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Bi Vegas Swap Ch. 02

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She whispered into my ear, “That was so hot and I am so turned on right now. Do you want to fuck Angie tonight?”

My heart raced! Yes!! I thought! But I didn’t respond right away.

She stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered again, “I know you want to. It’s ok if you want to. Do you?”

Still watching Angie’s beautiful mouth suck on Jake’s cock I nodded my head up and down.

She knew I wanted to fuck her best friend.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yes.” I whispered back.

“You can fuck her. I want to watch you fuck her. But there is a catch…” She paused. “You need to help her make Jake cum and then you can fuck her.”

I flinched. That wasn’t what I had expected her to say.

She pulled her head back and looked me in my shocked eyes. Shook her head yes as if telling me I had heard her right. What did she want me to do? I looked over at Angie and she was slowly sucking and looking at my reaction.

It was then that I realized this had been planned between them from the beginning. I also realized that Jake had to have been in on it too. After all, he had made the first move without any coaxing from the girls. And it definitely wasn’t his first time sucking a cock.

I had been played!

They knew how I felt about both of them. They knew what they were doing to me. They wanted me to suck a dick. They wanted to watch me suck a dick. They knew I would do anything for them.

But would I? Could I? Could I actually put another guys dick in my mouth?

I had already tasted his precum from Vanessa’s mouth minutes after she blew him. I practically already had his dick in my mouth indirectly.

Angie had stopped sucking and was just slowly stroking up and down his long wet hard cock. This was the closest I had ever been to his or anyone else’s cock. I looked at it closely.

Could I do it?

“You can do it. It’s fun. We can show you how.” Vanessa encouraged.

I watched as Angie took his cock into her mouth and closed her eyes. She sucked up and down on it like it was the best thing in the world. Her saliva mixed with his precum was starting to froth at her lips. And then to my surprise she pulled her lips off, leaned over grabbed me behind the head and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

With frothy lips and all!

My eyes went wide with shock. She pulled her mouth off mine and looked me in the eyes.

Gross? bahis siteleri

Yes but never having kissed her before I responded by kissing her back. She explored my mouth with her tongue spreading his musky strong man juice throughout mouth.

She pulled me closer as she kissed me. When we pulled apart I was now very close to his hard cock. She leaned it toward me which put it about less than an inch away from my mouth.

I just stared and didn’t move. It was so shiny and wet. She pumped on it a few times and I could see precum leak out of it. Vanessa squeezed between us and licked the tip clean with the flat of her tongue.

“Come on.” She urged. “Try it. Just follow my lead…do as I do.”

I watched as she ran her tongue up the shaft and flicked it back and forth under the mushroom head. She looked at me and aimed it towards me. I don’t know why but I found myself leaning toward it. I got close but my lips were still closed. She rubbed the wet mushroom head on my lips.

“All you have to do is stick your tongue out.” She urged.

And then there it was. I didn’t even realize I had stuck it out. My tongue was touching the wet hard warm slick smooth shaft of his cock. Like I was on autopilot, I mimicked what she did. I pushed the flat part of my tongue against his shaft and moved my way up the warm soft silky length of it. I backed off a little bit to get a close up view before my tongue made it to the bottom of the mushroom.

Angie started pumping slowly on his cock which had caused more precum to drip out. I watched as it dripped down to the bottom of the mushroom. I leaned forward a stuck out my tongue. I flicked my tongue around the bottom of the mushroom tasting it. I followed the trail up to the tip. I slowly moved my tongue around the tip and cleaned up the leakage.

“This is sooo hot, I think I am going to cum just watching this!” moaned Angie.

She reached down and gripped my hard cock. When it became hard I wasn’t sure but it was hard like a short thick lead pipe. I was struggling with a few things in my head.

Was this turning me on? Why was I doing this?

Then I remembered. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten. I was going to get to fuck Angie if I helped him cum. I wanted that more than anything right now.

Fuck it! I’ve come this far already, I might as well just go for it! The women sure seemed to love it.

Without canlı bahis siteleri any prompting, I flattened my tongue against the underside of his head, I leaned forward a little more and wrapped my lips around the whole mushroom. I swirled it with my tongue. Angie was still holding on and pumping his cock as I wrapped my hand around her hand and we pumped him together.

My mouth was filling with precum and saliva. It was amazing how much his cock leaked precum. I swallowed the musky concoction and lowered my lips further down his shaft while circling it with my tongue. Being very careful with my teeth I started to bob up and down on his hard wet slimy cock.

I felt Angie slip her hand out from under mine and I grabbed on and continued without her. It was just me and his hard long cock. I knew what I liked so I just did that. With my mouth and hand still on his cock, I moved my body around and straddled his legs. I gently put my weight on him and we both got comfortable. The girls had moved off to either side and were just watching in awe.

I felt slightly embarrassed but I knew this is what they wanted me to do. And I guess I did too. I braced myself with my free arm and went back to the job at hand.

At one point, I went down so far that the tip hit my throat. Unexpectedly I gagged a little bit as it hit. Recovering quickly I went back up to the tip and slowly lowered back down to where I again had my mouth full of him. Knowing my limits I sped up a little. I kept my hand in sync with my bobbing head, careful not to impale my throat on his cock.

“Oh yeah, that feels good.” I heard him say to me. “You sure know how to suck a cock!”

I’m not sure why but that compliment made me feel proud of my efforts. So I kept doing what I was doing as foreign as my actions were to me. I just kept sucking and pumping.

I felt him put his hands on the back of my head and guide me up and down. He was really moaning now.

I hoped he would warn me when he was going to cum. I really didn’t want him to cum in my mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” He whispered to me over and over. “That’s good…uhhh…uhhh… I’m getting close.” He warned.

A few seconds later I felt his body tense up. Knowing the signs, I was just about to pull off and jack off him with my hand when I felt his grip get stronger. He had stopped and held me with my mouth canlı bahis still on his cock and my tongue pinned tightly to the tip. Then I felt his cock head swell in my mouth. I was not able to move as planned as things were happening too fast. I felt the first stream shoot through his cock as it hit my tongue and plastered the inside of my mouth with his cum.

It had happened so fast!

I reality I guess I could have pulled off if I had really tried but I was committed now. I still couldn’t believe I was letting a guy cum in my mouth!!

He moved his pelvis down a little as the second steam pulsed through him and hit the back of my throat. Continuing to move his pelvis up and down, my lips slid up and down his shaft as he came in my mouth.

I lost count of the number of spasms and at some point I had involuntarily swallowed to make room for the salty warm mixture still coming out of the tip.

I couldn’t believe I had let another guy come in my mouth!

I imagined it coating the whole inside of my mouth like white paint. I thought of it as if it was painting its way down my throat as well as the entire route to my stomach. The entire path now white with his cum as his seed spread and worked its way through my body. It was as if he had marked my body as his territory while it absorbed his DNA.

It was now that I realized he had stopped cumming and had let go of my head. My mouth was still wrapped tightly around his cock and I was slowly bobbing my head up and down. Sucking all that I could out of him. It was then that I think I realized that I liked what had just happened.

The taste of his seed wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

“Ok, ok, please stop.” He begged as he lifted my head off his slowly deflating cock. “You took to that better than I had ever imagined.”

Embarrassed now that I was called out, I looked around at the girls who were in awe at what they had just seen me do. It was at this point that I snapped back into reality as I realized what I had done.

“I can’t believe what I just did.” I managed to squeak out as I separated myself from touching Jake.

Touching him seemed wrong. But…was it? After what I just did?

Thankfully, Angie slid over to me grabbed onto my still hard cock and stuck her tongue in my mouth. God I loved this girl.

“Now for your reward.” She said. She pushed me onto my back and slinked her way up my body. Her wet pussy coming to rest on my hard cock. I looked over at Jake and Vanessa who were just watching us.

“Fuck her Joe, you earned it.” Vanessa said. She nodded giving me a nonverbal “go for it”.

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