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Campus Frolic – Thanks Eva

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


After fucking Eva in a DP with her husband, I made it back to campus just in time to drop in to a residence party being hosted by my dorm. The party was well under way and liquor flowed liberally, lubricating all sorts of social interactions. But it was still early enough that everyone was having a great time dancing and hanging out with new friends.

I got a beer from the ice chest and made my way to a table near the dance floor. I was still thinking about Eva and her fantastic cunt so was not entirely present. Eventually, I started to get my bearings and to see who was at the party. Of course, a number of my friends from the dorm were there, but so were the residents from another building across campus; that one was mostly women it seemed. I saw very few males that I did not know from my building. Good, I smiled to myself.

I was visiting and bullshitting with some of the guys I knew, and working to catch up on my beers. After a while I noticed that the dance floor was not only super-busy, but that there were far more women dancing than guys. Like I said, ‘good’.

I leaned over to a girl I knew as Lisa and motioned to the dance floor; off we went. Lisa was a good looking woman but not nearly the ‘goddess’ that some of the others were. That was one of my best moves, I always thought. Dance with an attractive but slightly plain woman so that the others can see I was interested and willing.

We rocked to three or four songs before making out way back to the tables. I had not been sitting down for more than five minutes before two amazing looking young women grabbed me and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced together for a long time and I got to enjoy the dance skills (and hot, sexy outfits) of two dynamite women.

Over the music I learned they were first year students and roommates from the visitors’ dorm. I was surprised to learn they were not twins because they sure could have been. “Nope. Just roommates,” explained Bethany. She was a bit shorter but just as hot and tight as Erica, the third of our dancing threesome.

Both Bethany and Erica danced like they meant it with smooth gyrations and hips moving as if they were not even connected. While each woman had nice breasts, neither was especially large. Then again, since neither was wearing a bra, there was plenty of action under their tight t-shirts. As hot as the room was, from time to time I got a great look at young nipples straining for attention against fabric. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting that was.

Over the next hour or so Erica and Bethany kept coming back to me for more dances, best of all near the end of the party. As any good DJ knows, the last handful of tunes included a combination of slow dances, all the more to encourage close contact. The last five or six songs were perfect and the two young women made sure they were at the centre of my attention. I would slow dance holding one close for a song, then the other would cut in almost as if competing for my attention.

I was certainly not complaining. I did wonder, however, which of these fine female specimens would ‘win’ me in the end. I needn’t have worried. By the last couple of tunes, both Erica and Bethany were dancing with me at the same time. First one would hold me tight, pressing herself against my thigh, then the other woman would sub in and do much the same thing. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn they were masturbating against my hard leg (no, not THAT one!)

I could feel Bethany against me, her firm young breasts pushed up to my chest. Then I felt a hand sliding in between our two chests. It was Erica fondling Bethany’s boob. Fucking wow!

We finished off that tune, all three of us pressed tightly together. My hands were around each of them. I was right into it with them, each hand holding on to a firm young ass. All that did is pull them closer to me without me having to do any more than enjoy the moment.

As the last song was starting, Erica leaned in to my ear and asked me if I would be interested in going back to their dorm room, “you know, all three of us.”

I pretended to consider it (for about a second and a half) and asked her playfully: “Both of you? Are you sure Bethany will be okay with that?”

The answer was clear as Bethany pulled in closer and said, “we’re very considerate, Paul, and we share everything.”

That was the end of the dancing for us and we made our way out together. Bethany was holding my left hand and Erica my right, as if I might try to escape. Both of them were leaned in tight against me, turned in a bit so I could enjoy their lovely tits on my arms.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Sure, over the past two months I had been seduced by my very hot older aunt, Suzanne. I had met and fucked a black goddess name Eva. I was having the year of my young life. But this was new and in some ways, even better. Two coeds together, offering me a threesome. bursa escort Could it get any better?

We made it to their dorm across campus in no time. It was clear that they were as enthusiastic about what was going to happen as I was. At one point I had a hand tucked in underneath each of the girls’ t-shirts, squeezing young and healthy boobs. Clearly, that was perfectly fine with them as they just pressed closer to my, letting my hands roam freely.

As you can imagine, my cock was paying attention to all this activity. I was not rising to complete ‘rock’ status quite yet, but my pants were feeling a bit tight. I was surprised that neither girl paid any attention to it, nor touched me below the belt… okay, other than grabbing a handful of my tight ass from time to time. But no cock. Hmmm…?

When we finally made it to their dorm room, I was treated to very special treatment. Erica took me directly to an easy chair by the window. It was soft and comfortable with pillows galore. I said nothing and played along. Once I was comfortable, Bethany brought me a very cold beer and told me that they were glad I had accepted their invitation.

With all three of us now comfortably seated, I in my armchair and the two girls side-by-side on one of the twin beds, we had a chance to slow down a bit. I expressed curiosity about their situation, “how long have you guys known each other?”

“Since grade school,” they said, almost simultaneously.

Bethany added, “we have been best friends forever.”

Added Erica, “and like we said, we share everything.”


“Everything. Are you okay with that?” asked Bethany.

I could only nod in the affirmative; my brain had shut down and was rapidly sending blood to my nether parts. My cock was pressing hard against the fabric of my dress pants. The girls seemed to know as much as both looked down to my crotch at the same time.

“Nice meat,” said Erica to her roommate.

“Sure is, but you know he can hear us, right?”

“I know, but it’s not news to him as it’s his cock getting comfortable. He knows he’s got good meat, Bethany.”

It was as if I was not even there. Did I care? Not one iota. This was developing into one amazing experience and I knew I would have all the fun I could ask for.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked them.

Again, almost as if they were twins, both answered together with, “we already know you have a great cock, Paul.”

“How could you possible know that,” I asked, “other than by looking at me like you’re doing now.”

“We should tell him,” said Erica.

“We were visiting one of our friends a few weeks ago when you had that gorgeous older black woman in your room,” explained Bethany, “and we could hear all that went on, too.”

“You seemed to make her very, very happy, Paul. We heard her moans and screams all the way down the hall from your room.”

“That was Eva,” I said. “She’s a friend of mine.”

“Some friend. More like a serious fuck buddy we would say.”

“You might say that,” I gloated.

Then Erica explained what they meant. “We figured if you could make a hot older woman like her cry in joy and scream in ecstasy, then you would be perfect for our first threesome.”

I could not have dreamed of a better story. As amazing as was fucking Eva, this was going to be an even bigger payoff. I was already making the plan to tell Eva and her husband all about tonight, especially the ‘why’ of it all.

It was time for more, the girls decided. I was told, not asked, to get comfortable and to enjoy the experience. With that, the girls went behind a screen and as they giggled, I had glimpses of them undressing. A quick flash of young coed flesh and the hint of a curve were getting me even more ready for anything.

After a few minutes, Bethany walked out from behind the screen. She was wearing a lacy, pink bra that only held up her breasts. The cups did not cover the full bounty, letting both nipples extend above the fabric, along with at least half of each boob. She wore matching bikini panties that were pulled tight against her womanhood. Rounding out the outfit were hot red high heels that emphasized her great legs and pushed her buttocks into an ideal position.

She stood about a yard in front of me, just out of reach but close enough for me to see everything perfectly. She slowly spun around, taking forever to show off her youthful perfection for my greedy eyes.

“What do you think, then?”

“Simply perfect,” I said, “can it touch?”

“Not yet. This is for looking only… for now.”

I could not believe my eyes as I ogled her perfect young figure. Her legs tapered from foot to hips. And her hips, while still a bit slight, were clearly those of a woman. A woman I desperately wanted. Her slim waist and trim tummy only served to make her breasts look bigger in their soft, cradling cups.

I had forgotten about Erica. But not for long. As Bethany pulled away from me bursa escort bayan a bit, I saw movement to her left. Erica was about to join us.

Unlike Bethany, Erica was not wearing a bra, nor panties. She did have the heels on, though. What she was wearing, however, was a good-sized dildo, fastened in a white leather harness around her waist and between her legs. The tool was pressing out from her crotch, bobbing as she walked towards her roommate, and in full view of my gaze.

Erica was almost a body double for her friend. Her boobs were just as firm but were slightly larger. Where Bethany had tiny pink nipples, Erica had much larger, thicker ones. Of course, all four were knobbed up hard, not unlike my still-pressing boner.

Slowly, Erica walked over to me sitting in the easy chair. When she got to me, she pushed my legs apart with her foot and stood between them, directly in front of me, her dildo still bobbing. She leaned forward and took both my hands and placed them directly on her lovely tits, pressing them against herself, encouraging me to play. Then she reached down to my crotch and rubbed the length of my erection.

“We’ll need to free that meat, won’t we,” she looked back to her roommate.

I didn’t say a word, just enjoyed the moment with these two hot coeds, not quite believing my luck (and this from a guy who’d not only fucked his hot aunt, but had a threesome with her and a large breasted chocolate goddess!)

“You’re going to enjoy this,” said Bethany, as she came to sit on the large armrest of my chair, right at my elbow.

She turned slightly to plant a wet, luscious kiss on my mouth. I barely had time to respond before it was over.

These girls really knew what they wanted to do. Before I could consider the next move, Erica was unbuckling my belt, and tugging off my pants — I helped as much as I could, of course.

I was sitting there with no pants and a thick hardon trying to escape my underwear. On my left was a little 19-year-old brunette, mostly naked and straddling the arm of my chair. In front of me was her equally thrilling best friend.

Then things got more interesting.

Bethany leaned into my shoulder and laid back against the arm of my chair, sliding her ass to the edge of the arm rest. Erica took that as an invitation and moved into place between Bethany’s legs. She thrust her hips forward suggestively and Bethany responded by pulling aside the crotch her lacy underwear. She spread her own pussy open with the other hand and Erica moved in with her ‘male’ appendage all lined up with the open lips. With a slow, surprisingly gentle push forward, Erica impaled Bethany with her sizeable, authentic looking cock. Bethany simply leaned back, tighter against me and whispered hoarsely, “fuck me Erica.”

I sat there in my shorts, eyes glued to the locus of the action. I watched as Erica fucked her friend, repeatedly thrusting her hips forward, each time burying the rubber cock into the other woman.

I so wanted to participate but hesitated because I did not want the show to end. With all that I had seen over the past few months, from my aunt masturbating in the front seat of my car, to Eva sitting on her husband’s thick cock to a wonderful first double penetration just that afternoon, I don’t think anything was as exciting as what I was participating in right now.

Bethany was thrusting back against Erica’s fake penis, giving as much as she was getting. The action was getting heavier, the fucking harder and more violent as both women enjoyed the motion and the eroticism of the moment.

I needed to get more comfortable so even as I was caressing Bethany’s breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples (she seemed to really like that), I was slipping my cock out of the slit in my underwear. I let the full 7-plus inches out; bobbing, my cock seemed happy. I sure was.

I let my right hand rest on my shaft, careful to move only a bit so as not to distract the girls. And to keep from an early accident, too.

Seeing what I was doing, Bethany smiled and blew me a kiss, then reached her hand over to grasp me just above my own hand. She didn’t stroke me, just held tight to the handful she was holding. Seeing her little hand on my monster only made it harder.

As this was going on, I felt Erica slowing down her fucking until she pushed deep into Bethany’s pussy and stayed there. I had wondered when Erica would want to be penetrated as effectively as she was delivering to her friend. I need not have worried.

Buried to the hilt, Erica reached down to unbuckle her cock harness. She proceeded to place the leather around Bethany’s hips, snugged it all up tight, and pulled out, or so I expected. Instead, with the thick dildo still inside her roommate, Erica pulled back, surprising me because coming out of her was an equally long and thick dildo. It was a double-ender!

I must have looked shocked because Erica smiled at me and winked, knowing full well this was a new one for me. escort bursa She stood back slightly, then moved into place between my legs. At the same time, Bethany let go of my cock and using both hands, jammed her dildo in and out of herself. It was just enough to finish her off as she had an orgasm that shook her body in ways I had never seen.

Meanwhile Erica had turned away from me and pushed her tight young ass towards my cock. I took her by the hips and pulled her into a sitting position with my cock between her legs, shaft rubbing against her very wet cunt. It was sticking out in front of her almost as much as the fake cock had, and was just as erotic.

Bethany had finished herself off and just laid back on the chair, always with her nudity pressed against me. I lifted Erica up slightly and placed her atop my cock. Normally, I would just have thrust directly into her young pussy, but this was special.

Erica was slim and quite light in my arms which meant I was able to just hold her in place (not for long admittedly) rubbing her pussy lips and her dripping juices onto the head of my cock. I slowly let her down, her labia slipping past the mushroom of my cock. I felt her quiver slightly as she slipped all the way down my shaft. We stayed like that for several minutes. I just enjoyed the pressure of her pussy against me. At the same time I was working my muscles to make my cock bob inside her. The little bit of pressure was rewarded by absolutely an expert cunt which seemed to massage my cock as we sat there together. This young woman could really fuck. I whispered into her ear, “where did you learn that?”

Responding with even more pussy rubbing she simply said, “who cares? Just enjoy it.”

After a few minutes of this ‘motionless’ action, Erica placed her feet on either side of my thighs and started to slide herself up and down on my cock. I just leaned back and enjoyed the tremendous feeling all over my crotch.

Bethany had recovered now and slipped off the arm of the chair. She knelt down between my legs and leaned in to lick my sticky cock and her roommate’s delicious pussy. I felt her tongue slip over my balls, which by then she had cradled in her hand. Erica had slowed down now, leaving her clitoris open to a licking of its own from Bethany.

All I could do was hold on. Hold on to Erica’s generous and firm tits, that is. I slid my hands over Erica’s body, held her thighs open and rubbed my finger over her clit while Bethany licked Erica’s juices off my cock. Each time Erica let me almost escape, Bethany would be right back either on my shaft or her clit.

I had slipped forward until I was half-off the chair but fully reclined in an almost horizontal position. As Erica and I started up our full range of motion again, Bethany pulled away and made her way onto the chair, straddling my face with her 18-year-old pussy.

It must have been the dim lighting in the room because I had not realized Bethany was clean shaven down there. I knew it for sure when she thrust herself against my mouth. My natural reaction was to thrust a ‘defensive’ tongue out. She responded by pushing against my face letting me dig my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. Her juices were absolutely delicious, and plentiful, too.

Meanwhile, Erica was going to town on my cock, almost jumping up and down as she fucked herself with me. I moaned through Bethany’s engorged pussy lips that I was going to come. Almost in unison, the two best friends hopped off me, Erica off my crotch and Bethany off my face. They quickly got into position between my legs and said something I had never heard in real life “come on out tits!”

They said it together as each woman pushed her boobs tightly together forming a landing pad for my semen. I took me cock into my right hand — it was thick with Erica’s pussy cream — and started stroking the shaft as if I was all alone watching a porn movie. But this was real.

I stroked enough times to get right to the edge, then pinched tight to hold off the orgasm, only to start hand fucking again. A couple of these and the girls were both ogling my cock and the speed of my hand as I jacked off hard, this time to full completion.

I shot the biggest load of my life directly towards first Erica’s tits, then to Bethany’s and back and forth as the shots dropped off in volume, and distance. When I finished, I simply dropped my softening cock onto Erica’s messy tits and said to Bethany, “lick that up, would you?

I needn’t have asked as the young woman was already licking my ejaculate off her best friend’s soft tit flesh.

I sat back to enjoy the view. It was right out of a hot fuck film, and I was right in the middle. I could barely believe it.

I laid back, letting my softened cock sit on my thigh, the mess of pussy and cock cream leaving a trail on my skin. The girls were now holding each other, crushing their breasts together and kissing in a very committed manner. I was no longer there, it seemed.

Pulling apart, the two friends turned to me and gave me the most satisfying smiles, our wetness still gleaming off their chests. “Nice cock, Paul,” they said together.

I was starting to get hard again. This was going to be a great night…

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