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I’m sure you all know a young lady like out babysitter, Julie. She’s one of these effervescent people that drive me wild. She doesn’t walk. She bounces. I don’t think she could walk sedately across a room if you paid her. Everywhere she goes it’s in a great bouncing rush. Tires me out just to look at her.

Mind you, there are some interesting side effects. Since she started to mature and grow in certain areas she really bounces when she moves. I kid you not. When she comes bouncing in and comes to a stop her breasts are still jiggling for a good five minutes. Very distracting.

And she’s curious. Insatiably curious. She wants to know everything about everything. According to Peg, my wife, she’s even quizzed her about our love life. And Peg, the idiot, let slip that she enjoys getting the occasional spanking and enjoys the apology she has to give after the spanking.

This is not to say I just go around beating my wife. It’s really a prelude to some sexual shenanigans. If Peg has stuffed up in some small way the reprimand might result in a spanking with an earnest apology being accepted afterwards. If we have a real argument, spankings are completely off the board. We use them to let me do some masculine chest beating and Peg some feminine submissiveness, not to dominate and control.

Peg tells me that Julie’s sudden interest in all things sexual is because she’s now eighteen and is seriously considering the issue. As far as I was concerned, our private life is just that, private.

“Tell Julie that if she’s really interested than she should just go and get some fucking experience. And I mean that literally,” I growled when Peg brought the subject up. Peg, on the other hand, thought Julie’s curiosity was funny and didn’t mind humouring her.

That’s the background for the incident that subsequently happened. A few weeks after that conversation Peg and I were going out to see a show and Julie was our sitter. She came bouncing in as expected and shortly after that Peg and I were gone.

The show was quite good and we both enjoyed it, although we had different opinions about parts of it.

When we entered the house we were arguing quite strongly about parts of the show and Julie heard us. She misinterpreted what we were arguing about and assumed that I was mad at Peg.

“Oh, wow. You’re mad at her,” she said. Then, in a rush, “Um, if you’re going to spank her, can I watch? Not the sex afterwards, of course. Just the spanking. I’ve never actually seen a woman get spanked before and I was wondering what it was like”

I gave Peg a ‘this is your fault’ look, and she shrugged back at me as if to say it wasn’t her fault that Julie is an idiot with the social graces of a flea.

I started to explain to Julie that one, we weren’t really arguing but just debating the play, and two, if we had been arguing there was no way I would let her watch anyway.

I got about halfway through point one when Julie jumped in, feet first.

“You don’t need to kid me. I heard you arguing. I just want to know what the spanking is like. How do you go about it? Come on, it wouldn’t hurt to let me watch.”

The girl had even less tact and common sense than I’d credited her with. I glanced at Peg and she just shrugged helplessly. What can you do with an idiot who won’t listen?

I looked at Peg again and this time I was wearing an evil smile. For a moment she looked startled, thinking that I was really going to spank her, but kartal kendi evi olan escort a slight gesture of my head towards Julie and she caught on. She bit her lip and gave a little nod. I could see she was struggling not to laugh.

I strolled over to where she was standing. Bouncing, rather. That girl could not keep still.

“I’ll tell you what, Julie,” I said, smiling. “I wasn’t actually intending to spank Peg right now, and if I had been it would have been none of your business. However, so you won’t be disappointed and can learn something about spanking, I’ll give you one instead, while Peg watches.”

Julie’s face was a joy to behold. This was a situation that she hadn’t dreamt of.

“Ah, I don’t know if that would be a good idea,” she muttered.

“Why not?” I asked her. “If you’re prepared to watch Peg get spanked it’s only reasonable to assume the opposite would hold true. After all, what better way to learn than by actual experience?”

Julie looked at me, over to Peg who was just standing there smiling, and then back to me. I will say this about Julie. When she’s curious, she is curious.

“Um, it’s only a small spanking, isn’t it? Not a real beating?”

“No, not a beating. Just the sort of spanking that I might give Peg.”

“What do I have to do?”

I sat on the couch.

“Your part is easy. All you have to do is bend over my knee.”

I held out a hand to her.

Julie flicked a look at Peg who nodded to her, and then she moved towards me. I carefully guided her over my knee and held her there with one hand on her back.

“Ah, Peg, Julie is wearing tights. It will be easier for me if you pulled then down.”

Julie tried to rear up at that but I had her firmly in place.

“Wait a minute,” she wailed. “Why are you pulling my pants down?”

“Spankings are generally on a bare bottom,” I said. “Didn’t you know that?”

I turned to Peg.

“It might be advisable to only pull them down to her knees. If you took them right off I might forget myself and ravish her afterwards.”

Julie squeaked ‘What?”, while Peg just shrugged.

“That’s a chance that naughty girls take,” she said, “and that’s the part she’s playing after all.”

To my amusement, and Julie’s horror, Peg pulled both tights and panties right off, effectively letting me know I could take Julie if I wanted to.

“Wait a minute,” gasped Julie. “I think I’m changing my mind.”

“Quiet,” I rapped, giving her a firm spank on her bottom. “No-one asked you.”

She gave a little yip and went silent. The spank would have stung a little, but not really hurt. Before I could really settle down to a proper spanking, Peg had a suggestion to make.

“Really, you should take her top off as well. You know how you like to cup my breast while you spank me. If you’re going to do it, you should do it properly.”

It seemed reasonable to me, and I nodded. Despite Julie’s protest, Peg pulled her top off and unhooked her bra, letting those large bouncing breasts free.

With everything in order, I started the spanking, giving a series of relatively light smacks to Julie’s cheeks. Not enough to really hurt, but enough to smart and let her know she was being spanked. Following Peg’s suggestion, my free hand had reached down and was idly fondling Julie’s breast as I spanked.

Julie protested the hand at her breast, reaching up to escort kartal bayanlar try to pull it away. This earned her a harder spank and she desisted. She was giving a series of squeaks and squeals as things progressed, but they were merely sound effects, not serious protests. I think she was actually enjoying it, breast fondling included.

Mind you, when my hand slipped a little further down and started landing a few spanks on her pussy her squeals got somewhat louder.

I paused in the spanking for a moment, my hand casually lying on Julie’s pussy, idly rubbing it.

“You do realise,” I said to Peg, “that after this I’m going to be incredibly horny. Julie will probably be aroused, too. It seems to me that it would only be reasonable to continue furthering her education.”

Peg nodded.

“You’re quite right. I don’t think she’ll really mind. She may protest a little but she really wants to know what it’s all about. I’m sure you’ll do a good job on her.”

Julie started wriggling and squirming a lot more at that stage. I actually had to release her breast to hold her in place. (Not her pussy. I kept my other hand there, massaging.)

“Wait a minute,” Julie protested. “I agreed to a spanking. That’s all. I was curious. You can’t actually have sex with me.”

“No-one’s asking you, Julie. Be quiet while the adults discuss it. You may notice that if I do this your pussy yields quite happily. It’s already hot and wet and waiting.”

The ‘this’ I referred to was my sliding a couple of fingers inside her and massaging her soft flesh.

She squealed and tried to buck, but it didn’t help her much.

“So, are you going to stay and watch me educate Julie,” I asked Peg.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she said. “I’m sure that Julie will appreciate having me here, observing.”

Not so, in my opinion, judging from the way Julie was frantically shaking her head. Although she might have been saying no to the actual sex. Who knows?

Now that I was seriously working over her pussy, Julie was squirming and squeaking. Then I brushed lightly against her clitoris she gave a shocked gasp and shuddered. That’s when I moved down onto the rug in front of the couch. She lay there, looking slightly stunned, her eyes flicking between me and Peg. More at me than Peg, because I was busy stripping. When I was nude, her attention was one hundred percent on me, or at least on part of me.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she said. “You don’t understand. I don’t do this sort of thing.”

“If you’re saying that you’re a virgin, Julie,” I told her comfortingly, “I already know that. I could detect that when I was stroking you. That’s why I’m taking you like this. It’ll be easier for your first time. If you weren’t a virgin I’d have just bent you forward over the couch and taken you like that. If you like, and Peg’s willing, I can show you how that works another time.”

She shut up, looking stunned. Peg was biting her cheek, trying not to laugh. I had a feeling that some of Julie’s sexual quizzes had really got up Peg’s nose and she was now enjoying a little revenge.

I eased Julie’s legs further apart, lifting her knees as I did so. With the playing field cleared, so to speak, I knelt between Julie’s thighs. I eased her lips apart and edged the tip of my erection between them. I was watching Julie’s face in case of sudden panic, but she was watching my erection with intense concentration, almost kartal olgun escort willing it to keep going.

It did. I pushed steadily in. I was slightly startled when Julie only blinked when her hymen yielded to me. She just seemed to be holding her breath, waiting for me to come home. With one last thrust I pushed home, and paused to see how she reacted.

“Oh my god,” she said very quietly. “You’re really doing it. I’m doing it. Oh my god.”

She didn’t seem upset, just stunned and fascinated. I pulled back and plunged back in.

“The idea, Julie, is that you push up to meet me as I drive into you. Try it.”

She didn’t say anything, but my next thrust was met by a firm upwards thrust from Julie.

Her face seemed to light up.

“Oh my fucking god,” she exclaimed and then, as far as I was concerned, all hell broke loose.

The damn girl bounced. Truly. I was supposed to be initiating her (probably against her will) and hoping not to hurt her in the process. Ha! I laugh. Julie went to town. She humped up against me as though she was a professional and I was the learner. She bounced and bounced, writhing under me, trying to get closer. She was rubbing her breasts frantically against my hands, and her bottom bounced.

Holding back, while Julie adjusted to what was happening, went by the wayside. She’d adjusted instantly and now wanted the full measure and I had to supply it. I drove in hard and fast while Julie squealed and urged me on. Dimly I could hear Peg laughing and decided that someone else in this room was going to get a spanking when I recovered. If I recovered.

I pounded Julie. She seemed to be climbing to sexual heights faster than anyone I’d ever known or heard of. Apparently her natural effervescence carried over to this sphere of activity as well.

To a certain extent I could control what was going on. Julie couldn’t push up against me unless I was actually driving down into her, and that I had firm control of. I wanted to prolong this for as long as possible.

It wasn’t as long as I had hoped. I drove down, she arched up and I drove down again, working overtime to please her. Julie was gasping now. She was going to orgasm at any moment. I settled down to some serious fucking, driving in as hard and fast as I could, wanting to climax at the same time.

She came first, but the way she clamped onto my poor cock she triggered my own climax without any problems.

I think that’s the first time I found myself willing to disengage from a woman as soon as possible. From the smirk on Peg’s face I guess I must have looked a little stunned. It had certainly been an experience. It was the sheer unexpectedness of Julie’s response that had undone me.

“I’ll just bend you over the couch and take you, if Peg’s willing. Are you sure you want to risk tangling with her again?” asked Peg, laughter in her voice.

Ruefully I found myself laughing as well.

“It was the way she seemed to explode under me that took me by surprise. If I ever take her again I’ll at least know what to expect and can probably handle it better.”

We looked at Julie lying on the rug, eyes staring but not really seeming to be focused on anything. She didn’t look stunned. She looked blissed out.

Then she gave her head a shake and sat up.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “Are you going to do it again?”

“Not right now,” said Peg smoothly. “You really need some time to recover. You’ll find yourself a bit stiff and sore tomorrow and we wouldn’t want to do anything to make it worse. Why don’t you come with me and we can discuss what happened while you have a nice shower.”

Peg led a happily bouncing Julie out of the room. Thank you, Peg. Yes, Julie, I’m going to do it again, just as soon as I get my strength back. Come and see me next month.

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