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Celebratory Gift for Myself!

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So I just got paid for my first erotica commission a couple days ago, so, obviously, I had to have a little celebration for myself. There’s no better fitting celebration for such an occasion, other than hopping on amazon and buying new vibrators (which honestly was a necessary purchase since my last one died on me at the beginning of the month). Feeling a little adventurous, considering the fact I was using money I made from writing smut, I decided to not only buy myself my usual bullet vibrator, but a rabbit vibrator as well. I’ve only bought vibrators for external use before, but I was getting tired of my fingers or my hairbrush when needing something a little more. I’m not religious, but god bless Amazon Prime one day shipping.

I’ll be completely honest, I was planning on having a nice shower, getting my sexy playlist going, and picking up a new steamy book for my fun, me-time session. Basically, the only companion would’ve been my weighted blanket.

I wasn’t at all expecting the text I got, let alone from the person it was from.

“Hey, how’re you doing? I just wanna check up on you and make sure you’re doing well.”

It was my ex.

Oh man, I could talk about this man forever. He’s honestly the whole package: he’s caring, considerate, makes me laugh my ass off, and as a bonus he’s hot as fuck and he’s made me come the hardest I’ve literally ever come in my entire life. We ended a while back because neither one of us wanted long distance and he was moving away, so all things considered, despite the horrible tragedy of us parting ways, we ended on good terms.

“It’s great to hear from you! I’m actually doing really well, life’s been pretty busy, but other than that, it’s been awesome! I actually have a new side hustle heheh.”

“Please don’t tell me it’s an Onlyfans. As much money as I earned selling pinkie toe pics, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“HA! Naaaaah, it’s not Onlyfans.”

“What is it then?”

“I don’t think you’re gonna believe me lmao.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“The issue is I kinda want to…”

“I’m very intrigued now.”

Long story short, I then proceeded to explain to him that I published a sexy story I wrote and how I got a commission and that whole process. Then, this man asks for some of my writing. I’ve never shown anyone I know in real life my writing. Ever. Let alone the sexy writing pieces. But what do I do? I send him the link to the story I posted on this account.

A few minutes later another text from him pops up.

“When are you free for a call?”


“Because that shit was hot as fuck and we need to talk about it.”

“I’m literally in a Target parking lot right now, so definitely not now.”

“What time kaçak iddaa are you free tonight?”

“Give me two hours.”

“Looking forward to it.”

I felt the butterflies of adrenaline fluttering around in my stomach as I drove home, my fingers flexing around the steering wheel. Right when I got home, I unboxed my latest acquisitions, plugging in the charger for the bullet, then for the rabbit. That’s not before I test the rabbit’s girth in my hand, honestly eyeing it a bit nervously. Considering this was a rather excited, rushed purchase, I didn’t have time to check the measurements. That bad boy was significantly more girthy than I thought it would be. Once I plug them in to charge, I start taking my shower, going through my usual shower routine as if I were actually having sex tonight, shaving every inch of my body from the neck down, massaging pleasant smelling lotion everywhere. I slide into a pair of my sexy panties and a tank top and before I know it, my phone is vibrating and his name is popping up across my screen.

“Hey,” I say pretty timidly, considering it’s the first time we’re actually talking since the breakup.

“Why hello there. Why did I not know you could write like that?”

“You’re actually the only person that knows I do that kinda writing.”

“Damn, really? I’m honored.”


“Well, it was hot as fuck. It makes total sense how you’re earning money from this.”

“Aw, thanks!”

“No, thank you, it was one of the hottest things I’ve come to in a while.”

“I’m glad my writing is orgasm worthy,” I laugh. I take a deep breath, my voice pitching a little softer, a little more playful. “You wanna know something?”

He seems to pick up the changes in my voice, because his automatically grows more intense. “What?”

“Well, I bought two new vibrators and since my story helped you get off, it’s only fair you return the favor.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, we can call it research purposes.”

I explained to him which vibrators I bought before we really got started. Also, let me pause here and say that I’m very very aware of this man’s dirty talking capabilities, but it’s been six months since any sort of action with him, or anybody for that matter, so I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard doing this with him would hit.

“How about you take the bullet and slide it between those thighs and start circling your clit. Lowest setting.”

I do as he says, letting out a soft moan at the feeling of the vibrations tickling me through my lace panties. “Mhm.”

“How does it feel?”

“It feels good,” I gasp, circling harder and trying to press my pussy into my hand to get more stimulation, the lowest setting quickly not being enough to satisfy me. “I’m sorry, if you’re kaçak bahis looking for description and detail you’re going to be sorely disappointed, higher cognitive brain function has left the facilities.”

He laughs before saying “don’t worry baby, hearing your noises is enough for me. Now bump it up.”

“I want more,” I moan into the phone.

“So greedy, aren’t you.”

“Of course I’m fucking greedy, my last vibrator died almost three weeks ago.”

“Ahh, I see. Well then how about you go ahead and make yourself come.”

“Thank you,” I say with a relieved sigh before turning my bullet to the maximum setting, circling my clit in tighter, faster circles. I quickly work myself to an orgasm, letting out a groan and a sigh of relief. My pussy contracting rhythmically as I lower the vibrator’s intensity as I attempt to work myself down.

“Good girl. Now keep going.”


“You heard me, keep going. You have another vibrator there, it would be a shame not to use it. Now that you’re all dripping, I want you to slide your panties to the side and fuck youself with the toy.”

My pussy clenches at his words. What else can I do but follow what he’s saying? Even through the phone, his authoritative confidence is so strong that I feel safe enough to follow along.

I grab my other rabbit vibrator, which has two motors, one on the tip and one on the extension that goes on my clit. I turn it on and start sliding the vibrating tip up and down my pussy, through my underwear before following instructions and sliding aside my panties.

I start to slowly push the toy in, letting out a groan at the pressure. As I continue, I feel a slight burn of being stretched and I let out a small cry.

“Talk to me, [my name], talk to me” he says through my headphones, his voice reassuring.

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought,” I pant as I try to work it in a little more.

“I want you to take it out and suck on it. Get it nice and wet with that sexy mouth of yours before you try again.”

I let out a moan at his words before I turned off the vibrations and suck on the toy, the pink silicone smooth with the hint of my pussy juice on the tip, its sweet tang against my tongue. When it’s nearly dripping with my spit, I let him know and tell him I’m going to try again. I turn it back on and this time, when I push the head of the toy into my pussy, i get to the widest part before I feel the burn of the toy stretching my walls.

“Keep going,” he encourages, breathing heavy on his side of the phone call, obviously now touching himself as well.

I push further, slowly moving the widest part of the toy further into my body. Then, it slides in smoothly and I let out a groan, followed by a sharper cry when the vibrations illegal bahis hit my g-spot. It’s so intense, right away. The stretch of my pussy, something I haven’t felt in months, combined with the internal stimulation, and then the extra attachment vibrating away at my clit was so much more than I was expecting.

“You sound so fucking hot right now. I bet you look gorgeous with that toy buried in between your thighs.”

“You know, I could taste myself on the toy when I sucked on it so I could put it in,” I say, my voice all breathy.

“Fuck, I want to taste you so badly.”

“If you were here, would my legs be over your shoulders?”

“Your legs would be doing everything. Over my shoulders, spread out and pressed down, up in the air for all I care, I just want access.”

At his words, I clench around the toy hard, pressing the vibrating head harder against my G-spot, making my head spin with the pleasure.

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come,” I chant, my hand clutching my pillow with a death grip.

“Come for me, [my name]. God you sound so hot.” His words give me that last little push over the edge, sending metaphorical sparks of electricity shooting out from my pussy as I come. I have to turn my head into my pillow to muffle my cries.

“Give me one more,” he says, his voice deep and rough as if he’s also close too.

“One more?” I say, panting, my limbs all lose and near jello like already.

“Yeah, baby, I want to hear you one more time.”

“Fuck me, ok, one more,” I say, changing up the vibration pattern on the vibrator to a rhythmic, steady pulsing.

The change in stimulation pattern causes me to moan rather unexpectedly.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” he hisses, letting out a low, drawn out groan. “Fuck me, you’ve made a mess of me [my name].”

“I’d lick it all up if I were there with you.”

He lets out a groan at my words, which makes me clench around my toy even more.

“You wanna know something?” I say, my eyes squeezed shut, my voice strained from the continuous stimulation.

“I’ve got bondage cuffs in my amazon cart. If you were here I’d let you use them.”

“Fuck, so I could tie you up?”


“Well then I’d have to gag you too, probably with your own panties. I mean, I love hearing your noises but there’s a time and place for talking and that wouldn’t be one of them.”

My breath hitches and I clench so hard I’m practically thrown off the cliff into an orgasm. I shift my hips upwards, pressing the clit extension harder into my clit as I come, prolonging my orgasm. I let out the loudest moan I have all call and all my limbs turn to mush. I turn off the vibrations and slide the toy out from inside me slowly, savoring the delicious stretch. I toss it onto my nightstand, my thighs sticky with my juices.

“Holy shit, that was hot,” I tell him.

“You’re telling me,” he laughs.

“I think I’m starting to like my new job.”

“Me too.”

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