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Brandy’s Family Reunion Ch. 02

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Brandy spent the next few days sunning her beautiful little, 19-year old body and putting the encounter with her uncle behind her. She was causing quite a stir at the lake, as she seemed to to have a new bikini on everyday. Her female relatives were starting to become annoyed, while her male relatives couldn’t wait until she appeared on the beach everyday, to strut her stuff. She was the center of attention at the family reunion and she liked it that way. She had no shortage of offers to fetch her something to eat, drink, or to apply some extra sun screen.

Of her admirers, her cousin Bobby was at the top of the list. Though for him, Brandy was more like an obsession. It all began a few years earlier, when he first saw her in her high school cheerleading uniform, and grew more intense over time. The skirt on her uniform was so short that the slightest move caused it to rise and reveal the cheeky bloomers underneath. Something Brandy either didn’t mind, or was completely oblivious to. Her team was called the Terriers and after a big cheer, they would bark, to get the crowd fired up. The image of Brandy bouncing around in that uniform, with a big smile on her face, barking like a dog, was burned into his mind and fueled many fantasies. This reunion was only making matters worse as he was met with the sight of her barely-clad body, everyday at the lake.

Today Brandy was adorned in a string-bikini which was no more than some small triangles of yellow material with pink string tying them together. When Bobby saw her sitting in a lounge chair sucking on a red popsicle, he quickly took up a spot nearby to get a better look. He tried to not be too obvious, but he couldn’t stop starring at her. Brandy lowered her large sunglasses, when she noticed her cousin fixating on her. She enjoyed teasing him on occasion, considering him a bit of a nerd. He’s better with video games, than people, she once said. She decided to make a show of it, slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth. She had no idea just how obsessed Bobby was with her. If she did, she would have been far more careful.

Bobby mustered a meek question, “enjoying yourself Brandy?”

“I am, but, not as much as you seem to be. Hee, hee” This comment was not only in reference to his starring, but also the slight bulge, which had appeared in his bathing suit.

Bobby stammered a bit, unsure of what to say. Brandy giggled as he quickly retreated back to his cabin. He was eager to avoid being embarrassed further and anxious to indulge in one of his Brandy-fantasies. In his room be laid back on his bed and pictured her as he had just seen, in her yellow and pink bikini. But in his fantasy, he was sitting atop her, applying sunscreen to her back, while Brandy purred beneath him.

“Mmm, oh Bobby, that feels so good. Lower, please.”

As Bobby worked his hands down her back, she corrected him.

“No, I mean here…” with those words, Brandy reached back and pulled down her bikini bottoms, offering her ass to him.

“Please touch me here Bobby. Touch my little tush.”

Bobby was groaning and stroking his cock with gusto, when his cell phone buzzed.

He saw it was his pal Ricky, who he had been spending most of his time with this summer. Ricky was an awkward guy, kinda chubby and was even less successful at dating than Bobby. The two 18-year olds met years ago at the lake and became good friends. Ricky was staying with his family in a house they rented, a few minutes down the road from the cabins, where the reunion was taking place.

Bobby sighed, but decided to answer it. “Yeah…”

“Bobby, you’re not gonna believe what I just found online. I swear, its your hot cousin Brandy.” Bobby was frozen in place as he listened intently.

In his never ending quest for his own masturbatory material, Ricky had found some spring-break, wet t-shirt contest photos, online. One which clearly showed Brandy in a line-up of girls, being judged by an enthusiastic crowd.

It was then Ankara escort that Bobby hatched his master plan. Today, his fantasy was going to become reality.

“Where did you find this?!?” Brandy was starring at the picture of herself, that had just been sent to her cell phone.

She was only half listening, as Bobby laid out a deal, on the other end of the line. “What?!? What do you mean?”

“You heard me Brandy, I want you to come over here to Ricky’s place, this afternoon. You are gonna give us our own private wet t-shirt show.”

“But Bobby, you’re my cousin…”

“And you’re a spoiled little brat and a tease!” He snapped. “You are finally going to get what you deserve. You are gonna show us, in person, what you did on spring break last year. Wear a white top, so we can get a good look at those tits, or I’ll send this photo to your father. What would daddy say if he saw his little princess in a wet t-shirt contest, on a vacation he paid for?”

“That’s blackmail you disgusting little creep!”

“Hey, its not like you haven’t done it already…just consider it an encore performance.”

Brandy’s head was spinning. How had she let her friends talk her into that stupid contest? She never thought anyone would find out about it. She took one last look at the image they sent and unsure of what else to do, she agreed to go over to Ricky’s house.

Brandy dressed in an unassuming way. A pair of jean shorts and a pink, hooded sweatshirt concealed a much more provocative outfit. She was in a daze as she walked away from the cabins later that afternoon, to meet her fate. An SUV slowly approached, stopped and lowered its window. “Hey gorgeous!”

“Aunt Vicki! How are you?”

“I’m good. Glad to be out of the city for a few days. Have I missed anything?”

Brandy paused, “oh, not really, its been a little dull.”

“With you around girl, how is that possible?” Brandy beamed at the compliment.

“Well, we’ll spice things up, you and me. How about some quality girl time later with your favorite aunt?”

“That sounds good, I could use some. Well, I gotta go.” As Brandy left, her aunt adjusted her rear view mirror and licked her lips, watching her niece’s rear wiggle away.

In a few minutes, Brandy reached the summer rental home and timidly knocked on the front door. The boys welcomed her in and quickly escorted her down to the finished basement. Her big brown eyes looked nervously around the dimly lit room. The floor was carpeted, a couch, entertainment center and a small bar filled the space.

Instead of the mischievous smile that usually occupied her mouth, Brandy nervously bit her lip. “Guys, can we talk about this? Maybe we can…”

Bobby quickly cut her off. “No. You know our terms.” Despite their nervousness, the boys had agreed they would not back down.

Ricky lined up three shots on the bar. Brandy decided to accept hers, as the boys downed theirs. A drink might help take the edge off, she thought. Meanwhile Bobby turned on a stereo that filled the room with upbeat music.

When she declined a second drink, the boys decided she was ready. “Ok Brandy, it’s time to start the show.”

She sighed, “alright, look…I agreed to this, but no funny business, understand? You are my cousin, for crying out loud. Do you promise to forget about that picture of me?”

“Just give us a good show and we’ll forget all about the photo we found. Well, we won’t ever forget it, but at least we won’t show it to anyone.” They laughed.

She moved to the center of the room, where several beach towels had been laid down. I guess this is my stage, she thought.

The boys sat on an old weathered couch and studied her. Brandy’s angelic face was framed by shoulder-length, shiny brown hair. A little flower barrette rested in it, to keep her bangs off to the side. Nervously she unzipped her hoodie and tossed it aside, revealing a clingy white camisole. It hugged her breasts and stopped short of Ankara escort bayan her waist, revealing her tight tummy and tiny naval. They whistled as she wiggled, lowering her small shorts. She stepped out of them and looked like a girl who just stepped out of a swimsuit catalog. She revealed a pair of white bikini bottoms, adorned with a blue floral pattern. The bottoms had a gathered vertical seam up the back between her cheeks, which only helped accentuate her perfectly-round ass.

“Lets get the show started,” they joked as they picked each picked up large soaker-style water guns.

Brandy gasped.

She had to turn her head to the side as she was blasted by the powerful water guns in the chest. Looking down, her already clingy cami was now like a second skin. Her nipples were dark and clearly visible through the soaked top. The boys lowered their guns and began firing commands at her.

“Let’s see ’em move, bounce up and down.” Brandy felt ashamed as she obediently went up and down on her toes quickly, causing her breasts to jiggle for their amusement.

“Whoo-hoo. Keep it it up.”

After a moment of this, she needed a break, so she began twisting from side to side, making them sway hypnotically.

“Oh man!”

“Yeah, shake it Brandy!”

“Bend over, let’s see that ass now!”

Brandy turned and slowly began to bend over. The boys were feeling a rush of power and Brandy felt a blast of water hit her right in the ass. The stream strayed from her ass to between her legs and Brandy couldn’t believe that it was actually beginning to feel good. She started moving her ass, trying to keep the stream steady on her pussy. She closed her eyes and began panting softly. “Oh, oh.”

“Dude, I wanna see her dance,” Ricky groaned.

“Dance Brandy!”

Brandy stood up on weak knees and tried to regain her composure. She put her hands behind her head and began gyrating her hips.

“You’re not smiling like you were in that photo Brandy. How about a big smile?” She plastered a the best smile she could muster on her face and continued to move seductively to the music.

“Oh my god! That is so hot!”

The boys sat soaking in the sight of a wet Brandy dancing just for them. After dancing with her back to them, she turned around, surprised to see that they both had their cocks out. She tried to ignore the sight and continued to perform, moving to the music and teasingly touching herself.

But the boys were just getting started.

“Get over here you tease.”

“Get over here, or we send that photo to your father right now,” Ricky chimed in. Defeated, she slowly walked towards them, her heart sank as Bobby told her to get down on her knees.

She lowered herself down to the floor before them, feeling humiliated. Bobby ordered her to lift her top. She complied, revealing her perky breasts. While only a B-cup, they appeared large on her petite frame and seemed to defy all laws of gravity. Her nipples were erect and ached to be touched.

“Squeeze them together.”

Brandy cupped them and pushed them together. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was open as she fondled herself for them.

Bobby then forced his cock between them and began pumping it up and down while Brandy whimpered.

After only a minute, Bobby was getting close to cumming. He had other things in mind, so he wasn’t bothered when Ricky interrupted them.

“My turn!”

Ricky grabbed her wrist and brought her hand to him. Brandy understood what he wanted and she began slowly jerking him off. Brandy now knelt between them both, using a hand on each of them.

They groaned and and taunted her. “Now apologize for being such a tease.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being a tease.”

They loved hearing her in such a submissive state. “More, don’t stop!”

“I’m a naughty little tease, Bobby”.

“Now show us how sorry you are, use your tongue. Lick Ricky’s dick.”

Brandy realized, Escort Ankara the sooner they came, the sooner this would all be over. She leaned in, stuck her tongue out and began tickling the tip of his cock.

“Oh yeah!” Ricky placed his hand on the top of her head and forced it down. Brandy opened her mouth to protest, but her words were muffled by his cock sliding in. Realizing she no choice she then slowly began bobbing her head up and down, sucking his cock.

“Now, isn’t that better than a popsicle Brandy?” Bobby taunted.

The feeling of a warm, wet mouth on his cock was a sensation Ricky had never felt before. That and the sight of Brandy’s head between his legs, was too much for him. “Oh yeah! Here it comes…ugh!”

Brandy tried to avoid it, but her head was held in place and she received a mouthful of his cum. She couldn’t swallow it fast enough and some leaked out of her mouth. When Ricky finally released her head, he ordered her to lick up what was left. Brandy used her tongue to clean his dick and to lick her lips. A tiny droplet rested on her long eyelashes.

She had lost sight of Bobby, but suddenly became aware of him as she felt hands on her tiny waist, raising her up. “I’m not done with you yet.” He brought her to the arm of the couch and commanded her to bend over.

“Wait! What are you doing?”

Ricky was still seated on the couch and grasped her hands, as she was brought into standing, but bent over position. She felt her bikini bottoms being lowered. “You have such a great ass,” Bobby groaned as he squeezed her ass cheeks.

“No! I didn’t agree to this.” Brandy looked pleadingly into her captors eyes, but received no sympathy. Ricky held her in place as her cousin clumsily began pushing his cock into her pussy. Brandy gasped, “Oh no! Bobby no please!”

Brandy was tight but wet, as Bobby entered her. The feeling of his cock buried deep in the object of his desire was electric for him. “Oh my god, you feel so good.”

Brandy moaned softly as Bobby began humping her roughly. She felt so vulnerable, being completely at the mercy of her cousin. She greeted each thrust with a whimper. “Oh, oh, oh.” Her breasts jiggled beneath her, much to Ricky’s amusement, as he watched her submit.

Then from behind her, Brandy heard Bobby’s latest and most demeaning command. “Bark like a dog for me.”

Brandy’s big brown eyes went wide. “What?!?”

“Like you did when you were a cheerleader.”

Brandy was stunned.

“You heard me, bark!” He gave her a slap on the ass for a little extra motivation.

She timidly began uttering a small sound. “Woof, woof.”

Bobby quickened his pace, he knew he wasn’t going to last long and decided he was going to make the most of his moment. “Louder, let me hear you bark.”

Bobby pulled on her hair which caused Brandy to arch her back and respond vocally. “Woof, woof.”

“Louder, bark like a good little dog.”

Brandy felt so humiliated, but her arousal was growing with each thrust and every bark. She began pushing her ass back to meet him movements. As she did this she began barking louder and louder. She felt her body tense up and an orgasm shoot through her.

“Woof, woof. Oh, oh! Woof, woof!”

Pumping harder and harder now, Bobby felt an orgasm approaching, like he had never known before. “Ughhh!” He gripped Brandy’s tiny waist and unleashed a load that had been building up for years. He filled Brandy with all the lust and desire he had been holding back for so long.

Bobby released her waist and slumped backwards, as Brandy turned and gave him a dirty look. She said nothing, but Bobby nodded, “I’ll never show the picture to anyone, I swear.” She scooped up her clothes and ran to the stairs.

Ricky looked at his friend, in awe. “Dude, I think she actually liked it, I mean, she was into that.” The statement was followed by nervous laughter from both boys. It echoed in Brandy’s ears as she dressed and quickly made her way out.

Back in the safety of her cabin, Brandy kept asking herself, how had she let this happen? She knew she needed to prevent it from happening again, but at her family reunion, that was going to be easier said then done.

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