’s eyes. Once again, I fell into the depths of those limpid blue pools. The curves and shapes of her marvelous little female body molded themselves against me.

“What was it,” she said softly, “that you had in mind when we woke up this morning?” She was smiling up at me.

I smiled back down at her. “The same thing you have in mind right now, I’ll bet,” I replied. Then I looked around us. We were well away from the parking lot, and, about thirty feet off to the right of the trail there was a grove of small spruces. I led her around them. There was an open space, about nine feet square, beyond them, where anyone—and anything they might do there—would be invisible from the trail. I pulled her into that space, pulled her close to me, and I reached down to kiss her.

She reached back, and time stood still while our tongues danced with each other. When we broke that kiss, she looked up at me again, still smiling.

“Nobody’ll be on this trail today,” I said. “And even if there is someone, they won’t be able to see what’s going on behind these trees.”

She reached up for me and, before kissing me again, she said, “We’d better get the quilt out and spread it. Pronto! So that something can go on behind them.”

I brought my arms from around her so that I could cup her tits under her jacket and through her shirt. As usual, she wore no bra, and the firm rounded flesh filled my palms. Gently, I kneaded them, and my cock throbbed against her.

She abandoned the kiss as she tried to pull the pack-straps off of my shoulders. But then she looked up at me, serious for the moment. Her arms went back around me. “I wish my boobs were big, like Stephanie’s, so you’d like them as much as you like hers,” she said. There was a tinge of sadness in her voice.

“I do like her tits,” I admitted. “But mostly the way I like a natural phenomenon. I like them the way I like… Oh, Mount Everest. It’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Steph’s tits are two more Natural Wonders.”

She was laughing now, and holding me close against her; she put her head down against my chest. I loved to feel her quaking against me as she laughed.

I went on, still kneading her boobs. “But they make Steph top-heavy. I love your tits because they’re part of you. Because they’re in such nice proportion to the rest of you. And because they’re so sexy I can hardly stand it.”

She rubbed her lower belly against the bulge in my pants. “Part of you,” she said through buca escort her laughter, “is definitely doing its best to stand. Now let go of me so we can get this pack off of you.”

Reluctantly, I did as she’d asked. We got the backpack off of me, got our soft old quilt out of it, and laid it on the ground in the little clearing behind the spruces. We no sooner had it spread out than Mindy sat on it and pulled me down beside her. Once I was seated, she turned and laid herself back across my lap, facing to my right. She put an arm around me; when she reached forward with her other arm, she could just clasp hands to hold herself up.

“Now,” she said. “Isn’t that better?”

I put my arms around my lovely little sister; I had to admit that it was.

She smiled up at me. “Tell me more about why you like my boobs.”

“I’m going to show you how much I like them,” I said, as I again reached under her jacket, cupped a boob through her shirt and began kneading the firm roundness.

She moaned and said, “I like it when you show me that.” And she reached up for another kiss.

As we kissed, I abandoned her tit long enough to unbutton her shirt. Then I moved under the cloth to cup the nakedness underneath. She moaned again, into the kiss. The kiss went on and on; tongues played and lips nibbled. She unclasped her hands and reached behind my head to caress me and hold me.

When the kiss broke, she smiled again and looked up at me. As I continued to massage her tit, she said, “What is it that I feel against my hip?”

“It’s just that troublesome old DSB growth,” I replied, with my own smile. My boner was struggling to break through my jeans.

“Oh, dear!” she snorted, in mock horror. “Not more Deadly Semen Backup!”

She started trying to undo the zipper of my fly; her effort failed because of the way our positions complicated matters. She gave it up for the time being and went for my belt buckle. It opened easily. She unbuttoned the waist of my jeans, and then she worked her way up the buttons of my shirt—undoing them.

I abandoned her boob—to unbuckle her belt and unbutton the waist of her jeans. Her zipper didn’t cause me the trouble mine had caused her; it zipped easily, all the way down, exposing another pair of little pink cotton bikini panties—panties just like the pair she’d once worn just long enough to imbue with the perfume of her femininity before she’d given them to me so that I could put them in my pocket and carry them around through a particularly long day. My boner throbbed at the sight and the memory.

My right hand delved into those panties, passing first under their elastic waistband and then along the soft, smooth skin of her belly. My extended fingers encountered the stiff curls of her little bush and pushed onward, deeper into her crotch. She moved her left leg outward to make more room for my hand, and I found her cleft. It was hot, wet, slippery. My cock throbbed yet again at the touch.

Her free hand now roamed over the skin of my chest; she moaned again, and raised her lips to find mine. My index finger passed between her outer labia to stroke her inner ones, as my lips met hers. Her hips rocked in response, and she moaned again.

When I backed away from that kiss, I looked down at her. She looked up at me and smiled.

“These pants are in the way, again,” she said. “We’d better get up and get rid of them. But it’s cold. We should wrap the lower part of the quilt around our legs and our butts.”

She was right: It was too chilly to expose a lot of bare flesh for long. I smiled back. “That’s a plan,” I said getting to my feet and reaching for the waistbands of jeans and boxers. “You sure are good at making them.”

“I think a lot to come up with them,” she answered, grinning. She got up, too, and reached for her own pants. “But mainly, we don’t want your dick to suffer an environmental injury. We’d better get him into my dick warmer quickly!”

“Lucky for me you’re so alteristic,” I pointed out as I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants down and off.

She looked as if she was about to say something, but my boner interrupted her thoughts when it sprang proudly out of its confinement and bounced a bit in the cold air. Her own shoes and pants came off a split second later and came to rest, with my own, on the ground beside the quilt. I took my wonderful little sister into my arms again, to kiss her. She was more than willing, but our southern halves were getting too chilly for that kiss to last for long.

She pulled away after a bit, and sat on the quilt, in the center of the left half—not far from our shoes and our pants. She looked up at me and gave me her dirtiest grin as she spread her knees and lay back, grasping my hand and pulling me down between her legs. Her pussy lay open before me.

I dropped to my knees to admire her little triangle of fur and her wet pink folds. I leaned forward; she released my hand and grasped the quilt. I lowered myself onto her and guided my stiffness into her body. I was dimly aware that, somehow, as our bodies joined, she maintained enough composure to grasp the quilt and throw enough of it over us to cover our exposed flesh.

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