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Big Dick Diplomacy Ch. 12

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It was a Saturday afternoon and it was lunchtime in the oval office.

Tom leaned back on one of the couches while Aubrey did the same right next to him. Both of them were eating the latest meal from the White House kitchens, which was one of his favorites–a juicy cheeseburger and fries. It wasn’t often that he got to enjoy eating things that were bad for him, but for once he was able to cajole the chefs into preparing something more to his liking.

Instead of focusing on the burger though, he was paying attention to the news as it ran on the television.

“Going into this last week of October and the polls show no signs of a clear front-runner,” said the talking head. “Governor Norwood maintains a small lead over President Radford but it’s well within the margin of error. With Americans heading to the polls next Tuesday, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top!”

Tom growled at listening to the program before turning the volume down. It attracted Aubrey’s attention right away.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“My poll numbers,” he answered sourly. “I was hoping to close that gap completely but they still have me five percent behind.”

“Remember the margin of error, babe,” said Aubrey. “And look how much ground you’ve closed since the debates. You managed to close his lead of double digits down to this. It’s something to be proud of regardless!”

That was all true. Norwood’s bungled performance at the first debate had been the first domino to fall. He put up a spirited performance in the second one but completely fell apart in the third debate just like he had in the first. It sent his numbers tumbling down as many Americans received their first notion of doubt about whether Norwood was truly ready for higher office.

Still, the spread was too close to call. Tom was spending every dollar he had on campaign ads but even those could only close the gap so much, especially this late in the game. Unfortunately, the only major campaign mover at this stage of the game was the so-called “October Surprise.”

And it was never a good surprise either. It was usually the last ditch play against the opposing side that saw the release of damning evidence meant to cripple a campaign before it had a chance to recover. Tom had seen it come around before in many elections and always from both sides. It was an unintended October Surprise against the incumbent president last election cycle which resulted in Tom winning the White House so he knew how powerful they could be.

Unfortunately, he had nothing to release. He knew that Norwood had enough dirt to fill out a landfill but he had no way of accessing that information from the people who had it. That all meant that with nothing planned on his side, the initiative would fall to Norwood.

And with Norwood’s will to win, it was bound to be deadly.

Tom didn’t have time to dwell on the thought. A knock at the door signaled the arrival of his press secretary, Chelsea Sutter, and the gorgeous redhead soon made her way into the office. She looked great today in a pair of tight slacks and dark blue blazer that was only buttoned in one spot. That single button had a hard time trying to contain her large bust, something that didn’t escape his attention.

She gave a quiet greeting to both of them once she was inside. Aubrey’s relationship with Chelsea was almost nonexistent. It had started off coolly when Aubrey found out that Tom had slept with Chelsea before. Since then, that tension had largely melted away but it wasn’t an auspicious start to their relationship.

“Hey, Tom, do you have that transcript from your call with President Arnaud of France?” asked Chelsea as she came to a stop in front of him. “I was going to glean through it for information to include in this afternoon’s briefing.”

“Sure thing, it’s just on my desk,” said Tom, pointing across the room. He made a motion to get up to get it himself.

Chelsea reached out to touch his shoulder. “No, it’s fine. Stay and eat. I’ll grab it.”

The redhead bounced over to his desk and grabbed what she needed. She gave one final smile and wave to Tom before she exited the room right after. Tom had a hard time not checking out how good those slacks looked on her ass. Memories flooded his brain at that moment, and he remembered how he fucked her ass against the podium in the press briefing room all those months ago.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize how obvious he was being. Aubrey’s not-so-subtle cough brought him back to the present.

Before he had a chance to say anything, she did first. “She’s really cute, isn’t she?”

That was a trap if Tom ever saw one. Despite Tom having Aubrey’s permission to bed other women in the course of his presidency, he knew better than to respond to that one directly.

Tom grabbed a french fry and put it in his mouth. “Maybe some scandal will come out this week about Norwood.”

Aubrey put her plate down and faced him. “No, no, no, you’re not getting out of this that easily. escort izmir Admit it, you think Chelsea is hot, don’t you?”

Shit, he thought. Trying to roll back to the previous conversation was a lost cause. She had him dead to rights and any further denial was just going to bring the wrath. It was time to own up to his wandering eyes.

He could still choose his words wisely. “She’s… attractive.”

Aubrey snorted. “Attractive enough to ass-fuck, I take it?”

Tom gave her a shocked look which only served to make her giggle. “Oh, come on, Tom! I wasn’t born yesterday and you did tell me the full story, remember? You can’t take it back now so I know you think she’s more than just attractive.”

“Fine,” he conceded. “She’s rather hot.”

She patted his thigh. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? And you’re entirely right. She is really sexy, especially today.”

Once again, Tom’s face was full of shock. It wasn’t that Aubrey just admitted that Chelsea was hot but it was the way she did it. Almost like she wanted to do something about it.

Once he went down the rabbit hole, there was no stopping.

“You say that like you have some experience in that area,” said Tom, hoping she would catch his drift.

Aubrey gave him an innocent smile. “Maybe I do.”

“Are we talking about something you’ve done before or was it just wishful thinking?”

She innocently shrugged. “Maybe it was something I did. With another girl.”

Tom bit his lip. “Okay, now you have to tell me everything. Who was it and when?”

Aubrey tilted her head back and forth. “Oh, I don’t know,” she replied, toying with him. “Maybe it’s a story for another day.”

He reached across to tickle her side, making her yelp right away.

“All right, I’ll tell you,” she said with a half-laugh. “It was back in college, okay?”

“The time for experimentation,” quipped Tom. “Keep going.”

“What more do you want to know?”

“Well, who was it with and what did you two do?”

Aubrey let out a coy smile. “One of my friends just so happened to be in a sorority. It happened when we were both seniors and she already had a tendency to prefer girls over guys.”

“And?” asked Tom.

She turned red in the face. “And we might have gotten naked together. And maybe,just maybe, we might have… you know… ate each other.”

Tom’s slacks were instantly about a size too tight. “Really? You ate out another girl?”

She nodded slowly. “It was only one time but I figured why not? I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. But yes, if you must know. She got on top of me and ate me while I ate her from below.”

“The proverbial sixty-nine position,” said Tom. “Did you like it?”

“Maybe,” said Aubrey. “Maybe enough that I think about it from time to time. Especially times like these when I see another hot redhead.”

Tom put the dots together. “So the girl you hooked up with bears a little resemblance to Chelsea?”

“Just a little,” she replied. “Enough to make me think back to those days.”

Tom laughed. “By the way you’re talking, it makes it sound like you wish you could revisit those days.”

Aubrey shrugged. “It was fun, no doubt about that. But one thing it taught me is that I’m definitely not a lesbian. I like cock just a little too much to think about not having one forever. But the occasional playtime with another woman?” She shrugged again. “I’d be open to that.”

It was at that moment that Tom had an idea. One that if executed properly, could be a lot of fun for all three of them.

“You know, I’ve heard that Chelsea is bisexual as well,” said Tom nonchalantly.

Aubrey’s eyes went wide. “Really?”

Tom had no idea if Chelsea was bisexual but he nodded all the same. “It’s true. And knowing what I know about her, I think she’d be open to the idea of having some fun with you. That is, if you’re interested.”

Her gaze narrowed. “What’s the catch? You’re going to let me try to seduce another woman? There has to be a catch.”

“No catch,” he said with a chuckle. “Maybe as long as I can watch if you’re successful. That’s one show I wouldn’t want to miss.”

Aubrey didn’t reply but instead, she found a spot on the floor to stare at. It wasn’t hard to see she was really thinking over the proposition, but it didn’t appear she was exactly sold just yet.

“So let me get this straight,” she began finally. “I get a chance to seduce Chelsea into bed. If I win, I get to have her obviously but I also have to let you watch eventually too, right?”

Tom nodded. “Sounds fair.”

“Okay, so what happens if I lose?” she asked. “What happens then?”

“Then I get to hold it over your head and tease you about it whenever I want,” said Tom with another chuckle. She elbowed him in response.

“No, seriously, I’m not really thinking about consequences for a loss,” said Tom. “It’ll just be a bet. If you lose, I’ll have bragging rights that I made it further with Chelsea than you did, but I don’t need it to go any further izmir escort bayan than that. But if you’re interested in exploring your bi side with her, you have my permission.”

Aubrey pursed her lips. “Hmm, I’m not sure.”

As if by fate, there was another knock on the door. Chelsea re-entered the room, and she walked quickly back to his desk. “Sorry, I forgot the third page of the transcript!”

She stopped at the desk to grab it but it slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor. She bent over at the waist to pick it up.

Both Tom and Aubrey’s eyes were glued to her ass as she did it. Tom leaned over to whisper in Aubrey’s ear. “Looks tempting, doesn’t it?”

By the time Chelsea stood up, Aubrey met his gaze with a confident look. “You’re so on!”


To say that Tom was a little excited about the prospect of some girl-on-girl action was an understatement. Just the knowledge alone that Aubrey was going to try her hand at seduction seemed to put steel in his erection for the rest of the day, requiring him to take a break before dinner to fuck Aubrey in personal quarters of the White House. Even afterwards, he was still excited at the prospect. He pictured the two women going at it–the coy blonde with her face between the luscious thighs of the gorgeous redhead. It was a scene out of any man’s fantasy, and he hoped it would be reality soon enough.

Before that could happen though, he had to come back down to reality. That reality manifested itself in the form of a phone call from an unlikely person.

“Hello, Tom, it’s Danielle Houston.”

“Danielle, what a surprise,” said Tom as he tried to hold in his shock. She was the last person he expected to hear from, not having exchanged words with her since the night they had sex months ago.

“Sorry, but I figured you wouldn’t want to hear from me,” she said nervously. “Anyway, this isn’t exactly a social call.”

Tom frowned. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Well, I’d say thatwe’re in some kind of trouble,” she corrected. “Do you remember the night that we met up together? The night in the hotel?”

The bottom fell out of Tom’s stomach. “Yes, I do.”

Danielle sighed. “I took a picture of the little memento you left me that night. And unfortunately, that picture was stolen out of my private safe last night.”

Tom resisted the urge to groan. He knew all about the picture from Elias, even if he didn’t know it was taken that night. Elias told him how his wife used her phone to capture her cum-covered face next to Tom’s presidential lapel pin. It was damning evidence of their encounter, and if he knew she’d taken it in the moment, he would have demanded that she delete it immediately.

“I’ve searched everywhere for it and I can’t find it,” she continued, her voice turning frantic. “Most of my things were left alone but my personal files in the safe were completely ransacked. It’s the only thing that’s missing.”

“Back up a minute,” said Tom as he put his hand on his face. “Were you robbed? What happened?”

“My living quarters were invaded and searched,” she repeated. “In the house that I share with Elias. Nothing was taken but my personal safe was broken into and the pictures were taken out.”

“You actually made physical copies of the pictures?” he asked incredulously. “You didn’t just leave them on your cell phone?”

“It seemed like the safe option at the time, especially considering how many people’s phones have gotten hacked, releasing their private pictures,” she said in a small voice.

Tom wanted to reach through the phone and shake her. How could anyone be so stupid? For someone who reached out because she wanted to help him, she’d turned into nothing but a liability.

“Who could have taken them?” asked Tom sternly. “Was it Elias? He and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms. Do you have any enemies? Anyone who could want to harm you?”

“I think it was Elias,” she replied. “No one else knew about the picture but him. I held it over his head but I don’t think he would tell anyone else that his wife had cheated on him. I think he means to use it to get back at you.”

“Fuck me,” swore Tom. “Why, Danielle? Why the hell did you take that picture in the first place? Something like this could only damage me so why would you be so stupid?”

Her voice hardened. “I never intended for it to become public, Tom. It was just supposed to be for leverage against Elias. Something that ensured he did what I wanted him to do.”

The logic in that statement was blinding. Tom could kind of understand that in a twisted way. The public knowledge of his wife’s philandering could keep someone like Elias in line as long as he wanted that information to be kept hidden. But it didn’t account for one key variable–what happened if Elias wanted something even more than keeping quiet the news of his wife’s infidelity?

Something like bringing down a president that he hated?

“Well, this can fuck me completely,” said Tom after a izmir escortlar moment of silence. “This is the kind of shit that always happens in October. I have no doubt that Elias is sitting on this information and waiting for the right moment to release it. Perhaps directly to Norwood’s people.”

“I really don’t believe he would do that, Tom,” she said with a low voice.

“Cut the shit, Danielle,” he interrupted. “He would do exactly that. He hates me and you humiliated him by sleeping with the one person he hates. Of course, he would go to that length. Why wouldn’t he? His marriage is over.”

She was silent after that, and Tom could only hear the soft breathing on the other end of the line. Finally, she spoke up.

“What do you want me to do? Anything?”

“No,” he said after a moment of thought. “Do nothing. There’s nothing to be done. Just lay low as best you can until after the election. I need to get my team working on damage control before this comes out and that’ll work best if they don’t have to worry about anything else from you.”

She took that a little too easily. “I’ll lay low. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry, Tom. I really am.”

She hung up rather than wait for his reply. Tom felt the urge to chuck the phone across the room. So here it was. The picture that was going to end his presidency. He might as well start packing his bags now.

Norwood wanted his destruction and now he had no doubt that the governor had all the evidence he needed.

How was he going to recover from this?


Tom had to move quickly when it came to damage control. An immediate call was made to Matt Jenkins, his campaign manager, and a crisis team was appointed to mitigate any fallout should the picture be exposed. The most likely defense should the picture be released was to say that Danielle was a bored, sex-crazed housewife who wanted to humiliate her husband, which was why she picked up a replicated presidential lapel pin and staged the photograph.

It wasn’t much and Tom thought it had little chance of succeeding. For one, anyone could look up that Danielle was in Washington when the picture was taken. All that was needed to corroborate the truth was video footage from the hotel and this case was as good as locked up.

For that reason, Tom didn’t have high hopes of avoiding this one with that defense. Any investigative reporter worth his salt would quickly figure out the picture was genuine and with that would come the total destruction of his presidency.

That meant it was only a matter of time. It was as if Tom knew something was going to happen but he was powerless to make it stop. In short order, a small depression ensued, taking his mind away from the campaign and focusing on any single mundane activity to take his mind off the oncoming fireworks.

Perhaps that was why he watched Aubrey’s attempts at Chelsea’s seduction with amusement. It was the sole bright spot in his life where things weren’t crumbling around him. And if he was going to be made out to be a sexual deviant, shouldn’t he at least embrace his reputation?

Especially with what time was left in his presidency?

That perverse realization was why he took a moment to stop outside Chelsea’s office as he made his way to the bathroom one afternoon. Chelsea was sitting at her desk, and none other than Aubrey was leaning over and trying to make somewhat awkward small talk at the moment. It was onlysomewhat awkward because of what Aubrey was wearing. Her shirt wasn’t normally so low cut but today, she must have pulled it down substantially because her bountiful bosom was practically spilling from the top.

Tom watched with some curiosity as Aubrey tried her hand at seducing the same sex.

“You’re just always dressed so impeccably,” said Aubrey in a soft voice as she used her elbows to push her cleavage together. “And you’re so good in front of the press. Half the time I get interviewed, I think I stumble over my words.”

Chelsea smiled professionally. “I’ve been speaking in public for a long time. It’s a skill that you have to develop constantly. My first few times in front of a camera, I didn’t do so great either.”

Tom couldn’t help but smirk. So far, Chelsea seemed to think this was anything but flirtation. For a moment, he felt bad about telling Aubrey that Chelsea was bisexual. He wondered how long it would take for her to pick up his little lie.

“Surely it must help being this gorgeous redhead,” continued Aubrey, laying it on thick. “I’m sure that’s gotten you a fair bit of attention from the men. And probably a few women too.”

Chelsea blushed a deep red that nearly matched her hair. “There’s been a few men over the years. Nothing that I couldn’t handle though. I will say that I’m looking forward to settling down sometime.”

Tom resisted the urge to laugh and then walked away. There were some that would say he should tell Aubrey the truth to spare her any embarrassment–that Chelsea really wasn’t bi and that she was barking up the wrong tree. He thought about that more after he came out of the bathroom and headed back to the oval office. Perhaps he would call their bet off and tell her the truth. After all, Chelsea just clearly wasn’t going for it.

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