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Catheter Play Ch. 03

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If you have not read the first two chapters I would recommend you do, as this is a continuation of the first and second chapter.

Driving home I am trying to think of a way to explain to Matt about Karen joining in our play time. I decided to just tell him the truth, that she caught me gathering the supplies and I told her all about our play time, and hope he isn’t mad at me. Luckily when I got home Matt was sound asleep so I could put off the conversation until tomorrow, or even later as I don’t work again until Friday evening, and won’t see Karen until then.

The next night as we were laying in bed I mentioned to Matt that I had all the supplies we needed for another catheter sex session. I asked him if maybe Friday evening he could wait up for me after my shift, and we could play. I then began explaining to him about Karen catching me raiding the storage room for our supplies. He was at first worried that she might turn me in for taking the catheter and the other things, so I used his fear of me getting caught to my advantage, to help sway his interest in letting her at least watch or maybe help.

Although she never said anything about turning me in, I told him she had promised not to say anything if we would allow her to watch, or maybe even help with the catheter. I did remind him that at the hospital we always worked in pairs, two nurses, usually female, when catheterizing a male patient, so it would be more realistic, and not out of the ordinary, if she were to watch, or even help.

Matt was really hesitant about Karen watching, let alone helping, but I think he was worried about her catching me taking the supplies. After talking about it he did finally decide that it would be ok for her to watch to keep her silence. I almost squealed with delight when he relented to letting her watch. I knew it would be even hotter for me, and probably him too if she was there. I also was pretty sure that if she helped out he would not object.

Friday at the beginning of our shift I cornered Karen and asked her if she wanted to come to my house after work, to play. A huge grin on her face answered my question without her saying a word.. We agreed to meet in the parking lot after work and she would follow me home, as she had never been to my house. When she approached me in the parking lot I asked her to sit in my car for a minute to talk.

Once in the car I explained what I had told Matt about her catching me in the storage room and, to keep her silence about the theft she wanted to watch. Again Karen gave me a big smile knowing that she understood how I had gained Matt’s cooperation. I cautioned her about being quiet when we got to the house as the kids would be sleeping. As she followed me home I began to get turned on and wet just thinking about how hot this was going to be.

Karen followed me quietly into the darkened house and I led her to the bedroom and closed the door behind us. I had instructed Matt to be in bed, dressed only in his briefs, with the nightstand lamp turned on. I had purposely worn a skirt to work, a rather short one at that, because I knew we would be playing. Karen usually wore a skirt to work and tonight was no exception, and hers was shorter than mine.

We immediately went into nurse mode and began explaining to the “patient” that we were here to insert a catheter for his surgery tomorrow. I had Matt move to the center of our queen size bed so I could kneel on his right and Karen could do the same on his left.

Before we took our positions on the bed Karen pulled the sheet dikimevi escort that was covering Matt’s lower body all the way down past his feet. While I was opening the tote bag and retrieving our supplies, she had him lift his hips and she slid his briefs down his legs and completely off his body. He seemed embarrassed to be exposed to her gaze, and his penis was flaccid.

As we both knelt on the bed I noticed that Karen’s skirt had slid way up her thighs, and she made no attempt to pull it down, giving Matt a spectacular view almost to her panties. She asked him to spread his legs, lift his knees and then open them as far as he could. I could tell Matt was reluctant to follow her commands, but he did as told.

As I opened the catheter kit, she took his soft penis in her hand and examined the size of the opening in his urethra. She asked what size catheter I was going to use and I told her a 24 fr. She said that was a pretty large size and it may take some effort to get it to go in. I told her that if I couldn’t get it in she may have to try. With a smile she assured me she would if I needed her to.

All the while Matt lay there with his legs spread and his penis on display, as I think he was wondering what would happen if Karen actually took over inserting the catheter. At this point I noticed I only had one pair of sterile gloves, so I would not be able to have Karen take over should I not be able to insert the catheter. Although she is younger, she has been a nurse much longer than me and has much more experience than me, so after explaining the situation, I asked if she would do the catheterization right from the beginning. She readily agreed and I passed the supplies to her side of the bed. As Matt and I had discussed that Karen would only watch, I asked him if it was ok for her to take over, and he reluctantly nodded his head yes.

Karen went right to work, opening the kit and explaining to Matt that she would do things maybe a little different than me. She put on the sterile gloves and placed the drape over Matt’s penis, which by the way, was now beginning to show some signs of life. She opened the catheter from its sterile wrapping and showed him the large diameter of it, and asked if he thought she would be able to insert it. He stammered that he didn’t know, but she assured him with a smile that she would get it in, but it probably wouldn’t be very comfortable for him.

With her gloved left hand she grasped his shaft and began the cleaning process with the Betadine soaked cotton swabs, while explaining to him what she was doing. She mentioned that some men would begin to get an erection at this time, just from having the head of their penis cleaned. As I watched, Matt placed his right hand on my bare thigh for support like he had done in the past, then placed his left hand high up on Karen’s bare thigh, slightly under the hem of her skirt. I noticed that his penis was really starting to grow, probably from her cleaning it, and from him touching our thighs. I also noticed she made no attempt to stop his roaming hand, I think she liked his touch on her thigh. I know I liked him touching mine.

Once the cleaning was finished, Karen instructed Matt to take a few deep breaths and try to relax. She told him that since the catheter was so large, it would probably be more than uncomfortable for him, it might be a little painful, but she would try to be as gentle as she could. With Matt taking deep breaths Karen lubed the tip of the catheter and asked if he was ready. He dikmen escort nodded his head yes and closed his eyes while tightening his grip on both of our thighs.

Just watching Karen giving instructions to Matt, and him meekly following her orders was turning me on and making me wet. The stern way in which she told him what she was going to do to him, and the pain his penis would have to endure at her hand, made me almost feel sorry for him with that helpless look on his face. Almost, but it did really turned me on.

As Karen maintained her grip on Matt’s penis, which by now was at full erection, she instructed him to take one last deep breath and she would begin. As he exhaled she began to push the rounded tip of the catheter against the resistance of his small urethral opening. It did not immediately enter so she pushed harder and with a twisting motion and with a loud moan from Matt she managed to advance the catheter about an inch into his urethra. It was not past the bigger balloon part yet, so with another push and twist, and another loud moan from Matt, she managed to advance it another inch or so.

Just watching Karen take control of the whole situation was making me hot. It seemed that she knew exactly what to do and say to ease Matt’s mind and gain his cooperation. I knew that her inserting the catheter just that couple of inches was pretty painful for him, and it turned me on a lot.

Karen then stopped and looking into his eyes she smiled and told him to breathe deeply and relax, and she would give him a moment before resuming. She told him that most men would lose their erections from the pain of a big catheter like this one invading their small, tight urethra, but she was impressed and hoped he would remain hard for her, for the whole catheterization process. After a moment she asked Matt if he was ready for her to continue, and he nodded yes. As she resumed advancing the catheter, just an inch or two at a time, she again spoke to Matt. She told him that a few men, when the catheter passed through the tight passage in their prostate, would involuntary orgasm, and if he did, that would be ok, as she knew he would not be able to control his reaction.

Hearing Karen talk to Matt the way she was, and what she was telling him, that it would be ok for him to cum, was bringing me close to orgasm just listening. I couldn’t wait for what may happen next.

When the catheter was approaching his prostate Karen let him know that it was close and she would slow the insertion process. Again she reminded him if he were to orgasm it would be ok, as it was like a prostate massage, only from the inside. She watched Matt’s face as she ever so slowly advanced the catheter into his prostate. She could tell by his facial expression when it passed through his prostate and I think she was disappointed that he didn’t orgasm, so she slowly pulled it out a couple of inches.

She whispered to Matt, lets try that again, and she began slowly slipping the catheter in and out of his prostate. After just a few in and out strokes to his prostate, Matt responded with a very loud moan, and as he tightened his grip on my thigh, a powerful orgasm swept over him. I watched as his penis began to twitch and pulsate as the catheter blocked the path of his sperm. He continued to moan as wave after wave of his orgasm washed over him, and a small amount of his sperm escaped past the catheter. I had never seen an orgasm of his last so long.

Karen was delighted with the results as she smiled at him elmadağ escort and praised him for coming for her. She now began slowly withdrawing the catheter until it slipped from the tip of his still rock hard penis. Once the catheter was out, his pent up ejaculate began to ooze from the tip of his penis. She complimented him for being such a good patient, pulled off her gloves and started to slowly milk the rest of the sperm from his still hard penis.

Karen asked Matt if she was hurting him, and when he responded that he was pretty sore, she increased the pressure and drew another loud moan from him. She then began to swirl her pinky finger around the red swollen opening of his urethra which brought another moan from Matt. She stated that his urethra opening was probably pretty sore also, and when she attempted to slip her pinky finger inside, Matt tried to pull away. She still had a firm grasp of his shaft so there was no escaping her probing finger as he moaned from the pain she inflicted on him. She told him maybe not today, but one day soon she would be able to insert her pinky into him.

I was so turned on from what Karen had done to Matt that when he had his orgasm I had one of my own, without even touching myself. It was amazing what she had done to my husband, and to me also, just from watching. She continued to milk his penis until every last drop was out, and he began to get soft. She smiled and commented on the amount of sperm he had produced. I think she was proud of Matt and herself.

Karen asked Matt if his orgasm had been one of the best he ever had, and he replied that it was probably the most intense one he had ever experienced. She asked him if it was worth the pain he had had to endure from the catheter, and he answered yes. Then she asked him if he would let her do it again next week? He looked at me before answering and I nodded my head yes, then he said yes he would do it again.

Karen’s reply was that if he wanted her to do it again, it would have to be with a larger catheter, as she wanted to use a 26 fr. or maybe even a 28 fr. She reminded him again that it would be more uncomfortable, much more if she used the 28 fr. Matt slowly nodded his head yes, and she smiled and said she was looking forward to next week and stretching out his urethra. She told him she needed to stretch his opening as she wanted to be able to slip her pinky finger inside his urethra, all the way inside eventually.

After Karen left, Matt and I laid in bed and talked over what had happened tonight. He did remind me that she was only supposed to watch, and I admitted that yes, I had let things go farther than we had discussed. He said it was ok and that it all turned out amazing. He asked if I had enjoyed myself watching, and I had to admit to him that I really did enjoy it. He asked me if I knew how painful it had been for him when Karen first inserted the catheter, because it was so big? I told him that yes I knew it was painful, especially when it first went in, because I had watched many men’s faces as I inserted catheters into them, and the pain was usually very evident on their faces and in their vocal response and their physical reactions.

I told him that Karen being so dominant with both of us, just taking over and being in control of the situation was a real turn on for me. He admitted that her taking control surprised him, but he also enjoyed her being so dominant, but he was a little worried about how much more painful a larger catheter would be the next time. I assured him that he would be able to endure the pain, as I knew Karen would never intentionally hurt him.

We, all three of us have, something to look forward to next week. So stay tuned for our next catheter adventure.

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