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Brenda , Ian Ch. 03

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Friday June 18

Her legs were open as Ian was kissing her inner thighs. Slowly, slowly he made his way up, teasing her, wanting her to beg him to go further. Brenda’s bristling, coarse pubic hair tickled his nose as his tongue found her soft folds of skin. He licked her moist center and the delicious smell of her sex was intoxicating to him as usual, wonderfully musky.

Brenda’s head moved back and forth as he teased her sensitive nub with his lips, teeth, and tongue. She began to moan and twist, holding onto his head to keep him in place. He had his hands underneath her butt and held her to him. With every flick of his tongue, she shuddered and gasped with pleasure.

She was breathing deeply and rapidly and tried to pull away when it became too intense for her to bear. Ian held her tight and wouldn’t let her get away as he continued to devour her and tease her. He knew what she liked.

Soon, she began to quiver all over before giving into the violent contracting of orgasmic waves that invaded her. Brenda gasped for breath and cried out in pure delight, calling his name over and over again. She rode each wave as she came and came again until the spasms eased and it was exhausted.

In her afterglow, Brenda reached down and grabbed his rock hard penis, wanting him to make them meld once more. Ian opened her with his fingers and began to move forward and only then did she let go. Ian guided himself into her and filled her. He braced himself above her and looked down at his love’s sweet, beautiful face. Their eyes met and locked as they often did during their lovemaking, each completely loving and trusting the other and sharing an unbreakable bond that they would have forever.

Ian would not be able to last very long that morning. He didn’t know if was a trick of her vaginal muscles, her silky soft skin, or the mere beauty of her nakedness. Brenda sensed his urgency and raised her pelvis slightly. His thrusts became harder and faster until he groaned and his release began. She clung to him, taking everything he gave, accepted his seed as lovingly as if it were their first time all over again. She held him tight until he collapsed on top of her, flattening her breasts between them as his raspy, hot breath warmed her neck.

Brenda was deliriously happy and content that first morning of their honeymoon. Whatever was bothering Ian in the wee hours of the morning had been forgotten as he slipped off of her and rested at her side. His hands found her breasts as he lovingly began to massage them and tease her nipples. The day had started splendidly, just as she had hoped.

They had arrived in Miami the previous morning and had spent the rest of the day retrieving their luggage, finding their rental car, and driving to their hotel. The beach was but fifty yards from the hotel and led to pristine, aqua blue water. It was a picture perfect paradise to her and she was so grateful to Ian for picking it.

The last few days had been quite hectic for them with preparing for the trip, job interviews for Brenda, and getting used to being married. They received their wedding photos a few days prior to their departure and they were ecstatic over them. Ian took it upon himself to call his mother and told her about their marriage. Understandably upset, but careful not to place blame, she wished them the best and even talked to Brenda for a few minutes. When Janet asked if they wanted Adrian to know about their marriage, Ian told her that it made no difference to him if his father knew or not. He didn’t tell her about their honeymoon plans, but they intended to invite her over to show her the wedding photos and any pictures they took in the Keys when they returned.

Side by side, they stared at each other as if trying to bore through to their very souls. They were so in tune with each other, often thinking the same thoughts. Sometimes, it scared Brenda to think that she could love someone that much. Their breathing was almost synchronized now as Ian’s breaths were slowing and Brenda’s afterglow still permeated through her body. Brenda took his hands away from her breasts gently and held them to her face.

“I never want this to end,” she said, still gazing intently. “I want us to always be like this. Even when we’re busy, we must make time for this. Promise me?” she pleaded.

“Always Bren,” he replied. “You know I can’t pass up an opportunity to see you naked!”

“Oh Ian,” she said, rolling her eyes. “There you go again, making fun when I’m trying to be serious.”

“I am being very serious,” he said. “No matter what, I will never tire of loving you or making love to you. That is a promise.”

“Oh, you’re only saying that because you’re horny and you want some more,” she replied, noticing his penis hardening again.

Ian sat up and leaned over, kissing both of her breasts and making the nipples pucker. “Can I help it if you are the sexiest woman on earth and you drive me crazy when you’re naked?”

Brenda smiled and nodded. She couldn’t change Ankara escort him if she wanted and she didn’t want him to change. “I guess I can live with that,” she conceded. She pulled him close, guided his hands to her breasts again and asked him to make love to her once more.

Adrian Nicks was punk sore at the world. He glumly looked out of his high rise office window at the gray sky that had strangled the city that day. Bourbon in hand, , his took a sip from the tumbler. He thought about the morning’s meeting and he still couldn’t believe that he lost the Auslos contract. It was right in his hand! How could they sell to someone else? It was the second contract that he had lost in a week and he rarely lost one in a month. What was going on?

He downed the rest of his drink in a gulp and poured himself another one. His thoughts turned to his home and his silly twit bitch he called a wife. Wife in name only, he thought smugly, as she hadn’t let him touch her since he kicked out Ian. I’d divorce her in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to pay her off with a small fortune. Why should I have to give her anything, he raged within. She certainly didn’t deserve it. She hadn’t done a damn thing in her life except raise a boy, look pretty, and spend his money.

Ah yes, Ian. What a wonderful son he turned out to be. Fucking his cousin and then marrying the whore. Thanks to that cunt, he was out of his life. Oh, and Janet couldn’t wait to tell that news about their marriage, bitch that she was. She couldn’t wait to put another dagger in my gut! That bastard, Rigsby, probably set it up for them.

Well, he thought, every dog has it’s day and revenge is best served cold. Adrian smiled viciously and drank until the glass was empty.

Thursday June 24

Brenda looked over at Ian, who was sleeping fitfully by the window. She would have a great many fond memories of their honeymoon week; snorkeling with the marine life, fishing in the Atlantic, making love on the beach under the stars. The flight had been in time and had been effortless. They would be landing in Columbus within the hour and she was looking forward to being home. As much fun as she had with Ian and all the memories that were encased within her heart, home was where she felt most comfortable and happy.

She reflected upon everything that had happened within the past three months and found it hard to believe how much she had taken on and accomplished. Ian was right when he told her over and over again how strong she was. Brenda knew that if her parents had died just a year or two prior, she doubted that she would have been able to handle it. Things happen for a reason. That was her motto now and she never questioned it. Tragedy happened and good came from it. The life cycle continued.

Ian stirred in his seat and woke. Disoriented at first, he looked at Brenda and smiled. He saw the sadness in her eyes even though she tried to hide it.

“What’s up?” he asked. “You been thinking again?”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “I guess I shouldn’t do that.” Ian took her hand and squeezed lightly.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, too.”

“About what?”

“Oh,” he began, “my parents and everything that’s happened between dad and me. I remember how your folks always treated you and behaved around you. I mean, even though they never told you about the adoption, you knew they loved you. I wish my parents were like that. Sometimes, I think that my dad’s not able to show me if he cares or not. It seems like the only reaction I’ve ever got out of him was when I displeased him in some way. I can never remember any positive reinforcement, a pat on the back, any love or affection to speak of. Of course, he wasn’t around that much. At least, I know mom loves me, even if it’s hard for her to show it.” Ian was quiet for a while as he stared off into space.

“I really don’t want to be like him,” he said forcefully. “I will not be like him to our kids. I promise you that, Bren.” He looked at her seriously, jaw firmly in place.

“Okay,” she said quietly. “You’re not like your dad and you know it. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll make a wonderful dad. You’re not like him at all.”

“If I ever start to act like him,” Ian said seriously, “let me know, so I’ll stop.”

“Okay, right after you wake up.”

“Wake up?” he asked.

“You’ll have to wake up after I knock you out!” she teased, trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll need that, too,” Ian replied.

He became quiet, deep in thought about his relationship with his father and mother. He now knew why he was always drawn to Brenda and her family. In his mind, they were the way a family should be. They showed warmth and love to each other and to him. He almost always felt more loved in their house than in his own. He remembered his first kiss from a girl and it was from Brenda. It was Christmas Eve and she pulled him under the mistle toe without much resistance. He was fifteen and raging hormones aside, it felt good and natural even then Ankara escort bayan and he didn’t want it to end. Ian needed Brenda’s love and affection more than ever now, probably even more than Brenda really knew.

They made love that night, as they had done every night since their wedding, except for the four days of her period. They both knew that their frequency would diminish over time. It wasn’t simply lust or the newness of raw sexuality that couples face when they take their relationship to a sexual level. Very rarely did they have a “fuck session”, as Ryan used to tell Brenda about his romantic conquests, but they truly made love to each other, wanting to please the other more than themselves. It didn’t make sense to them if one was fulfilled and content, but not the other. They loved having that special connection, flesh uniting flesh, but it was a spiritual connection as well as physical because they were in love with each other mentally long before the physical attraction took place.

They cuddled afterward, Ian spooning her from behind with his arms wrapped around her arms and breasts. For Brenda, she loved this part of their lovemaking almost as much as intercourse. The closeness they shared afterward was a very special time for them. Ian loved holding her, whispering to her how much her loved her and needed her. Most of the time, it was so soothing and relaxing that they fell asleep within minutes of each other.

It was cool that night, a nice breeze fluttering the curtains of the open bedroom windows. A light rain was falling with the rumble of thunder echoing in the distance. A broad smile stretched Brenda’s face and she secretly hoped for a storm. It was the perfect cleanser of the earth, she thought. It was free, fresh, and nurturing, much like she felt when Ian loved her in his own special way.

She raised her head slightly and listened to the raindrops splashing against the roof. Ian listened, too, although he didn’t get quite the enjoyment out of it that Brenda did. Lightning flashed and thunder soon followed as the storm got closer. Brenda pushed the covers off of her and she hurried to the love seat near the window and sat down to watch, marveling at it.

The wind picked up slightly, the breeze blowing her hair and causing her to shiver just a bit. With every flash of light, Ian saw her beautiful, naked silhouette at the window and ached for her to return to bed. But, he knew how much she enjoyed rainstorms and he would never intrude upon that simple pleasure. He joined her at the window and sat down beside her, putting his arms around her to warm her.

Without looking at him, she said, “Remember at mom and dad’s funeral when we watched the rain?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “I remember. We just missed getting drenched.”

“This reminds me of that storm, soft and soothing. I could watch this for hours.” She looked at him through sad brown eyes as she thought about those awful days just three months before. “I’d like to visit them tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure,” Ian replied. He knew how much she needed to be near them, if only six feet away from their skeletons. Somehow, it made her feel better. They continued to watch the rain fall into the wee hours before Ian carried her to bed and tucked her in.

Tuesday July 6

“These pictures are just beautiful,” Janet gushed as she paged through their wedding album. She had invited them over for an early lunch on the condition that they leave before Adrian came home. They protested, wanting her to come to their house to avoid the hurriedness, but Janet wanted them there, and that was final. “I will have to call Russell and Marie and thank them for doing this for you. I only wish that I could have seen it.”

“I know mom. I’m sorry about that,” Ian tried to apologize. Brenda glanced at him disapprovingly, but said nothing. She felt that he had nothing to apologize about.

“Well, what’s done is done,” Janet said. “Do you ever plan on getting married in the church?”

Ian looked at Brenda. “We’ve had our wedding. We don’t need a church to tell us we’re married.” “Oh.” Janet looked very disappointed. “Perhaps I could talk to Father Dave and he could make the arrangements.”

“Mom, listen to me,” Ian said, trying to get through to her, “our marriage is blessed. We don’t need a priest or a reverend to bless it. We are very happy with the wedding we had. We don’t want anything else.”


“But, no mom. Please respect our wishes and not make a fuss about it.”

“Okay, dear,” Janet said quietly. She resigned herself to the fact that even while legally married, they still lived in sin.

“Adrian, sit down for minute, would you?” Tom Fricker said, motioning for his friend and colleague to have a seat in front of his desk. He could smell a light scent of alcohol on Adrian’s breath, but said nothing as he glanced at the clock. It was nine-fifteen.

“What is it, Tom? I’ve got a few contracts to go over before this afternoon.”

“They can wait,” Tom said Escort Ankara uncomfortably. “We have to talk.”

“What about?” Damn it, get to the point!

“It’s about you, Adrian. Is everything all right? Things going okay for you at home?”

It’s none of your fucking business what’s going on at my home! “Everything’s fine at home, Tom,” he answered impatiently, drumming the armchair with his fingers.

“I see,” Tom said, leaning back in his chair. How could he tell his friend that he was being demoted.?

“Tom, please get to the point.”

“Okay, I’ll get to the point, Adrian,” he said sitting up straight and looking him in the face. “Singer is not happy with your work recently and she wants me to handle the Dryden account and the Ewell account.”

“What are you saying?” Adrian demanded. “What’s going on? I’m just about to close those accounts.” He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“Singer doesn’t feel that you’re able to close them. She wants me to take them over.”

“You close them? I’ve closed more accounts and made more money for this company than most everyone combined, including you.” “Your work’s been slipping for awhile, Adrian. You’ve lost more contracts in the past few weeks than you have in a couple of years. What’s going on?”

“I know I’ve lost a few contracts, but I’m just in a little slump. Everyone has them. Can’t you talk her out of it?”

“She’s adamant about it. She wants to take the heat off of you for a while, let you rest a bit.”

“Rest a bit? What are you saying?”

Tom looked away momentarily, not wanting to say this to his friend. “The company wants you to take a month off and get some counseling.”

“Counseling? What the fuck are you saying?” Adrian realized what he said and sighed. “Sorry, Tom. I just don’t know where this is coming from.”

“We’ve had some complaints from clients about you, Adrian. They said you smell like a brewery in meetings even though it’s before noon. They also say that you’ve been belligerent at times. Frankly, Adrian, I can smell alcohol on you right now. What’s going on? You can tell me.”

“No, Tom, I don’t believe I can. I thought you were my friend, but you’re stabbing me in the back, taking money away from me.”

“I think you have bigger problems than what you perceive about me. I don’t want your contracts. I want you to be at the top like you always have been because you are my friend and as a friend, I want you to get help. You need to do what they want…”

“Or what?” Adrian demanded.

“Or…they might suspend you or fire you if you refuse.”


“They’re doing everything they can to help you. Don’t you understand that?”

“All I understand is that I’ve given my life to this company and I’m being fucked over like an over ripe whore!” Adrian stood up and began to pace the floor. “I am their top VP in contracts. I have made them billions of dollars. Do they remember that?”

“Adrian, be reasonable. For God’s sake, listen to you. I’ve never known you to talk like this. Believe me, they want to help. They wouldn’t be throwing this life preserver to you otherwise. They could have fired you for incompetence if they desired, but they’re giving you a chance because you were the best and you have made billions of dollars for them. Take their offer, Adrian.”

“I don’t know…”

He pulled into the south driveway and noticed the unfamiliar car parked in the circular driveway in front of the main door. He got out of the car and walked quickly to the door, briefcase in hand. He unlocked the door and hurried through, closing it behind him with a bang. He looked to his right and he saw them. Ian was standing with Brenda at his side and Janet was in mid-rise from her chair.

“Adrian, what are you doing home so early?” she stammered.

“I think the better question is what in the fuck is he and his whore doing in my house?” Adrian seethed. He looked at them, glaring, daring them to say anything.

Through clenched teeth, Ian responded, “You can be mad at me all you want, but don’t you ever say anything like that to her again!”

“What are you going to do about it, you…”

Janet walked quickly to him. “Adrian, that’s enough! They came over for a short visit. I invited them. I didn’t think you’d be home so early.”

“You invited them into my house? I thought I made it clear a long time ago that he and that tramp of his were not welcome in this house!” He walked past her, pushing her hard and out of his way as she fell to the floor.

“Mom?” Ian said, distracted and looking at his mother. That was all Adrian needed as he punched his son in the jaw, sending him toppling over a table and in a heap in front of a sofa.

Brenda screamed as her husband fell and tried to grab onto him, but missed.

Adrian grabbed her by her hair and the waist band of her jeans. “I told you to get out of my house before. I guess you need a little help remembering.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ian getting up. He pushed Brenda towards the door and then threw her to the floor where she landed awkwardly on her shoulder with a sickening thud. She screamed in pain as her shoulder was unable to withstand the force of her fall.

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