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Blowing Big Brother

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Author’s Note: Obviously this is listed as a incest/taboo genre story however, it is also very much a nonconsent/reluctance story and a gay male story so if those things aren’t your thing then please take note. Oh and please take the chance to leave feedback, comments, votes and suggestions because there are further chapters of this story planned.


I never really like my big brother, NeIl. He was nine years older than me and we just seemed to be from different generations. He always seemed so stuck up and pompous to me even when he was only a teenager. And he was always so damned right and sanctimonious. And he was Mum’s favourite, her blue eyed boy that could do no wrong, especially once Dad left us. My sister Kelly always seemed to feel the same. She was three years younger than him and it he obviously annoyed her about as much as me. I was the youngest and as youngest children are wont to do I rebelled as I got older, which indirectly is why I was sitting in the ante room to my big brother’s office about to do something I vowed I would never do — ask him to help me out.

I was 21 and since leaving school had pretty much successfully wasted the three years between leaving school and then. It all went wrong when I found out that I was quite the pool player and if I was smart enough there was easy cash to be made that way. So I made easy cash and then started betting it on the horses and won more than I lost, which brought me to the attention of some frankly undesirable pseudo gangsters who I started playing cards with. Despite early victories I started losing and then losing big and here I was owed some pretty nasty characters £10,000 or my kneecaps were going to be broken. And I was pretty fond of my kneecaps.

Neil, meantime, was a tycoon, a financial whiz kid. Had made his money in stocks and shares and sold at the right time and was now Managing Director of his own engineering company and as all the local press liked to tell us it was going places, landing some pretty major national contracts. In short he was minted and was the only viable idea I could come up with for getting that level of cash in a week (which was all I had).

God I felt like I was sitting in my old Headmasters office here, waiting for my brother. His ultra young and ultra sexy secretary had showed me in here when I arrived unannounced and said she would do what she could but that “Mr. Clark was extremely busy”. So I took a seat and thought back on some less than pleasant memories. Like the many times Neil got his way, we played the games he wanted to play when he wanted to play them and it never really mattered what I liked. I guess that was part and parcel of being a much younger brother but it used to annoy the hell out of me and I would hate it and take whatever joy I could from his all too infrequent cock ups. I think I did annoy Neil though, almost as if I should have liked and respected him just because he was my older brother, but I didn’t I disliked him and treated him as a joke to me wherever I could.

My train of thoughts was interrupted as the sexy secretary (I wondered if Neil ever tried it on with her then dismissed the notion, he was too much of a prude, always had been, to do something like that) returned and informed me he made a space in his schedule to see me. So promising myself to leave all past grudges in that waiting room I followed her (man, what a piece of ass she was!) and was led through a maze of corridors until I was shown into his office.

He was sat there behind his large desk looking as smug and self satisfied as ever, even though he was only 30 he looked about ten years older and probably wanted to look like that. He was well built and had obviously been spending time in his own personal gym at home and didn’t even bother to get up as I entered and the door shut behind me. Looking back now I wish I had never gone in there.

He pointed at the chair across from him, it was lower than his and put you at a disadvantage straight away. He didn’t ask how I’d been or anything, he just cut straight to the chase.

“So little brother, what do you want?”

“Hey Neil, who says I want anything, I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Yeah right. Save it, I don’t have time to waste listening to it. What is it? You’re in trouble and need me to bail you out? That it? Yeah, I can see it is. How much you need then?”

God, he was such a condescending prick. I felt like I was a teenager all over again. Anything else and I would have stormed out of there flipping him the middle finger on the way. But truth was I was scared, I was in with some bad men, that you did not fuck about with. So I kept my temper and tried to appeal to his better nature.

“Ok, you’re right Neil I’m in a bit too deep, owe some gangsters a bit of money and it would be cool if you could help me out with a loan.”

“Ha, that’s a good one! A loan. And when would you pay bahis şirketleri me back? Anyway how much is this ‘loan’ for? A thousand? Two?”

Shit, no wonder he was good at business I was a mess already and blurted out “ten thousand or I get some plastic surgery that I don’t need”. He found that funny but rather than laughter his humour was just a smile. A very cruel smile. He sat tapping his pen for a few moments and in those moments I remembered every thing I hated about my brother. He was making me wait deliberately and I was fairly sure it was only to answer in the negative anyway. Then he stopped tapping and looked over at me.

“Ten thousand? I suppose I could get the money, come back at twelve tomorrow, but you’ll have to do something first to get the cash, we won’t call it a loan, more a payment for services rendered.”

I didn’t like the sound of that but what could I do? I was being offered a possible way out of my troubles and the survival instinct took over so I thanked him and let him get his secretary to show me out (and I got another good look at those long legs of hers), I even tried chatting her up but she just looked at me like I had two heads and blew me off. Ah well, can’t get everything I thought to myself. I was certainly happier leaving than I had been going in but I couldn’t shake the feeling there was still a twist to this, Neil was like that and I’d be a fool to trust him even if I was his little brother.


When I returned to his offices the next day that damned secretary was still there to greet me grinning from ear to ear. Sure she was a cute blonde but something about her was starting to annoy me and all the more so when it became apparent she now knew I was her boss’s brother. She gave me a very knowing smile and led me through to Neil’s office and somewhat to my surprise stayed with us, standing adjacent to his desk as he addressed me.

“Good to see you again little brother, I’ve got the money, as you can see.”

And with that he flipped open a briefcase and removed a thick pile of notes. It was what I needed but there was something palpably wrong here. I looked at the expectant secretary and back at Neil.

“Thanks Neil, but shouldn’t we be doing this in private, I mean I don’t want everybody knowing our business.”

He just laughed and winked at the secretary.

“Oh don’t worry about Miss Kebbler, she knows all my business, she’s my right arm, so to speak. Besides I want her to see what you’re going to do for the money.”


“And what is that. You know I’m grateful for you helping me out like this, I’ll do anything to repay you, I really will.”

The next few seconds would remain with me until the day I die. Without a word of a lie and with a big, cheesy, shit eating smile he looked first at Miss Kebbler then directly at me and said.

“Good. That being the case John I want you to get undressed, get down on your knees and crawl over here and suck my cock.”

To say the next moments were charged with stunned silence would be understating it. Eventually I found my voice.

“What the fuck! You’re joking aren’t you?!”

But I knew instinctively he wasn’t. I could see it in his eyes. He hadn’t changed from all those years ago, he was still a domineering bully who had to get his way. I just hadn’t realised what a sick freak he really was. And saying that in front of his bimbo secretary? Twisted as fuck. He smiled coldly at me as he spoke again.

“No I am not joking. The only joke in this room is you. You are a pathetic, sad little joke brother. Pathetic. And if you want me to bail you out of the mess you have managed to create for yourself you will do as I say and allow me to glory in your humiliation. You always were a cocky little shit, needing down a peg or two.”

God, I could have swung for him there and then but I didn’t, I called him a “sick arsehole” and stormed out but before I was out the door he called after me.

“You’ll be back little brother and you’ll do what I say. And you know the best part? When you come here all sheepish asking to see me, Stacy here will know exactly why you’re here and what you’re going to do!”

I paid his words little heed and stormed out of there to find a pub and get drunk, which I was very successful in doing.


I spent the rest of that day and the whole of the next getting drunk and trying, unsuccessfully to forget my woes. I couldn’t shake what Neil had demanded of me, it was so fucking sick, I must have shaken my head at it so much the bartender would have thought it was going to fall off. When I eventually made it home it was to collapse on my bed and at least forget everything in a fog of drunken sleep.

I was rudely awoken by a glass of water to my face the following afternoon. I was still dressed in two day old clothes as I stuggled to get up. Standing over me was a hulk of a man, I recognised him as one of bahis firmaları Mike Manson’s (the guy I owed the money to) goons and immediately was wary — had they brought the deadline forward? Had I slept too long? It took me a moment to realise it wasn’t just an empty glass he was holding but that in his other hand he was waving my passport from side to side.

“Wakey, wakey, sleepy head. We’re just going to keep hold of this just in case you get any ideas of making a break for it. Remember Mr. Manson wants his money in the next four days or you’re going to a little less mobile. Get it?”

I got it even without him grabbing my ankle and giving it a nasty little twist. I was fucked, more or less and the only possible way out was doing something so sick, so bizarre that it made me want to puke just thinking about it.

I know Kelly, my big sister would have helped me out in a heartbeat but there were two problems with asking her for a loan. One her husband hated me and would no doubt give her even more of a hard time than normal if she helped me out. But perhaps more importantly she just wouldn’t have that kind of money, Neil was the only one of the three of us to make good, and he damn well knew it.

I spent most of that day contemplating what it would be like to suck my brother’s cock. I had never even thought about having to suck off any man let alone my brother, I could honestly say I was not that way inclined. The very thought was repugnant to me and anytime my mind created the image I had to struggle to get rid of it, slowly but surely I was preparing myself for having to do this. Maybe I could hope that Neil was not entirely serious and just wanted to humiliate me to make me agree to do it and not really serious with making me carry through, but it was a faint hope for me. Anyway, the more I thought about it the more I was justifying doing it in my mind and by the time I went to bed I had decided that there was no other way out of the mess I had got myself into but to go back to Neil’s offices and do what he wanted. God! I hardly slept a wink of sleep that night.

I arrived at the offices around lunch time, hoping to avoid that damned secretary of his but no such luck because as soon as I had pushed open the large glass entrance door there she was, giving me a beaming wide, but very knowing smile. And this time there was definitely no flirting from me, I just asked to speak to my brother. Her reply was more than a little condescending and pretty much torpedoed any hopes I had that this had all been a sick joke.

“Mr. Clark left instructions with me that when you came back in about the matter we discussed earlier this week I was to tell you to come back at 5.30 that day. Mr. Clark is busy and will deal with you then. I take it you are here regarding the um, matter?”

I nodded, wanting the ground to swallow me up and got out of there as fast as I could.

One long, drawn out afternoon later I was back at the offices and everybody seemed to be gone, the car park was deserted but to no surprise Miss Kebbler was sitting smiling behind her desk awaiting me. As soon as I arrived she buzzed through to Neil and listened to him for a few moments, then she led me through to his office, my heart beating a hundred to the dozen. But when we arrived he was nowhere to be seen and Miss Kebbler perched herself on his desk facing me and addressed me like I was some dumb office junior or something.

“Right then. Mr. Clark will be along presently, in the meantime he asked me to get you ready, so to speak, so if you could start off by undressing.”

Said so matter of factly that she could have been asking me to make a cup of coffee. I tried once more to reason with her and asked to speak with my brother but it was a waste of breath and we both knew it so before too long I was taking my clothes off. She watched me intently, as if judging every inch of my body as I disrobed. I am nothing to write home about but not unattractive either but that didn’t stop me feeling completely uncomfortable when I was down to just my pants and I hesitated.

“Those as well. Come on, Mr. Clark doesn’t have all day, he’s a busy man you know.”

How humiliated I felt as I slid my underpants off and handed them to her and stood there, stark naked in my brothers office. Miss Kebbler then popped off the desk and approached me and began to run her fingers along my flaccid cock, getting some signs of life from it. I gave her a surprised look but she just ignored it and continued down my slowly stiffening cock to stroke and then massage my balls.

The effect was amazing, she had such talented fingers, my cock sprung to full attention and though I fought from enjoying it and being aroused I had no chance. Just as I had closed my eyes to fully enjoy her ministrations I felt her hand leave my crotch and I opened them to see her holding a plastic ruler up and she then measured the length of my cock! kaçak bahis siteleri With me still staggered by this she moved to the desk and pressed her intercom phone again.

“About five and a half inches, Mr Clark. What? Oh yes, much smaller than you Sir.”

Was all she said before sharing a laugh and putting the phone down. Then she turned to me and gave me that malicious smile again.

“Right, nearly done, why don’t you get ready for your brother by getting down on your knees?”

My head was a muddle by now and almost involuntarily I did so, dropping onto me knees and waiting. Almost the minute I was down there the door opened and in came Neil. He was dressed in a brand new power suit and looked immaculate. He gave Miss Kebbler a pat on her delectable ass and looked down at me pitifully.

“See little brother I told you it would come to this. Still, it’s nice to see you’re as excited as I am at this. Pity it’s so small though, guess I got all the luck in that department.”

He said this pointing to my rock hard erection. Oh god, he I was naked and on my knees and about to suck my hated big brothers cock and I was sporting a throbbing erection. The secretary smiled again, she had certainly done her job!

Neil pulled the case with the money out and opened it on the table. Then he turned to stand before me, undid his zipper and casually flipped out a very long and very thick penis. It was about four inches from my face and I could not believe I was about to do this.

“Stacy, get the camera, still and video I want a record of this. Now little brother you can get started, I want you to suck me off until I come in your mouth. You do that and you can have the money.”

Time seemed to stand still as I knelt there, feeling my own hard cock throbbing between my legs until I finally opened my mouth and leaned forward. When the tip of Neil’s cock touched my lips it was like a jolt of electricity had shot through my body and I recoiled but he reached down and guided my head back towards his crotch.

“Get it in your mouth and suck it if you want the money, bitch!”

That was the first time he called me ‘bitch’ or ‘his bitch’ but by no means was it to be the last time. He was so imposing and demanding and down here on my knees before him I felt so small and insignificant and I opened my mouth and let him slide nearly all his nine inch cock into my mouth. The taste, smell and overall sensation was horrible, disgusting and yet I was still brick hard, why was that? I just wanted this over as quickly as I could so I started to slobber all over his penis, pushing his wet foreskin back with my tongue and rubbing it frantically over his sensitive penis cock head.

I nearly gagged as I felt some of his thick black pubic hair against my teeth and his heavy balls at my lips then slapping against my chin as he began to rock back and forth gently fucking my face. I moved my eyes to the side of his thighs just as his bitch of a secretary took a picture of me with my mouth stuffed full of my big brothers cock. She gave me a mock wave and blew a kiss at me. I was really starting to despise that cunt!

Neil started to move about so that his hard cock invaded and covered every last inch of my oral cavity. He rocked from side to side so that his dick poked against the sides of my cheeks like I was a demented human hamster. I could feel his slick penis all over my teeth, like it was a toothbrush being forcibly rubbed all over them. My tongue was drowning in a sea of saliva, drool and thick pre-cum from Neil’s cock and humiliatingly it was starting to escape from the sides of my mouth and dribble down my chin and onto my bare chest.

I opened my eyes wide and looked as far upwards as I could manage to find my big brother with a look of absolute contempt on his face as he met my stare, I realised then how little I actually was to him, right then nothing more than a mouth to fuck. I quickly found myself unable to match his glare and instead dropped my eyes and set to sucking again.

My first ever effort at male oral sex came to an end a little short of fifteen minutes after it reluctantly began. Neil started to grunt and his whole body seemed to stiffen up, his thrusts becoming jerky and spasmodic. Mentally I braced myself for this final humiliation but even as I was preparing myself I felt his cock burst into action spurting a warm burst of thick, creamy sperm into my mouth, along the length of my tongue and hitting the back of my throat.

I gagged again and struggled to get my mouth free but he held me in place and continued to pump his sour seed deep into me until he had emptied his balls into my unwilling mouth. He finished by slapping his messy dick a few times against my lips and then he stood back to allow his secretary to get a few post oral snapshots.

He zipped up quickly and handed the money to me as I still knelt there, still sporting a hard-on.

“There you go little brother, let me know when you need more.”

I grabbed the cash before spitting back.

“Fuck you asshole, you’ll never see me again!”

To be continued…


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