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Celebration Lunch

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A continuation of “Nervous about the Board Meeting.”


After the successful board meeting Andrea decided to take Rachel out to lunch to thank her for the advice. Wearing sexy lingerie under her business suit had given her the confidence she needed to deliver her presentation.

Rachel said “Since you’re buying let’s go to the Waterhouse on the bay. It’s the hottest spot in town. I’ll drive and you just get ready to celebrate.”

As Rachel was driving across town, weaving in out of traffic, Andrea checked out Rachel’s outfit. Rachel always dressed on the borderline between hottie and slutty. And today was no exception, just short of being slutty and definitely dressed to impress. Short mini dress and a tight thin cashmere sweater with a deep plunging neckline. Andrea wondered if she would ever have the courage to dress like that. “Well”, she thought, “I’m halfway there now. And the board members would’ve all had erections if they’d known I was wearing this little shelf bra and thong panties.” Andrea realized that she was getting aroused just thinking about it.

As they pulled into the valet parking Rachel smiled wickedly, pulled her skirt up above mid thigh and whispered “Quick Andrea show them some leg.”

Without even thinking about what she was doing she pushed her skirt open exposing her legs above the tops of her thigh highs. As the parking assistants almanbahis opened car doors both guys got an eye full as the girls slid out of the car letting the skirts ride up even higher. As they walked towards the restaurant and Andrea could almost feel the guys staring at her body.

“My God Rachel what was that all about?”

“Honey with bodies like ours sometimes you’ve just got to flaunt it! Besides didn’t you see their eyes? And the bulges in their pants!” With that both girls giggled.

The receptionist told them that there was a 20 minute wait but they could have a seat in the bar and that she would call them as soon as the table opened up.

Andrea said “What the hell, this is a celebration we don’t have to get back to work if we don’t want to, Lets have a couple drinks before lunch.”

As they climbed up onto the bar stools and Andrea noticed that Rachel had hiked her skirt up well above mid thigh again. Andrea decided two can have fun and undid her jacket showing off her cleavage. They ordered two dirty martinis. When they arrived Rachel made a toast “To your brilliant start and a new you.” They quickly finish the drinks and ordered another round.

Halfway through their second martinis the receptionist came and took them to the table. As they were walking across the restaurant Andrea noticed how the men were looking at Rachel and her. She felt almanbahis giriş herself tingled inside knowing what these men were thinking about them.

Just after they had ordered their salads and another round of martinis, Rachel’s cell phone rang. Rachel talk quietly into the phone got an excited look on her face and then suddenly frowned. After she hung up she turned to Andrea told her “Well that figures, that was Stone and Associates. They want me to come by and interview with the CFO for 20 minutes. Their right upstairs and I can’t go dressed like this. Dammit!”

Andrea thought for a minute and smiled “Rachel you and I can switch outfits, then you go up and have your meeting and then come back and we finish lunch.”

“Really, oh that would great! Sure you wouldn’t mind doing it? ” Andrea nodded her head and they both slid out of the booth and went to the ladies room.

They both stepped into the handicapped stall and began quickly removing their clothes. Andrea couldn’t help but stare at Rachel’s body. It was almost a mirror image of her own. Large breasts barely contained in and riding high in a push up bra and a shear tiny little G-string that hid almost nothing from her.

Both women stood still for a moment in admiration of each other’s body. Then Rachel reached out and slid her hand over Andrea’s breast gently pinching the nipple between her almanbahis yeni giriş thumb and index finger.

Andrea stepped back and the moment was broken. Rachel apologized “Sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

They were both embarrassed and quickly dressed without further looking at each other.

As they stepped out of the stall Andrea looked at Rachel and said “You look like a million, knock em dead.”

Rachel gave a low whistle then responded “Honey you don’t look so bad yourself, there are going to be a lot of stiff dicks in the room when you go back to the table!”

Andrea turned to the mirror and blushed. In Rachel’s outfit she was transformed from a corporate executive to a major hottie. The tingle returned and she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy get moist. She had never shown this much cleavage nor worn a skirt this short and tight.

“Rachel I can’t go out there in this!”

“Honey you can do it and by the look of it you are going to enjoy it! I’ll give you some cover and walk you back to the table before I leave.”

As they walked back Andre became very aroused by the appreciative looks she got. Then surprisingly Rachel gave her a kiss on the lips and “She ya soon honey. Wish me luck,” And off she went.

15 minutes later, 2 martinis quickly drained and with her confidence rising a tall and tanned man walked over to her table. As he sat down next to her he asked “May I join you? I hate to eat alone and a woman as beautiful as you should never be neglected.”

She felt her blush rising up her body and her heart pounding. “Yes. Oh definitely yes…”

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