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Cat’s Story Ch. 02

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I pulled the truck over to the side of the road, as Cat and I could not resist the so very beautiful and romantic opportunity we both were seeing. I quickly grabbed the blanket I always kept in the back for just such spontaneous moments. Cat grabbed two glasses and one of the bottles of wine we had brought for our weeklong trip. I held the barbed wire of the fence apart as Cat carefully made her way between them safely.

Handing the blanket to Cat I stepped through the open barbed wire myself but got hung up on the lower strand. Some of the sharp rusty barbs had penetrated my pants at crotch level. The barbs just slightly reaching my flesh inside and causing me to jerk to a stop, ceasing any movement as I felt the sharp pain of a barb reaching the flesh of my balls. Cat saw this and becoming concerned asked me, “Burt, are you alright?”

I laughed slightly and said, “yes, sweetheart. I will be if you can help me get unhooked from this damn fence”

As Cat leaned over unhooking my pants from the rusty barbs of the wire she said,

“ Looks like I’ll have to cut through your pants, as I cannot get all the barbs loose”

Then Cat laughed saying to me between chuckles, “ Good thing it wasn’t any deeper or you be leaving more than a piece of your pants hanging from this fence”

“Not funny!” I said half ass seriously.

As Cat and I entered the field of wildflowers we were overwhelmed by all the beautiful bright colors. Cat said almost breathlessly, “I have never seen so many wildflowers in one place and all blooming such beautiful colors all at the same time”.

“Neither have I sweetheart and what is more rare is we seem to have it all to ourselves” I replied.

The vibrant colors were unbelievably beautiful, almost every color imaginable, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink, gold and even Lilac. It was gloriously beautiful as along with all these wonderful colors they were also represented in many various shades of each as well. Once deep in the middle of this incredible pallet of colors the fragrance that accompanied them was wonderfully teasing our sense of smell with its aromatic scents. The sky was perfectly blue without a cloud to be seen anywhere. The meadowlarks seemed to be serenading us with their cheerful songs. And the sun shining brightly down from overhead was sharing its warmth with us, making it a perfect day for what we had in mind, not only for this unplanned stop, but also for the planned adventure that lie ahead.

As I opened the bottle of cool wine Cat spread the blanket out on the warm, soft ground. We sat there sipping our wine and just could not help but to take in the so very beautiful scene that surrounded us. Not only were we alone in the middle of a wildflower field that seemed to go on and on for as far as we could see, but we also could see the distant high mountains with their snow covered peaks, seemingly reaching up to heaven. Being here on such a gorgeous day, in the middle of such beautiful surroundings and with the woman I was so deeply in love with, it seemed as if we had found our own piece of heaven here on earth.

It did not take long for us to feel the influence of such a romantic setting, and the opportunity of having it all to ourselves. I kissed Cat’s forehead as I whispered softly how much I loved her. We shared a wonderfully passionate deep kiss. I began to kiss Cat with soft, tender little kisses, kissing her soft full lips, the tip of her cute little nose, lightly kissing both her closed eyes as I ran my fingers through her beautiful brown hair. I began to kiss her forehead and soon kissed my way down her cheek and over to nibble softly on her ear lobe.

As I began to kiss my way teasingly down her sweet neck I heard faint moans of pleasure escaping her lips. I supported Cat helping her lay back onto the blanket, taking in the clear blue sky overhead and I began kissing the smoothness of her bare shoulder softly as I began to unbuttoned her blouse. As each button was released exposing more of her sweet flesh, I could not help but to kiss her sweet lips softly again and tell Cat how very beautiful she was and how much I wanted her.

I then kissed my way down across her cheek and exploring softly her beautiful neck again working my way with teasing little licks, nibbles and kisses to the back of her neck. I heard Cat moan even louder than before as this sent chills up her spine. I continued to tease the back of Cat’s neck until finding my tongue behind and teasing her earlobe, stopping only long enough to whisper how very beautiful she looked today and how deeply I was falling in love with her.

As I chased the opening of her blouse with my kissing down between her breasts, stopping just long enough to tease her now swelling with excited desire nipples and then down across the flat of her stomach. I loved how smooth she felt with each touch of my lips and the tip of my tongue. Cat sat up so I could almanbahis giriş finish removing her blouse allowing her flowing dark brown hair highlighted with red to cascade down over her shoulders as if reaching down to caress her beautiful breasts. Cat was unbelievably beautiful with her gorgeous green eyes, a smile that could outshine even the sun itself as it seemed to warm my very soul.

As she once more lay back I slipped her shoes from each foot followed by kissing each precious toe. Cat lifted her hips as I slipped her pants down over her legs and dropped them to the side. Cat looked a little puzzled as I gently pushed her hips back down until resting on the blanket without removing her very small French cut and mostly transparent purple panties.

Opening her legs widely I lay down between them as I first kissed her smoothly shaven pubic mound. Kissing the flat of her stomach until reaching the edge of her panties where I then let my tongue just slide under, teasing her all the more as I took them into my teeth and pulling them up tight between her now wet pussy. Her purple silk panties felt wonderful on my face as I teased and licked at the edges where they barely covered her sweet pussy lips. As I licked the crease where her leg met her panties I let my tongue slide just far enough under them to tease her sweet pussy. The smell of her hot pussy was such a wonderfully intoxicating scent and was helping to do its part of getting my cock painfully hard.

I lifted up just enough to remove my shirt as I guided Cat’s hand to touch her pussy, which she did willingly. I watched as she slid the silk softness over her sweet, smooth shaven pussy. As she began to rub faster and with more lustful desire I could see each time she let her fingers slip into her wetness, she was in turn spreading this same wonderful wetness into her panties, making them completely transparent exposing her beautiful womanhood even more. This was the first time I had ever watched as Cat pleasured herself. When Cat slid her hand into her now drenched panties and let them slide deeply into her so very wet pussy it turned me on so much I had to unbutton and unzip my jeans, freeing my very hard cock. My cock had begun to throb as I took it into my hand, slowly stroking it as I watched Cat rub her fingers around deeply inside her hot pussy.

When Cat slid her now dripping wet fingers from within her panties and softly spread this wetness at the entrance of my nostrils, over my lips and then into my mouth, the wonderful intoxicating scent of her womanhood along with her sweet taste was driving my lust for her beyond my control. This and seeing every detail of her sweet pussy, its so very pink pussy lips, the smoothness of her shaved mound and the wetness that had made her panties transparent by saturating them so thoroughly. As Cat brought her fingers to her own lips, sharing in the sweetness of tasting and smelling her lustful nectar, I slid down pulling her panties to the side.

Just as my tongue found it’s way between her sweet lips Cat let out a sigh of pleasure. Spreading her legs wider Cat said, “Yes… baby, eat my sweet pussy. Oh… baby lick me deeply, I want to feel your tongue licking my hot pussy”

With this I felt Cat grab my hair with both hands as she began to push my face into her sweet pussy, rubbing it into her forcefully, spreading her hot, juices all over my face as my tongue probed her deeply. My cock was now so very hard that the throbbing felt that if it became any stronger it would cause my cock to explode.

I lifted my head just far enough to suck her clit into my mouth as I let my fingers replace my tongue in her steamy, wet dripping, sweet pussy. Cat let out a loud cry of pleasure as I bit down on her clit strongly yet tender enough to cause Cat no discomfort, only pure pleasure. Cat’s hips lifted as I began to flick the tip of my tongue quickly over her pink little swollen knob. Cat gasped loudly with each orgasmic wave as my tongue and fingers did their magic on her pussy. Then Cat surprised me by lifting my face up from her so hot pussy and said, “baby, make love to me. I want to feel your cock deep inside me as I cum. Baby make love to me now, please make sweet love to me”

I quickly slid up and looked deeply into Cat’s eyes and said, “Yes, baby. I want my cock in your sweet, hot pussy; I want to feel you cum baby. I want you to cum at the same time as I do”

I started to pull Cat’s panties off but she suddenly grabbed my hand and cried out,

“No! Leave them on. Leave your pants on too.”

I wasn’t arguing about it as all I cared about was feeling my cock sliding into her hot, wet, softness. I just wanted to make love with Cat right here, right now and nothing else mattered. As I pulled Cat’s panties tightly over to the side I could feel Cat grab my so very hard cock and begin to guide it into her sweet, sweet pussy. Just as I felt the head of my cock starting to part Cat’s wonderfully wet, slippery pussy lips, she surprised me by grabbing almanbahis the sides of my open jeans and pulled me deeply into her as she cried out, “Burt, I want you inside me, now! Burt… I want to feel you inside me as hard and as deeply as you can be baby.”

I began to drive Cat into the blanket, spilling what was left of our wine. Nothing around us mattered, only the melding of our flesh, the sweetness of our love making, our animalistic lust driving us together as one. The sweet, hot, wet softness of Cat’s pussy grasping my cock tightly as I thrust it deeper and deeper with each stroke. I loved the way Cat’s breasts lifted in rhythm with each powerful stroke of my cock as it pounded into her lustfully. The look in Cat’s eyes as she grew closer and closer to orgasm, just as I could feel my hot cum building up inside me, I had to grit my teeth and hang on to tame my desire to cum.

Cat screamed as she pulled on my jeans so tightly that she held my cock deep inside her, “Oh… baby I’m Cumming! Ohhhhhhh…yes! Baby I’m Cumming right now!”

Cat gasped for air and cried out even louder, “Baby please cum with me!”

And just at that wonderful moment as I felt my cum exploding out of my cock and into cat’s tightly convulsing pussy I cried out, “ Yes, sweet baby I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming right now too sweetheart!”

Our bodies took over as we both convulsed together. As Cat’s sweet pussy muscles contracted and then released my now exploding cock I could feel it milking the hot cum from my cock. I looked deeply into Cat’s eyes as she released her grip on my jeans and started to rock in time slowly with every long slow thrust of my cock. The look in her eyes as we both were letting our lust and desire be satisfied was wonderful, the look of pure pleasure, the look of contentment, the look of love, as if it was emanating from deep within her very soul.

God making love with Cat was such a beautiful thing, as if we had begun to float high above our bodies. Looking down at ourselves, seeing how beautiful we looked together, the combining of our flesh that was bonding our souls. Yes, this was most definitely heaven we were in, as it was as if our souls had joined to become one and now we were just drifting in our own private sea of love.

Cat and I decided to take the short hike up the hillside at one end of the field of wildflowers as we both wanted to see its view. Cat and I both were very surprised to see a well-beaten path leading up the hillside. Both of us wondering why the path was there since it appeared that very few people stopped here in this part of the valley, as we had not seen another soul since crossing that damn fence. I arrived at the top of the hill ahead of Cat and continued over the top to see what Lay beyond the hill, more valleys filled with wildflowers I wondered?

Just as I peered off the backside of the hill into the vastness of other hills and other wildflower filled valleys I heard Cat calling my name. I turned and was very surprised to see Cat not only crouching down as if hiding from unseen eyes but also trying to hold back her obvious laughter. As I approached Cat I called out to her,

“Cat what the Hell are you laughing at? And who are you hiding from? We’re all alone out here”

Cat then said quietly, “Burt, shish, look down into the wildflowers below”

I couldn’t believe my eyes as down in among the wildflowers where just minutes ago we had made love, there must have been at least five other couples and what appeared to be a threesome. How could we have not known we were not alone down there? How could all that lustful pleasure be going on all around us and us not hear or see anything?

I then asked Cat, “Sweetheart where do you think they all came from? They sure as Hell didn’t all walk out here. Where are their cars?”

Cat replied, “I have no idea, maybe on bikes and we just can’t see them over all the wildflowers?” Then I noticed the cat like grin on Cat’s face as she went back to watching the activities below. Cat grinned even more and said, “Who cares where they came from, let’s watch for awhile”

So Cat and I lay down in a spot that gave us a great view of all the kissing, licking, sucking and hot sex that was occurring in the field of wildflowers below. Cat asked me, “Burt, do you think anyone was watching us make love?”

I thought for a second, realizing the thought excited me and said, “I don’t know, but I hope so”

As I pulled the truck back onto the small country road I said to Cat, “I still cannot figure out where all those people came from, I didn’t see any cars or bikes did you?” Before Cat could answer we saw the answer ahead. Just as we were entering a slight bend in the road we saw it. There hidden from the view of both the field of wildflowers we had made love in and the side of the hill that we had climbed was a damn paved parking lot. We had not been able to see it because of the bend in the road and a huge old Oak tree. But the thing that shocked us most was what almanbahis giriş we saw next.

It was a large sign that read,


Also just below that,


The thing that was the most ironic though considering it was a little late, was what it said at the bottom of the sign,


Cat and I both decided it might not be a good idea to stop and continued driving down the small road. Since we were not really sure that we hadn’t been seen, especially as we climbed up that hillside in view of what seemed like all the world, we did not want to take a chance on our love making costing us $500, though it was more than worth it by far. It was no wonder we had not seen all the others, they were smart enough to stay hidden. Not so naive as we had been that day when the sky was blue, the air was clean and the sun was wonderfully warm, yes, on the day we would never forget. The day we shared our beautiful wildflower adventure.

As Cat and I entered the Kern River Canyon I could see the excitement on her face though see had never been through it before, but I had told her many times of the beauty of this canyon.

The Kern River had been carving its way through the mostly solid rock that made up the canyon walls for millions of years. Some of these canyon walls towered hundreds of feet above the powerful Kern River below. Uncontrollable whitewater rapids rushing through the gauntlet of car sized boulders of the river below on its never ending quest in search of the deep blue waters of the distant Pacific Ocean.

But also the tranquil, clear, frigid pools scattered throughout the canyon, some of these pools slowly winding their way a thousand feet or more until being unmercifully pulled into the next set of powerful whitewater rapids. This combined with the freefalling waterfalls that cascade down the canyons shear walls until joining the river in its long journey to the waiting sea. This was the unforgettable Kern River Canyon. And its beauty is breath taking, especially when experiencing the views as you travel a hundred feet or more above the river, on the small winding road, knowing one moment of distraction could lead to a launch into silent flight, ending in joining the river forever.

We both agreed though we were anxious to get to our surprise destination we must stop and hike down to the river. We found a beautiful area of the river where the whitewater had calmed just enough to pour over a series of very large boulders, creating large deep flows of very powerful but fairly slow moving water, this ending in a beautiful deep blue pool.

It was here I leaned back against a large boulder and wrapped my arms around Cat as we just enjoyed the rivers beauty. We shared the wondrous beauty of the river in between our passionate kissing. Cat looked deeply into my eyes and said softly, “Burt, I could stay here with you forever my love”.

The Mammoth Lakes area of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains was my next intended stop on the journey leading to my unrevealed destination, the destination that I had been planning for months, as I wanted to surprise Cat with the kind of beautiful and exciting adventure that dreams are made of. I wanted to share everything of beauty that I had known in my life as well as everything to come with Cat, because I loved her more than life itself.

Cat had come into my life, brightening everyday with her smiles, her laughter and her love, like a distant star lighting the way through the darkness of the universe. You see I had been aimlessly bounding through life with no real purpose, and then Cat entered my life becoming the driving force to my devotion to love, to life, and yes to Cat.

Cat slipped off her shorts and tank top and slowly slipped into the warm, soothing waters of the stone hot tub as I lit the candles I had brought just for this occasion, knowing that soon after sunset the candle light would add to this already so very romantic place. I placed the six of them on the rock shelves spaced evenly around the pool of warm water that was fed by the nearby natural hot springs.

Approximately twenty years before the local search and rescue had placed a silt trap they had made into the hot spring and ran two inch PVC black pipe underground into the stone hot tub they had already built. They built this rock hot tub up against a rock outcropping that stood about fifteen feet high, this allowed the flow of hot water to either be directed to flow straight into the pool of warm water or to divert it over the rock outcropping before entering the pool.

This diversion over the rock outcropping created a hot water waterfall to cool the water before entering the stone hot tub, as at certain times of the year the flow was to hot to be comfortable. The stone hot tub was about six feet wide, twelve feet long and three feet deep; with flat stones set into its bottom to be used as seats with the smooth stonewalls of the hot tub as a backrest.

I directed the flow over the back wall of the stone hot tub creating the hot water waterfall and slowly slipped into the warm soothing waters provided by the hot spring.

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