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Careful What You Wish For Pt. 02

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The following evening I drove straight home from work. I live alone so if I’m not working late I often socialise but today had been hard and I just had to get home. I got out of the car and was straight up the path and through the front door in a moment. I took off the jacket to my suit but scarcely had I sat down than there was a knock on the door. Reluctantly I forced myself to open it to be greeted with a bunch of keys, my keys, being shaken in my face.

“We didn’t like to let ourselves in. Didn’t seem polite. Can we come in?”

It was my two “friends” from last night.

Last night. I had breathed a sigh of relief when I let myself in. I was really uncomfortable to be in just my briefs and although everything that had happened was more or less as planned I was still dissatisfied. There is something in the male psyche that teaches you to defend yourself and I had let myself down. I was ashamed that at the merest suggestion and without any attempt at protest or resistance I had just stripped down to my underpants in front of two strangers. I knew that nobody could be allowed to find out.

I didn’t get much sleep but in the morning I was much recovered. The shame had passed and I was quite excited at the memory of what had happened and wondering whether I dared try to arrange something similar again. I thought that the two of them probably wouldn’t come round and that I was safe if I chose to be.

When I went into work there was a lot to do. I borrowed some money from my assistant, explaining to him that I had lost my wallet. I told the bank the same story when cancelling my credit card. I also knew that the locks at my home would need to be changed but decided to leave that task till later. By now I was quite certain that the two şişli escort men I had met probably weren’t going to come and see me. My mistake.

I know the knock at the door shouldn’t have been a surprise but my heart sank as I saw the two men. I suddenly realised that I didn’t want to repeat the experience of our previous meeting.

They pushed their way into the house and sat themselves down without any invitation. I walked to the window and closed the curtains. It was already dark but the real reason was that I didn’t want anyone to see my visitors. I certainly didn’t want any questions about them.

We all sat down and the conversation started quite reasonably.

“That’s a nice suit you’re wearing. Got a good job? Pay well?”

“It’s ok.” I didn’t want to commit myself to anything.

“You left very quickly last night. Hope we didn’t upset you.”

No I thought to myself you didn’t upset me, I achieved a lifetime ambition. I didn’t say that though.

“What did you expect? You took my clothes.”

“You took them off easily enough. Did you enjoy it?”

It was obvious they’d been thinking about it.

“That’s rubbish. You’d have done the same in my position.”

He changed tack.

“We were wondering if you told anyone about last night.”

It suddenly occurred to me that they were worried I might report them, that they might be arrested. There was no risk of that but his next words made me realise I was on the wrong track.

“We decided that you didn’t. We got to wondering how much it would be worth to keep the secret.”

“You already have the money from my wallet.”

“So we’re greedy. Sorry.”

There was a pause as nobody said anything. Then he spoke again.

“Did mecidiyeköy escort last night upset you? We thought maybe you got tooled up. Stop it happening again.”

Then he said something which unnerved me.

“Are you sure you haven’t a weapon? I think we need to check. You need to stand for a frisk. Do the business, Matt.”

“You’re wasting your time.”

I stood up, not to offer myself for a frisk, but to face them down.

“Why don’t you get out of my house?”

Matt turned to his mate.

“John, going to need some help here. Looks like our friend doesn’t want to co-operate.”

John approached so the two of them were close to me. I knew they could probably overpower me but this time I was in no mood to submit. It might become too much of a habit.

Matt grabbed my shoulders while John tripped me so I fell backwards. Then Matt was on top of me and as I lay on the ground he shouted.

“John, get his trousers.”

John grabbed my legs and pulled my shoes off. I tried to kick out but to little effect because of my position on my back.

Matt had started to hit me around the face so I concentrated on defending myself. I could feel John fiddling with my belt and I wriggled from side to side but couldn’t stop him. I was completely helpless as he opened my trousers and didn’t resist as he pulled them down my legs. It was obviously pointless. My socks followed my trousers and then John spoke.

“I’ve got his trousers. Get the rest.”

Matt pulled at my tie and ripped it off them started to unbutton my shirt. Very quickly and for the second time in twenty-four hours I had been stripped to my briefs. The situation made nonsense of my bravado.

I was left lying istanbul escort flat on my back on the ground with both arms stretched out above my head. Matt held my wrists but this was unnecessary as there was no question of any further resistance.

John stood over me and kicked me in the side a couple of times.

“Not such a tough guy in your underpants are you.”

I had to accept that he was right.

“Why don’t you get up Josh? We’ve a proposition for you.”

So I stood up again, still hurting from the blows I had taken and wondering what they wanted.

It was the second time in twenty-four hours I had been left in my underpants but this time it was much more satisfactory. I realised that the first time it had been my suggestion to drop my trousers. My failure to resist had left me feeling ashamed.

Tonight I had fought back and been overpowered. I had been beaten in a fight and unable to defend myself had paid the price of defeat. I could feel the bruises on my face and body and knew that whatever happened to me was no longer under my control. My original fantasy was really about humiliation after losing a fight and I now knew that the fight was an important part of the whole process. Rather a painful part.

There was a flash and I realised a photograph had been taken, then there was another.

“You look so hot Josh, we had to have a record. Nice briefs as well. Do you like blue then? Darker than before aren’t they?”

I wasn’t going to get into a conversation about the color of my underpants. I noticed that this was the first time that either of them had said anything sexual to me. I suddenly felt very vulnerable.

“What is your proposition then?”

“We’d like to meet you every week. You can give us some money and we’ll show you a good time, a really good time. What do you say?”

“I need time to think.”

“You can have time. We’ll see you next week, same place, same time we first met. Better be there, Josh.”

And with that, they left, and I had a problem.

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